15 Photos That Prove Jay Z And Beyonce Vacation In Millionaires-Only Locations

Beyonce and Jay Z are one of the wealthiest power couples in the music industry at the moment. Between the two, they are worth over $1 billion. They are still going strong and continue to earn more and more money by the day. Of course, when you have that much money, you can afford some perks that regular people couldn’t even dream of; from purchasing a private island to flying there on a private jet. It appears that the life of rich and famous never gets boring and it is always interesting to see what they have been spending their millions on lately.

So have you ever wondered where and how super-rich people choose to spend their vacation time? You might think you have heard all about exotic locations, but there is still a lot we could all learn about having the best time ever from Queen Bey and Jay Z. Those two definitely know how to spend some quality time together when they take a break from all that working and performing. So let’s take a look at 15 Photos That Prove Jay Z and Beyonce Vacation Exclusively In Millionaires-Only Locations. P.S. - You are allowed to get a little jealous at some point.

15 Lavish Holiday In Miami

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Sometimes, you don’t have to pick an exotic location to have the most amazing time. All you need is a cool private yacht and every location becomes a millionaires-only one. In November 2017, the couple decided to treat themselves to a cool yacht trip and spared no expense on their romantic getaway. Apparently, Jay Z got a bunch of super expensive bottles of the pink Ace of Spades champagne and a couple of gold bottles of champagne engraved with his wife’s initials. For the record, that is several thousands of dollars worth of champagne, not to mention the cost of the yacht, expensive cigars, organic food prepared by a vegan chef, etc. According to Jay Z, he wanted to give his wife a chance to do some peaceful songwriting on the sea.

14 Low Key Holiday On A Private Island

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Before she gave birth to the twins Sir and Rumi Carter on June 13, 2017, Beyonce decided to relax and treat herself to a couple of lovely vacations that would keep her calm and happy as a clam. She and her husband jetted off to Tahiti where they spent 5 days on a private island that was accessible only by boat to ensure their privacy. They rented a gorgeous over-water villa at the Intercontinental Bora Bora and Thalasso Spa and, according to the couple, they spent the days mostly just by relaxing, reading, and taking naps. They wanted to focus on each other and on their together time before the birth of the twins because it is not so easy to find some napping time when you have two newborns in the house.

13 Family Time In Hawaii

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In Kailua, Hawaii, there is a beautiful, star-worthy vacation spot where Bey and Jay decided to escape their busy lives and have some family time together. This lovely Hawaiian rental is a place often visited by celebrities, such as Jessica Simpson and Eddie Vedder who actually got married there. It is a beautiful estate surrounded by tropical oasis with a huge pool at its center, which makes it a real tropical paradise and a perfect place to relax and enjoy the beautiful nature and a nice weather. Whether you like to relax surrounded by flowers, watch the ocean from your bedroom, or enjoy a movie in a private theater, this exotic home makes all of that possible. Of course, it would cost you a bunch of money, but once you see how gorgeous this place is, you can see it is worth it.

12 Living La Dolce Vita In Florence

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When talking about the most romantic vacation spots on Earth, Florence, Italy is definitely one of them and Beyonce and her husband decided to take advantage of that and spend some romantic quality time there together. There are a lot of interesting things to see in Florence and they managed to see them all! There have been pictures of them snapped all around this beautiful town as they enjoyed the gorgeous sights this lovely place has to offer. From the most expensive hotels to the most exclusive restaurants – they visited them all and they spared no expense in order to make this vacation a truly memorable one. However, visiting a place like this with a person you love would probably be a great experience anyway, even without all those perks that the money brings.

11 The Iceland Adventure

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One of Bey’s and Jay Z’s most memorable vacations was definitely the trip to Iceland the two took to celebrate Jay Z’s 45th birthday. They stayed at the private resort and spa, the Ultra Luxe Trophy Lodge, and judging by the pictures Beyonce posted on her page and her Instagram, the whole place was one beautiful, snowy, magical winter wonderland. The couple spent their days exploring this unbelievable island, having fun in the snow, taking helicopter rides to see the country from above, relaxing in the natural hot springs etc. They also met a couple of interesting local people and shared some pictures and experiences with them. There is definitely no better way of getting to know a new place than getting to know the locals and their customs.

10 Exploring Thailand

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Shortly after the music’s most powerful couple returned home from their exciting vacation on Iceland, they decided to trade the winter wonderland for a completely different type of atmosphere so they packed their bags and headed to Thailand. Beyonce was captured in photos enjoying a fun ride on a baby elephant with her face painted. She also explored the beach with her husband and daughter and enjoyed some quiet time laying on sun and dipping in the sea. The family stayed at a gorgeous tropical resort, Phuket, and, judging by the pictures, they had a wonderful time together. The couple's fans got a chance to get an idea of how they spent their days, thanks to Beyonce’s regular posts on social media and her website. All in all, it seemed like a great adventure, especially for little Blue Ivy who appeared to have a lot of fun.

9 The Sun-Kissed Shores Of Italy

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What better way to spend some quality time with your family than to go to Italy and explore its gorgeous, sun-kissed shores? Beyonce, Jay Z, and Blue Ivy did exactly that in September of 2015 and we had a chance to get a glimpse of their Italian adventure thanks to their social media updates. They started their vacation in Naples, where they tried the best Italian pizza and then they headed to the island of Capri to enjoy the famous local beaches. After that, they visited the beautiful Amalfi Coast. However, that wasn’t the end of their Italian adventure as they boarded a ship and headed to the island of Sardinia where they spent the rest of their vacation exploring the local towns, sipping cool drinks, and dipping in the crystal sea.

