15 Photos Of Bodybuilders More Cringe-Worthy Than The Korean Hulk

The Korean Hulk is all the rage and you had better believe his insane body is off the charts in terms of sheer size and cringe-worthiness. But there are some other bodybuilders out there, from all over the world, with bodies that will have you in disbelief that the human form could take such massive shape.

It's always good to stay in shape and even pack on some firm muscle, but these 15 bodybuilders have gone above and beyond your everyday workout. They are absolutely huge! Their muscles are enormous and they don't seem to be satisfied with what they’ve got going on, so they keep on working out and continue to get bigger and bigger. Will they explode? It seems highly possible. How they fit through the door is curious, let alone find anything that fits them. It's likely why they are in Speedos half their lives.

These fellas oil up, pump iron, and watch as their bodies expand. Without a trace of visible body fat, these muscular men spend most of their days exercising, trying to get to the next level of bodybuilding fitness. Call them “gym rats” or “muscle heads,” but for them, those terms are compliments. The more time spent at the gym means more (and heavier) weights can be lifted. And then they see their bodies go from average to awesome — and then freaky.

Take a peek at these 15 ginormous bodybuilders who some may consider cringe-worthy, while others just think they’re totally cool. They’ll kick your butt, so you better not piss 'em off!

15 Paul Dillet

Paul Dillett is from Montreal, Quebec and stands at 6’2”. He weighs 285 pounds during contest season and off-season, he can go up to 330 pounds. While he is now retired, Dillett was a sight to see in his prime. In fact, he was dubbed “Freak-einstein!” These days, Dillett is the owner and CEO of the World Beauty Fitness & Fashion Inc. Just look at the muscles on this guy! His knees look like pins holding those massive legs together and his upper body is just as impressive. This dude could squeeze all the juice from a coconut between his two fingers. Compared to his giant body, Dillett’s head looks like a marble. He must need to get his clothing tailored, otherwise, he’d have to wear a bedsheet with holes cut out. Dillett is certainly a sight to behold. If you need a spot at the gym, he’s the one to call!

14 Big Ramy

Big Ramy was born Mamdouh Elssbiay. He hails from Egypt and is 33 years old. He stands at 5’10” and weighs 295 pound while competing. Big Ramy came in 2nd place in the Mr. Olympia 2017 contest. Who knows what 2018 will hold for the bodybuilder, but with the shape he's in, things are looking up and he is sure to continue to make waves in the industry. In this contest pic, we see Big Ramy all tanned and oiled up for review from the judges. He may have benefitted from matching his face to the rest of his body, but then again, the head isn’t being judged. His super-toned muscles are impressive, especially his taut chest. No wonder they call him Big Ramy, because there is nothing small about him — except for his tiny bikini bottoms.

13 Gregg Valentino

Gregg Valentino is a 57-year-old American bodybuilder with arms that are freaky, to say the least, at a whopping 27 inches around the bicep. They are humungous in proportion to the rest of his body, making them look even more outrageous. Did he forget to work on the rest of his body parts while visiting the gym? Some have described Valentino as “the most hated man in bodybuilding.” He has been accused of using body-enhancing drugs and other modes of achieving such an unusual shape. One arm alone seems bigger than his entire torso. He looks thrilled with his bodybuilding achievements, but it looks like only tank tops will fit over those bulging arms. If you never need anyone to do some heavy lifting, it seems like Valentino’s your guy!

12 Dennis Wolf

German IFBB professional bodybuilder, Dennis Wolf, is 39-years-old and comes from the Soviet Union (now called Kyrgyzstan). He is close to 6-feet tall and weighs 260 pounds when he competes. In 2014, he was the winner of the Arnold Classic. As you can see in this photo of the bodybuilder, he is massive. Not only are his muscles over the top, but those veins are protruding fiercely. His name is Wolf, and he’s just as scary as the animal. If this guy wants to use your machine at the gym, you let him! Wolf must spend most of the time topless because he’d make any shirt rip at the seams. To achieve a body like that, Wolf must spend all his time lifting weights, but that's what he loves to do. So much for meeting the guys for a round of beers!

