15 Photos Of How #RichKidsOfInstagram Are Using Their Trust Fund

For those of you living under a rock, there is actually a few "Rich Kids of" accounts for different cities around the world, like "Rich Kids of London" and "Rich Kids of Dubai," but if you really want get a glimpse of their world, just look up the hashtag "#RichKidsOfInstagram." Books and TV reality shows have been spawned from this very idea as well. It’s hard to believe that there is an account inspired by how the rich live — we're really not that surprised. If you've ever watched the Kardashians in action, then you will realize that there are plenty of people out there that love to show off their wealth. It’s not always a good idea to flaunt your wealth, as Kim Kardashian found out when she was robbed in Paris.

These kids have barely started out their lives and yet, they are living the kind of life that only seems like a dream to us. They are driving Maybachs and vacationing on yachts and sometimes, we can’t believe that this is just another day for them. They are rolling in dough and for the most part, they haven’t done anything to earn it. They were just lucky enough to be born into a wealthy and lavish lifestyle. What’s worse, though, is you don’t see an ounce of humbleness, grace, or appreciation. In fact, for the most part, we see arrogance and a whole lot of boasting.

They are popping champagne on private jets, eating fine foods at 5-star restaurants, and don’t even get us started on the unlimited shopping sprees. If you want to take a peek into the lives of #RichKidOfInstagram, then this is your chance.

15 Rolex Anyone?

How many Rolex watches do we have here? Seventeen in total and although we’re not sure if they are all Rolex, they are definitely luxury watches. It’s a stunning site and it just gives us a small peek into the lives of these rich kids, but it’s more information than we needed. We’re not sure why this kid decided to flaunt his worth for all the world to see, but it’s hard not to feel ill looking at a picture like this. We would all love to live a life of wealth and luxury, but to put it on display seems wrong. We’re not sure what the parents of these kids think of posts like this one, that is, if they're even aware of them. But we’re not sure too many parents would be proud of this type of snobby behavior. Though maybe the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. These rich kids don’t know how else to live aside from dining on yachts and wearing designer clothing.

14 When In Need Of H2O...

If they're not drinking champagne, these rich kids are sipping on water from a golden bottle, because clearly Naya isn't good enough for these bratty babies. In case you didn't know, this water bottle cost $350 and can be found in upscale grocery stores. To be fair though, it is a limited edition bottle, so maybe the high price tag can be justified — but not really!

13 Shaming The Poor

One theme that you will find with the Rich Kids of Instagram is a lack of humility and a whole lot of bragging. It is, of course, possible to be rich and humble. We have seen it with many celebrities in Hollywood who are determined to improve lives and give to the poor. It’s not every day, though, that you see a spoiled rich girl wearing a shirt that says, “Stop Being Poor.” As if it’s a choice, right? This rich kid is straight from Singapore and she finds herself in an empty bathtub in nothing more than her t-shirt and a paper hat from Chanel. It’s a pretty brazen move on her part, but we really can’t say that we are that surprised. The whole point of the Instagram accounts is to show the world everything that they have and all the amazing things that they get to do.

12 Going On Holiday

There’s nothing like holidays without a private jet to take you wherever you want to go. This guy poses candidly in front of his private jet and we wonder where he is off to. Not all celebrities or rich people have private jets, but you know you have truly made it to the top when you have one. That was one of the allures to watching Gossip Girl because you saw the lives of kids who live among opulent wealth and yet, it was no different to them than an everyday life. Popping champagne bottles was something they did every weekend, not just on special occasions. Part of the lives of the Rich Kids of Instagram include things like private jets and yachts. The next time you're stuck in coach, try not too think too hard about these rich kids flying in style.

11 A View Like This

There is more than one reason why this view looks so amazing and it has everything to do with being very rich. When you are rich, you can go to insanely beautiful locations and literally stare out at the ocean while eating great food and having a few drinks. You also have the opportunity to be surrounded by beautiful women. That’s one thing about being rich, is that the beautiful people of the world, both men and women, will flock to you — even though it might be for the wrong reasons. We think it happens more often for men because they don’t have a problem with gorgeous women falling all over them even if they are only after their dollar bills. These views are definitely something that we can get used to.

10 All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go

This Russian #RichKidsOfInstagram wasn’t even sure where she wanted to go when she boarded her private jet. She posted a comment along with the picture that said, “Guys, recommend where to fly because I'm tired from resting #RichRussianKids #privateaviation #jetlife.” Vladimir Putin would likely not be impressed with photos like these considering the country’s economic difficulties. These teens don’t seem to care, though, they are the "golden youth" and they are not afraid to show off their wealth every chance they get. It’s not just private jets; it’s villas, yachts, and Lamborghinis this spoiled kids are posting on Instagram.

