Kate & Meghan: 15 Photos Of The Royal Babes That Embarrass The Queen

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are the hottest royal babes to ever hit the precious palace. So Markle may not be official just yet, but she’s got that ruddy redhead by the you-know-what. Both ladies are brunette, beautiful, and bold, making those darn princes even luckier than they already were.

Middleton is a darling Duchess who is 35-years-old, a mom of two with another on the way, and is hitched to a hubby of epic proportions. Her royal wedding to Prince William was a not-to-be-missed event, televised worldwide. She has a smile that could light up a room, an air of elegance that is awe-inspiring, and is the envy of women both near and far. Royalty suits this ravishing gal to a tee.

Then there’s Markle. She has gone from model/actress to the next in line to wed one of the most sought-after Brit bachelors of the century. At 36-years-old, she’s in her prime, and Prince Harry seems to be ready to put a ring on it. Her unique looks and talent make her a catch, and Harry was there with open arms. Talk about an “it” couple!

But with royalty comes responsibility. The Queen of England won’t stand for anything lowbrow or questionable from anyone associated with the royal family. That’s why these 15 photos of Middleton and Markle might cause the royals to revolt. These pics are hot, risqué, and as far from buttoned-up as you can get. Looks like England’s highest and finest might have to loosen up if they want their princes to be satisfied.

15 Beachside Babe

When the warm rays of sunshine hit Kate Middleton, she looks even more radiant than ever. Those celebrity-style shades and her crisp white bikini make Middleton look like a million bucks, and she's worth every single penny. With her toned body and confident pose, Middleton is as gorgeous as a model, yet has a life that is even better than Gisele’s. The blue sky is as clear as can be and the weather is probably perfect. What a life this woman leads! She certainly hit the jackpot when she found true love with her real-life Prince Charming. Royalty is something special, and Middleton gives her title that extra A+ touch. Let’s hope she remembered to slather on plenty of sunscreen. Peeling skin and blisters surely wouldn’t suit a Duchess.

14 Rest In Royalty 

If you were having any doubts as to why Prince Harry chose Meghan Markle when he had his choice of any woman in the world, allow this alluring photo to convince you. Markle simply sparkles in her see-through, black mini dress and seductive horizontal pose. With glowing skin, shiny hair, legs for days, and a sultry stare into the lens, this brunette babe is the picture of complete and utter sexiness. Prince Harry may have had his awkward phase, but he’s totally put-together now, and Markle was the lucky lady who snatched him up just in time. She’s got marriage on the brain and who better to walk down the aisle toward than a ready-to-go royal redhead? Acting may be exciting, but tea time in the palace is much tastier!

13 The Thigh's The Limit

Well that is certainly a short skirt for a royal to be wearing! And sitting down only reveals more upper leg. One false move and this riding royal will be in for an unfortunate “wardrobe malfunction.” We can all see that Middleton has a set of fab gams, but would the royal family approve of the whole world seeing what the Duchess has going on under her skirt? Probably not. We usually see Middleton in something that covers her toned thighs, but this time, she was ready to take things up a notch, so to speak. With her thighs on display, we can all see why Prince William is smitten. That bag is surely large, but not big enough to block the paparazzi from taking snapshots of those stellar stems!

12 On-Screen Seduction

The world first got to know Markle as a television actress, and it seems like she's shot some super-sexy and steamy on-screen scenes in her day. In her lacy black bra, it looks like Markle really got into the role as she got down and dirty with her hunky co-star. Was Prince Harry tuning in and getting turned on in the process? How could he not? Markle surely delivers her lines — and then some — on her hit TV show Suits. Her hot looks are as impressive as her acting, and fans will surely miss her if she drops her gig in the entertainment world to devote herself to entertaining Prince Harry. Let’s hope Markle uses what she learned on set in the bedroom of the royal palace — at least for Harry’s sake!

11 Wet And Wild

Middleton surely knows how to rock a bikini! Her hot-pink swimwear fits her like a glove, and that toned and fit body is surely making the other beachgoers envious. It's not every day that we see a royal in such skimpy beach attire, but then again, Middleton is not your typical royal. She is modern, fun-loving, and active, making her time in the ocean and on the sand one to cherish. If you can’t splash around every once in a while, you're definitely missing out. There will be plenty of royal-related opportunities for Middleton to slip into something with more coverage, so why not have a little fun in the sun while the weather is hot? Surely the Prince doesn't mind seeing Middleton’s middle!

10 I Woke Up Like This

Who wouldn’t want to wake up to this ray of splendorous sunshine? Surely Prince Harry loves what he sees when he opens his eyes once his alarm clock sounds. Then again, he probably has someone on staff to personally wake him. A spot of English breakfast tea, some raisin scones, and a side of Meghan Markle. Isn’t that the start to a perfect day at the palace? With her hair tousled just so and that perfect no-makeup look, Markle shows she is a natural beauty with a sensual appeal that oozes out her every pretty pore. Prince Harry found himself a keeper! The former playboy prince has been tamed, and Markle did the unthinkable by getting the younger prince to commit. Let’s hope every morning looks as good as this!

