15 Photos Of The "Most Beautiful Girl In The World"

By the time she was four, the world was calling her "the most beautiful girl in the world".

In 1995 when the Purple One, Prince sang “Could you be the most beautiful girl in the world? It's plain to see you're the reason that God made a girl,” he most likely had no idea that several years later a little girl in Paris, Thylane Blondeau, would be born to actually capture that mantle and embody those lyrics.

The child model was dubbed the most beautiful girl in the world by several media publications across the world – by the time the little lady was four!!! Although knowing how amazing Prince was, he knew who he was talking about Thylane.

All kidding aside, Blondeau has been modelling since she was four years old. Basically, the instant she knew how to walk a straight line, she was sashaying across the runway for Jean Paul Gaultier and has been crushing it ever since, she is a true child of the new millennium, posting vlogs and selfies to showcase her beauty, her lifestyle, and her entrepreneurial skills as well.

If you don't know who Thylane is or even if you do, read on for a few things you might not have known about “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World.”

15 Controversy Creates Publicity

At just the mere age of ten years old, Thylane and her mother found themselves at the center of a modelling scandal. She appeared not just all dolled up and done up, but Thylane was looking like ladies twice her age all over French magazine, Vogue Enfants, posing with various animals but also in high heels and makeup and frickin’ million dollar necklace, which was apparently the only thing that shocked her mother was the fact that her daughter was wearing.

“I admit I myself was shocked during the photo shoot. But let me be precise: the only thing that shocked me is that the necklace she wore was worth $3 million!” Veronika had said in an interview about the shoot.

The shoot has been examined and scrutinized by shows like Good Morning America about the over sexualizing of a little girl, but no one has seemed to mind that much since Blondeau’s stock and fame only grew from the shoot and continues to grow to this day, on her 16th birthday just a few months ago, she was named one of the faces of L'Oréal.

14 Vogue Wasn't That Bad Compared To…

While a photoshoot in Vogue did garner a lot of controversial press, there seems to be even more risqué photos of a very young Thylane online.

An article on Jezebel “Controversial 10-Year-Old Model’s Mom Doesn’t Quite Get It,” not only references the Vogue photoshoot, but also calls into question even more controversial shots, such as a young Blondeau posing topless, with her hair covering what will eventually be her breasts.

The pictures are certainly jarring to see, and the author of the piece does take Thylane’s parents to task and is questioning whether Thylane, or any child model for that matter, is being exploited? Are they explaining what all of this means and somehow getting their consent?

Or were the pictures taken and printed to garner this kind of controversy and discussion to make them even more infamous, making Thylane Blondeau more known to the public?

13 Socialites Gotta Socialize

Thylane is a beautiful 16 year old girl not only growing up in the fashion capital of the world, Paris but she is a fashion model. You're bound to make a few friends traversing the globe and traveling the runways.

Unlike the socialites of old, who were mostly photographed at high-profile events, this is the selfie–age and a socialite like Thylane has been seen everywhere as well as documented her travels with her own Instagram account, being seen hanging out with the all kinds of models and celebrity–kids like Gabriel Kane Day Lewis (Daniel Day-Lewis’ musician–actor son), fellow model Barbara Palvin (who pretty much looks like her), and Brooklyn Beckham (who supposedly likes a lot her Instagram pics).

With acting her next mountain to climb, it won't be before long she's a permanent fixture on the red carpet, even if she is currently only famous for her phenomenal looks to become a bigger social butterfly than she already is.

12 Great Genes

Born April 5, 2001 in Aix-en-Provence in Southern France, Thylane Lena-Rose Loubry Blondeau was already born slightly ahead in life. Her parents are French actress and fashion designer, Veronika Loubry (a leggy stunner in her own right) and retired French footballer, Patrick Blondeau.

It's simple model math– two good looking successful people produce some good looking children, Thylane is the prime example and proof of this notion–have you ever seen an ugly baby with two gorgeous parents? The defense rests.

It didn't take long for Thylane or her parents to take note of how cute she was as a toddler as well and get her on the runway, her first fashion show was for Jean Paul Gaultier at four years old. While some might criticize exploiting someone so young, she has not seemed to let any of the fame or attention go to her head…no more than any other millennial teenager.

