15 Photos Of Things And People We Simply Can't Explain

Did you ever hear the song "Things That Make You Go Hmmm?" Sometimes, we see something that makes us do a double take; a picture so odd, you almost have to ask yourself, what in the world is going on there?

It could be an animal or a person. It could be a whole group of people. It could be something most people don't believe in, and it could be something science has no answer for. Maybe it's something completely normal caught at just the right time to make whatever is happening extremely odd and unusual. Whatever the case, you can't get the visual out of your mind.

As a result, you often share whatever it is you stumbled upon for a second opinion. The person you shared it with shares it and so on and so forth, until the strangest picture in the world becomes a viral sensation and no one seems to be able to explain it.

Whether you like this kind of oddball entertainment or not, these types of photos are everywhere and people can become overnight sensations because of them. In an attempt to try and narrow down some of the most inexplicable photos, we've decided to create a list for all to enjoy. Some of these are weird and some of these are funny. Some are staged and some might not be, but all will make you wonder what in the world the people taking or in the photo were thinking when they decided to share their experience with everyone else.

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15 Fits Like A Glove

via Imgur

There are a few things you might ask when you see this photo. How did this young gigantic boy get into that small space? Did he start at the top and wiggle his way down? Or did he start from the bottom and try to go up? While he was constructing this master plan, what were these two people in the photo thinking? No one in the world should have assumed he'd get through without a problem and if they weren't there to advise him against it, what was he doing at a playground by himself? He looks like he's at least 16 years old.

We also have to wonder what his thoughts were if he was going up because he had an awfully long way to go to reach his end goal. Perhaps if they left him there with no food for a while, he'd shrink down enough to just slide out.

14 Years Of Planning

via Clipmass.com

You ever hear about those magicians who place a card in a tree and then perform the trick some years later when the tree has had a chance to grow around it and encase the card? Maybe this was the same deal? Did someone stick a tire over a very small tree and then guard that thing with their life to ensure nobody moved it?

This is some regular David Copperfield type stuff, if that's not the case, because there is simply no way that that tire fits around those branches and down that tree. Either way, whoever did this has way too much time on their hands.

If someone was thinking it would make for a good tire swing, they clearly got the idea wrong. Not much swinging going on here. Looks like a decent tire too. It still has tread on it.

13 Just A Bit Too Calm...

Something happened on this train/subway ride that we're likely all glad we were not there to witness. A car full of people seems to have perished with one remaining survivor pleased as punch that she wasn't among the casualties. But, why exactly is she so calm?

If I was in that cart at that time, I'd be crapping my pants. Either she's responsible for the damage and admiring her handy work, or this is just something she sees far too often and someone has taken care of the rift raft. I have a feeling the local police are going to have some questions for this young lady. Something tells me she knows exactly what happened, but the police might not get the full story. Hands folded and ready to say cheese. Yep, nothing fishy about that at all.

12 Nice Little Friday Night Lined Up

via Twitter

Next time you get together with your buddies and can't figure out what to do on a Friday night, let me suggest avoiding letting your crotch on fire and taking a photo of it. These three guys don't seem to be bothered too much, but this seems like a decision one would likely regret in a matter of seconds.

Was this a dare? They seem way too calm. Was this for fun? It doesn't appear like they're enjoying things very much. Is it an optical illusion or some handy work on Photoshop? If so, what would possess someone to alter a photo of three guys sitting there and then light their pants on fire? When they put the fire out, those jeans are probably no good either.

11 Can You Witness This For Us?

via Patras Events

I know when I get a document that requires a signature and then another signature of a witness, I always pause for a moment and look around to see who I'll ask. Sometimes it's my wife and sometimes it's a close friend who happens to be around, but I can't say I've ever considered asking a couple of mascots that look like they came out of the Sars-infested version of Disneyland.

What exactly is this ceremony anyway? I'm guessing by the tablecloth that this is some sort of amusement or theme park or perhaps the signing of a franchise for some toy company or something, but it's way too hard to tell and it doesn't really matter. It's just a weird picture all the way around. If these mascots are witnesses, can they actually see anything?

10 Coolest Kid In School

via sooziq.com

If I was able to pull off a trick like this in school, I'd make sure everybody knew. Sometimes, the wackiest things make you cool at this age and if that's true here, this girl must have had lineups of people begging her to show them how she's about the most bendy or double-jointed person in the world.

At first, I couldn't figure out what this deal was, but it looks like she can double-joint or dislocate her elbows and flip them backward. It's extremely cringe-worthy but incredibly cool all at the same time.

Either that or this is all a fun way to waste some time on Photoshop. Every time I look at this photo, I get the shivers. I love it, but I hate it. Is that wrong?

9 9 Of These Things Are Not Like The Other

via Imgur

Remember in Sesame Street when they used to have that little sketch called "One of These Things is not Like the Other" and you had three like items and one oddball item that was clearly different. This photo is like that segment on drugs...literally.

