14 Photos Of Toothless Rednecks We Can't Unsee

There are certain people in this world that we feel like it's kind of okay to poke fun of every now and then— we can't help it. We know it can be cruel to ridicule others, but it's in our nature and sometimes, it's stronger than us. We're not going to overthink this stuff, though, as we're just as up for a laugh as anybody else out there. So we want to be able to laugh at these rednecks just as much as you do. For this reason, we’re going to ignore the inherent problem that comes with laughing at people for the sake of this list and then go right back to being the good and moral people we like to think we are.

One of the many stereotypes that comes with being a redneck is that you generally don’t look after yourself, which ends with you having poor hygiene and bad health. Due to this, rednecks are known for having bad teeth, especially since they don’t usually have the money to look after themselves or pay for health insurance. They sometimes have to come up with inventive ways to sort out their teeth if they start having any trouble. Whatever you do, don't overthink it, or else this won’t be funny anymore.

Now that you've put aside your moral compass for a moment, you ready to see some rednecks with some of the worst teeth you’ve ever seen on an adult human being? Want to feel better about what you’ve got lurking in your own mouth? Well, it’s time to take a look!


14 Always Have Insurance

We thought we'd start with one of the most unpleasant images we could find to really throw you in in the deep end. Seriously, is there anybody in the world that could look at those gums and not cringe at what has happened to this man? If you ask us, it even looks like he's pulled the teeth out himself or got somebody else to do it. We can only assume that the man had problems with his teeth but didn't have the money to pay for a professional to sort them out for him. Either that or the guy has taken part in some sort of weird fashion that we’ve never seen before. We think that’s unlikely, but then we can’t believe some of the things people do to their body in the name of fashion.

13 From Across The Pond


So, if you're unacquainted with The Jeremy Kyle Show, it's a show from the UK which pretends to help people in need, sort of like The Jerry Springer Show but a little bit more subdued. Essentially, they throw a bunch of people in front of cameras who are in desperate need of help and people with more money or part of a higher social class can then watch and laugh. Although rednecks are usually associated with America, this is the closest the UK has to offer. Unsurprisingly, the show is now famous for people who have bad teeth, as if the people who choose guests for the show are looking out for human beings who haven’t spent enough time brushing their teeth or going to the dentist. We wouldn’t actually be surprised if that was true to be totally honest with you

12 Underhanded Tactics

One way they might be able to consistently find people like this with awful teeth is by getting in touch with local dentists and getting them to share their personal information. We know that this actually hasn't happened, but we wouldn't be surprised in the current cultural climate, one where we can never truly know how private our private lives are. If anyone reading this works for the show and think this is a good idea, we expect to get some credit for it! In fact, thinking about it, we really don’t want credit for that idea. 

11 We Should Be Taking These People Seriously


As you can see by the subtitle on this particular image, a lot of the problems that arise on The Jeremy Kyle Show are of a domestic nature, usually involving sex or drugs. Really, these are the people in society who need us the most, who have been dealt a bad hand or just didn't start with the same sort of footing that a lot of us did. If you ever want to see the face of pure evil, a man who has spent his life manipulating others so that he can be happy and get what he wants, then just take a look at Jeremy Kyle and look into how the man has chosen to live his life. We promise that you will not leave feeling anything other than infuriated that men like this are allowed to prosper in our world.

10 See What We Mean?

Look, this kid is just happy to have his tooth out, content in knowing that the tooth fairy will be leaving a little bit of money under his pillow tonight. However, that brings us on to the topic of how much we seem to lie to our children when we honestly don't have to. We don't think we'll tell our children the truth, either, but only because they'll end up telling a kid or two at their school and we'll have unhappy parents knocking on our door saying that our children have been upsetting everyone in class. You’re just asking for trouble if you don’t join in with the other parents.

9 You Didn't Think We Were Done Did You?


Yes, we're back onto Jeremy Kyle, but we promise that this is the last time you'll be seeing that logo for the rest of the list. You won't be surprised to know that it's pretty much impossible to write a list like this without having to resort to a lot of Jeremy Kyle screenshots. We reckon that this man has seen more bad dental health than any other television professional since its invention. We wonder if he's happy with what he's contributed, that he can sleep at night knowing that he's exploiting these people. To be honest, it wouldn’t surprise us if we found out he genuinely believes he’s doing something positive, that people are better off in this world for the job that he gets paid way too much money to do. Some people are just that deluded in the modern world.