11 Karl Is Her Father

If you've been perusing the interweb and using your google machines to find pictures of Thylane then you probably have seen her wearing all kinds of fancy dresses and repping all kinds of brands and even Iron Maiden of all things – is the model a metalhead? What's next, Thylane wearing a Cirith Ungol shirt? Will masses of headbangers who normally wouldn't be caught dead trolling models flocking to Blondeau’s sites?

One of the stranger shirts you might have seen Thylane wearing is a black tee that simply reads “Karl is my father.” Clearly the shirt isn't talking about her real father– it's actually a trendy tee within the fashion industry, referring to German fashion mogul, Karl Lagerfeld, made by the Eleven Paris Company.

Karl is the head of Chanel, Fendi, and of course Lagerfeld – all powerhouse brands around the world so for those of us who consider ourselves trendsetters or are like Thylane and in the industry, yes – Karl is your father.

10 Makeup Tips

She's had an entire fleet of people with brushes blending and blending and blending all kinds of colors into her Thylane’s face for years to make the French beauty even better looking than she already is, you're bound to be a little interested in how make-up artists make their art.

Blondeau has taken her millennial model persona and has added more to it by bringing her fans backstage with her. In the Information Age, she is giving fans a whole dearth of information both in French and English!

Like a Younique girl showcasing the Fabulous Four, Blondeau has her own Vlogs, where the future vixen has been sharing the backstage secrets of her photo shoots and make-up tips for a while now. So for anyone who might be envious of her look, look no further than the model herself for tips on how you can do just that.

9 How Long Until Hollywood Calls?

The fashion industry isn't the only industry that loves slim figures and pouty lips. Hollywood has long been a stronghold for girls like that – Angelina Jolie, India Easily, and Jennifer Lawrence to name a few. Thylane has these features in droves – she is the most beautiful girl in the world after all.

The petite pretty lady has expressed interest in expanding her reach and having a career for acting and it’s obvious she has a face and a body the camera (and everyone else) seemingly adores, why not head to Tinseltown?

She’s already caught the acting bug too – she had a featured role in Belle and Sebastian II, a French film where she plays Gabriele, a girl masquerading as a boy to fit into the all–male Italian logging camp. She saved by the main characters from a bear attack.

8 Is She Too Young?

Now 16, the French fawn is certainly old enough to understand the position she is in and certainly can understand she's been working the runways since before she knew how to read or write, so naturally some people do want to know what she makes of the whole situation, which she looks to fellow runway legend, Kate Moss; who she has even been compared to for inspiration and explanation.

In a 2015 Teen Vogue spread, the young beauty said "Well Kate Moss started modelling at the age of 15, and that was a little while ago. So no, I'm not too young. If you have a good agency and people who take care of you…it's perfect.”

Between her own take and her family's support, it's safe to say the debutante has been all in on this career since her first show and so far, it all seems to be paying off for her in droves.

7 Her Own Brand

Her mom’s a fashion designer, and she's spent her entire life wearing other people's names on her, it was only a matter of time before the millennial model came out with fashion all her own. Might as well team up with industry God Karl Lagerfeld and Eleven Paris to do it.

Thylane has her own t-shirt. Similar to the “Karl is my Father” tee, there is a “Thylane is my Bae,” shirt as well hanging on the racks. Now Thylaners everywhere can show their support, snag the tee and selfie it all over the internet for Thylane and other fans to see.

She even took a minute to thank three ladies repping the shirt who do love the girl and have been supporting her and running her fan pages for years.

6 Boxing Career?

Dana White’s gonna be salivating after seeing this one, while clearly not wanting to do anything to blemish her impeccable face at this current juncture, Thylane has posted all kinds of videos and pictures of her throwing hands – the girl loves boxing! Between being a pugilist and a dancer, if she does ever decide to do more than just work out with a bag, Blandeau could be a dangerous fighter in the ring.

Boxing and running are part of the pretty lady’s workout routine. “The best health advice I’ve received is to take care of myself in doing sports. I'm boxing and running four times per week,” Thylane said in an interview with Ruush.

The way she's so sought after, Dana better start courting her for the Octagon now so that she's ready to go after her modeling career is over.