8 Anniversary Trip To Cuba

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Back in 2013 when Queen Bey and Jay Z traveled to Cuba to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary, it was kind of a big deal and everybody seemed to be talking about it. The thing is that due to the strict anti-Castro laws, Americans technically weren’t allowed to visit Cuba. President Obama partially changed the rules in 2014, but then the current POTUS changed them again. It is too long a story to get into right now, but the bottom line is, nobody knew how it was possible that Beyonce and Jay Z actually took that vacation back in 2013. However, they did go and didn’t suffer any legal repercussions. They simply just had a wonderful time exploring Havana, visiting local galleries and theatres, laying on the beautiful beaches, and enjoying their time there to the fullest.

7 Caribbean Yachting In St. Barts

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The lovely Caribbean island of St. Barts is extremely popular among the rich and the famous – and Beyonce and Jay Z are no exception to that. This cute place has a variety of designer boutiques, jet-ski and yacht rentals, a number of awesome restaurants, and an extraordinarily beautiful scenery. It’s a home to stunning beaches where Queen Bey and Jay Z spent their vacation days enjoying the sun and the clear waters during the time they didn’t spend on their luxury yacht. During their stay on St. Barts, the power couple had their own personal butler to accompany them with all their needs in the spectacularly expensive villa. No wonder this French-speaking island is so popular among celebrities. After all, it truly is a luxurious, millionaires-only location.

6 Luxurious Vacay In Costa Rica

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Beyonce and Jay Z have a favorite spot in Costa Rica where they spend their luxurious vacations. It is a very impressive resort just off the Peninsula Papagayo, a true paradise on Earth with wonderful beaches, over 9,000 different types of plants, and amazing villas for the rich and the famous. The Carters are definitely huge fans of private villas and they often choose them over the hotels because they provide them with extra luxury and privacy that is impossible to have in a hotel filled with a bunch of people. However, renting villas like this one in Costa Rica where the Carters stayed is not cheap at all. Luckily, the price isn’t an issue for Queen Bey and her hubby so they get to experience all the perks this kind of accommodation brings.

5 Paris, Baby

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There are a lot of different ways to spend a beautiful vacation in Paris but nobody knows how to do awesome family vacations like the Carters! On their last trip to Paris, they spent a week there exploring all the greatest things this romantic city has to offer – and there is a lot of them! They took their daughter Blue Ivy to the Louvre for the first time, they had a little family photo session with the Eiffel Tower in the background, they dined in the finest French restaurant, and they enjoyed the best local wines and champagnes. Of course, Queen Bey and her daughter hit the most famous designer boutiques in Paris because there is no place in the world that knows more about fashion then this legendary city!

4 Mansion In The Hamptons

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The Carters used to spend millions of dollars renting luxurious resorts in The Hamptons, New York for their vacations so they decided to stop doing that and purchased a new getaway mansion there instead. They found a lovely 12,000 square foot property in East Hampton and they bought it for $26 million. The home was designed by Stanford White a century ago and has been renovated multiple times since then. The property includes a wonderful 45-foot-long pool, a private spa, a 1,800 square foot cottage for guests that is detached from the mansion with seven bedrooms and seven and a half bathrooms. The property is private and secluded, which makes it a perfect vacation spot for celebrities who don’t want to be disturbed during their free time of resting and relaxing.

3 Casa De Campo, Dominican Republic

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Casa De Campo in the Dominican Republic has had its share of celebrities spending their vacations there. The list includes Oprah Winfrey, the Kardashians, Kate Hudson, and, of course, the music’s most powerful couple – Beyonce and Jay Z. It is a gorgeous 35,000-square-foot estate worth $19.5 million and spending a vacation there is a luxury that not everyone can afford. The Caribbean Sea is visible from almost every angle of this lovely property and the peaceful waters are perfect for swimming. The master bedroom has a view of the private beach where the visitors are guaranteed not to be disturbed by anybody while they enjoy dipping in the sea or laying in the sun. The estate is also famous for its beautiful gardens worth exploring, its private spa and swimming pool, and the beautifully furnished rooms with coral ceilings.

2 Exploring The City Of Dubrovnik

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The city of Dubrovnik, Croatia is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the Mediterranean Sea and the whole city is on the UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites. Its popularity has grown more than ever over the last years thanks to Game of Thrones and the new Star Wars movie being filmed there. This hidden Mediterranean gem is often visited by the rich and famous and Beyonce and Jay Z decided to explore its secrets as well. They were spotted on their amazing multi-million dollar yacht in the Dubrovnik port and then they enjoyed the great Mediterranean cuisine in the local restaurants, as well as some famous Croatian wine. They were also spotted serenading each other in one of the restaurants as they sang the song "Yellow" by Coldplay to one another.

1 Birthday Vacation In Corsica

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If there is somebody who really knows how to celebrate birthdays in style, it is definitely Beyonce! Almost every one of her birthdays, she and her family pack their bags and head to some amazing, millionaires-only location. They spare no expense when it comes to their trips, including her 33rd birthday trip to Corsica, France. They took their private jet to get there and were spotted arriving at Bastia-Poretta airport. They rented a yacht for $800,000 per week and enjoyed their amazing, luxurious vacation to the fullest. They celebrated Bey’s big day on the beach under a white tent and they seemed to have a lot of fun while doing it. Of course, they didn’t spend the whole time laying in the sun; they also explored the hidden corners of Corsica to get the best possible experience.

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