15 Photos Of Beyonce's Billionaire Lifestyle

We are often in awe of the rich and famous because they live these crazy lifestyles that are so ritzy they're almost beyond our comprehension. What would you do if you had unlimited amounts of money? What would you buy? I personally have a hard time paying $100 for a pair of jeans, and the times that I do, I feel like I’m ballin’. That’s pocket change, of course, for celebrities, and when they go out to buy jeans, they usually cost $4000. Beyoncé and Jay-Z collectively have a fortune together, and they live the kind of lifestyle that most people can only dream about. She was recently seen at a Lakers game with her family, and Entertainment Tonight estimated that her wardrobe, which seemed to be just a t-shirt, jeans, and a kimono cost $43,000 --insane because that’s a car or a nice down payment on a house for some people.

The spending habits of Beyoncé are something to sit down and watch as if you were looking at a car wreck or the trailer for an awesome movie you're dying to see. She's next-level wealthy, and when she spends money, she can really spend money. Mark Cuban was once rumored to like to throw down a $110,000 tab every time he went into Liv night club, but compared to how Beyoncé spends money, he should be embarrassed by his thriftiness.

Let’s take a walk into the life of Beyoncé and see how she lives. If you see what she spends her millions on, you're more than likely to be surprised.


15 Luxury Cars

You will never see Beyoncé driving in a Ford Mustang. No, it’s only the best for this songstress. She knows luxury when she sees it and spares no expense. Between her and Jay-Z, they have spent over $4 million on luxury vehicles. For Jay-Z’s 41st birthday, Beyoncé purchased a white Bugatti Veyron Sport that cost $2 million. Shockingly enough, it took a year to get the car after she purchased it, so she had to keep it a secret from him the whole time. It must have been quite the car for it to take that long to get it. It’s definitely a guy’s sports car because it can go from zero to 60 in about 2.5 seconds, and it goes up to 255 miles per hour. Jay-Z returned the favor, however, and purchased her a vintage Rolls Royce that cost $1 million.

14 $27,000 Walmart Trip


There’s no doubt about it -- Beyoncé is a generous person when it comes to giving gifts to people who don’t have anything. It seems they do it in an unusual way, however. I could never imagine spending $27,000 in a Walmart; there just wouldn’t be that much I would want to purchase in that store to add up to that kind of money. In one trip, however, Beyoncé and Jay-Z went in there and spent exactly that, and they did it by purchasing gift cards. They bought the cards in $50 increments and started passing them out to everyone that they saw, employees and customers. It must have been an exciting day indeed to have Beyoncé walk up to you and hand you a gift card. It’s also weird to me that they would go to a Walmart to do it. Is it just me, or is it kind of a slap in the face, too?

13 The Birthday Yacht

When it comes to Beyoncé’s birthday, they don’t spare any expense. In fact, it’s usually heaps of cash being spent for one day. To be honest, I’m sure anyone with her money would do exactly the same thing. For Beyoncé’s 32nd birthday, they went all out for her birthday. They rented a $350,000 triple-decker yacht to have her celebrations on. How many people get to have their birthday party on a yacht? The yacht came with a pool and a sauna as well as a helipad, and the party lasted five days. They didn’t just park it somewhere either. No, they had traveling plans. They took the yacht from Spain to Italy and had the trip of a lifetime. The champagne was certainly flowing during the celebration as well since it was reported that for the trip, they spent $30,000 on champagne alone.

12 Lavish Gifts, Including $40 Million Private Jet


When it comes to shopping for the loved ones in her life, Beyoncé spares no expense. In fact, at times, she may go completely overboard. We all like to lavish our loved ones with gifts during special occasions, but they are nothing like the gifts that Beyoncé has been throwing around. When Beyoncé had her daughter Ivy, her husband gave her a gift for all her hard work in the form of a $35,000 blue sapphire ring. Sweet, right? Well, Beyoncé did him one better when she gave him gifts as well. She also bought him a sapphire ring, but his cost a whopping $500,000 and she also purchased a $40 million private jet from Bombardier. That’s right, I said it -- a $40 million private jet. Holy crap, right? It’s hard to imagine getting the gift of a private jet; it’s just beyond comprehension.

