15 Photos Of People Too Weird To Be From This Planet

With the popularity of movies like Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men and other comic book related themes, seeing characters from other planets is commonplace. The only thing about the movies is that they're fiction. These characters may be unique, but they are the creative and imaginative thoughts of a writer looking for a way to make each character unique.

Here's an interesting question. What if these people were real? What if someone with extremely stretchy skin existed? What if you knew there was someone out there who ate metal on a regular basis? Would it weird you out to know that someone could stand temperatures that were so cold for so long, they called him Mr. Freeze?

Strange and unique people are out there in the world. So many in fact, it was difficult to narrow down 15. That being said, we were able to create a list of 15 different individuals who are so unique and so weird that you might start to think they are from another planet. Some have odd skillsets. Others are extremely unique in their decision making but all are so different that it would be hard to find anyone out there who can do what they do.

While not all of the photos are tough to look at, hopefully, the photos that are don't creep you out too much. Some for sure gave us the shivers. Below are 15 Photos Of People Too Weird To Be From This Planet. Don't say we didn't warn you ahead of time.

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15 Open Wide

via youtube.com

If you ever go to the dentist and they say "open wide", think to yourself, I wonder what the dentist thinks when Francisco Domingo Joaquim goes? Pictured above, it's pretty easy to see what his unique talent is. Joaquim has a wacky ability to open his mouth so wide that he can fit an entire soda can inside.

He currently holds the world record holder for the largest mouth in the entire world and it measures seventeen centimeters across. This is the kind of thing you don't see every day and he probably doesn't look that different until he shows you his party trick. Needless to say, he'd have no issues eating one of those big hamburgers you see piled up on your plate and wonder how the heck you're going to get it in your mouth.

14 Not Enough Shampoo In The World

via lolwot.com/

When you can't possibly own enough shampoo to wash hair that hasn't been cut in over 50 years, why even bother washing it? Vietnamese herbalist Tran Van Hay doesn't, and while his hair wasn't in the Guinness Book of World Records, it is so long that we can't believe he's from this world.

This is the kind of person you'd see in an alien movie or a remake of the Disney Classic Rapunzel gone extremely wrong. For crying out loud, it looks like he's carrying around a huge python. One can only imagine the kind of pressure it puts on someone's neck to have that kind of hair, which probably isn't terribly light either. There have to be animals taking up shelter in there. There's no other explanation as to why someone wouldn't just take a pair of scissors to that beast.

13 Edward Smith Makes Love To... Cars

Yes, we understand that actually making love to a vehicle isn't possible, but 63-year-old Edward Smith, tries anyway. He first felt attracted to a car in 1965 when he saw his neighbour's vehicle. He is what is known as a mechaphile —  someone who is s*xually attracted to machines. He'll do it with helicopters and planes, and basically any mode of transportation.

Smith has tried to describe how the process works saying it's more about hugging and holding the shape of a vehicle, even saying sweet nothings to it. He's done this over 700 times!

I'm not sure even other planets would want this guy. Could you imagine coming out of a shopping mall and seeing this dude doing inappropriate things to your car in the parking lot?

12 17 Personalities

via lolwot.com

If you've ever seen the movie Split, you know that multiple personalities can be a scary thing. Karen Overhill had 17 different personalities and she didn't know when any of them were doing their thing because she couldn't remember squat when she was acting as someone else.

It started in 1999 when she began to wake up in strange places and unsure of how she got there. She had to look for clues as to what she had done or where she had been because none of it rang a bell. She finally found a way to rid herself of all 17 beings inside her. She ruthlessly killed them off one-by-one and her story is legendary. Sounds like it's all made up, but there are some pretty odd accounts from doctors backing her story.

11 Mr. Freeze

via lolwot.com

We see it in films all the time. Characters who can freeze things by touching them, turn themselves into ice and basically withstand any cold weather conditions. Wim Hof, a Dutch world record holder is about as close as a human comes to that type of character. He's truly Mr. Freeze.

Hof is an extreme adventurer at heart and is known for withstanding incredibly cold conditions for long periods of time. He's become so famous for such feats, he's been nicknamed Iceman. For example, he took a full ice bath for over an hour and fifty-two minutes. This would probably give most people hypothermia and kill the average human. For Hof, it's just another day at the office. You have to wonder. Does he not like the heat or is he just a bit out there?

10 You Ate What?

via lolwot.com

Michel Lotito is known to many as Mister “Eat-It-All”. Why? Because he eats pretty much anything, including the time he ate nine tons of metal. This is truly insane and not something a typical human from the planet Earth should try to do.

If you are wondering why he would do such a thing, it started when he was young and was diagnosed with a mental disorder called pica. Pica is basically a condition where a person uncontrollably eats any and all non-food items they see. Lotito has done worse things than eat metal and reality is, he should be dead by now from all the items in his body that are bad for him. He's either extremely lucky or he's not from this world.

9 Hasn't Slept In 40 Years

It's hard to believe but Thai Ngoc, a man who hails from central Quang Nam Province, once got a fever. Since that day, he hasn't been able to get a wink of sleep. Can you imagine how long this guy's life must feel?

