15 Photos Of Women At McDonald's We Can't Unsee

In the America of the 21st century, clowns are not the silly, adorable, face-painted scamps they once were. They have morphed from innocent caricatures into terrifying creatures from some unknown, horrifying dimension. Although some professional clowns have desperately attempted to protect their livelihoods as children’s entertainers. But it’s been an uphill battle, one made all the more difficult by the killer clown craze that swept Chicago in the run-up to Halloween 2016 and the recently released film adaptation of Stephen King’s classic horror novel It. These days, it seems like the only clown US citizens can trust is the mascot of America’s most popular church. I’m talking, of course, about our beloved Ronald McDonald.

There’s just something about Ronald McDonald that is impossible to hate. Even in this age of killer clowns and murderous mimes, Ronald’s painted-on smile brings to mind delicious burgers, frosty milkshakes, and infamously hot coffee. Although Ronald McDonald has managed to remain non-threatening in increasingly threatening times, the same cannot be said of the human beings he attracts. Many of the people who visit McDonald’s on a regular basis are not the kind of people you would expect to see in a five-star restaurant or at a museum. They are the creepiest McDonald's customers and we’re going to be examining them in this article.


15 Underhair

McDonald’s has to remain one step ahead of its competitors in order to stay at the top of the fast food industry. KFC is offering you popcorn chicken? McDonald’s has Chicken McNuggets. Subway is presenting itself as the healthy alternative? McDonald’s has a range of salads and wraps. Burger King is handing out free cardboard crowns with every meal? McDonald’s will give you some underwear to put on your head.

Okay, we’re not exactly sure if McDonald’s crew does that last thing, but we’re struggling to find any other logical- or even almost logical- explanation as to why this woman is standing in line at her local McDonald’s with a pair of underpants on her head. Does she think it looks stylish? Is she aware it’s there? Did she get dressed in the dark and accidentally use a beanie cap as a thong?

14 Free Wi-Fi


It’s safe to say that all of us have at some point ordered some fries or purchased a small coffee just to make use of the free Wi-Fi McDonald’s grants its customers, but the woman seen in this picture is really abusing the restaurant’s generosity.

Here, we see an overweight woman crouched over her desktop computer, system unit and all, which she has sprawled across a table of her local McDonald’s franchise. Sitting next to her is a single soft drink; no burger, no fries, not even a lousy salad. How did this woman manage to get her entire personal computer system through the door? We may never know.

13 Chicken Nutter

It’s perfectly normal to become a little irritable when you haven’t had breakfast, but the woman shown in this security footage takes "hanger" to a whole new level.

In the video from which this still was taken, the woman arrives at her local McDonald’s restaurant at 10:30 am, a time when the restaurant is usually still serving its breakfast menu, and demands a box of Chicken McNuggets. Upon being denied service, the woman flies into a rage and, in between obscenities, vows to go “Super Saiyan” on the cashier and the manager, who had been called in to defuse the situation. After having the window shut on her, the woman continues to hurl threats towards the unfortunate employees before smashing the glass and driving away.

12 Crouching Customer, Crying Clown


As non-threatening as Ronald McDonald is, some particularly bratty McDonald’s customers just can’t help but harass him. The rowdy and disrespectful patrons of the fast food juggernaut better hope Ronald never snaps and goes full-on Pennywise, because he’s going to have some serious scores to settle if he does. This woman, in particular, had better watch her back.

In this picture, we see a supposedly grown woman crouching next to a sitting Ronald McDonald statue, preparing to let one rip right in his face. Ever the trusting mascot, poor old Ronald has no idea what he’s in store for and just sits there with that same trademark goofy grin spread across his painted face. For his sake, let’s hope that the woman didn’t order onions on her Big Mac.

11 No Skin, No Service

Stereotypically speaking, McDonald’s doesn’t attract the most fashionable people. The wardrobe of the common Big Mac enthusiast doesn’t extend beyond a hoodie, a pair of stained sweatpants, and the occasional straw hat. The woman shown in this picture, however, clearly isn’t interested in blending in with the common people.

Waiting for her order - which, judging by her figure, probably isn’t a Big Mac - she displays a mind-warping pair of leggings designed to look like the skinless legs of a human. In discussing the woman’s outfit online, some bloggers have slammed it for being too graphic for a family restaurant, which is a fair point. After all, you don’t want to put somebody off their breadcrumbed chicken corpse before they have the chance to shove it down their gullet.

10 Sit-Thru


We can’t decide if we hate this woman for being too lazy to enter her local McDonald’s and wait in line like everybody else or if we admire her for having the courage to risk being run over just to make her quest for fast food slightly more convenient. In this picture, she is shown navigating a McDonald’s drive-thru in an electric wheelchair.

From what we can see of the cashier’s shadow-covered face, she is as confused as the rest of us by the sight of this woman at her window. Her just presence raises so many questions. Does her chair have a cup holder? When she leaves the drive-thru, will she use the sidewalk or the road?

9 Eating After Swimming

It has long been said that you should wait at least an hour after eating before you go swimming, but a lot of scientists and dieticians have been brushing that off as an old wives’ tale as of late. What can’t be disputed, however, is that this family really should have waited an hour after swimming before they decided to eat.

Here, we see a dripping wet family sitting down for a post-swim meal at McDonald’s. The mother, who is still clad in her bathing suit, is carrying a bag full of what we can assume are the family’s clothes. While the fact that she thinks it’s acceptable to enter a place of business in a dripping wet swimsuit is indeed disturbing, this image is made all the more unnerving by the fact that there are three of them.


