15 Photos Of John Gotti's Daughter He Wouldn't Want Us Seeing

For those of you who don't know who Victoria Gotti is...you must not watch a lot of mafia movies. Victoria Gotti is the daughter of the infamous mafia don, John 'Dapper Don' Gotti. Not to be mistaken with his son John Gotti Jr. And don't mistake Victoria for her mother Victoria. As you can see, this family has a real way with names. They're very original.

Anyway, there have been a lot of people out there who think that Victoria Gotti is a smoking hot mafia mamma. There are also a ton of people out there who think she is completely hideous. Now, if we were just talking about her personality, I would absolutely agree. She's a pretty ugly person inside. But outside, I think she'd had moments where she could be taken as hot. After all, they did get Lindsay Lohan to play her (and she was hot before).

So now, you readers get to decide for yourselves. We have a selection of great photos below. And you get to sort out if she's had moments where she was hot...or not. Just don't tell her about me. I don't want to get whacked for talking sh*t about a spoiled mafia daughter.

15 (Hot) - Because Who Doesn't Like Leather?

Ok, so she might be getting on in years, but she's got one hell of an outfit (I'm sure she has a few). I bet there are people who would whack me just for saying that. Apart from her clearly cosmetically constructed face...she's pretty hot. I don't think it's very often that you see a big-time mob boss's daughter posing in all black leather. Maybe if she was a member of some biker gang (sorry...biker club). But I guess her family was a little different either way. The Gottis were never a normal mafia family. They were famous! I think that didn't go over Victoria's head either. "I think I realized early on that my family wasn't like other families." It couldn't have been too hard for her to realize that. Even when she was a kid. Does she run the show now?

14 (Not) - At Least She Found Lindsay

It's amazing how very unattractive Victoria Gotti is nowadays. But even though that's the case, she still managed to at least get a hot woman to play her in a film. Lindsay Lohan has had her moments of not looking all that hot. But let's be fair here: she is typically more hot than not. It's crazy to think that Victoria's dad used to say “I ain't seen her in seven years, but she's a doll, a precious little kid.” And now that he's gone, she's no longer a precious little kid. Not even Lohan is a precious little kid. It's amazing how fast things can change. I'm sure Victoria stopped being a doll around the time that John Gotti went away. She was used to being treated like a princess and kept expecting it. Maybe that's why she didn't expect a foreclosure on her house...

13 (Hot) - Walking The Red Carpet In Style

“I'm happy. I'm financially ruined, but what are you gonna do?” Victoria Gotti has a very...stuck-up sort of look on her face. Almost at all times. And I guess you might too if you thought that anyone in your way could just get whacked on the street some night. And her face must have got a bit tighter when she accepted a contract to appear on Celebrity Apprentice. I feel like she knew she was broke before she signed on to that one. Unless she really thought that it was a good idea...but I doubt that. Like every media scheme that she's been a part of, it's clearly been about money. I'm not sure that she was happy when she was financially ruined though. After all, that quote came from her dad. I bet she was very unhappy...and then she went and got fired by Donald Trump.

12 (Hot) - Good Looking...But Creepy Too

“Love didn't always solve the problem; sometimes it became the problem.” It looks as though love could be a real problem with Victoria and her family. I know Italians can be really close...but sometimes you have to question just how close she is. It gets kind of disturbing when ads for Growing Up Gotti have Victoria lounging in a hot outfit with her three boys trying to look suave in the background. There are a ton of those kinds of ads, and they all share that same awkwardness. Now, I'm not saying that there's any sort of weird Game of Thrones stuff going on there. But it is pretty weird. They're family. It's all about them growing up in this family. So, why do they always have to put on "come f*ck me" faces?

11 (Not) - She Wears Animals And Shrubs...

I know that Victoria Gotti is used to some frivolous spending, but I never thought it would include some of the things she's had in life. "Kasman says Gotti was awash in street cash — between $500,000 and $1 million per month poured in from all the usual suspects: construction and garment rackets, extortion, loans, gambling, drugs." But, like her father, Victoria would just waste her money as fast as it came in. To the point where she would have outfits with real fur cuffs (that looked like puff balls), and what looked like a shrub on her head. What is the point of a hat like that? Is it to poke the eyes out of her enemies? I mean, she's not incredibly tall. She could really do damage to someone with something like that. Or maybe she uses it as camouflage.

10 (Not) - She's Kind Of Like The Crypt Keeper

I think I know the reason why Victoria Gotti was fired by Trump when she was on Celebrity Apprentice. First of all, she's not really a celebrity. She's just the daughter of a mobster. Secondly, she looked like the Crypt Keeper. And if there's one thing we know about Trump, it's that he only has eyes for his own daughter. But hey, at least both Donald and Victoria have a creepy relationship with their kids. At least they share that in common. But seriously, Gotti looked like she had come back from the dead just to appear on The Apprentice. And it sounds like her body thought so too. "“You feel it in there, pacing your heart sometimes, and it has what's called a defibrillator. Should I suffer that arrhythmia, it's generally sudden death. And the paddles that are internal shock you back and restore your rhythm to its normal and natural state.”

9 (Hot) - She Dresses Up Very Nicely

I'm not sure I know of many mafioso who have actually gone out of their way to be on late night tv but Victoria Gotti has found herself plastered all over the media. She has done talk shows, reality shows, and interview all over the place. And she's pushed several books now as well. “Well, I'm a writer by nature, and I got a little bit - a little taste of a daily fast-paced writing job, writing career, and I loved it.” Too bad that her writing work wasn't enough to save her house though. But I guess it's hard to make up for a gangster's...salary? I'm sure there aren't many writers out in the world who make as much as a mobster does. And I'm not sure how good she is as a worker because even Donald Trump fired her. Of course, he's been firing everyone lately, so I guess it has nothing to do with her.