He's become famous for it and tests have been done to measure the validity of his claim. All that said, if he's telling the truth, it's now been over 40 years since he shut his eyes to sleep. 1973 is the last time he took a nap, dozed off or went to bed for the evening. Even vampires sleep during the day so I don't know what this guy's deal is. I get cranky if I haven't taken a nap or slept eight hours in a day. This guy must be in an awful mood.

8 Baby Belly

via mysteriousfacts.com

One day a man felt self-conscious about the fact that he had a big belly. Everything else was skinny expect his gut and he didn't know why. He'd come to terms with it until it started to hurt so bad he couldn't breathe. He was rushed to the hospital during the summer of 1999 in Nagpur, India and the doctors told him the swelling was not a bellyache.

The thirty-six-year-old by the name of Sanjay Bhagat, found out that inside his stomach was the half-formed body of his little brother. Something had gone wrong while his mother was giving birth and Bhagat’s twin brother was never born but his fetus was inside Bhagat and started to grow.

This is regular sci-fi stuff from the movie Alien. 

7 Literal She-Devil


Ok, for those of us who believe in God and the Devil, we are told they don't live here on Earth. One lives in heaven and the other lives in hell, and they show themselves in the way people behave and interact with one another... or something like that. But, in 2010 a 101-year-old Chinese woman named Zhang Ruifang showed up sporting a full fledged devil horn that she naturally grew out of her head.

Was this a sign of the evil one or just a weird thing that happens to one in, like, 2 billion people? I've never heard of it before and she's clearly not someone I'd mess with. She was 101 years old. That alone is scary tough. Just by looking at her you quickly realize she could do some strange voodoo-like stuff to you.

6 X-Ray Vision

via dailymotion.com

Natasha Demkina looks like an innocent little girl. She probably is super nice. But, her skill is as creepy as the rest we've listed on the list so far. She is known as the “Girl with X-ray Eyes" and she says that she has the ability to see through people’s skin and into their insides, often telling you if something is ailing you.

Most people swiped her off as a kid with a wild imagination until they tested her. She's provided totally accurate medical diagnostics without having seen a single chart or any background on a patient. This is the kind of thing that sounds like a power designed for a superhero or comic book character.

5 Human Hulk


Some people made this list because they have powers we simply can't explain. Others are on here because of their ability to withstand trials and tribulations most humans would never endure. Romario Dos Santos Alves is on this list because he's crazy dangerous with his own body, just to get bigger, like The Incredible Hulk.

Alves actually injected his arms with oil and alcohol to gain the size he believed would give him the look he was going for. He's huge now, but he doesn't look like the Hulk and the rest of his body is way out of whack. He's now one of those guys; when you see him, you say, 'dude, what's wrong with you?' Not, 'wow, you're huge!'.

4 Now That's Dedication

via thetrentonline.com

Some people's all-worldly power is the fine art of concentration and dedication. Kind of like a wizard or something. Japanese soldier Hiroo Onada, is about as close as any human will come. He was a World War II soldier fighting in the jungles of Guam. He survived there for 30 years and only stayed because his direct orders were to never surrender.

For three decades he fought on his own until his major Major Yoshimi Taniguchi personally came and told him to stand down. The war had long been over but he was not about to disobey a direct order. The only thing stranger than living in the jungle for thirty years and being in a war by yourself is this next guy. He wasn't waging war with anyone, but he found a unique home base.

3 The Terminal Man

via http://cdn.ppcorn.com

Mehran Karimi Nasseri's story is the reason the film The Terminal (with Tom Hanks) was made. Nasseri was an Iranian refugee who got caught without papers between France and Iran. Because he lost his documents, he couldn't go home and they wouldn't let him enter France so he lived in the departure lounge of Terminal One in Charles de Gaulle Airport in France for 18 years!

This isn't necessarily something you'd consider from another planet, but tell me, do you know anyone who doesn't freak out when their flight is delayed by an hour? Everyone loses their mind over that kind of thing. Now imagine your flight was delayed for 18 years. No other human could have done that and stayed sane. He didn't just live there, he never left there.

2 Shortest Man Alive

via youtube.com

It's not nice to refer to a human as a munchkin from The Wizard of Oz, or to say they're short like an Oompa Loompa. But Junrey Balawing is the shortest man in the world and it's hard not to make those comparisons. He's much closer to a smaller alien than he is to most human beings.

At only 23.6 inches tall and weighing 11 pounds, he's holding the distinction of being the smallest human in the world. Basically, he grew until the age of one, then he just stopped. Now about 24 years old, he's still shorter than an averagely sized rooster. He's super cute though, and if he was from another planet, he'd be one of those super cuddly aliens that seems extremely friendly.

1 Mr. Fantastic... Only Not So Much


In the movie Fantastic Four, Mister Fantastic gets zapped by some sort of space energy wave and becomes stretchy like a Stretch Armstrong action figure. He can bend his skin and elongate his body to do crazy things. But, we all know that doesn't exist in real life, right?

Apparently, Gary Turner is like Mister Fantastic, only not a superhero. He's more of a showman than anything. His skin can stretch beyond insane limits and he says it doesn't even hurt, but it does take a toll on his joints a little. Still, it hasn't stopped him from entering The Guinness Book of World Records and using his talent as a party trick.

Of all the things on our list, this one gives me the biggest case of the shivers.

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