14 Photos Of Mail-Order Brides That Make Us Want To Get A Wife

These 15 beautiful ladies from around the world would love to be your wife.

Oh boy, this is going to be quite the controversial and uncomfortable topic. A mail-order bride, by the way, is a woman who gets herself listed in catalogs in order to be selected by a man (usually an older male from a richer country who couldn't normally get a date, as the stereotype goes) for marriage. The setup for bridal dating sounds all groovy for men who couldn't get dates and women (from presumably impoverished countries) who wish to land a strong provider. It's also understandable why women's rights activists would be up in arms regarding this subject.

Then again, mail-order bride websites are becoming less and less like the punchlines to off-color jokes about East European and Southeast Asian countries involving the exploitation of impoverished young women and more and more like OKCupid or for marriage candidates instead of just dating. More and more girls are flocking to this site for worthwhile relationships.

Unlike in the case of women offering money for certain things, this bride instead sells that and an actual long-lasting relationship without the hassle of dating and courtship. The elephant in the room when it comes to discussing mail-order brides is the reality of trafficking, abuse, and exploitation. Of course, we don't in any way condone the exploitative version of mail-order marriages. We do keep an open mind in regards to mail-order brides who enter into the romantic agreement between two consenting adults with their sense of agency intact. Among them are these 15 beautiful ladies from different parts of the world.

14 The Woman In Red: Zoriana


We have two words: "Wow!" and "Why?" The "wow" is obvious because, well, look at her. We want to know why because we can't understand why she is a mail-order bride in the first place. Does she look like a girl who'd have trouble finding a boyfriend or even a sugar daddy? She's a mail-order bride so beautiful that one wouldn't be blamed for thinking that she used a generic stock photo instead of her actual picture. However, it is her and she is willing to give her hand in marriage for a "dowry" sent directly to her bank account. This 19-year-old woman in red is known by the name of Zoriana and she's from Nikolaev, Ukraine. She reveals that family is the most important thing in our lives and she dreams to create a happy and loving family with the person who decides to marry her. She also loves photography, cooking and singing. She asks if any interested parties want to hear her voice. Even if she sounds terrible, she more than makes up for it with her model-like gorgeousness.

13 The Allure Of The Astounding Alina


Further alliteration aside, here is another model-caliber mail-order bride by the name of Alina. The 20-year-old brunette is from Kharkov, Ukraine. She's a lot more verbose than Zoriana, which showcases her personality more. She's a girl who wants to start real serious relationships. Rather than jump right into marriage, she sees the mail-order bride system as her opportunity to date online and get closer to her prospective husband. She isn't just looking for a provider. She's looking for a partner she can trust. She swears to give her whole self to her partner as long as he's generous and caring. She sees herself as a sincere and honest lady who's out to look for her soul mate. Although she's only a year older than Zoriana, she exudes maturity beyond her years that prefers older men. However, the way her profile message is cut off at "I have a feeling that my fate from this love dating site..." sounds rather ominous.

12 The Delectable Dan Is a Diva Worth Dying For


Dan, the 20-year-old Chinese female from Qiqihar, China is a fresh-faced and pretty girl in pink. She loves camping, running, dancing and reading. She describes herself as a kind-hearted young lady who's simple and caring. She's looking for a loving gentleman with a sense of humor who's also caring like her. Danny the cutie showcases a look reminiscent of Chinese models or even Hollywood actress Zhang Ziyi of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon fame. She has a svelte body, a cutie pie face and a heart-melting smile. Presuming that she didn't take her profile pic from the Instagram or personal website of an actual Chinese model, she's a topnotch girl that any man would be lucky to have.

The mail-order bride places an emphasis on simplicity. The same could be said of many other brides on this list. At any rate, she has both the looks and personality to make her the best wife material.

