15 Childhood Photos Celebs Don't Want Us To See

It's easy to imagine celebrities and other famous people were just born looking gorgeous. Most of them, with the exception of a select few, are pretty, hot, handsome, beautiful, and/or any other word that means attractive. And it makes sense; who wants to watch movies and television shows with just ugly people, after all? But the truth is, all actors, actresses, musicians, and reality stars were once just normal people, too. And as normal people, they looked pretty damn normal. Some of them were even unattractive, if you can believe it.

As children and teens, many stars were a little chunky. Like most other people that "grow into themselves," in a lot of cases, it was simply baby fat that melted away after puberty. But others had to work their butts off to lose the weight and keep it off. A few even made a career out of fitness.

They say that the uglier you are as a kid, the more attractive you will be as an adult. For the celebs in this article, at least, that seems to be true. While it wasn't their fault that they were plump as children, these celebs look much better as adults. The following are 15 celebrities you didn't know were chubsters.


15 She's Still D.J., Just Much Tinier!

Everyone's favorite big sister from the 1990s, Candace Cameron Bure (a.k.a. D.J. Tanner) used to have a little pudge on her. Now the star of the Full House reboot Fuller House, Candace, is 41 years old and playing the older version of D.J. She looks stunning all grown up and is quite petite. But back in the 90s, she had some baby fat on her as a child and as a teen. And she is well aware of it; she once said, "When I was 16, I filmed an episode of Full House where my family goes to Disney World. I remember putting on baggy overalls just to hide my stomach. When I watched it, I was pretty disappointed and bummed out looking at myself... I didn't feel good about my own body." We don't know what she did maybe a workout regimen, maybe dieting, maybe just growing into herself — but she looks great now!

14 She Weighed Almost As Much At 9 Than She Does In Her 30s


Ginnifer Goodwin is most known in recent years for playing the beautiful Snow White on ABC's Once Upon a Time. Although she's stunning enough to play Snow White, funny enough. growing up, she was just a little pudgy. In this adorable photo above, you can see what I am talking about. Ginnifer became aware that she needed to lose weight and once said, "At 9 years old, I weighed about 10 pounds less than what my weight is at 32." Ginnifer lost the weight by eating right and maintaining a healthier lifestyle. She attributes much of her success to being on Weight Watchers for much of her life. She recalls to People, "With the counseling of my family doctor, my mother ended up turning to Weight Watchers and their children's program. I went to weekly meetings, got counseling and would exercise with my peers who were my size. It was the first time I saw a proper children's portion size, and it wasn't two burgers, it was one."

13 From Chub Club To Fitness Queen

You would never know it by looking at her, but blonde bombshell Kate Hudson was not always so fit and slim. There was a time when she had a few extra pounds on her, and that was when she was a child. Now at 38, she looks amazing, and has not been overweight for most of her adult life — aside from when she was pregnant. Actually, Kate is the complete opposite of being overweight; she is the picture of health and even has her own whole philosophy on working out and living a healthy life. Additionally, she has her own brand of workout clothes and wrote a book about being fit. And she isn't shy about spilling all her workout, eating, and dieting tips for anyone who is curious. We have to admit; she does look pretty great!

12 Russell Brand Suffered From bulimia


Never in a million years would I have looked at the photo on the left and thought to myself, "That is Russell Brand." It doesn't look anything like him at first glance. But when you look closer, it's not hard to see that it is in fact him. He may look like a cool, edgy kind of dude now, but he looked far from it as a youngster. The 42-year-old British actor and comedian is known for movies like Get Him to the Greek, Arthur, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Before all of his fame and success, however, Brand suffered from bulimia due to being overweight. He said, "It's awful to be bulimic, but I lost a whole lot of weight when I needed to. I was a fat kid, not obese, but chubby." He says of his eating disorder, "It was really unusual in boys, quite embarrassing. But I found it euphoric."

