15 Photos That Prove The Kardashian Kids Will Never Have To Fill Up Their Own Bentley

By now, we all pretty much know that the Kardashians represent materialism in everything they do. Sure, there is nothing wrong with being rich and enjoying an exclusive lifestyle, but the issue is what kind of impact that can have on the kids growing up surrounded by the riches from the moment they are born. Of course, not all kids growing up in wealthy families will turn out to be spoiled brats but, unfortunately, that happens now more than ever. It is only logical that every parent wants what’s best for their children, but the problem is when there are no limits to that, which can result in some pretty messed up values and behavior. Will that be the case with the Kardashian kids? We’ll have to wait and see.

During the last decade, each member of the Kardashian family that we got to know thanks to their show Keeping up with the Kardashians has turned into a multi-millionaire. Together, their net worth is estimated to be somewhere over 125 million dollars, making them the highest-earning characters in reality TV. With that kind of money, their children are being raised in the lap of luxury and wealth and we are about to take a look at a few pictures that clearly prove that.

15 Designer Baby

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When it comes to their daughter North, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian spare no expense. North has been surrounded by wealth and luxury from the moment she was born, and she owns stuff most adults could only dream about. That includes a bunch of designer clothes sent to her by the designers themselves. In fact, she allegedly owns so many items of clothing that she has never had a chance to wear most of them! Basically, they are just sitting there in her closet or appearing in pictures from time to time when Kim posts them on her Instagram to thank the people who sent them. And no, they really aren’t just any clothes! They are all super-expensive designer pieces, some of them designed specifically for the little munchkin. That is one lucky girl!

14 Kids Wearing Fur

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Is it or is it not okay to wear fur? That question has been asked so many times in the last couple of decades and pretty much everybody has an opinion about it. But no matter what side you stand on, we can all agree that wearing fur is not cheap at all! In fact, real animal fur is one of the most expensive clothing materials in the world, but that is no problem for the Kardashians! They love dressing their kids in expensive fur coats and there have been a bunch of pics of the Kardashian kids wearing all kinds of fur clothes on their mothers’ Instagram pages. However, the reaction of the followers is mostly negative as many of them believe it is wrong to teach the kids at such a young age that it is okay to wear animal fur.

13 Mommy, I Want A Pony


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How many times have you heard a child asking their parents for a pony? Almost every little kid out there has had that dream at some point. However, when you are a Kardashian child, not many of your dreams are left unfulfilled. Little Saint West actually got a miniature pony for his birthday and we saw him and his mom posing next to the pony and greeting it. Let’s not forget to mention a long row of the super-expensive luxury cars in the back of the pic. Talk about an extravagant lifestyle… On the other hand, it probably made little Saint and all the other kids at his party pretty happy to see this cute, little animal. Sure, some of Kim’s followers have expressed their concern for the pony’s well-being, but that is a whole other story.

12 Million Dollar Baby


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When you have famous parents, things usually go one of two ways: either the parents decide to keep the kids out of the public eye or they keep them in the spotlight with them. When it comes to Kim Kardashian, we can all probably agree that she isn’t really keeping her kids hidden from the public. On the contrary, her kids are often a part of her pictures on social media: she dresses them in designer clothes, and she often brings them with her to all kinds of events. Wherever they go, Kim and her daughter North often wear matching clothes and expensive shoes and accessories, and Kim often refers to little Nori as her Mini-Me. Even though she is only 4 years old, North is well aware of the paparazzi that often follow them everywhere they go and she knows how to behave in those situations.

11 Comfortable Traveling

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Of course, we all know that the Kardashians often visit all kinds of exotic places around the globe, but they don’t just travel there like most people. In fact, the Kardashian family owns their own private jet that we see on numerous occasions on their Instagram pages. All the Kardashian kids have had the privilege to travel with their parents on the luxurious jet from the earliest age. So no, they don’t know what it feels like to get to the airport two hours early to go through the baggage claim and wait for the plane to open its doors. Not to mention the uncomfortable moment when you realize your bag is missing because it went on another plane by mistake. Those aren’t things the Kardashians worry about.

10 Gifts From Famous Friends

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Having a bunch of famous friends can be a great thing when it comes to receiving gifts from them. Kim Kardashian’s kids often find super-expensive stuff in their mail sent by famous designers, actors, singers, and other friends of their famous parents. Of course, we all get to see when a box full of goodies arrives into their home because Kim always takes a moment to snap a pic and write a thank-you note to the person who sent it. For example, little baby North owns over 200 clothing pieces she got from famous designers, not to mention some pretty pricey bling, and custom made shoes. Those items include Lorraine Schwartz studs worth around 50,000 dollars, a silk dress send to her by Oscar de la Renta, Giuseppe Zanotti shoes, and many more…

9 Growing Up In A Mansion

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In November 2017, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian sold their old Bel-Air mansion and decided to move into a new, even more luxurious one. They bought their dream home back in 2014 and they had it renovated twice before finally moving in. It is a 16,000 square foot Hidden Hills mansion that used to belong to Lisa Marie Presley. This huge property has 8 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, a two-story playroom, a full-size movie theatre, a huge gym, a full spa with a massage room, a big pool, and a basketball court etc. Can you imagine growing up in a place like that? There is no doubt the Kardashian kids will have all they could ever ask for in their lovely new home, maybe even more than just that.

