15 Photos That Prove Gold Diggers Are Real 

Gold diggers have always been around, but their mainstream exposure rose to new levels in the past decade, largely due to Kanye West's 2005 hit song of the same name. But the concept of a gold digger has existed for as long as we have, they have only become much more apparent in recent times due to the popularity of social media.

Although men can be gold diggers, the term is mostly used to describe women who date richer men for the sole purpose of getting their hands on their money. They end up getting married at times, which only leads to further disaster. As far as gold diggers go, age is truly just a number— the only thing that matters is their wallet and everything else makes no difference. 'Tis a myth that only the young can be gold diggers; they range from all ages.

In a way, gold diggers aren't very shallow since they are more than willing to overlook someone's age, looks, and personality as long as their financial status is up to their standards. Some men recognize that their only appeal is their riches and don't mind attracting women for that very same reason. When a 70-year-old is dating someone who's less than half his age, he's definitely not delusional enough to believe that she's into him for any other reason.

Surprisingly, some still don't believe that gold diggers are real, which is why we have gathered 15 photos that will convince you otherwise!

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15 Thinking Of A Masterplan

If you don't know the couple pictured above, meet the owner of the NBA team Los Angeles Clippers Donald Sterling and his ex-girlfriend V. Stiviano. There was a scandal involving them just a few years ago, but that's not the reason this photo was included. During their relationship, he bought her a $2.6 million duplex, a Ferrari, two Bentleys, and a Range Rover.

It probably didn't cost him much while she enjoyed other benefits such as courtside tickets to any NBA game, as seen above. Their relationship ended as badly as it could, and it made plenty of headlines after Sterling was banned from the NBA and then forced to sell his team due to a racist incident involving Stiviano.

Not only did she raid his pockets, she also ruined his reputation beyond repair, although Sterling certainly deserved it.

14 Looking At The Millions In Her Future

If you were to make a guess, what would you say that she is looking at in this photo? I would say millions of dollars in her future, as her lover appears to be on his last legs. Maybe she's already scouting her next victim in the theatre, which appears to be filled with rich people.

You can tell by her outfit, from the dress to the fur and down to the jewelry, that she is living it up. The necklace and earrings would have probably cost the average man his yearly savings, but that's why gold diggers look at a different pool of dating.

It also looks as if she's pushing his hand away from her leg too, as many gold diggers don't believe in public displays of affection. You can't really blame her, no matter how much money they make off these rich men, we highly doubt that they enjoy getting physical with them. That's one thing that money can't buy.

13 Hugh Hefner Getting Cuddly

Hugh Hefner is a legendary figure and one of the most influential in modern history. He recently passed away, leaving behind a legacy that will probably never be duplicated. When it comes to gold diggers, he kept plenty of those around and was never one to be shy about his lifestyle.

The difference between him and the majority of men with similar status is that he was smart enough to keep his distance without losing his riches. Even at old age, the Playboy mogul came across as charming and he had no problem when it comes to being seen with gold diggers, as pictured above. Although he may be an exception to the rule, he's an example to follow if gold diggers happen to be your thing. With the loss of Hugh Hefner, many gold diggers have to find a new sugar daddy, or even worse, may have to get a job.

12 Must Be His Personality

Judging by the photo, we would guess it's an event for all gold diggers hoping to find a sugar daddy and it seems as if this young lady was lucky enough to end up with this charming fellow. Based on shallow standards, there's no way that she was attracted to him as he looks much older than her.

Don't let the haircut fool you, it's the classic comb-over, or really more of a comb down in this case, where he covers his baldness with leftover hairs from the back of his head. It looks like she matched with a top executive who has money to blow, and we're guessing she's open to the trade.

You can't knock the hustle, gold diggers also have to eat after all and perhaps that's the way to go when all else fails.

11 The OG Gold Digger

When it comes to being a gold digger, Anna Nicole Smith is the OG in modern history. You could even say that she took it to mainstream levels that hadn't previously been accomplished by anyone.

Although not many will be willing to admit it, she was certainly an influential figure who inspired many to turn into gold diggers for the easy way. Before her life sadly ended in a tragic way, she was enjoying every last dollar that she had inherited following the death of her husband.

According to her, he could barely move and there wasn't a physical relationship at all between them, which makes their marriage even more bizarre than we previously thought. As shown in this photo, Christmas comes every day for gold diggers who receive generous gifts on daily basis.

10 Daydreaming About The Benjamins

Although she has moved on to her own ventures in recent times, Amber Rose is the ultimate gold digger in Hip Hop. She rose to fame thanks to a publicized relationship with Kanye West that ended as bitter as one would expect. She left an impression so strong on him that he dedicated an entire album in her honor — to roast her, to be more specific. She quickly recovered by jumping into a relationship with another rapper, Wiz Khalifa, and even had this baby.

That relationship also ended overnight as Amber found herself with a couple more rappers. It seems like rappers are always willing to take a chance on her regardless of her past. The photo above is from her peak days as a gold digger, many members of Kanye's entourage had accused her of being one, but it took him a bit longer than most to see it.

9 Chanel Bags For Days

A picture speaks a thousand words. If you happen to believe that gold diggers are a thing of fiction, you may need to re-evaluate everything you thought you knew. Not only is she young enough to be his daughter, but the vast difference in height indicates there is no sense of attraction at all. We aren't shallow. Height truly doesn't matter in most cases, but this is one of those exceptions.

