15 Photos Of The Hottest Celebs On Snapchat

The time when the celebrities would rigidly keep fans and journalists away from their precious private life is long gone. Nowadays, celebs are quickly catching on to how awesome the various social media apps are and are actually eager to become part of the community. As a result, we are all now given the chance to brag about having a celeb “friend” into the unsystematic mixture of our baby-and-puppy obsessed, gourmet-food documenting, duck-faced collection of contacts on Snapchat. Many famous people have made their Snapchat usernames public this year, thus allowing the “mortals” to follow their life stories. The fans are being updated on a daily basis about what their favorite star had for lunch, how they look with a crown of butterflies or with nerdy glasses, and how much they appreciate the love of the audience that showed up at their last gig in Tokyo, Vancouver, or Stockholm. Certainly, everyone is following Kylie Jenner right now, but there is a whole bunch of hot celebs that have recently caught the public eye by posting exclusive behind-the-scenes sneak peeks, sexy gifs, or videos of themselves ravishing a burger at a Jack in the Box restaurant.

Here are 15 of the most popular celebrities that are being followed with the biggest interest right now on Snapchat.

15 Hailee Steinfeld (Username: haiz)


The 19-year-old American became insanely popular after appearing on True Grit (2010). As almost any other young star on the Hollywood horizon, she too pulls a successful singing-slash-modelling career along with the acting one. This year, she reloaded her cart of fame by starring in the coming-of-age movie The Edge of Seventeen.

If you add her to your contacts, the first thing you are going to realize about Hailee is that she is a “daydreamer and night thinker”. Beside dreaming and thinking, she seems to have been pretty busy also travelling, shooting magazine covers (and you will be encouraged to vote for the one you like the most), posing on sofas, benches, in elevators, in hallways in hotels, you name it… Soon, you will realize that “haiz” is very enthusiastic about sharing details about what place she stuffed herself with food, but you’ll never see actual documentation of the process. What you will see though is hundreds of gifs of herself flipping her hair back.

14 Zendaya (Username: zendaya_96)

Zendaya Maree Stroemer Colemen, a.k.a. Zendaya started her promising career playing the character of Rocky Blue in the Disney Channel sitcom Shake It Up, which was aired from 2010 till 2013. Only three years later, the exotic looking babe shook off her sweet childhood appeal in order to fully bloom into a gorgeous 20-year-old charmer. She currently stars on Disney’s K.C. Undercover.

Zendaya is aware of her naturally good looks, so she never misses a chance for a close-up selfie. Even without makeup! Sometimes she’ll make a funny face or pose with retro geek black-rimmed glasses, but whatever she wears (or doesn’t wear), she just looks sexy as hell. And the girl knows for sure how to rock an out-of-bed look! Some of her videos are really funny, as she is trying to capture people in awkward situations like a woman getting into a stupid argument with a flight attendant on a plane, or her mom preparing a home-made lotion, which Zendaya captions as “this concoction”.

13 Shay Mitchell (Username: officialshaym)


Fans literally went berserk when Shay Mitchell’s new Snapchat was announced. Because whatever she does– from cuddling her teddy bear to posing in pineapple printed bikini– Shay Mitchell is on a roll! With nearly 13 million Instagram followers, the 29-year-old is no stranger to social media. So when it comes to Snapchat, she is a pro. The Pretty Little Liars star made the announcement that she is making her Snapchat profile public in February 2015. Back then, she promised to be snapchatting her most enthusiastic PLL fans during the shooting of the show. And she kept her promise– she offers a lot from behind the scenes looks while filming PLL. Shay Mitchell loves to travel and documents her adventures in videos. She is also generous in sharing appearances from her co-stars on the set. Mitchell is also known for her Beyoncé involvement– once, she even swapped Bay’s face onto hers and sang “Partition”. It’s definitely fun to see.

12 Demi Lovato (Nickname: theddlovato)


She is one of those celebs who’ll snap a picture of their dog whenever it goes by a tree trunk. But she is also one of those celebs who wouldn’t leave her most zealous fans agonizing for too long and will award them now and then with a steamy backstage clip like the one she shared on July 8th. The Skyscraper singer appeared to be in the middle of wardrobe change when she suddenly started twerking in her underwear. Demi Lovato is not afraid to flaunt in the social media and not long after the leotard shaking video, she again snapped a picture of her booty with the caption, “Follow me on snap”. You bet she’s been followed. And she’s been followed heavily for the last six months. Obviously, her favorite snaps are those of her own bootylicious back façade. Demi loves also those funny Snapchat filters and she’ll gladly use them on a daily basis until there appear new ones she likes.

