15 Photos Proving That Alexa Chung Never Follows Trends (And Wins In Fashion)

She’s been fashion’s cool girl for years. You’ve probably seen her in the pages of fashion magazines or on a billboard where her perfectly lined cat eyes have helped sell countless collaborations with the likes of Madewell and JCrew. Yet, what is it about this girl that the fashion world just cannot get enough of? Why do girls and women love her so much? Well, for one Alexa is approachable. She isn’t contoured to perfection where women feel like they can’t copy her. She isn’t fierce and intimidating. She’s simply a girl blessed with photogenic cheekbones and a great sense of style. That sense of style has made Alexa a fashion darling for more than a decade. And, that strong eye for knowing when a trend is going to hit or for making her own trends isn’t something you can exactly describe. It’s best just to call it, the ‘it girl’ factor.

Alexa has a lot of the ‘it girl’ factor. She’s a model for one. Secondly, she has the cutest British accent. And, she has the backing of the fashion industry to always cover her style. That’s practically the recipe for making it in the fashion industry. So, it’s no wonder that Alexa has become a name that any stylish woman would know. Her big blue eyes have been on the cover of ‘Elle’, ‘Vogue’, and ‘Vanity Fair’ along with snippets showing off her closet, her style, and her favorite fashion trends. So, maybe she’s just in the right place (Vogue’s headquarters) at the right time. Although, we can’t argue that Alexa hasn’t made us want to go out and buy a floral dress or a pair of Madewell jeans. Read on to find out just why she’s loved by Vogue and the rest of the world so much.

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15 She’s Dated A Rock Star

These days Alexa Chung is asking DJs to turn off songs from her ex Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys. Yet, several years ago she was a model attached at the hip to the rock star. It makes sense since models and musicians have gone hand in hand since the dawn of music. And, fans love the pair together.

It’s given Alexa many cool moments with her fashion, whether the two of them are coordinating their denim jackets or she’s showing her love for the musician with a tee shirt from the band. Either way, dating a musician ups any woman’s fashion game. It’s almost as if their coolness just rubs off of you. Years later, even though the pair isn’t together, Alexa still exhibits a dash of rock star cool with her fashion choices.

14 Her Style Crushes Are Annie Hall & Jane Birkin

Even her style crushes are fashion icons that are still referenced by designers and photographers today. It just goes to show, that Alexa knows whose who in the world of fashion. And, her choices for fashion muses is the reason that he looks so effortlessly put together.

Annie Hall is one of the reasons that we know how to wear a suit and look cool today. Even as just a character from a movie, Annie knew how to throw together a men’s look in a quick minute. On the opposite end of the ‘flawlessly put together spectrum’ is Jane Birkin who taught us how to make a white tee and jeans look like a million bucks. Now, we have Alexa Chung showing us how to wear a t-shirt with men’s trousers and still look good.

13 She Pays Attention To The World

It’s nice to know that your fashion icons are more than just a pretty face. With a few writing credits under her belt, Alexa Chung is proving that she’s more than just a girl who looks cute in a skirt. She’s an adult who genuinely cares about the world around her. And, she wants to share what she’s learned about the industry she works in, with the world.

She had a monthly column for Britain’s ‘The Independent’ that ran from 2008-2009. She later worked as a contributing editor for British Vogue interviewing greats such as Christopher Kane and Karl Lagerfeld. She also hosted a documentary titled, ‘The Future of Fashion’ where she walked behind the scenes of the fashion industry to see how clothes are made, marketed, and consumed.

12 She Has A Sense of Humor

Just Google a few of her quotes for a good laugh. There’s a reason that she is constantly being picked up as a television host. The girl is hilarious. It’s part of the reason that we actually like her, she’s a pretty, normal, and quirky.

For one, Alexa has stated that she wouldn’t mind her hair falling out because she’d just wear hats more. She also thinks Solange is the coolest fashion icon and makes her run home and change. She advises women who are suffering from a broken heart to leave their hair alone to avoid getting bangs they’ll instantly regret. She has also said that "blonde people look better on planes.” Sorry, we’re not sure we understand that one either so you’ll just have to look it up.