5 She Already Has A Massive Fanbase

For many of today’s stars, celebrities, and all around debutants, there is a whole lot of stock in the amount of followers you have on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and any other social media. After all, even if they don't realize the power of those numbers just yet, they will one day–every single subscriber to your pages is a loyal customer of your brand and hopefully that will transcend into dollars one day.

Thylane already has 1.3 million followers on Instagram, 26.9 thousand on Twitter, and a whole slew of admirers on Facebook as well. Like many celebrities, she also has several fansites devoted to her as well.

As her star climbs, marketing Thylane should start to come pretty cheap, her fans are doing it for her; they’ve already dubbed themselves “Thylaners.”

4 The Look Of A Generation

When she was chosen to be the face of L'Oréal, there was simply no other option - Thylane is the voice of her generation, according to brand president, Pierre-Emmanuel Angeloglou said of the teen stunner, “Thylane is a voice for a generation that spends more time connecting to each other than any generation before it, sharing images more than words.”

Angeloglou basically encapsulated what a lot of teenagers do today – look at their phones and take pictures to post on social media, and according to him, one of the reasons Blondeau was chosen is not just for her looks, but her connection, or rather social connection to her fans and to the world.

According to the guy, the generation that Thylane embodies is in need of models who can reimagine and influence our perceptions of what beauty is and L'Oréal is “thrilled to have Thylane join the brand that's driving digitalized beauty forward.”

3 Beautiful Company

As her stock in the fashion and modelling world rose, it was clear that Thylane needed some good representation. Since 2012 a company, IMG Models has been representing beautiful people all over the world.

The company has offices in all of the fashion strongholds worldwide – New York, L.A., London, Milan, Paris, and Sydney. Thylane finds herself in great company. IMG reps some of the beautiful people in the world. For example, Jordan Barret; 2016’s male model of the year.

You may or may not have heard of her but Blondeau is also joined at IMG by Hailey Baldwin (Alec’s niece and Stephen’s daughter); one of her besties, Barbara Palvin; Dakota Johnson (Fifty Shades of Grey); Victoria’s Secret Angel, Miranda Kerr; her role model, Kate Moss; another 'It' girl of the moment, Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown; and quite possibly, the most beautiful woman in the world (a title Blondeau will probably claim one day), Gisele Bundchen.

2 There's A New "Most Beautiful Girl"

At 16 years old, Thylane is obviously no longer a girl…she’s a young woman and the entire world is watching her go through her teen years, which can be a little jarring – but she seems to be handling it with the same aplomb that she has handled every other camera being in her face for so long.

Since she’s not a little lady anymore, the fashion world needed a new girl to claim the mantle of “the most beautiful girl in the world.” We now have Russian Kristina Pimenova, who has already been in Vogue Italia, as well as a model for Armani Kids, and several others.

The ten-year-old has already moved from Mother Russia to another model mecca of Los Angeles to sign with American modelling agencies. Thylane and other young models should take heed…the industry is addicted to youth, the older you get, the less demand you are. She’s still young, so Thylane is not feeling the effects of “old age” just yet, but her industry will label her an old hag long before any other industry would.

1 Newsflash – She Is Still Just A Kid

Her entire life she's had at least one camera in her face, dozens in fact. She has been dressed up, dressed down, dolled and gussied up. Psychiatrists and others who have never met her or her family have pondered the possibly damaging effects trotting along the runway could have on someone so young and of course the absurdity and quite honestly dangerous sexualizing of someone who was barely ten at the time.

All those people and all of the good and bad press seem to forget one minute but major detail – Thylane Blondeau is still just a kid! Yes she's been exploited by her folks, but have you ever taken your kid to dance class or forced a violin on their shoulder? Or have these things been done to you? Just because it was done for business doesn't make it any less right or wrong than we do it to our own kids.

Thylane through all of this, at least as far as her social media accounts show, is she's just like every other kid of today – she likes to hang with friends, take selfies, and engage in her interests. Yes she does it with a flair that someone with money would do, but she seems no more or no less level headed than any other kid would be in her position. Here's hoping she keeps that positive attitude going and it lends to a continuance of a successful career.

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