15 Photos Harry Potter Stars Don't Want You To See

The Harry Potter film series, based on the best-selling books by British author J.K Rowling, catapulted many young actors from obscurity into fame in almost no time at all. The story of a young boy, w

The Harry Potter film series, based on the best-selling books by British author J.K Rowling, catapulted many young actors from obscurity into fame in almost no time at all. The story of a young boy, who discovers that he is a wizard, was so creative and exceptional that it won over millions of fans from every age group. Every movie further cemented the actors' careers and for some, it was a kick-off point to even better things, but others, well it may have been the high point of their acting careers (sad, isn’t it?)

While we all know their faces from the movies and publicity shots, it’s rare for a photo of one of these stars to surface showing them exhibiting less than good, clean behavior. But these actors are just like us, they do get up to mischief and let their hair down, and sometimes (like us) they take it too far. When we see these pictures it’s a reminder to us that while they may have money and fame, they really are very similar to us. It’s almost inconceivable that one of them would be caught on camera smoking, drinking, or snogging, let alone rioting, but it’s happened and we have the proof right here...

15 Katie Leung - Innocent Wino

Katie is best known for playing Harry Potter’s first love interest, Cho Chang, in the film series. She beat out more than 3000 other girls for the part, mainly because of her unique Scottish accent. While most fans were delighted when she and Daniel Radcliffe shared their first on-screen kiss in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, there were some that were so jealous that they created "I Hate Kate" websites and posted racist messages on her fan sites.

She’s definitely a decent young lady who looks set to have a successful career ahead of her and she’s managed to mostly stay away from controversy unlike some of her co-stars (we’ll get to them in a moment). This shot doesn’t really show her behaving badly, she’s just enjoying a glass of white wine and relaxing. But this is just a teaser…

14 Robert Pattinson Has No Clue What's Going On

Robert Pattinson started his film career playing Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in 2005 and then went on to star as the leading character, Edward Cullen, in all five of the Twilight movies. All his films have been hits at the box office and propelled him to the status of one of the industry’s most highly paid and bankable actors.

But stardom is hard work, and sometimes even actors turn to forms of coping that are not very good for them. Press conferences and tours can be exhausting and in 2016 Robert admitted that he spent a lot of time on tour just getting wasted and that he dodged interviews by simply talking gibberish until the studio stepped in to stop him from becoming a liability. Here he is looking more than a little buzzed.

13 Tom Felton Barefoot Fun On A Golf Course

Now here’s something you don’t see every day– would you believe that this is Tom Felton, who played Harry Potter’s nemesis, Draco, at Hogwarts? The snooty little ice blonde boy has grown up and seems to be loving life, and who wouldn’t be when you’ve already had such a successful career at such a young age?

This picture was snapped in March of 2016 and shows a barefoot Tom cruising around an exclusive Hawaii golf club. He looks really happy and relaxed, but could that have something to do with whatever that is between his lips? Yes, it could be a rolled up cigarette (he's a grown up now after all) but it looks quite suspicious. Not to mention, who walks around a golf course barefoot?

12 Daniel Radcliffe Just A Tad Buzzed

Radcliffe has spoken very frankly about his “addictive personality” and the reason why he needed to slow down on his drinking, saying that he was becoming too dependent on it. He admitted that he would often arrive on the set of the later films still drunk from the night before. In an interview with Heat magazine, Daniel said that after watching the films he could see that there were moments when was completely out of it.

The picture above is one of many taken of him on these infamous nights on the town and they have become the basis for a host of internet memes. It’s kind of difficult to feel disgusted with him though because all young men like to party don’t they? And after you’ve starred in such a successful movie series at such a young age surely you’re entitled to let your hair down?

11 Hey, Can You Give Me A Ride?

You’ll probably remember Verne from his role as Mini-Me in the Austin Powers movies. But in 2001, he also appeared in the very first movie of the series, Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone. In the film, he played the role of Griphook, a goblin and an employee of the Gringotts Wizarding Bank.

Verne is also no stranger to controversy, but 2008 had to be one of his worst years in the public eye. Firstly, about halfway through the year, a self-made sex video involving Troyer and then girlfriend, Ranae Shrider, leaked out and caused quite a stir (and a few legal niggles).

So was it really a surprise to see a friend carrying Troyer out of a New Year's Eve party at the end of that year, looking more than a little worse for wear?

10 Devon Murray - Perv...

“DRINK!! CARS!! GIRLS!! #FatherDevon”. That’s a tweet from Devon Murray and it provides us with the answer of exactly what he did with his movie earnings. You guessed it, spent it on booze, cars, and pretty girls. This is the picture that accompanied that tweet, and it’s worth way more than a thousand words.

The actor ended up in court after his former agent sued him for fees that were never paid. It was here that it was revealed that the actor, who played wizard Seamus Finnigan in all eight of the Harry Potter films, managed to squander close to a million dollars on fast living. After the legal battle, the star is now forced to live on a few hundred dollars a month. Not much to show for your hard work is it, Devon?

9 Jamie Waylett - Rebellious Youth

You’d think that after numerous appearances in a blockbuster movie series like Harry Potter you wouldn’t need a life of crime for excitement. You’d think that, but in the case of Jamie Waylett, you’d be dead wrong.

