15 People Who Parked Like Jerks And Got What They Deserve

With lessons so expensive these days and the tests so strict, it completely baffles me just how many idiot drivers are actually out there on there on the roads. I’ll admit it, I’m the worst when it comes to road rage. I scare my friends when they are riding in the passenger seat with me because I don’t even know I’m doing it. I’ll be having a normal conversation and then in a split second I’ll completely lose my rag, then return to the conversation like nothing happened again. I bet you’ve seen some pretty horrific parking in your life. If only someone could have taught them a lesson…well, now you can. We’ve lined up 15 people who parked terribly and got exactly what was coming to them. This is comedy gold. Keep these ideas in mind next time you witness some horrific parking skills. Don’t forget to let us know which one is your favorite in the comments section.


15 Saran Wrapped

We'll start off with my favorite. This is pure genius. Not only is it genius, it will have 100% taught them a lesson. Do you know how long it must have taken them to get all of that off? A saran wrap can be fiddly at the best of the times, I even make a mess of it when I'm wrapping my sandwiches up in the kitchen. It's a little like sellotape, you have to start off by carefully locating the beginning of the tape. I love it when people think outside the box, I would have never have managed to come up with something like this. However, all of the bad parkers on my street better watch out, I definitely have this one mentally noted down.  It's inexpensive, clever, and a nightmare to undo. I can excuse bad parking once of twice, but when it comes to idiots who don't own a badge parking in disabled spots it really grinds my gears. There are people out there who really need these spaces, unfortunately, there are also really selfish people who don't need them, but decide to take them anyway.

14 Supermarket Sweep


Someone definitely pissed off the wrong guy here. Can you imagine coming out the store with all your bags only to find your car surrounded by a 100 different trollies? You wouldn't even know where to start to fix the damn situation. This isn't just any parking revenge, this is a carefully constructed plan to mess up someone's day. Big time. I'll be honest, whoever did this, I'm a fan of their style. I secretly hope it was the underpaid trolley collector who worked in the parking lot. Maybe he saw the driver being a complete douchebag to someone and decided to plot his own revenge. Muhahaha! I bet it's harder to unlock and break the chain of trollies than it looks. I wouldn't like to be the guy who had to put all these back at the end of the day. Love this trick though, the prankster definitely stopped this driver in his tracks for a short while. I wonder if they caught him on camera setting it all up, man, I'd love to see that footage.

13 Fishy Business

This is ruthless. Whoever did this also needs help. If you're an animal lover then look away now. I really hope this fish was dead BEFORE they decided to stick it in the handle. I understand the people who park terribly can be extremely frustrating. However, I don't think killing animals is the way forward. Although it may be pretty hilarious to look at I feel sorry for the little fishy that had to die and fry in the sun just to be the butt of the joke. Imagine coming back to your car only to find a dead fish in the handle. You'd be mortified. Not only would you have to take it out yourself, you would have to wash your hands because of the smell. If this was me I would definitely be scooching over to the driver's seat from the passenger's seat, there's no way you would catch me fiddling with a fish. Then again, can you imagine driving down the road and pulling up to the lights, only to see the guy in the car next to me giving me weird looks because he's spotted the fish wedged in the handle of my car.

12 Motorcycle Madness


I really do wonder what is the matter with some people. The folks driving the red car are either completely ignorant either that or they simply can't read. I'm not sure how this would turn out, I mean if the guys in the red guy are so ignorant as to park in a motorcycle spot, who's to say they won't just ram right over the motorcycle to get out of there? That would be a real bummer for the guy riding the awesome green motorcycle. What a way to get revenge though, if somebody parks in your spot, at least motorcycles are small enough to plot some kind of revenge and block them in. I bet when this guy saw somebody parked in his space he was not having any of it! This motorcycle space was designed for two bikes, not one big ugly car. Some people really need to take their driver's license test all over again. I bet you any money 60% of people on the road today would fail.

11 Yikes

First off, I think this man needs help. He either just caught his wife cheating on him or he just got fired from his job. This is crazy. I mean, I'm all for a little road rage every now and then, but ramming into someones VERY expensive car? Really? He's got some balls I'll give him that, but what he has in balls he's definitely lacking in brains. Did he not stop to think that of course, he was surrounded by cameras? I have a feeling what he gained in momentary satisfaction he will have had to pay much more in compensation for damages. Although it's stupid I just can't stop watching it. It's super satisfying. It's the kind of thing I always role play out in my head. Like when my boss is being a complete douchebag I always visualize myself punching them in the face before telling them I quit, but of course, I would never do that. This guys initial bad parking job isn't even that bad really when you compare it to the rest so I can't help but think it's a little harsh. However, it could have been totally avoided if he just learned how to park properly.

10 Meanwhile, Down Under...


Meanwhile down under, the Aussies have got some parking problems of their own. I'm actually not sure if this picture was photographed in Australia, I just took a wild guess from the fact it said 'Outback Steakhouse'. We all know the Aussies love a good steak, I mean, who doesn't. I could kill for one now. I could also kill the man who parked his car like this. Call me sensitive but people like this infuriate me, it's just pure selfishness. At least 3 cars could have squeezed in the gap he so stupidly parked his car the wrong way in. Imagine pulling up to your favorite steakhouse only to quickly realize that there is nowhere to park because this jerk parked like this. There's nothing worse than filling up on steak and having to walk half a mile to your car when you're suffering from a major food baby. He kind of shot himself in the foot though because the two cars either end who actually know how to park have trapped the fool in. Good luck getting out of that one mate.