9 A Shopping Spree

Now, this is not an image that you see every day, not unless it's one of North West of course. She can’t be more than six or seven and yet, she's as big of a baller as a 20-year-old rich chic. She is totally in fashion and she would put most celebrities to shame with her wardrobe choices. She’s got a phone, a car, and some serious shopping bags from high-end stores. Where do these kids come from? We’re not sure if great lessons are being taught here with this little one, but it’s hard to judge and know what her life is really like. There’s no doubt about it, though, this kid looks good.

8 All In A Day's Work

This Canadian kid is showing off their wealth in Vancouver. We’re not sure where this guy is driving off to in his luxury car, but he’s got an awful lot of cash on him. We would be nervous to have that kind of cash on us, but this is something the rich probably do often. He’s showing off designer threads and his fancy watch and he’s made it pretty clear that he does what he wants. We bet you're trying to guess how much cash is actually in those bundles. Judging by the way these kids live, we would have to say there is probably a few thousand there at least. He’s probably on his way to vacation somewhere since he's got both US and Canadian cash with him. Vegas, perhaps?

7 They Have No Shame

Seeing a bright yellow Lamborghini parked is always a treat for us “peasants” to see. A flashy car is always nice to look at, especially one like this. Who wouldn’t want to stop to look at a car like this baby? Most people wouldn’t expect to be treated poorly for being curious, but this rich kid is proving that he’s never had to eat a slice of humble pie a day in his life. He spots a passerby checking out his car and he posts a photo about the experience along with one of the rudest comments we have seen yet. It certainly goes to show that some of these rich kids have bad attitudes and clearly think they're better than everyone else. It’s possible that the car is the nicest thing about this person.

6 The Parties Are Legendary

A bottle of Louis Roederer Cristal champagne runs about $150 a bottle, but these kids are treating it like Kool-Aid. They buy it and drink it like it's water. When it comes to being a #RichKidsOfInstagram, the party is never over. It seems wherever they go, the parties are legendary and can last for days on end. Even when summer ends for us, all these rich kids have to do is hit the tropics and the parties can keep on going. These kids don’t know what real life and responsibilities are like, but we have to admit, if we had as much money as them, we'd probably be partying on the daily, too. That is, until it gets old.

5 When You Have Everything, But You're Still Not Happy

You know you're rich and snobby when complain that you're yacht is too small — insert eye rolling here. They even have some kind of inflatable water slide they set up near their yacht since swimming and jet skiing are clearly not enough. They are clearly on a yacht heading to, no doubt, a luxurious tropical spot. And in case you didn't get that they're rich than we can imagine, they included a money emoji.

4 She Has One In Every Color

If this isn’t a picture of a rich girl, then we don’t know what is. She’s standing in front of a mansion and a bunch of luxury cars. We wonder what car she will choose to drive today. She might choose the red one to match her outfit. Is it possible that she owns all of these? I guess when you're this rich, why wouldn't you buy your favorite car in every color possible. That purple one was probably custom-made because which dealership actually sells purple cars? Only a girl would drive some of these cars and we are so jealous! We can count seven cars in this photo, but we can assume there is more outside of the shot. She is one lucky girl because she can drive a different car for every day of the week. What color would you choose?

3 When The Hamptons Are Part Of Your Childhood 

The Hamptons are pretty much a must when it comes to being rich. It's generally where you will spend your summers unless you choose to travel around the world. You might recognize Tiffany Trump here in her pre-election days as she parties hard in the Hamptons with her friends. Her bathing suit is killer and it looks like she’s having the time of her life. Even before Trump won the election, Tiffany was being very optimistic in this post, “Hamptons last summer. White House this fall!” Well, it all came true after all, but she's had to cut down on her partying ways since Trump’s win, though we doubt it’s the thing to cause controversy these days. This is a great example of what the ultra-rich do during the summer months when there is no school to slow them down.

2 Luxury Cars

Well, of course rich kids drive fancy cars. It would be an embarrassment if they pulled up to a Hamptons party in a Volvo. It’s a staple in a rich-kid’s life. You don’t own a 6-figure car by the time you turn 16, can you even call yourself rich? These kids get insanely expensive cars for their birthdays and it’s a surprise when you find out that they only own one. Most rich kids have more than one vehicle and as we saw before, they often have a garage full of them.

1 When Traffic Is Never A Concern

Here we have a rich kid standing in front of his helicopter. We're not surprised — not one bit. It’s nothing to see #RichKidsOfInstagram posing in front of helicopters or private jets. It’s almost in every second picture if you are scrolling through the accounts. These kids mean business when it comes to travel. He may be flying out to his yacht for the week or avoiding traffic while heading to school. We know that some of these yachts are big enough to land a helicopter on. Remember The Wolf of Wall Street? His yacht had a helipad on it. These helicopters are often used for businessmen to get from place to place for business meetings. They provide the quickest means of transportation, plus it’s a great opportunity to show off your wealth. The kids obviously get free reign when it comes to using them as well.

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