If you’re wondering why Hogwarts bully, Vincent Crabbe didn’t appear in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows it’s because he was having some “legal difficulties”; i.e. he was caught growing pot in his mother’s house and was ordered to spend six weeks in a young offenders institution. But the worst was still to come; in 2011, he was arrested following the England riots after photos of him carrying a petrol bomb surfaced. Oh, and he later was accused of growing pot (again) and drinking stolen champagne. For ‘violent disorder' he was sentenced to two years in jail. Whoops.

8 Daniel Radcliffe - The Picture Speaks For Itself

Let’s be fair Daniel Radcliffe has used his stardom in many good ways, for example, speaking out against homophobia, so we can forgive the odd discretion.

In 2009, headlines like this ran rampant in the tabloids who claimed that they were proof of the then 20-year-old smoking a joint. His spokesperson was quick to issue a statement claiming that the actor did like to smoke the occasional “roll-up” cigarette, but he was certainly not smoking illegal substances. There are plenty of pictures of him smoking normal filtered cigarettes, so you can decide for yourself on this one.

7 Is This Really Rupert Grint?

When this picture popped up on in 2011 it caused quite a stir. Not that a 20-year-old smoking a bong should come as a surprise, but people were asking “Is that really Rupert Grint?” That’s who the gossip site claimed this young man was.

But before you throw away all your Harry Potter films in disgust you should know that while whoever this is looks remarkably like Rupert, he and his spokespeople have categorically stated that this is not him but rather a young lookalike. And if you have a look at other pictures of him during this time period you’ll see that his arms did not look nearly as good as this guy's guns. Still, I guess you just never know, I mean it’s not like you’re going to admit to that is it?

6 Bellatrix Partied A Little Too Hard

The eccentric Helena Bonham Carter was the perfect choice for the twisted character, Bellatrix Lestrange, who appeared in the final four Harry Potter films between 2007 and 2011. Helena has had an incredibly successful film career and was even made a CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire) in 2012 for her services to drama.

But even super successful stars like Helena are not immune to bad moments. No, just like the rest of us, they sometimes take things a little too far. But unlike us, if they are caught by the paparazzi, everyone is going to know about it. This shot was taken of her leaving the BAFTA TV awards in 2014 and it looks like she really enjoyed the raucous after-party.

5 Bonnie Wright Enjoys An Intimate Moment

Bonnie Wright actually auditioned for the role of Ginny Weasley after her brother said that she reminded him of the character in the Harry Potter books. Someone else must have seen this as well because she beat out thousands of other girls for the role. Her role started small, but she had a more central part in the last few films. And she’s not only an actress but also an accomplished director and catwalk fashion model.

People associated her character with someone sweet and innocent, so when these snaps of her on holiday with an unnamed suitor surfaced in 2013, they were very surprised. The 22-year-old went on a break-away following a split with her then fiancé. Maybe this guy was just helping her get over the heartache?

4 Devon Murray - Smoking On Set At 13

Long before he blew all his money, Devon had already created controversy. In 2004, a picture of the then 13-year-old smoking on the set of Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire hit the media. And it was a frenzy. The problem was that the agent (who would later sue him) was nowhere to be found and fans and parents were voicing their disgust with these pictures of a young child smoking.

The agent has been out of the country at the time with family problems and by the time he returned the damage was already done. Devon and his mom were so angry that they fired the agent. Although the problem here is not the agent, it’s a young person, who millions of kids look up to, setting such a bad example.

3 Matthew Lewis At An After-Party

This actor’s transformation is almost unbelievable– can you believe that this handsome man is the same funny looking little chap who played Neville Longbottom? Just goes to show you what a difference puberty can make. All we can say is that he grew up well, really well.

And for the most part, he seems like a decent person as well. Did you know that he’s even a vice-president of the Leeds Rugby Foundation charity? But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t enjoy a drink every now and again, just like everyone else. These pictures were snapped during a get-together of a number of the young stars from the film series and show him drinking from a large bottle of cider. Wonder how he felt the following day.

2 Rupert Grint Taking A Stroll With His Beverage

Early this year, Rupert found himself in the tabloids again following a fun day outing to Thorpe Park, a resort in the UK. The now 27-year-old actor has kept a much lower profile than his co-stars Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe, since the Harry Potter film series ended.

Rupert was spotted around the park with a female companion enjoying the rides and attractions, as well as a few beers and cigarettes. Although he looks relaxed in these pictures he is almost unrecognizable from the clumsy little ginger boy who appeared in the first film of the franchise, when he was just 11 years old. Maybe he wants the world to know that he is all grown up now?

1 Emma Watson And Her Corona

Emma Watson is one of the sweetest celebs we know, but that doesn’t mean that the young star hasn’t had her share of controversy. Most notable was after she gave a speech at the UN (she’s a UN Ambassador for Women) and a vicious website started threatening to publish photos of Emma in the nude. She stated on her Facebook page that she knew it was a hoax because no pictures of the sort existed. Very respectable.

This picture of a young Emma slouched back in her chair with a relaxed grin does show her in a different light than the put-together young actress that we see in interviews. And while she’s not exactly acting badly, she probably doesn't want this picture circulating the web; certainly not now that she's a UN Ambassador for Women.


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15 Photos Harry Potter Stars Don't Want You To See