11 Zayn Malik (Nickname: zayn)


In the beginning of 2016, fans went inzayn at the news that the former One Direction heartthrob was finally on Snapchat. The first video he shared was of him singing his then new and rather controversial song Pillowtalk. Since then, the singer has been behaving as if he’s just woken up and discovered the Internet; he can’t get enough of using it. In his more private videos, Zayn looks pretty ripped and no wonder his fans flock together to share them with those Instagram users who are still in oblivion about the fact that the star is on Snapchat too. For nine months now, people have been following not only the course of his successful music career, but also the vicissitudes of his passionate relationship with the hottie Gigi Hadid. The couple announced through Snapchat their break-up back in June, but then Gigi posted a romantic message in her attempt to win him back. And she pretty much succeeded in this, as the couple is still together.

10 Hilary Duff (Username: ohheyhilary)


It was not so much for her acting talent, but rather for her romantic relationships and her public image that Hilary Duff has received so much media attention since the beginning of her career. And she definitely keeps the tradition alive. It’s worth it to join Snapchat only to check the many cute-slash-sexy pictures of the 29-year-old Duff with her boyfriend Jason Walsh sleeping in her bed with his pitbull between them. Besides still being freshly in love with her personal trainer Walsh (and bragging about it whenever she gets the chance!), Hilary shows herself as the coolest Brooklyn mom ever. But she not only snaps pics from children's birthday parties, oh no! She also generously offers videos of herself on the beach, or dying her hair a fashionable shade of lilac, or frying bacon. Just two months ago, she posted a video of herself doing a food challenge. She makes the most hilarious face trying an absurd dish consisting of pate, mustard, cream cheese, raisins, and potato chips. It’s simply impossible not to love her.

9 Kylie Jenner (Username: kylizzlemynizzl)


She is the ultimate celebrity Snapchat user– there is no doubt about it! She just doesn’t seem to get enough of constantly reminding the rest of the world about her existence. Kylie Jenner is all over the place! The reality TV personality, socialite and model snaps 10 to 15 pictures and videos a day. Her fans are constantly updated about her makeup and outfit routines. It’s been actually estimated that she has posted more than 40 Snapchat stories during the first five months of 2016 only of her daily makeup routine! But since she is an imaginative girl of enterprise, she knows how to vary her fans’ diet; she is also feeding them funny videos, behind-the-scene selfies, and what is more, she is readily answering all fans’ questions. No matter how stupid and irritating they can be! Kylie surely can write a textbook about how one builds a successful career upon social media!

8 Ariana Grande (Username: moonlightbae)


Another kid star is taking over the hearts of millions of Snapchat users. Ariana Grande-Butera began her career in a Broadway musical at 15 and ever since she’s been in the spotlight. As a singer she debuted with the soundtrack Music from Victorious and the critics instantly compared her wide vocal range to Mariah Carey’s.

On Snapchat, she posts cute pictures of herself sipping beverages through pink straws, or using the filter which turns her into a doggie with a playful tongue. There are also tons of snaps of her dogs, and of Ari together with Frankie, her elder half-brother. Of course, she’ll also sing whenever a possibility is presented– from Britney’s Womanizer to Evanescence’s Bring Me to Life.

7 GiGi Hadid (Username: itsgigihadid)


And here she is in flesh– the 2015 “Model of the Year” that everybody is talking about. And why shouldn't they? She is beautiful, she is fun, she doesn’t take herself too seriously (which is a rare occurrence in this business!), and last, but not least, her turbulent relationship with the ex One Direction member has attracted the attention of millions of hungry for gossip fans, who are now rigidly following her on Snapchat.

She made her first appearance on Snapchat back in November 2015, tweeting the following post, “Hey babies, I got a new snapchat – itsgigihadid.” The message was promptly retweeted 23,431 times. Since then, the gorgeous model has been snapping mostly pouts and sunglasses selfies, along with pictures of food, short lip sync videos and videos of backstage moments during a modelling show. Now and then she’ll also snap a cute picture meant for her beau, Zayn, which, we are sure, breaks the hearts of many enamored girls around the world.