11 The Yummy Yana


The 25-year-old Yana from Kiev, Ukraine has a youthful grace to her that's mature at the same time. The enigmatic, womanly girl is not as young as Zoriana but she isn't as "old" as Nadejda. She’s at the peak of her youthfulness, showcasing ageless good looks reminiscent of Aussie singer and actress Kylie Minogue or even English singer and actress Billie Piper of Doctor Who fame. Like both Billie and Kylie, yummy Yana has kissable lips and a delicious body that won't quit. Unsurprisingly, she lists dancing and gym as part of her interests. This pretty young lady also knows that she's a beautiful lady, which showcases a healthy amount of confidence on her part. She assures there's more to her than her good looks though. She references the saucy novel Fifty Shades of Grey by assuring there's fifty shades to her nature. Are you willing to discover her hidden sides and depths?

10 The Simply Irresistible Irina


Irina, age 27, is from St. Petersberg, Russia. As you can see from her picture, she knows how to seduce her husbands-to-be as a prospective partner. However, is that all there is to her? Is the only arrow in her quiver sexy in nature? She characterizes her ideal mate as someone wise and reliable as well as true and sincere. As someone who's comfortable enough with her sensuality to showcase herself in a lace onesie, she has probably had her fill of shallow boyfriends who only want her for her body. She's now trying out online dating and the mail-order bride system to find a man who'd support her, make her happy and showcase serious intentions. She wants a man who could help her grow and evolve as a person too. She also teases a wild side with her suggesting that she likes a man with an open mind.

9 The Jaw-Dropping Yet Innocent Anastasia

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This Ukrainian Anastasia is more reminiscent of the Disney-like protagonist from Don Bluth's Anastasia instead of the historical Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia. Or rather, she's more like the real-life version of the Disney Anastasia as seen in what's known on the Internet as Rule 34. She's even more of a Lady in Red than Zoriana. However, as sultry as her profile pic is, the 20-year-old woman from Kharkov, Ukraine insists she's a positive person with an open soul who can easily get along with different people. Just like her foxy cartoon counterpart! She loves dancing and mentions twice how she loves having fun with her friends or "close people.” She also used to dance professionally, which explains her well-toned and bodacious bod. So there's a pureness to her sexy charm, which makes innocent queries like "Do you want to be my partner?" sound more flirtatious than probably intended.

8 The Cuddly Cui From China Is Very Cute


Cui (who can also be called by the name "Jessie") is a 23-year-old young lady from Yingkou, China. She loves reading, cooking, dancing and singing. She's also cuter than a button. She's well-proportioned as far as her slim body is concerned. She's quite tasteful with her taste in clothes as well. She exudes charm and elegance as well as youthful playfulness. She's a self-described confident lady and proves as much by asking the reader of her profile about her "charming shape.” She's not looking for friends with benefits. She wants a husband who could sweep her off her feet and become her hero. She's a dreamy girl that's well-worth the investment in light of her good looks, her seriousness and her romanticism. She specifically enrolled herself in the mail-order bride system in order to look for someone whom she'll hopefully spend the rest of her life with.

7 The Tantalizing And Tempting Tatiana


The 28-year-old Tatiana from Nikolaev, Ukraine looks like someone who knows how to have a good time. She describes herself as sincere and positive. She joined the mail-order bride website in order to find a similarly honest man with truthful intentions in their proposed relationship. So probably to her, the mail-order system is kind of like the infamous dowry and arranged marriage tradition of yesteryear, except this time instead of parents getting the dowry and arranging the marriage, it's the woman who's entering an agreement with a man to agree to marriage. She's rather naive, though, if what she said about believing in pure love and Santa Claus is to be believed. Then again, maybe she's just being coy, teasing innocence with her playful sarcasm. She also loves baking, cooking and visiting art galleries like a true woman of culture. What's more, her temptress side is revealed by her flirtatious aside about leaving a trail of flour while baking her cherry muffin cakes.

6 The All-Natural Nadejda From Moldova


Speaking of maturity, Nadejda from Beltsy, Moldova is 35 years of age. Her profile describes herself as a motherly figure who claims to "take care of those whom I love.” If you're after a cougar of sorts, then this 25-year-old-looking 35-year-old might be the way for you to go. Like fine wine, she has aged gracefully, with looks reminiscent of Seventh Heaven beauty Jessica Biel, spouse of Justin Timberlake. She says she's been described as honest and kindhearted, plus she doesn't like rumors, quarrels or conflicts. She even teaches dancing to children and takes care of the elderly. She's practically a saint but comes with a sinful body to boot judging from her profile picture. She's also a good cook with typical hobbies like swimming, reading about history and watching TV as well as more unusual activities like collecting mushrooms. We wonder if she frames them.

