15 Photos Of Things You Can’t Unsee

It's amazing the kind of stuff that goes viral these days. Never before have so many people been posting photos, and the Internet is full of some of the most amazing, insane, disturbing and unfathomable photographs. You first have to wonder how, then you begin to wonder why.

Why would someone post this particular photo? What compelled them to share a moment that in any other day and age might be considered embarrassing but, in today's society, can make you a star? Like rubber-necking a car accident, the reality is you don't want to see the damage that's been done. But in a way, you slow down only because you can't stop yourself from looking. Viral photos on the web are a lot like that.

This list of 15 photos you can't unsee doesn't even scratch the surface of what's out there. If we were to take weeks, even months, of doing nothing but sitting at a laptop and surfing for the strangest photos ever shared, we'd never run out of material. But, in the spirit of trying to give you something that will make you lay awake at night, we've come up with 15 photos we think would make the top of most people's list.

Tell us what you think. Are you glad you saw this photo? Do you wish we'd never introduced you to it? Have you already seen it? Will you be able to get it out of your mind now that you have? We're well aware that some of you will hate us for drawing these to your attention. Others will think this is about the most entertaining stuff ever. To each, their own.


15 Tiger Faces

via YouTube

There are people in this world who have an insatiable appetite to change their appearance because they have a vision of what they want to look like or how they see themselves. Some change their looks to feel more attractive and others change their looks to look more like someone or something. This person decided that he wanted to look like a tiger!

I, for one, don't get it. Why would anyone put himself through such a process just to look like an animal and not really look like that animal at all? Yes, we understand you're "supposed" to be a tiger, but instead, what you got is some sort of mashup of Sabretooth from X-Men and a puffy-cheeked tattoo statue from the circus. Clearly, this person wants attention. I can imagine not many people pass by without wondering what the heck they just saw.

14 Terrible Cosplay


Cosplay is a big deal. Just ask anyone who does it. Perhaps starting mostly by more socially awkward comic book fans, the cosplay industry has turned into a phenomenon and everyone is getting in on the act. From celebrities to regular people and still the faithful “nerds” who love to get together with like-minded fans and rock the Comic-Con scene you can find photos of cosplayers on social media an Instagram with some of the folks who do it knocking their costumes out of the park. But, every once in a while, someone forgets that there is a certain standard one should try to live up to.

In this photo we see one of the worst attempts at cosplay ever! He’s trying to be Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones but he looks more like he woke up in the wrong part of town and lost a battle with a ballet company.

13 This Is Uncanny

via blameitonthevoices.com

How can you look at this photo and not see some kind of relation? Or, how does a guy like Bruce Willis look at his future and not think to himself, "I'm going to look exactly like Patrick Stewart in 20 years." Usually, when you mix two celebrity faces together, you get some sort of weird half-human face that makes for one ugly person. In this case, when you mix Bruce Willis and Patrick Stewart, you get a younger Patrick Stewart.

You may never watch a movie with either one of these two actors and not see the other one from here on in. You'll wonder, why don't they make a movie with Stewart and Willis where one plays the younger version of the other? The crazy thing is, neither is terribly far apart in terms of their actual age. The one isn't really old enough to be the other's father.

12 Dancing Colonel Sanders

via Chuck's Fun Page 2 - blogger

Every time you used to look at Colonel Sanders, you probably saw the head of a fried chicken legend. After you see this photo, you'll never look at the logo again without picture Colonel Sanders dancing on two tiny little legs with two very tiny arms sticking out.

That's right, what was supposed to be a bow-tie is now the mini body of the rest of the Colonel Sanders caricature. He's like a bobblehead doll. As the photo says, "big head, tiny body," and until now, you've probably never noticed all his pictures have this. Logos from major food chains are notorious for this kind of thing. Some do it on purpose. This instance was probably accidental.

11 Hidden Meanings

via pinterest.com

Maybe you noticed, maybe you didn't. But if you take a look at any Tostito's logo, there is no denying that the person who created it was trying to send a message. People enjoy Tostito's chips, even stick men.

Hidden in the two "t's" of the logo is a bowl of salsa and two people dipping a chip. They both seem to be really enjoying the process of having a Tostito and I guess somewhere down the line, the two will actually have to fight over who gets it. Some logos are really well done and this is one of them. It's also one of the few logos where the hidden message isn't all that hidden, but not many people immediately notice it.

10 Joker Parfait

via The Sun

If you Google Joker and parfait, you might be surprised to see how many instances there are of people who came across a parfait in a store or freezer of a restaurant and immediately thought to themselves, 'Hey, that looks a lot like the Heath Ledger version of the Joker.'

The red smile, the eyes, the hair, and the white face and it's almost a dead-ringer (no pun intended). You have to wonder if the creators of Ledger's costume and makeup used these types of desserts as inspiration when coming up with the look of his character. I can't help think but to myself that this parfait is probably extremely mischievous. I'm not sure I would want to eat it either. It's fine art and comic-book villain magic.

9 Oh That Disney…

There have always been rumors that the folks over at Disney like to have a little fun with their animation. Inside many of our favourite films and classics like Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast or, in this case, The Lion King, are hidden images that you have to really look for to catch. Most of these “hidden images” are theories and likely just strange coincidences, but if you take a look at this movie poster for The Lion King, the person pointing out what looks to be a lady in her underpants might have a point.