8 At Least She's Smiling!

We think now would be a good time to point out to anybody reading this list that it really doesn't matter what people look like, including yourself. We know that teeth can be the defining factors in deciding whether someone if attractive or not, but it really is more important to have a proper understanding of who you are and what you want from this world than it is to look a certain way. We know that it can be so easy for us all to think that the world is so much better for the rich and the beautiful, but if that's all those people rely on, their life will never be as fulfilling as yours could be if you just take the time to look past what you see in the mirror. Right, enough of that — back to the bad teeth!


7 We're More Interested In The Pig!


We know we're supposed to be focusing on this lad's teeth in this image, but we can't help but be fascinated by the fact that Miley Cyrus seems to be holding a tiny pig. Not only is she holding it, but it sort of looks like it's trying to suck at her as if the pig really does see Cyrus as its mother. We honestly don’t understand why anybody would want to have a pig as a pet in this day and age. We know that they’re cute and everything, but wouldn’t they grow up to be huge? If you opt for a mini pig instead, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find out that they have some form of deformity brought about by the fact that human beings think it’s okay to mess with an animal species until it fits what we want it to be.

6 An Unpopular Opinion?

We know that this person isn't rocking beautiful teeth, but we have to say that the eyes and the freckles really endearing. We're not completely sure why, but there's definitely something about it that makes us want to get to know her. This is exactly what we were talking about before — maybe it's the fact that these eyes look like the eyes of someone who has lived life and experienced things, the eyes of somebody who knows exactly who they and what they want from this life. That is what you should be looking for in other human beings. Trust us when we say that this will end up being much more interesting and attractive in the long term compared to a beautiful set of teeth.

5 We're Not Even Sorry


Okay, we lied, but you really have no idea what a goldmine this show can be if you're looking for a very specific type of person — the type of person that has put no care or attention into looking after their teeth for decades. Do you think it’s wrong that we’re admonishing shows like this and then using the images for us all to look at for a good laugh? Maybe we’re not here to have a good laugh. Maybe we’re just here to see the way other human beings live. We’re not sure how we feel about it yet, we’re just going with it for the meantime because we think that’s all we can really do at this point. It’s not as if we can pay for dental care for everyone around the world or anything like that, is it?

4 Are These Real?

Look, we don't want to be offensive here, but we're not completely sure these teeth are real because we really cannot believe that somebody's teeth look like this, not in this day and age. These teeth are at the point where they're a health hazard. Even if a healthcare professional refused to touch them, they would've gone rogue on these and just pulled them out at this point. We know that if anybody reading this actually does have teeth similar to this now then we're coming across pretty bad here, but we're just saying, we've never seen anything like this before. We're out of our element. If we’re wrong, let us know because we’re the kind of people who like to be corrected. We want to learn and be as inclusive as we possibly can.

3 They've Got Each Other 


We've definitely learned a lot during this list about what really matters in this world, and to be honest, we think this image shows this off more than any other. While these two may not like how they look or enjoy much of the life that they've been handed, they do know that they have friendship, one of the most important aspects in life. Sure, they might not be able to bite, chew, or have a great smile as much as they'd like to while they're in each other's company, but that doesn't mean they don't have enough happiness in their life that they can't smile from time to time, especially when a camera is being pointed at their face. It will be hard for some people to understand, but we bet there’s a chance these two have better lives than some people who have all of their teeth.

2 Admittedly, They're Not That Bad

We know that this woman's teeth aren't anywhere near as bad as some of the others on this list, we'd like to take one last look at some of the teeth that are shown on The Jeremy Kyle Show, while showing you that it can go beyond the simple pleasure of watching people talk about drugs and s*x on television. Seriously, some of these people have legitimate problems that would have anyone looking for help, and society has allowed this man to exploit them for monetary gain. This is the world that we currently live in and we should all be doing as much as possible to combat it by refusing to watch anything that is even remotely similar to this show. At least, that's how we look at it. We hope you agree.

1 Never Do Drugs Kids


We know this is a fictional character, but you have to admit, we've all seen people living on the streets who have similar teeth — people who have watched their life slip away, usually due to drug addiction. We remember being surprised when we found out that there were drugs out there that could actually have a negative effect on our teeth. All we needed was the images of the teeth of drugs users to know that these were drugs we never wanted to touch. That probably sounds a little shallow, but we’re actually alright with it if we’re being honest. It seems like a good enough reason as any not to get involved with hard drugs, right?


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