5 Praise Maria, The Ukrainian Beauty


Wearing a dress that is both elegant and seductive, Maria's looks are nothing short of hallowed, blessed and divine. This girl is a knockout. This 30-year-old beaut from Krivoy Rog, Ukraine describes herself as a romantic person who loves dancing (as evidenced by her body) and loves to travel. She also loves role-playing games. This should appeal to either gamers who play games like Final Fantasy or World of Warcraft or old-school nerds who play board games like Dungeons and Dragons. She also loves scuba diving, swimming, yoga, horseback riding, skating and gardening. She seems like the kind of woman that most men would love to be with – a hot nerd who loves sports and staying active.

4 Hao, The Happy-Go-Lucky Girl


Hao (also known as "Cherry") has proportions that many a woman would kill to have and many a man would kill for. She has an hourglass figure and a pretty face to match. She exudes adorable femininity and loveliness that's appealing in its own right. She's just too cute. Her girlishness is as intoxicating as wine. Even her hobbies and interests are delightful, which includes pets, shopping, watching movies and dancing. The 21-year-old from Jinzhou, China will make your heart flutter so much you won't need coffee to keep you awake. She's also charmingly honest and frank, with pure words from the "mouths of babes" (or mouth of a babe). She describes herself as a gentle little woman who's emotional. She's confident in her ability to make men fall in love with her. She's specifically searching for foreign men who are romantic and open with their feelings. If you match that description, you should contact her.

3 There's Something About the Affectionate Ailin


The 20-year-old Ailin (who's apparently also known as "Doris") is from Dandong, China. Her interests include singing and dancing as well as "looking" (though she probably meant that she loves sightseeing as well). She describes herself as a passionate, caring and loving kind of lady. As typical of the priorities of women in her native country, she's looking for a motivated and responsible man with a strong sense of responsibility for his family and children. Rather than wanting a sugar daddy, she instead wants an outright father to her would-be offspring. Her straightforward profile and her lovely photograph will probably leave many a bachelor wanting more. There's something about her simple and clear-cut profile that should make many a man (fellow Asians or husband material from outside of Asia) wish to step up to the plate and win her heart over. She's an Asian cutie who knows what she wants and who's looking for a serious relationship. What's not to like?

2 Tamie Is A Cougar Through And Through


This time around, we have a 33-year-old Brazilian cougar from Ribeirao Preto. She has a Chinese tattoo on her back and a lot of experience with men. Rather than exuding youth despite her age, she lives up to her age and owns it. She knows how appealing an experienced older woman/cougar is. She also knows exactly what she wants in a man as a Brazilian hottie with a body that won't quit. Brazilians, after all, are known worldwide for their sensuality and willingness to flaunt their bodies. She's not just about looks, though. Underneath her sensual veneer lies a woman who describes herself as responsible, serious, romantic, quiet, shy, conservative and calm, yet quite persistent when she sees what she wants. In exchange for her sensuality and womanly charm, she wants a man who could keep up with her. She loves conversations over coffee, meetings with friends, music and traveling.

1 Evgeniia Looks Like Vogue Model


Impossibly, the Russian babe Evgeniia is a 26-year-old from Moscow who writes her profile like it's an old-school MySpace page. Her profile name sounds like an Internet alias. Evgeniia (or "EVGENIIA," but you can also call her "Jane") is a clothing designer, makeup artist and someone who can reformulate hair (hairdresser?). Her profile is a stream-of-consciousness rant that needs to be read to be believed. She's been around everywhere, from Germany to Thailand. She also loves surfing and sports. Regardless, if we give Evgeniia or Jane the benefit of the doubt (like the rest of the ladies here) and assume she's legit and has not put up a stolen profile picture from a model, then she's a real catch that could very well be a keeper depending on your tastes. She's an adventurous kind of girl whose attention span and mind goes a mile a minute. If you're up to the task of keeping up with her, then she's a keeper.

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