It seems too fishy to be a fluke doesn’t it? It looks exactly like a pair of legs, a lady in her bottoms and nothing else. It will make you want to go back and see if there are other items in your favourite Disney movies you can catch and if you ever happen to see this poster again, try not to notice. I dare you.


8 Drowning Isn't Funny...Right?

via Fiveprime

Someone was likely fired over the creative design of this sign. Surely made to create a warning for others to watch for swimmers, whoever posted this sign probably didn't intend to tell others to laugh out loud at a drowning victim. Yet, there it is. Two little arms and a head drowning in water but looking like "lol."

If something had happened, what would the excuse be? "Yes officer, I did see that young woman drowning but the sign told me to laugh and then call 911. I was only doing what I was told." Something tells me that excuse wouldn't fly. All jokes aside, though, if you see someone struggling in the water, help them or call for assistance immediately. Don't stand there and laugh.

7 Walmart IS Evil!

via Pinterest

We all knew Walmart was the big evil retail store that sucked everyone in with their Roll Back pricing and endless shelves of everyday items. Everyone shops there and they make billions by putting other businesses out of business. They've also seen their fair share of controversy over where they get clothes made and shipped in from. But, did we know that they were the evilest empire in the entire galaxy? I didn't too until I saw their logo.

The symbol is a far too much like the Galactic Empire logo from Star Wars to be a coincidence. If you shop there, there is a chance that you'll be lured over to the Dark Side of the Force. Use your training and resist my young Jedi; resist while you still can.

6 Is This Something We Should Be Reporting?

via GazabPost

Is it me or is this an issue of child abuse? Of course, it isn't, but the optical illusion created of the perfect timing of a photo and the coincidental positioning of two people makes it look an awful lot like a father is peeing on his daughter and she thinks Daddy's pee-pee is a water fountain for all to enjoy!

Someone should tell that father that they sewer grate on the property (we assume that this is a zoo or an amusement park) is not for doing a number one and that there is probably a public restroom somewhere. Someone should also tell this little girl that this is a really good way to catch an illness. Maybe she was bitten by a Jellyfish and dad is just doing what a good dad is supposed to do. I suppose that's possible.

5 So That's How That Works

via LifeAndJoy

I've always wondered how an interviewer conducts an interview with a professional basketball player (clearly almost two feet taller) and both are in the camera frame and neither looks too out of place. The answer? Convince the ball player to do the splits if possible.

Try to watch an interview now where you know these people aren't the same size and wonder if that ball player isn't spreading his legs and trying to get as short as possible to make it work. Then wonder if the interview wouldn't have been longer if it wasn't so uncomfortable for the ball player. You might think this interviewer would just carry a stool, but that's probably too much to ask. We surely wouldn't want to inconvenience the media in any way.

4 That's A Nasty Break

via providr.com

Way back in the WCW days of professional wrestling, the man pictured above (Sid Vicious) was a big star for the company. This was in his later years, and he wasn't as huge a star then, but he was still a major player. Well, that was until he jumped off the middle ropes in a match, landed funny, and shattered his leg, breaking it in one of the most gruesome wrestling injuries ever.

Wrestlers get hurt all the time and some have some pretty crazy wounds. This will go down as one of the most disturbing as it happened on live television, and it pretty much brought an end to Sid's wrestling career. Just the way he's looking at his own leg makes you wonder what he was thinking at that exact moment. I know what I'm thinking looking at the photo.

3 There's A Hole Where There Shouldn't Be A Hole

Piercings and tattoos are all the rage. But if this isn't some sort of Photoshop image, whatever this guy was doing is beyond ridiculous. How does it work when he wants to eat food or have a drink? Is anyone within seeing distance getting an eyeful of more than they bargained for? Does everything he injects drip down the side of his face?

Honestly, this piercing is just gross on so many levels it amazing anyone would even consider doing such an asinine thing. What happens when he no longer wants it? I mean, damn, the kid has a hole in the side of his head where there isn't supposed to be a hole. If he doesn't regret his decision now, he sure will. Just dumb.

2 This Has Birthday Card Written All Over It

via youtube.com

Put a number beside it and write Happy Birthday. Add some balls and tinsel and you have a very Merry Christmas card or create a card that's sole purpose is to cheer someone up and you have multiple uses for this photo. We honestly don't know what's going on here, but how can you not wonder what this is? It's the kind of photo that needs to be shared but you don't really want to see it; you want someone else to.

A dude or a chick? We're not sure. Half-naked and sporting some sort of recreational gun, we're not sure if this person is going hunting or being hunted. If you're ever having a really crappy day, just take a look at this picture and realize that your life could be so much worse than it actually is.

1 Is This Really Art?

via MGoBlog

The photo above was supposed to be an art gallery attraction that mixes dog with a human. What it ended up looking like is an extremely disturbing pig-like family of ugly dogs who act like something out of a horror film. When I first saw this photo, I wondered who would shave an animal so bald and what animal was it they shaved? Then I realized that these were the artwork of someone who's either very creative or very disturbed.

I'm not really sure what kind of an art gallery this piece would cater to or who would buy this if it was for sale? The only thing worse than looking at it in an art gallery would be waking up to it every day where you live, eat, and try to sleep.


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