9 Sheer And Shocking

Before she became a Duchess, Middleton spent a little time on the catwalk, parading around in sheer clothing and showing lots of skin. With a body and face like hers, modeling was the obvious choice. But now that Middleton is married to royalty, these pics have come back to haunt her. Surely Prince William was well-aware of his honey’s hot past, but once the Queen of England caught wind of these risqué runway shots, it caused quite the stir. While she isn’t nude, an outfit like this would never be allowed within the walls of the palace, let alone on a royal member in any setting. But Middleton could have never known that one day she’d become a duchess, so strutting her stuff seemed like the 15 minutes of fame she was entitled to. We wonder if Prince William keeps this photo on his smartphone.

8 Flexible Female

Those years of yoga and Pilates classes are sure paying off for the remarkable Markle! The stunner is as flexible as can be as she lunges low and reaches high toward the sky. No creaky bones or cramped muscles in this gal’s future. As for her main man, Prince Harry must love his limber lady. Showing us her toned and long legs, Markle looks like an angel in her creamy-white, midriff-baring ensemble. With her long, dark hair flowing back and her profile looking like an artist’s sketch, this future royal is loosening up as she lifts her spirits (and ours). Makes you want to stop slouching, no? With flexibility like this, Markle is ready for anything. Muscle spasms? Not a chance. The royals may be stiff, but Markle will never be.

7 One Too Many

With a big goofy grin and an apparent ride home, this photo screams, “Kate is wasted!” Yes, even a demure duchess can down a shot of alcohol or two, and this pic surely looks like the Brit might be liquored-up. And who’s to blame her? A gal ought to have a chance to unwind with a glass of Merlot (or two), and if she has a safe ride back to the palace, why not? Those rosy red cheeks and silly expression are telltale signs that this royal had a rum and Coke or a Red Bull and vodka. Tea time is for mid-afternoon, but when it's time to cap off the night, only a nightcap will do. Let’s hope Middleton paced herself though. Barfing in the royal bathroom would be unseemly.

6 Cute As A (Belly) Button

Markle surely loves to stay fit and active, and her fitted workout wear shows off the hard work she has put into her staying-in-shape routine. With her flat belly exposed and her toned arms stretched behind her head, we can definitely appreciate that the marvelous Markle has a body to admire (or envy). Those fattening British scones are certainly tasty, but Markle cannot allow her new royal diet to go to her hips and thighs. There is a wedding to plan, after all, and she must fit into her gown. Surely Harry wouldn’t mind a bit more “cushion for the pushin’,” but as a Hollywood star, Markle knows that staying in shape is part of the gig. Will the palace chef cater to Markle’s culinary desires so she keeps looking this good?

5 How Cheeky

No butts about it, this provocative photo of Middleton is certainly an eye-opener! That super-short dress is far too skimpy for a member of the royal family to rock. Although, you must admit, Middleton has some seriously toned legs and a desirable derrière to boot! Funny enough, from the waist up, this dress looks rather conservative. Polka dots are hardly seductive. But the pesky paparazzi got the shot that all the world was waiting for, and now Middleton’s backside is rivaling her sister’s. Don’t you remember those wedding photos of Pippa’s bubble butt when she was maid of honor? Next time, Middleton ought to wear a pair of trousers to keep the paparazzi at bay. She can go for something shorter in the privacy of her own home/palace. No more sneak-cheek photos.

4 Socks Appeal

Unfortunately for Prince Harry, with a cleaning staff working at the palace around the clock, he won't get to see this little number on his girl — Markle will never have to clean again. You can bet your bottom dollar that this sexy photo will not wind up on the living room wall at the palace. But surely Price Harry has room on his wall for a pretty pic of his future princess. Let’s hope the Queen of England never finds out about this photo. But you have got to hand it to Markle, she sure knows how to make a household chore look sexy.

3 Rolling Royal 

Here is a jaw-dropping pic of the Duchess that must have stunned many. Who knew Middleton had time in her busy royal schedule to hit up the local roller rink and take a few laps around the place with roller-skating pals? That sequined belted shirt is certainly a showstopper, more suited for a Las Vegas showgirl than a royal duchess. And those hot pants couldn’t be any shorter. Bright-canary yellow only makes them more noticeable and those hot-pink leg warmers pull this look together — or make it even worse. You be the judge. One thing is crystal clear, this is not a palace-appropriate ensemble by any stretch of the imagination. Not even for Halloween. At least her legs look good. Must be from all the skating!

2 Red Hot

What is in the shiny briefcase, Ms. Markle? Must be something special as we can tell by that huge smile on your face? Whatever it may be, it could not be more stunning than the woman holding it. That red-hot dress fits Markle to a tee and the plunging neckline reveals her fab figure. Markle’s smile could light up the darkest sky, and her hair and makeup are flawless. But a dress like this would not have the royal family smiling, no matter what they may be secretly thinking. We all know Prince Harry adores this sexy look, but his granny would find such a dress to be unflattering. She prefers a buttoned-up look to one that seems like a “nip slip” could happen at any given moment. Maybe Markle has a nice blazer or cardigan hidden in that briefcase in case the royal family shows up and she needs a quick cover-up.

1 Kate Goes Clubbing 

Middleton surely looks like a million bucks in this shiny black number with high black boots, but this look is suitable for a bar or a club, not a palace. She looks just like a regular (gorgeous) gal who is ready to hit the town with her fun friends, not someone off to a charity event or dinner at the palace. But Middleton has her modern side, and this sequined outfit proves she's the most stylish royal to ever set foot in the palace. Surely, she must have tight security with her if she's off to a nightclub, but where is Prince William? Maybe it's a girls’ night out and he's home in the “man cave” with a six-pack and a bucket of chicken.


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