8 Only The Best

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When it comes to their kids, Kim and Kanye really spare no expense and they want only the best for their little munchkins. From the most expensive clothes and toys, specially prepared food, up to the best possible strollers out there. Kim allegedly owns at least five strollers worth around $1000 each. She likes to keep one of them at all the locations she often travels to. Here is a pic of her and Kanye snapped in Paris with Kanye pushing their super-expensive Urbo2 Pushchair. We also know that they own the Orbit Baby G2 Travel System worth $940. So is it really necessary to pay thousands of dollars for a child to feel comfortable in their stroller? Well, if you have the money, you might as well spend it on the well-being of your kids. There's nothing wrong with that at all.

7 Classy Events

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Sitting in the front row of some super-classy events is something many adults can only dream about but never get a chance to actually live it. For little North Kardashian West, that is not the case. Even though she is only 4 years old, she has already been to a fair share of amazing fashion shows, music shows, and all other classy shows you could possibly imagine. The picture above was snapped at the Givenchy show during the Paris Fashion Week that North visited with her parents and her grandmother Kris Jenner. During that same trip, North and her nanny had their own penthouse suite at the luxurious hotel in Paris where they were staying. Also, she had her own chef during the time she spent there to ensure that all the food was organic.

6 Kardashians’ Expensive Nursery

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Little North Kardashian West and her brother Saint are growing up in a lovely, all-white, and super expensive nursery that is always replicated wherever they travel. The parents believe that it is easier for the children to spend time away from home when they feel like their nurseries travel with them and remind them of home. Makes sense, when you think about it. So what is so special about North’s nursery? Well, first of all, there is the amazing crib worth $3,950, North’s own walk-in closet, a bunch of expensive toys, the designer furniture, and so on. There is no wonder it would be hard for little North to spend time away from this beautiful and comfortable space. Kim recently revealed that she spent over $550,000 on the nursery goods before the birth of her third child.

5 Luxury Baby Goods

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The newest addition to the Kardashian family, little baby Chicago, is already living in the lap of luxury. Before the baby’s arrival, Kim had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on luxury baby goods that most people can only dream of. She has been importing expensive toys from all around the world and some of the most impressive pieces include a $96,000 solid gold dummy, a $170,000 teddy bear, a $137,000 rocking horse covered in Swarovski crystals, a velvet crib designed by Dolce Notte, and so on. She has also ordered around a $100,000 worth of designer baby clothes, especially limited edition clothes from the designers such as D&G. According to an insider, even her husband thought she went a little bit overboard with the baby shopping and told her to dial it down a little bit.

4 Memorable Birthday Parties

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When it comes to their children’s birthday parties, the Kardashians really tend to go all out. We all remember the Kidchella-themed party for North’s 1st birthday, modeled after the Coachella Music Festival. Another interesting Kardashian birthday party was a joint party for little North and Penelope Disick – Kourtney’s daughter. It was a beautiful mermaid-themed celebration of the girls’ birthdays that are only three weeks apart. Both girls wore cute mermaid tails and each had her own birthday cake. There were also a couple of princesses hired to help the girls feel even more special on that happy occasion. For North’s and Penelope’s latest birthday, the Kardashian moms decided to throw them a lovely Moana and Hawaii-themed party with hired actors dressed as the characters Moana and Maui. Who knows what they’re planning for the kids’ next birthday?

3 Kardashian’s Lavish Baby Regime

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When talking about exclusive lifestyles, Kardashian kids have quite an interesting daily regime. They have several nannies to cater to their every need. One nanny sings to the kids in French and reads them stories in French to teach them a foreign language from the earliest age. All of the stories are screened by the parents before being read to the children because they want to ensure that they promote courage and diversity. There is also a nanny who gives special massages to the kids with exclusive African massage oils that cost around $300 an ounce. Also, when the nannies take the kids for walks, they must always choose different paths to expose the kids to various sights, smells, and sounds. Rumor has it that the nannies also need to keep a record of the kids’ bowel movements to ensure everything is fine on that front as well.

2 The Extravagant Kardashian World

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Kardashian children are being raised in an extremely extravagant world that most kids around the world can’t even imagine being real. Sure, having lots and lots of money definitely comes with some pretty obvious perks. While other kids sometimes have cute dollhouses or bouncing houses in their yards, little Kardashian munchkins have a playhouse worth approximately $150,000. In the playhouse, there is a living room with a fireplace, a loft, a reading nook, a walk-in wardrobe, a kitchen etc. It appears that this playhouse is better equipped than some of the apartments in the world where people are actually living. It is basically a house inside a house with its own hardwood floors and marble tops. Also, all of the kids’ stuff is always waiting at every location they travel to.

1 Exotic Family Vacations

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One thing the Kardashian/Jenner girls always make us jealous of is their amazing and exotic vacations. They definitely know how to make the most of their free time when they decide to take a break from the rest of the world somewhere far away, and they always have a bunch of pictures to prove it. One of the biggest perks of being a Kardashian’s child is the fact that they get to visit most of those amazing places with their parents and experience different cultures, different places, new food, new smells, and new sightings. We’ve seen some pretty impressive pics from Dubai, Thailand, Cannes, Costa Rica, Mexico, and so on. Of course, they are always staying in the most luxurious hotels available since the price isn’t really an issue for them.

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