8 (Hot) - Just Bumming Around

There's something about a hot mafia mamma who just doesn't care. Answering the door in ripped jeans and a tight shirt...that's something I wouldn't mind seeing. Of course, if ever you did see Victoria Gotti wearing ripped jeans you could be pretty sure she paid for them. I'm sure she would've spent a ton of money on pre-ripped jeans, just so she could try and fit in. You know, try and be cool. That or she really is poor. I mean I know she was dealing with a foreclosure not all that long ago. So, she is pretty broke. But you know mafia people. They're "broke" but they still drive their Cadillacs everywhere, and can afford bodyguards. So, their version of broke is like who normal people get through their day. I guess if you grow up like a princess it must be hard to stop trying to live like one.

7 (Not) - Strange Relations

When you see Victoria Gotti close up it's a lot harder to think of her as hot...or very attractive in any way. It just seems so clear that she has had some unfortunate cosmetic surgery done. And if she hasn't...then age has just really not been kind to her. I might have mentioned this somewhere else in this piece, but she is very weirdly close to her kids. It really is bordering on some sort of Game of Thrones thing. I mean, don't get me wrong. It's nice to be close to your family. But I'm not sure that you're meant to be this close. “Prosecutors say my father was the biggest crime boss in the nation... If you really want to know what John Gotti was like, you need to talk to my family. We lived this life.” I'm just wondering what kind of life that really was...

6 (Not) Did She Just Come From The Street?

Sometimes the media manages to snap a photo of Victoria Gotti that makes her virtually unrecognizable. She's really not always photogenic. I think she needs the makeup, and the photoshopping in order to actually look good. In some shots close up shots, I am pretty sure that some people could mistake her for a bag lady. Or something like that anyway. But it turns out she's just the washed up daughter of one of the most famous mafia dons of all time. I guess she must have left the mob stuff to her brother, and got screwed out of the money because of it. That or after John Gotti died, she just lost all of her power. Which is sort of sad. Except that she's part of the mafia, so I can't really feel too bad for her. I mean she didn't choose her family...but when she grew up...she chose her "family".

5 (Not) - Kind Of A Crazy Cougar

Every time I see Victoria Gotti with her immediate family, I feel pretty creeped out. She's always dressed like some cougar while she wanders about with her three boys. And they are dressed like stereotypical mobster kids. All chains, open dress shirts, and tons of gel in their hair. It just always looks like she's dating three guys at the same time. When I started sourcing photos for this piece I kept seeing Victoria with three guys, and I figured she was trying to feel younger. And then after a bit of research, I found out that they were her kids! I've never seen a mother like that around her own children. And she only ever seems remotely happy when she's around them. Now, that could be any mother's reaction to her kids. But I don't think most mothers dress and act like Victoria does around her kids.

4 (Not) - Because Botox Is Bad

Back in the 80's and 90's...I can't even believe I'm going to say this...Victoria Gotti had some way better hairstyles. She actually looked pretty good. Now, she's had her moments since then, but she seems to constantly have bangs sitting all the way across her forehead, just above her eyes. And it looks awful. You don't really want to put more of a frame around an already fairly unattractive face. Of course, she did use to say “My existence was never a Francis Ford Coppola existence.” So I guess that means it was not as glamorous or as pretty as most people would expect it to be. Because at least Diane Keaton, Sophia Coppola, and that woman who played Pacino's wife in the first Godfather were all good looking. I guess it's too bad that real-life mob ladies use Botox and surgery.

3 (Not) - Attention-Seeking Brat

This might just be me, because she was kind of hot back in the day, but I try not to find media-whores too attractive. I find it sad that the only way Victoria Gotti knew how to get on in life was to try and make a scene. Because at least then someone might pay attention to her, buy her book, or cast her in a show. I guess her dad didn't help with that one. He was always in the media too. But he certainly didn't go on stupid tv shows just to be noticed. He used to say "Always be nice to bankers. Always be nice to pension fund managers. Always be nice to the media. In that order." So he had a shine for the media, but at least he kept his money in order first. Victoria did the opposite. Her bank foreclosed on her while she was still soaking up the celebrity from whatever silly reality tv show she was doing at the time.

2 (Not) - She's Kind Of Creepy

The scary thing about getting close up to Victoria Gotti...is how scary she looks when you get close up to her. She looks like a doll. But a creepy, scary doll. And not a porcelain one either. Very clearly a scary, plastic doll. It seems hard for her to show emotions. Her lips are clearly bubbled up by Botox. Her eyes make it look like she died inside that body ages ago. And her cheekbones and chin look like they've been reconstructed at least once. Now, I can't really say if any of that is actually the case. But it certainly seems like it. She seems like a scary plastic doll when you get up close to her. But in fairness, I guess I'll give her the last word on the matter. “Well, we know the whole situation's full of lies, Dad. That's just the way it is.”

1 (Not) - Wait...Who Is That?

Wow, Victoria has really had her moments of not looking all that great. And in this case, it's through the body of Lindsay Lohan. It's shocking how similar they can be. After all, Victoria hand-picked Lohan to play her in a biopic. Which is hilarious when you hear what the filmmakers had to say about that. “We are not talking any further about Lindsay playing Victoria,” said the producer of Gotti: Three Generations, Marc Fiore. “She is no longer being considered. The talks have stopped. We are going to meet with other people [for the role].” It's crazy to think that wouldn't work out. The similarities are crazy. And Victoria Gotti had Lohan hanging around with her for quite a long time before production started on the film.

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