11 $1 Million Mercedes

We’re pretty surprised that Beyoncé even drives a vehicle. We would think she would have a driver at all times. We can’t remember a time that she was seen driving a vehicle, but I’m not the paparazzi, so I could be wrong. She does have a pretty impressive vehicle, so she likely does bomb around from time to time. She doesn’t just have any vehicle, of course. She reportedly drives a $1 million Mercedes with all the trimmings. When she went in and asked for “fully loaded,” she really meant it. This songstress has a Mercedes that not only has leather seats and all the regular aspects that make a vehicle fully loaded but also has a washroom in it. We can’t even imagine how that would work, but it sounds pretty crazy. Not only that; she has no need for iPod jacks in her vehicle because her Mercedes was upgraded to include a $150,000 sound system.

10 $312,000 High Heels


There was one time that I was watching Dr. Phil, and his wife came out sheepishly admitting that she spent $1,500 on a pair of shoes, and I remember gaping. How could someone spend that kind of money on a pair of shoes? But that’s nothing compared to some celebrities, namely Beyoncé. Like I said before, she has next-level shopping habits, and splurging on $312,000 heels is nothing for her. The stilettos came from the House of Borgezie, and they were no ordinary heels. “They come with a lifetime guarantee, are personally molded to each individual’s feet with plaster, and are complete with 1,290 stones, fit only for a queen like Beyoncé. Chris Shellis, the owner of House of Borgezie, describes the heels as, 'the crown jewels of stilettos.'” She reportedly purchased them for one of her music videos; it wasn’t just an everyday purchase.

9 She Shut Down an Amusement Park

Who needs all the distractions of long lines and a park full of people when you can have the park all to yourself? That’s what Beyoncé did when it came time to have a birthday party for her daughter Ivy. In 2014, Ivy’s parents had Miami’s Jungle Island shut down so that they could have a private party for the child. They wanted to make sure that their daughter could enjoy in private all that the park had to offer with regard to its penguins, kangaroos, and other wildlife. The family was dressed to the nines for their big day and invited friends and family to the event. They had a birthday lunch at Joey’s Italian Cafe where they ordered pizza and salads. It was a great day, and afterward, Beyoncé uploaded a bunch of pictures to her Tumblr page as she excitedly described her daughter’s day.


8 $100,000 Leggings


We all love leggings, right? They are just so comfortable. I can’t say that I wear them very often, but I don’t think that I’ve paid more than $30 for a pair. That's unacceptable for Beyoncé, of course, who reportedly went to the 2007 Bet Awards wearing a pair of Balenciaga leggings that had real gold in them. I sh!t you not! The leggings cost $100,000, and well… why the hell not, right? That’s an insane price to pay for leggings, but it’s just another day in the life of Beyoncé. Now if you were to spend $100,000 at American Apparel, can you guess how many pairs of leggings you could buy? 2,173 -- and you would still have enough to buy dinner afterward. She not only wore them to the BET Awards, but she performed in them as well, and they got pretty sweaty. If I’m spending $100,000 on leggings, they'd better be absorbing some sweat, but I guess gold doesn’t do that.

7 Lash Extensions

For anyone that doesn’t know anything about lash extensions, it’s like a two-hour process where a salon attendant adds fake lashes to your existing lashes to make them look fuller. It’s a costly procedure, which I consider to be a luxury, and it costs about $150, but they last for about six weeks. It’s a lot of money just for lashes, especially when you’re doing it basically once a month. You have to keep it up though because the lashes will fall out and need to be replaced. Beyoncé, by the sound of it, gets them replaced daily as she has a lash habit that runs her about $60 a day. She doesn’t buy the cheap stuff either; she uses mink eyelashes to give her that full look that makes the eyes just pop.