11 She's Always Been "The Fat Sister"

It's an unfortunate fact that Khloe Kardashian, who is currently pregnant with her first child, is usually considered "the fat Kardashian," no matter how good she looks now. It seems the association will never escape her. She has come a long way and has a lot to be proud of when it comes to how she looks, but you can't deny that when someone mentions  "the fat Kardashian," you know who they're talking about. Even she has complained about being the fat sister growing up alongside her older sisters Kourtney and Kim. In Khloe's own words, "When I was little and all my friends would be in their bathing suits at the beach or pool parties or summer camp, I would always be the chubby one." She also said, "I was really chubby from age 10 to 14, and even teachers would always say to me, 'You're really Kim and Kourtney's younger sister?"

10 He Ate Nachos And Watched Oprah Every Day


Ryan Seacrest of American Idol fame can be found on pretty much any list of celebs who were fat as kids, ever. Judging by the photo above, we can see why. Luckily for Ryan, he outgrew his chubby, awkward phase, and blossomed into a pretty handsome guy. Now rich, famous, and by all means, attractive, Ryan's got it pretty good. Now he's all about health and refuses to go back to being heavyset. Reportedly, he is "obsessed" with green juices that are very nutritious. Having weighed 180 pounds at just 13 years old, it seems to some fans that his preoccupation with not becoming chubby again is a little bizarre. It has been said that he has one of his four assistants follow him around during all working hours with a high-tech insulated briefcase filled with the macrobiotic green drink he believes will keep the pounds off. Ryan has said, "I was overweight because I used to come home and eat a cookie sheet of nachos and watch Oprah every day of my life."

9 Kelly Osbourne's "Little Dumpling Body"

Kelly Osbourne, the daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, has always gotten attention for her alternative looks, dyed hair, piercings, and leather. She struggled with her weight when she was younger and as an adult, as well. She said she was too embarrassed to go to a gym and wear workout clothes when she would have to stand next to someone with a good body, as opposed to her "little dumpling body." One mortifying moment happened to her when someone threw a Subway footlong at her head and called her a "fat b*tch." Kelly is basically rock royalty, and has her own style that for the most part, works for her. It sucks that she had to go through all of that, but she no longer cares about being the prettiest or skinniest girl in the room.


8 Puberty "Stretched" Him Out


Jerry O'Connell was one of the stars of the 1986 classic movie Stand by Me. He played the fat kid, Vern Tressio. It wasn't long after the film's release that he hit puberty and lost the weight, but then no one recognized him or knew who he was! "I didn't get recognized, and I'll tell you why. It's really funny. I was husky as a child. I was fat. In between making Stand by Me and it coming out, I went through puberty. I got tall. I'm a tall guy. I just stretched out." Jerry explained in an interview that it was clear what his problem was, after he was instructed to keep a food diary. "I wrote down everything I ate for a week, and it was crazy to do that because you're writing down two Twix bars, a box of Entenmann's cookies. When you're writing it out, you're seeing what you're doing. Then the next week, I came to see [the trainer], and he read it all to me. We were laughing, but he was like, 'We got to do [something]; this is your problem.' That was my first realization that wow, I have to change. I can't drink four liters of cola a day."

7 He Got Hot And Married Barbie

As part of the main duo on the Nickelodeon series Drake and Josh, Josh Peck was the nerdy, chubby half of the pair. That was his role and that was how people saw him. After the show ended, he lost a considerable amount of weight through karate, yoga, and eating a lot of salad. He also lost a lot of weight during puberty. He also used a nutritionist and exercised regularly. Simply put, he lost his extra weight the "right" way, not with surgery or diet pills or anything else besides dedication and hard work. And it totally paid off; now he looks amazing and is married to real-life Barbie Doll, Paige O'Brien. Life is good for Josh Peck!