Some older men care very little if they're being used by younger ladies for a lavish lifestyle, they're more than willing to trade it all in order to get what they want. The Chanel bags pictured above must have cost him thousands of dollars, but that's likely pocket change for him. That's a year worth of savings for most of us that she probably earned in one night. Seems like a fair trade if you ask me.

8 Love Comes In Twos

This man not only managed to buy his way into one young lady's heart, but two as you can see in this picture. He probably convinced himself that it was his charm which attracted them to get so close to him.

This photo does make us wonder about the future. How would two gold diggers share the wealth? That will surely be another headache in the future, but he's probably wealthy enough to leave both ladies satisfied. Or perhaps he was wary of gold diggers and it took two to enter his heart.

Once again, you can spot the expensive jewelry which he probably bought for them, and if not, we would guess that it was another generous fella who opened up his pockets for them. With that big smile on his face, he clearly hasn't felt the aftermath of a gold digger yet.

7 Love At First Sight

Here's a photo featuring Playboy model Jenna Bentley and her millionaire boyfriend Ben Brown. If you need any motivation to get wealthy, you should probably print out this photo as a daily reminder of how great life could be once you're loaded with money. If someone claims that money can't buy love, they clearly haven't seen this picture or any of the entries on this list.

It's been proven that money talks, there are plenty of gold diggers out there but they tend to be more private as compared to some of these featured ladies. Nobody will ever look at this photo and believe there is genuine attraction on both sides, but money is the most charming factor to gold diggers and everything else falls behind.

Would he still be able to pull women like that if he lost all his wealth? Not even the greatest personality and wittiest sense of humor could even get him a date with someone that young.

6 Swimming In Cash

It doesn't take much to spot a rich person with money to spend, they're usually getting cuddly with a person who's clearly out of their league. There is a fetish for everything these days, but age is still a barrier that only money can break. This photo is the epitome of a gold digger at work, she has him exactly where she wants.

They tend to live at the expense of a rich person and go on vacations that they could have only dreamed of prior to their newest relationship. It goes to show the many perks of being a gold digger, it's the highest paying profession for the least amount of work. Maybe they know something that we don't, it's entirely possible that morals are somewhat overrated, especially in today's age.

5 Janet Getting That Arab Money

Janet Jackson can deny it all she wants, but she's officially entered the history books as a gold digger. Her fans will surely come to her defense whenever that accusation is made, but you can't really ignore the facts in this situation. According to reports, it was cultural differences that caused the divorce, but what did she expect coming into this relationship? As big as Janet Jackson was for years, she still doesn't come close to his riches as her ex-husband, who is a billionaire.

While most of us would be more than happy with just a couple of millions, the richest people tend to be greedy and can never have enough. The timing of her divorce proves that she was a gold digger, she was due for $100 million if she were to stay married for five years. She added $10 million by having a child with him. It's quite ridiculous these conditions exist in the first place and should have been an immediate red flag before tying the knot.

4 Just Made A Huge Mistake

Still don't believe gold diggers are real? This photo should sway your mind. It was that very moment when billionaire Richard Lugner realized what a huge mistake he had just made. It took him a while but it didn't hit him until he was officially married and his wealth was in jeopardy after marrying 25-year-old Cathy Schmitz.

At 82, Lugner is old enough to be her grandfather, but neither one cared about that piece of information. During their many interviews, they assured everyone that was it was true love that united them. She wasn't after his money as everyone had believed.

As it turned out, the couple lasted 2 years before they got divorced, which shouldn't come as a shock to anyone. There's probably a secret handbook out there for gold diggers that they all seem to follow, yet these wealthy old men continue falling for their tricks. They say that older people stop caring and Lugner is living proof of that statement.

3 Only One Way That Marriage Was Going To End

The marriage of Camille and Kelsey Grammer is another one that ended shortly after starting for obvious reasons. It's also another case of a couple that didn't have any physical relationship and yet he was more than willing to spend all of his money on her.

Seems like that defeats the purpose of having a gold digger around when you aren't getting much out of it; most would say it's a lopsided deal. While she basks in all the money and gifts, he only gets to show her off in public.

A professional gold digger's work is much more difficult than you think, otherwise it would be more common than it actually is. It's admirable to an extent and makes us wonder what their secret really is, they must have something that captivates men to lose their mind as they often do.

2 Must Be His Sense Of Humor

In all fairness to him, he looks better than most older people and was probably quite the charming guy in his younger days. But there's no escaping father time, even the richest people in the world can't reverse aging. I mean, sure they can have plenty of plastic surgeries, but at the end of the day, they end up looking even worse.

As for the lady in the picture, she looks like every man's dream, which is probably the reason she managed to find her way into his heart and millions of dollars. With that beautiful smile, most men would risk it all to have her by their side.

You can tell that she is faking the smile, gold diggers are professional actresses who don't get cast in Hollywood. When you're as rich as he appears to be, anything is instantly funny to a gold digger; you become a comedian by default.

1 Sugar Daddy On Demand

You can clearly tell who wears the pants in this relationship just by looking at this picture. While he may feel invincible in a flashy suit and an expensive cigar, it's clearly that young lady who's calling all the shots.

She has him under control just as pictured above, right through the neck, and if this list has taught us anything, that's usually a sign of things to come. If you ask me, gold diggers are A-list actresses who should be playing roles on the big screen as they clearly know how to convince these men to fall for them.

He probably thought that he was an exception to the rule, but little did he know that his fate would be the same as all other wealthy figures who lost it all to gold diggers. It's just mind-blowing how they continue believing that these younger ladies are actually into them when it's clear they're only eyeing an easy way to riches.

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