11 Kai Greene

Kai Greene is 42 years old and hails from Brooklyn, New York. He was born named Leslie Kai Greene, but goes by Kai. He stands at 5’8” and weighs up to 285 pounds when he competes. Greene won the Arnold Classic in 2009 and 2010 as well as 2016. Greene has two nicknames — “Mr. Getting It Done” and “The Predator.” Both seem fitting for this superstar bodybuilder. Not only is Greene’s physique impressive, but his hair is awesome, too. He knows how to pose perfectly to show off his assets and he has the determination and drive to succeed — which he already has. Just look at the peak of that bicep! Greene is a bodybuilding phenomenon who doesn’t seem to want to throw in the sweat-soaked towel any time soon. And with a body like his, why should he?

10 Jens “The Beast” Dalsgaard

Jens “The Beast” Dalsgaard is in his early 30s and is a bodybuilding legend who is from Denmark. He apparently has a 56-inch chest and has 40 tattoos all over his impressively muscular body. At 5’10” tall, he must eat a reported 5,500 calories per day to keep up his workouts to maintain such strength. After seeing him in action, the nickname “The Beast” is well-suited. This dude can lift a heck of a lot and his appearance is certainly not the usual. Not everyone can pull off face tattoos, but “The Beast” can do as he wishes. Do you think anyone would tell him not to? Those biceps are enormous and his facial expression shows his determination to lift the heaviest of barbells. It looks like this beast is ready to roar, as long as he doesn’t bite!

9 Ronnie Coleman

Ronnie Coleman is a retired American professional bodybuilder, but he still has plenty of power behind those impressive muscles. He was the winner of IFBB Mr. Olympia from 1998 to 2005. In 2006, he came in 2nd, and in 2007, he clocked in at 4th place — still, not too shabby! Coleman is 5’ 11” and weighs 300 pounds in contest season. Coleman hails from Louisiana and is currently 53 years old. Just look at this pic of the bodybuilder in all his glory. Those huge arms are bulging with pure massive muscle and veins are popping out all over. His chest is impressive and he looks like he is ready to hit the weights. With a smile like that, you can tell he loves to work hard on becoming the lean machine he is!

8 Sajad Gharibi The “Iranian Hulk”

Sajad Gharibi, an Iranian powerlifter, is about 25 years old and he’s simply enormous, tipping the scales at close to 400 pounds at 6’2”. His body is massive and he looks like he means business. It's no wonder he is called the “Iranian Hulk.” He is also known as the “Persian Hulk” in some circles. Gharibi’s huge chest and giant arms may not be the most cut compared to some other bodybuilders, but he certainly looks scary. You wouldn’t want to come across this dude in a dark alley! Thanks to his presence on social media, Gharibi has lots of followers who love seeing his pics, whether he’s lifting weights or just doing everyday things. But if you ran into him at the grocery store, things wouldn’t seem so “everyday.” Wonder what he must need to eat on a daily basis just to keep up that size?

7 Marcus Ruhl

German-born professional bodybuilder Marcus Ruhl is 45 years old and is 5’10” tall. He is simply huge, with big bulging muscles for days and an impressive body that is quite a sight to see. His torso looks like it could be two men combined! His arms are outrageously large and his abs are washboard-level in firmness. His light blonde hair is quite the contrast to his super-tanned skin, but we all know that tan isn’t natural. With a physique like his, it's no wonder he has competed in so many contests including Mr. Olympia, New York Pro, IFBB Europa Super Show, Toronto Pro Classic, and more. He began training at the age of 18, and all those years put in to bodybuilding have paid off. Ruhl rules the fitness scene!