8 Lady McDonald


The hardest thing about being good-looking is losing those good looks as the years go by. When our teeth start to yellow and our skin starts to wrinkle, we must make the choice to either accept it and age gracefully or to attempt to stave off the unbeatable passing of time with cosmetics, wigs, and skimpy outfits. This woman, defying all conventional wisdom, chose to do the latter.

If she was absolutely determined to dress to attract the opposite sex, she could have definitely chosen a more flattering outfit than the lingerie she’s wearing here. Her smudged lipstick suggests diminishing eyesight, while the “hair” resting atop her head looks about as real as the chicken in a Chicken McNugget.

7 Coke And Dagger

When you order a Coke at McDonald’s - or at any restaurant, for that matter - you are doing so under the belief that the Coke coming from their drink dispenser is in some way better than the bottled Coca-Cola you could have bought for $1 in the store two minutes from your apartment building. This picture, however, proves that McDonald’s has a disturbing lack of dedication to quality control; at least when it comes to the drinks they serve.

Here, we see a young McDonald’s employee boldly filling a McDonald’s branded cup from a store-bought bottle of Coke. Who knows the horrors that bottle has seen since it was purchased? Employees might be swigging from the bottle between orders. The liquid itself is likely flat or, and this is the best case scenario, warm. Still, we suppose this is better than having Pepsi instead.

6 Breakfast At McDonald’s


Okay, McDonald’s isn’t in the swankiest restaurant in the world and a McDonald’s breakfast isn’t exactly the most extravagant way to start the day, but you really should make some effort to make yourself presentable before you leave the house for your Sausage and Egg McMuffin. The women shown in this picture, taken by one McDonald’s breakfast lover, did not.

Clad in unflattering cotton pyjamas, they stand at the counter of their local McDonald’s waiting to order, not appearing to feel an ounce of shame or embarrassment for their dress. The person who uploaded this picture to the internet didn’t say if these women were denied service because of their refusal to change out of their pyjamas or not, but their waistlines certainly could have benefited from it.

5 McDonald’s Ali

Because it’s viewed as something of a haven for the down and out, McDonald’s brings in some pretty unpalatable customers. Many of them can be rude or snotty, sometimes even aggressive, but very few reach this woman’s level of hostility.

This picture was posted online by a British Snapchat user and shows the aforementioned hostile woman grabbing the collar of one unfortunate McDonald’s employee who she claimed had “disrespected” her. In a video also captured by the Snapchatter, the burly customer is seen screaming obscenities in the man’s face before trying to choke him unconscious while two female McDonald’s employees attempt to wrestle her away from their colleague. As disturbing as this image is, it’s nice to see America doesn’t have the monopoly on crazy McDonald’s customers.

4 Self-Service


For the past couple of years, McDonald’s has been rolling out self-order kiosks to allow customers to place customized orders without the hassle of going through an employee. These kiosks, while convenient, have sparked fears that robots will drive human McDonald’s employees out of their jobs. However, this woman may just render McDonald’s workers obsolete before the robots get the chance do so.

The woman pictured here was forced to go on the run after she haphazardly climbed through the window of a McDonald's drive-thru to prepare herself a meal. After enjoying a beverage from the restaurant’s soft-drink dispenser, she raided the kitchen and made off with a collection of McDonald’s goodies and enough cash to feed herself and her accomplice a diet consisting solely of Big Macs for years to come.

3 Homeless

Across Asia, homelessness is at an all-time high. Rather than sleeping in doorways and shady homeless hostels, some of the continent’s more experienced homeless people have taken to spending their nights in McDonald’s restaurants, where they can stay until dawn for the price of a Diet Coke.

This picture shows one veteran homeless woman fast asleep in an all-night McDonald’s restaurant, flanked by a stroller and a blanket, her only possessions in the world. That the homelessness crisis has reached such a terrible level and people are forced to live like this is indeed disturbing, but we can take solace in the fact that many of the McDonald’s restaurants sought out as a refuge by homeless people allow them to remain overnight without forcing them to spend money. When McDonald’s, a company that has made billions by marketing the unhealthiest of unhealthy food to children, is a leading example of human decency, you know something ain’t right.

2 McGoddess


The woman you’re looking at right now is named Wei Han Xu and, believe it or not, she is a McDonald’s employee. If she lived in the United States of America, Wei Han Xu would be working as a supermodel or, at the very least, a quirky female vlogger. Unfortunately for her, she lives in Taiwan, where she flips burgers and tries to fix broken ice cream machines for a living.

McDonald’s in Taiwan is actually a bit of a moral gray area - or, at least, it’s more of a moral gray area than it is in America - because those in charge of franchises there tend to stock their staff with beautiful women in an attempt to bring in more customers. The company is essentially pimping Wei Han Xu out.

1 McDonald’s Con

Have you ever been to a comic book convention? It doesn’t look like these two women have. Although they are decked out in the skimpy superhero-esque outfits that have become obligatory for many women attending a comic book convention, they seem to have no understanding of how to use their camera memory wisely. Having presumably stopped off at a McDonald’s on their way to their chosen con, they pose with a sitting statue of restaurant mascot Ronald McDonald, who looks to be the sanest of the trio. Perhaps these women are of the mistaken belief that they have already arrived at the convention and that the Ronald McDonald statue is actually a very convincing costume being worn by a very dedicated, very plastic cosplayer.


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