11 Her App ‘Villoid’ Is Addictive

We warn you that if you download this app, you might find yourself wasting hours away in front of your screen. Seriously, don’t say we didn’t warn you. Alexa’s app dedicated to ‘style stalking’ is hilarious and awesome.

Although, of course, it would be given that she started it with her British gal pals Gia Coppola and Poppy Delevingne. So, expect loads of cool items such as those leopard print flat boots that you saw in a magazine, but haven’t been able to find anywhere! Alexa found them for you. At first sight, it looks like a cool girl’s magazine full of quirky buys that will update any look. Although, dig a little deeper and you’ll find that while it is definitely for the cool kids, Alexa has somehow managed to find every piece that you could ever need for your wardrobe. Honestly, we would love the piece that she's wearing too, that checkered shirt, waist high shorts and sleek boots? She looks totally vintage.

10 Kate Moss Is Part Of Her Girl Squad

She doesn’t have to flaunt just how cool she is. She let’s her friends do that for her. She’s only spotted with London’s coolest. That means she’s seen around London with Kate Moss. She stands next to Diane Kruger on the red carpet. And, her posse at Coachella and Glastonbury are groups of famous and gorgeous models all showing off their perfectly undone style on their Instagram.

Cool kids travel in packs and it’s not just high school where this happens. As an adult, Alexa Chung is constantly surrounded by young, rich, and beautiful people just like her. Oh, and they all have an amazing sense of style that will make them your new squad goals. And, did we mention that she’s also best friends with cool girl Cara Delevingne and her sister Poppy?

9 Her Glastonbury Style

Her style at music festivals alone is enough to make her a fashion icon. Blame it on her model legs for making denim dresses look so good. Speaking of which, how is it that a grown woman who manages to make the denim dresses of our youth look so good?

She has help solidified the denim shorts and boots combo look as a go-to for the next wave of cool kids. She’s also showed us that you can wear shiny leather leggings with Hunter boots. It’s her ability to look undone, cool, and polished all at once that makes us want to be her. Brands like Madewell desire to work with her. She’s even worn pretty little dresses at the festival, which is a big move for a festival that is known more for dustings of dirt than safe spaces for girls in lace.

8 She Can Pull Off Any Fabric

If there were one woman in fashion who can teach you how to pull off the most obscure looks, it’d be Chung. She brought ruffle collars back into fashion. She showed us how to wear the denim mini skirt Monday through Friday just like in high school. And, when it comes to floral suits, the girl looks good.

She started that floral head-to-toe trend a few seasons ago too. And, when everyone was wearing velvet, Alexa pulled out her yellow zebra print suit in velvet. She went a step above everyone else and someone managed to look better than us all. Clearly we should bow down to the style icon that is Alexa and beg her to teach us a thing or two about pulling off the trendiest pieces in fashion.

7 Her Signature Makeup Look

Not everyone can pull of Amy Winehouse’s larger than life beehive or keep up with Kim Kardashian’s ever changing 2-hour contour regimen. Yet, Alexa’s look is low-key and attainable by the everyday woman.

She keeps her makeup look low key and consistent- flawless skin, a flick of winged eyeliner, and little tousled brown hair. Anyone can do that. Alexa has even teamed up with Vogue for quick videos of her getting ready just to truly show women everywhere that they can do it too. It’s a look that works everywhere and anytime. You can wear it to work. You can wear it everyday. And, it even works for special occasions; just add a dash of a red lip. Call it the ‘Alexa Chung’ effect, her style just works well everywhere.

6 She Doesn’t Follow Trends

Alexa is her own woman and personal stylist. She might pull a piece straight off of the runway, but she wears it her way. Whenever you see her, she looks like Alexa. She doesn’t wear clothes the same way someone else might and she always looks comfortable.