6 The Birthing Suite


Having a baby can be a tiring experience. After all, it’s a lot of work getting a baby out of you. It’s always nice to have a private room when you go to the hospital because the quiet alone will work wonders for your recovery. Us everyday folk, though, don’t always have that luxury, and some of us have to have our babies in the same room as other women, which can make for a stressful situation, to say the least. When it comes to Beyoncé, though, she doesn’t have time for that. When it came time to give birth to Ivy, she had a luxury birthing suite at Lenox Hill. The room had mahogany walls and, not one, but four big-screen TVs. The room also came with room service, and Jay-Z even had a private room for himself for all the work he did during the birthing process. The room cost $1,700 for a night.

5 Special Toys

Nothing keeps a relationship healthy and happy like a trip to the adult store. Why not spice up the bedroom with a few new tricks or toys? It helps to keep things exciting in the bedroom, and let’s be honest -- it’s a lot of fun as well. In the case of Beyoncé and Jay-Z, they really take their sex life seriously. During one shopping trip to a sex store called Babeland in 2013, the two reportedly spent $6,000 there. Their money was spent on various sexy toys and X-rated gifts some of which were gold-plated. Wow! It’s not one of the most expensive purchases they've made, but considering it was just for sex toys... that’s a lot of money to spend at a place like that. But considering they like to keep things real in the bedroom, that makes them a pretty cool couple in my book.

4 Private Island Purchase


They wouldn’t be the first couple to buy a private island. Johnny Depp reportedly has one as well, and there are many other celebrities that prefer the idea of traveling to a place where they and their family can be completely alone. I guess I can’t blame them after all; they're stuck in a lifestyle where everything about them is splashed all over social media and magazine covers every single day. It must be nice to be able to go on vacation and not have to deal with anyone else. The couple allegedly purchased a private island in the Bahamas for the price of $4 million so that they could vacation there as a family and get the alone time that they needed. It would be quite the trip to have your own island. Imagine the private parties that they must have there all the time.

3 The $5 Million Watch

Beyoncé loves spoiling her man, and when it comes to buying him lavish gifts, money is no object. Jay-Z happens to be a watch connoisseur and has spent millions of dollars on some pretty fabulous-looking watches. When it came time to shop for Jay-Z’s 43rd birthday, Beyoncé went all out and spent $5 million on a Hublot “Big Bang” watch. Being a lover of watches, she knew that it would be the perfect gift for her man. The $5 million watch had 1,282 diamonds on it and more than 100 karats of baguette diamonds as well as 6 square emerald-cut stones. It must have some serious bling to it, that’s for sure. The emerald cut stones each weighed three karats! The Hublot watch is the most expensive watch available for purchase, and we can certainly see why.

2 Birthday for Ivy


When it comes to birthday parties for the sweet little Ivy, it’s already been shown that Beyoncé will go all out for the little girl’s big day. We all feel that way when it comes to our children’s birthdays; we want to be able to give them the best that we can because they deserve it. We think of what would be the most fun for our children’s day, and we get just as excited as they do! When it came to Ivy’s very first birthday, Beyoncé spent a whopping $200,000 on the birthday party. It came with cake, presents, and the works. Most of that budget, however, was spent just on flowers to decorate the room for the party. The mother of the birthday girl spent $95,000 on flowers alone for the party. They must have been some pretty amazing flowers.

1 Barbie Doll

When you're looking for the perfect gift for your child, sometimes a parent can go a little overboard. In the case of Beyoncé, she always goes overboard, so this was just another day in her life. We’ve all either purchased a Barbie doll or received a Barbie doll at some point in our lives. They are everywhere. They usually cost between $10-20, and they're a popular choice when it comes to gifts for girls. When Beyoncé was shopping for Ivy, she didn’t want to just hit up a Walmart and get a $10 doll. No, she wanted the best for her daughter. She decided to contact the company herself and to have a custom doll made for the girl. The doll was covered in more than 150 gems and was literally etched in white gold. When it was all said and done, the doll cost Beyoncé $85,000 to have made.

Source: Hello Magazine


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