6 Selena Gomez (Username: selenagomez)


Her audience grew even more when she took to Snapchat on August 15th to leave an apology for getting herself too involved in the Justin Bieber drama with him threatening to delete his Instagram account. The exes went back and forth with comments accusing each other of cheating while they were still in a relationship. Half a year has passed since then, but the number of Gomez followers is still going up. In fact, the star is herself so very much into Snapchat, that earlier this year, during a Snapchat Q&A session with her fans, she admitted that she might consider dating an Australian guy. In all her snaps, she has always been her adorable self, offering a great deal of her mesmerizing beauty. Her innocent sex appeal keeps attracting more and more admirers to follow her on Snapchat.

5 Nick Jonas (Nickname: JickNonas)


In order to find out the answer to the ultimate question “Who is Nick Jonas actually – a female teen heartthrob or a gay icon?” many people of both sexes have started following him on Snapchat since he began using the app a year and a half ago. The truth is that the New Jersey-bred singer and actor is either and neither, although the guy has been accused that he’s been aggressively working both the gay audience and the straight club circuit. He, however, describes himself as a laid-back, music- and lyrics-writing lover, and a great sports aficionado, who, if by any chance hadn’t become a famous entertainer, would have most probably become a professional baseball or golf player.

On Snapchat, Nick prefers to document mainly pre- and post-show routines. But his fans, no matter gay or straight, mostly enjoy when he shows off the chiseled result of his hard work at the gym, for not once or twice we’ve seen his sexy shirtless selfies.

4 Nicole Richie (Username: itsnikkifresh)


And fresh she is! When she joined the media in May 2015, we remembered why we should be getting more of her! The girl is hilarious (besides being sexy and always super well dressed!) She has definitely grown up (but not grown old!) since the Simple Life days, and she still has the radiating charisma of that entertaining starlet we remember from ten years ago. Since then, the 34-year-old daughter of Lionel Richie has added a lot of new skills and talents to her resume— besides being a TV personality, she is now an actress, a fashion designer, and a mom of two!

Nicole is definitely fun to follow because she snaps a lot of duck-face selfies, on-set footage from Candidly Nicole (the reality TV series premiered in the summer of 2014 and has become huge since then!), and pictures of her ever-changing in style and colorful hair.

3 Kourtney Kardashian (Username: kourtneykardash)


We must agree that Kylie Jenner is the absolute pro when it comes to tweeting, Facebook posting, Snapchatting, etc., Kourtney Kardashian is not to be underestimated! Although she has relatively recently discovered the world of Snapchat, she’s proven to be a quick learner, and now she is already catching up with her sis. Her followers are almost as many as Kylie’s! Her trick for attracting the fans’ attention is simple, though quite arduous— the 37-year-old reality star documents literally everything. From her regular workouts at the gym (and she has a lot to offer during those!) to getting wild in Vegas with her girlfriends. She wants to be so true to life, that she once even snapped a video in which a police officer pulls her over for reckless driving. What one shouldn’t miss for the world, however, is the sweet home videos and pictures of herself and her three kids. You go, mamma!

2 Miley Cyrus (Username: mileycyrus)


Honestly, who of all the celebrities, in your opinion, would have enjoyed the platform the most? And you’ll be right if you have guessed Miley Cyrus. She is exploiting the app to the fullest– wild filters, face swaps, you name it. What can surprise her fans, though, is the fact that she is not her usual self on Snapchat. Or at least she is far from the image of this crazy, totally out of control bitch she’s been selling to us for the last five years. To start with, one would have expected that she would’ve chosen an eccentric username for herself, something like HanahMontChata, or ThePotRainbowGirl. But no, her Snapchat name is… well… her real name. Being simple in her snapchatting may come as a huge disappointment to some of her followers, but this keeping-things-uniform attitude of hers is actually pretty savvy. Of course, it doesn’t mean that Miley has been showing only her angelic, innocent side. Not at all. There have been a few topless pictures that she gladly shares. And all of them come with pretty incredible facial impressions, which, as a rule, involve her tongue out. Naughty!

1 Shawn Mendes (Username: shawnmendes1)


If you haven’t heard of Shawn Mendes yet, you must have been living on another planet. He attracted a following just three years ago when he started posting song covers on the Vine app. It was only a matter of time before he caught the attention of eminent music producers and artist managers. His first single ever, Stitches, reached momentarily the top 10 in both US and Canada. Just a couple of days ago, his performance of Treat You Better and Mercy at the American Music Awards was declared by the critics the best live performance at the Awards ever. His fame during the last year has grown so much that his fans literally count every breath he takes on Snapchat. What Shawn snaps the most are shirtless photos, funny videos, and a quite insane look into his daily life. Snapchat video compilations made by his most avid fans constantly pop up on YouTube.

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