6 She Once Weighed 263 Pounds!


Ever since she came into our lives on American Idol in 2004, we have known vocalist Jennifer Hudson as a curvy woman. She did not win the third season of the show, but was a finalist and got seventh place. Currently, she is looking better than we have ever seen her before. In 2010, she became a spokeswoman for Weight Watchers, and lost an impressive 56 pounds. By the next year, she had lost 80 pounds in total. She detailed her journey to weight loss in her 2012 autobiography I Got This: How I Changed My Ways and Lost What Weighed Me Down. Before her transformation, Jennifer had actually been the skinny one in her family as a kid, but as a teen, she gained weight quickly, peaking at 263 pounds.

5 JWoww's Transformation Is Woww-Worthy!

Jenni Farley is more commonly known as "JWoww," and was one of the stars of the MTV show Jersey Shore. For the most part, fans have always seen JWoww looking pretty good, and she loves to flaunt what the good Lord gave her by wearing revealing outfits. But when she was a kid, she looked a lot different. In school photos that can easily be found on the internet, JWoww appeared very chubby in her middle-school years. The reality star is all about her looks now, as she loves wearing a lot of makeup. There have even been rumors, though, that aside from her boob job, she has had plastic surgery. Surprisingly, according to former classmates, she always just wore jeans and hoodies as a kid and didn't really care how she looked. They said, "She wasn't very popular. Jenni didn't have a boyfriend that I remember and she wasn't on any sports teams or in any clubs really."

4 Superman's Old Nickname Was "Fat Cahill"


Henry Cavill, perhaps better known as his alter-ego Clark Kent/Superman in all the Superman movies, was not always so mouth-watering to look at. The chiseled superhero  was once a fat kid, if you can believe it! No one, probably, would have ever guessed that the boy in the photo on the left would grow up to play one of entertainment's most famous superheroes. Cavill has played Clark Kent/Superman in Man of Steel, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Justice League. He is slated to play the same character next year in the untitled 2018 Superman project, as well as Justice League Part Two. Now he has to work out constantly to maintain his physique, which is a far cry from the obese teen he once was. Back then, he was bullied and nicknamed "Fat Cahill" by the other kids.

3 He Wore A Fat Suit To Match His Younger, Fatter Self

For one whole decade, actor Matthew Lewis played the dorky Neville Longbottom in all eight of the Harry Potter films. Like the main stars of the movies, he grew up on the set, and looks very different today than he did back then. Now 28, he looks like a man instead of a chubby little boy. The first Harry Potter movie was made when he was 12, and three years later when he was 15, he started wearing a fat suit for the movies, as he was beginning to thin out. He said, "I was just kind of a short, chubby kid who was crap at sports, and I didn't really have a whole lot going for me." The British actor has been in several television shows and films since the final Harry Potter movie wrapped up in 2011 when Matthew was 22.

2 "Once A Fat Kid, Always A Fat Kid"


We can hardly believe that it has been 20 years since Kate Winslet starred as the star-crossed lover of an artist in the 1997 movie Titanic. Her character Rose was a fiery redhead, and she was quite curvy. At the time, Kate was just 22 and playing a teenager. But before Titanic, which was her breakout role, Kate had been more than just curvy. As a kid, she had been overweight. After Titanic, she got lots of roles (and continues to) in Hollywood, but she names her weight as something that held her back before that. She said, "I was the fat kid at the back of the line who often didn't even get seen for the audition." Kate never thought she would be famous and said, "I never had huge ambitions— never. I was fat. I didn't know any fat famous actresses. I just did not see myself in that world at all, and I'm being very sincere. You know, once a fat kid, always a fat kid."

1 From Actual Loser To The Biggest Loser

Fitness star Jillian Michaels might be the most surprising one of all on this list. Yes, the woman with the perfect body, who is a total workout guru, was once fat, herself. Of course, this was a long time ago, but there was a time when she did not resemble anything close to what she looks like today. Her fitness expertise has been featured on multiple talk shows and reality shows, the biggest being NBC's The Biggest Loser, where she is the tough, no-nonsense trainer. But her tough love comes from a place of understanding what it feels like to be carrying around so many extra pounds. It sucks, both physically and mentally, and Jillian knows that, as she weighed 175 pounds by the time she was 13 years old. After that, she lost the weight with karate and has not gone back since.


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