The girl has a strong sense of personal style and that’s what has made her an icon. She might say that she copies Jane Birkin, but even Jane didn’t wear as many frilly collars or bring floral back into fashion the way that Alexa has. It’s people who are themselves and aren’t a slave to trends that we follow. They have something special about them. Alexa has proven that she is truly a one-of-a-kind fashion icon who blends romantic with rock star chic effortlessly.

5 Her Style Is Copied All Over The World

Fly to Seoul and you’ll see mini versions of Alexa in some of the stylish districts of the city. Sit in a café of in Paris and you’ll definitely notice a girl pairing her tousled hair and eyeliner with a ruffled blouse and denim.

Alexa has been hailed as a style queen and girls all around the world have taken notice. As we’ve mentioned before her look is effortless, easy to pull off, and that makes it look good on just about any woman (or teen). She isn’t overtly sexy, so women young and old feel comfortable copying her. Plus, she doesn’t wear too much makeup and focuses more on ‘low’ pieces that are easy to find and copy. She’s basically made herself the perfect style icon to copy. Here, she looks adorable in a floral print skirt, subtle black shoes that make her look like an edgy Mary-Jane, and a sweater polo shirt that we adore. It's so simple, but so chic.

4 Her UGG Collaborations Have Sold Out

When Alexa Chung ties her name with a brand, those collections have sold out. It’s part of the reason that she’s done a lot of them. Over the years she’s put her keen eye to good use to help design the perfect blouses and wear-anywhere dresses for Madewell. The collection flew off the shelves.

Then, she lent her name and style to AG Jeans and again saw instant success. Later she went back to London to collaborate with the UK-based retailer Marks & Spencer. She used her strong eye to pick out the perfect trench coat, ruffled blouses, and dresses from their Fall 2016 collection. As if that isn’t enough, she also did a collection with UGGS, to spruce up the brand with her own creative flair. And, guess what? That collection sold out too.

3 She Has Fun When Getting Dressed

There’s almost nothing worse than someone who takes themselves too seriously; especially when they work in fashion. Alexa knows what she does and who she is. She’s not a heart-surgeon. She’s a model and fashion influencer. And, she has fun with it.

Not only does she have a sense of humor about it, she genuinely enjoys her job. She likes clothes and never tries to be something or someone that she’s not. After all, the woman was wearing ruffled blouses when no one else bothered to give them a second look. And, she even brought socks with heels back into fashion. She’ll pair quirky prints together and she’ll splash mismatched colors together for a look that shows that she’s truly having fun. And, isn’t fun what fashion is all about in the end anyway?

2 But, She Always Keeps It Simple & Practical

Yet, however, funky and weird her style choice can be at times, Alexa finds a way to make it look down-to-earth. You see her and actually start to think that you too can wear a floral suit. She also mixes her HI’s and lows well to come up with looks like a floral dress worn with high top sneakers.

Her hair is never too done and she doesn’t wear too much jewelry or accessories that’ll make you feel like you’re walking the red carpet. Even when Alexa is on the red carpet, she still looks approachable and easy to copy. She clearly has a strong eye for what works for how and knows how to style looks to appear effortless. So, when she slips on a bold look, it comes off as low-key and cool.

1 She Has Her Own Clothing Line!

Years in the fashion industry have paid off for Miss Chung, who started her own label in 2017. It’s been well received by the press and picked up by a few stores. In typical Alexa fashion, don’t expect mind-bending looks that you’ll feel like an alien in walking down the street. Her label is full of the low-key pieces that she loves and is easy to wear.

“It’s a tongue-in-cheek celebration of the dedication, precision, skill, and determination needed to develop and create something aesthetically pleasing,” Alexa said of her label to Vogue. The pieces are pleasing to the eye and with pieces such as a candy-striped pink suit, definitely a little tongue-n-cheek. However, when paired with something like her white cotton dresses and sneakers, the pink blazer instantly becomes wearable.

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