Count the things in this photo that look out of place. It's an odd pairing of friends. One of them is a leprechaun? There's a photo of three zebras with a tree growing out of their backs. They look like they are about to get high as a kite, and the bigger guy in the photo looks like he could use some new pants. Sometimes, you wonder less about the photo itself but how this situation even came to be. I can't envision a scenario where all these details would even be in the same room together.

8 Is He Okay?

via NeoGAF

Is this a mean practical joke? Is it just a fluke? Is it crazy weird timing? Any of those questions are possible here as medics cart of a mascot tiger on a stretcher while a real tiger looks on in concern.

You can tell by the looks on the faces of the medics that this might not be a new thing. One of them is smiling with delight, completely pleased that he's gotten a reaction out of the real tiger. My question is what do you think the real tiger is actually thinking? Is the fake one okay? Or, where exactly are you taking my lunch?

Either way, this seems like the kind of joke that leads real-life tigers to seek their revenge on guys like Roy Horn of the duo Siegfried and Roy. Not cool zoo guys, not cool.

7 That's Got To Sting

via recreoviral.com

Okay, who's at fault here? From first glance, this looks like a bachelor party gone way out of control. It's one thing to try to find a golf ball that has been hit into the rough and prick your finger on a cactus, but this is a bit more than that. This dude either got pushed out of a moving cart and into a bush of cacti or he jumped into one. Either way, that's got to sting like a -- and it will leave some sensitivity for quite some time.

When paramedics get calls like this, what do you think runs through their heads? How? Why? Some people's kids...

The crazy part is, the kids' Taylor Made driver looks like it's half out of the bag as if he were ready to try and take a tee shot in this condition.

6 Crazy Cat Lady? More Like Crazy Deer Lady

via Fotos Virales

Raise your hand if you know someone on your block that everyone calls the crazy cat lady. There are probably quite a few of you that raised your hand. Now, raise your hand if know anyone known as the crazy deer lady. Nobody? Yup, I didn't think so.

This lady clearly has a fixation (or is in love?) with deer. She's got photos on the wall, she dressed the deer up, and she feeds it.

5 Pass This Restaurant Right On By

via youtube.com

We've always wondered what the chefs really do to our food in the kitchen. Are they spitting in it or doing something worse? This chef (or these chefs) clearly work in a restaurant that isn't all that busy because they seem to have time to create their own unique dishes like this one. This seems like an odd way to pass the time, but hey, if you're bored, what else are you going to do except stuff a fish into a turkey/chicken and let it smoke a cig, right?

It's hard to explain why this photo got so popular other than it's completely weird and there's almost something calming about it. The fish looks super content even though it's likely about to be cooked. Got a light?

4 Are They Out There?

via Twitter

Okay, where do we start? Pictures of bigger people in really small clothing is already check mark one on a list of items that make a picture go viral. Strange faces is check two. So, let's put a big lady in small clothes making a strange face on the Internet, and then pluck an antenna on her head and see what happens?

The result is arguably the oddest-looking photo ever. She's doing only one of two things here. Someone probably told her that if she held the rabbit ears just right, she'd get a better signal. Or, maybe she's trying to reach aliens from outerspace to see if there's life on other planets. Judging by this photo, it's safe to assume that alien lifeforms are already here.

3 Monkey Had Too Much?

via memeguy.com

Let's altogether try and figure out why and how this situation came to be. We've got a chimp dressed up and puking on the wall. We've got a designated party buddy figuratively holding his hair back and showing us that crack kills and what looks like Keith Urban (it isn't) getting the entire thing on camera.

Was this poor guy out partying too hard? We can't see the shirt but perhaps it's a college frat thing. Was he just feeling under the weather and his keeper is helping him out? That doesn't really explain the t-shirt.

Maybe he's thinking he had one too many but his buddy's got his back, and he knows that if the shoe was on the other foot and man-purse there got to drinking too much, he'd be the first to help a fellow brother out.

2 Mysterious Hand

via Noticias ao Minuto

We do understand that if you wanted to, you could easily do create this type of illusion on a photo-editing software like Photoshop, but let's pretend for a second that no one did that. Take a look at this photo and tell me what you see that stands out as a bit odd.

If you look over the right shoulder (his left) of the boy on the far right of this photo, you'll see the hand of the kid not wearing a shirt behind him. So if that's the shirtless boy's arm, whose hand is that over the kid's left shoulder? It's an extra hand that sort of came out of nowhere. Either that or the kid on the far left has really long reach.

1 Pyramids?

via highpants.net

Apparently, this is a picture of the moon in the Apollo 17 mission. Notice anything odd? The moon is known to have rocks and craters but not full shapes like what appears to be a pyramid in this photo?

Is this photo a hoax? Has the pyramid been added after the fact or was it always there and this photo got leaked later on after NASA tried to hide what they had discovered? Some who believe in aliens and life on other planets will say this is too big a coincidence. Others who don't buy it will call this photo doctored nonsense. What do you think?

If it's real, how can you possibly explain that? This is the kind of creepy stuff they make movies about, and it's one of the weirdest and most unexplainable photos on our list.

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