6 Rich Piana

Rich Piana was born in 1971 in Los Angeles, California. He passed away earlier this year in August due to cardiac arrest. He was 6’1” and weighed from 270 to 315 pounds, depending on the season, and was a winner of the Mr. California title. He was also a business man with his own line of nutrition products. In this side-by-side photo of the late bodybuilder, we can see that he was all in when it came to his fitness regime. He looks like he was tough and mighty, with huge muscles and a noticeable personality on stage. Those tattoos are plentiful, as are his many lean muscles. It's too bad his life was cut short, but it seems like he enjoyed his life while he was still with us.

5 Martyn Ford

When it comes to huge, hulky hunks, Martyn Ford is one of he biggest. He is an impressive 6'8" tall, 320 pounds, and is packed from top to bottom with major muscles. Like many other bodybuilders, Ford is covered with tattoos, even some on his head! In order to keep up with his vigorous workout routine, Ford has to eat a lot. He has said that he consumes between 4,500 to 8,000 calories each day. That’s quite a mouthful! Ford is not only a bodybuilder, but an actor as well. You may have seen him in Kingsman: The Golden Circle or Redcon-1. In this pic of Ford, you can see he is a no-nonsense kind of guy who is up for any challenge. Pumped up for action, Ford is tough!

4 Morgan Aste

Morgan Aste is a 34-year-old bodybuilder from France and is 6’4” tall. His weight runs between 295 and 310 pounds, depending on the season. Aste’s big bulging arms measure 24.4” around, making those biceps unbelievable! Like lots of other bodybuilders, Aste has a nickname — “The Big Rock.” With hard-as-a-rock muscles like his, the name is well-suited and makes perfect sense. Aste won the 2014 IFBB French Championships and in 2013, he was the first-place winner of the Strongman Competition, making him the strongest man in France. Aste began weightlifting at the age of 16, so all those years pumping iron in the gym made him the man of steel he is today. He is a total powerhouse at the gym and towers over nearly anyone. Don’t squeeze that gal too hard, Morgan!

3 Dorian Yates

Pro bodybuilder Dorian Yates hails from the U.K. and is 55 years old. He stands at a tall 5’10” and weighs in at 265 pounds when he competes. He is 290 pounds off-season. Yates was the winner of Mr. Olympia from 1992 to 1997 — an impressive run. Yates’ huge upper arms measure 20" around, his thigh is 31", his calf is 20", and his chest is 56". As you can see in this professional posing pic, Yates is super-strong and seems to be impressed by his own muscle mass. It takes hard work to become so fit, so Yates deserves the self-accolades! It looks like Yates is one bodybuilder who is not heavily tattooed, which makes those muscles shine even more. Yates is definitely one of the bodybuilding greats!

2 Gunter Schlierkamp

Gunter Schlierkamp is 47 year old and from Olfen, Germany where he grew up on a farm. He is 6’1” and weighs 295 to 300 pounds. He was the winner of IFBB GNC Show of Strength in 2002 and has competed in many other contests such as the German Championships, the Arnold Classic, Mr. Olympia, Canada Pro Cup, Ironman Pro Invitational, and more. Schlierkamp has a nickname, of course — “The Gentle Giant.” He surely seems giant, but it's a nice thing to know that he is kind-hearted. Just look at that ripped chest, those huge arms, and those impressive thighs. This man is bodybuilding at its finest, despite how odd he may look while walking in the park or while filling his car with gas. Let’s hope he has something other than a tiny pair of red underwear to put on after the competition is over!

1 Roelly Winklaar

Professional bodybuilder Roelly Winklaar is 40 years of age and hails from Curacao. He is the shortest fella on our list, standing at 5'6” and weighs in at 240 pounds. He was the 6th place winner of the 2017 Mr. Olympia contest. Winklaar has also competed in IFBB Nordic Pro, IFBB Arnold Sports Festival, IFBB New York Pro, NPC Arnold Amateur, and others. This guy looks so huge, it doesn’t even seem human. Those arms are awesome and his back is extremely wide. This man could block traffic! Nobody’s getting past Winklaar if he has anything to say about it. With a body like his, it seems like Winklaar will be in the game for years to come. Big and bold, this dude is a bodybuilding phenomenon!

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