9 Oh, The Sarcasm

I am a sucker for sarcasm. I am a little like Chandler from the TV series Friends,  I can't help but crack a joke when I see the opportunity. Sometimes people can take getting revenge a little too seriously, as you will see in the next example. However, I am a big fan of subtle revenge, the kind that makes the victim blush a little rather than full on scream out 'WHAT THE HELL'! This is a good example of public embarrassment, hopefully, it humiliated the driver enough to teach him a lesson. These people who blatantly park over two spaces must have no shame. There is no way that they get out of their cars, look back at their parking, and think that it's a good idea? At least they did the driver a favor of blurring out the registration plate with a pair of funny glasses before posting it online. Maybe I will start to carry chalk around with me in future, you never know when it could come in handy.


8 Clever Convertible


This is BRILLIANT! This is when the good cars win over the rubbish cars. The silver vehicle looks like a cruddy Nissan Micra or something. God knows. What I do know is that it looks like it belongs back in the 80s, or on a scrap yard. Not only is it ugly, but the guy who owns it clearly doesn't know how to park. Again, another classic case of space hogging. AKA the worst kind of people. Ever. Thankfully, the cure red convertible is having none of it. He swiftly eases into the spaces and smugly climbs out the roof of his convertible. When the guy owning the ugly Nissan returns to his car he's in for one hell of a surprise. There is no way that he will be able to get into his car unless he breaks his way through the windows. Hopefully, the shame of him having to wait for one of the other drivers on each side will be enough to stop him from doing anything like this ever again.

7 Wedged

A fancy car wedged between two trash cans. Classic! Try reversing out of that one my friend. It clearly says no parking so I can't really sympathize all too much with this one. Maybe the shame of moving the trash cans himself will be enough to put him off parking like this ever again. To be fair, the car park does look full, maybe he had nowhere else to go. Still, it's comedy gold. I wouldn't like to come out from work on a Monday to find this. It would be the cherry on the cake. Not. It's a nice car too, it doesn't look great sandwiched between two ugly dumpsters. Note to self, don't ever risk it for a chocolate biscuit. Park in designated areas, and only designated areas. Whoever owns that car, I imagine is the sort of person who doesn't fancy getting his hands grubby moving around stinky trash. I bet they just stared at it for a while whilst contemplating what to do.  Hat off to the person who took this photo and uploaded it to the web before it was too late.

6 Right Down The Middle


Possibly the worst parking crime a person could commit is hogging space. This is what classic bad parking looks like. Textbook. I mean there's nothing worse especially when the mall is packed on a weekend and you are on the prowl for space. People like this are the reason you end up circling the parking lot a number of times before you finally find somewhere. I can't quite tell if this is a painted yellow stripe or just some tape stuck on. It looks like it's tape, because of where it connects to the floor. I bet the driver was grateful for that. I guess paint would be a lot harder to remove. I bet when he first noticed it as he strolled on over to his vehicle he stopped in his tracks and panicked because he thought it was painted. What goes through a driver mind to think that it is okay to park like this? Surely, it would have taken him just a few extra second to straighten up and stay between the lines. Some people just never learn.

5 Hose Life

I can't honestly tell you what went on in this picture. I mean, all the other cars are parked up nicely in a row, I wonder what this car was doing so wrong? All I can think is that there was some kind of fire on the other side of the road. Hence, why the people on the sidewalk are congregating together. When the emergency service arrived, this guy probably just happened to park in the wrong place at the wrong time. In order to get the hose over to the fire, I'm guessing that they had to smash through this guys window. It was definitely smashed because if you look on the ground you will notice shattered glass all over the floor. Ouch, I wonder who pays for this. I doubt it's the emergency services. Note to self, always be wary of where you park your car. Try to avoid parking anywhere near water hoses. At least his car wasn't broken into by a thug, at least it was actually for a good cause, and hopefully it saved some lives.

4 Not So Smart Car


No parking really does mean no parking. However, it seems that some people have no care for words. For them, they are just words. I wonder if the guy looking at the car a little red faced actually owns the car, or he was the one that constructed the hilarious wooden structure that trapped it in.  If he does own the car, he should be embarrassed. Not only does he park terribly he probably owns one of the most insulting cars known to humanity. For me, smart cars are down right ugly. They just look so wrong. They may be nimble and able to squeeze in tight spaces like this, but they are also super claustrophobic, unsafe, and not to mention down right ugly. Good luck getting out of this one. It looks as though they would have to lift it up over the car entirely or smash it to pieces. I love the passive aggressive text that was penned on to the front panel. 'No parking means NO PARKING'. Remember that people, or forever be shamed by the road raging gods.

3 C*** Blocked

I never really understood the term c*ck blocked fully. Until now. I actually don't think the guy that owns this vehicle did anything wrong. I mean it looks to me that he parked perfectly, but I just simply couldn't leave this one out the list. It's comedy gold. Call me immature, but this is awesome, just think how much time and effort went into this. Can you imagine the look on this guys face when he came back to his car. It must have been priceless. I wish someone had filmed it, I would kill to see that footage. After he got over the initial shock the funniest thing is that he probably had to destroy this masterpiece himself in order to get his car out of there. Man, this is one of the many reasons I absolutely adore winter and snow. It brings out the playful side in everyone. Some say playful, others may say immature. I don't even care, this made me howl with stitches. Roll in December, I can't wait to try something like this myself.

2 Thank God For The Forklift


Forklifts were never really high in my estimations when it came to the driving world, but after seeing this picture. All of that has changed for me. I need to keep one of these things stashed away in my garage so that any time some douchebag thinks it's okay to just come and park in front of my driveway I can just scoot on over in my forklift truck and lift it right out of there muahahaha. How much fun would that be? In fact, I would love to just buy one to mess with the people on my estate. You could totally convince somebody they were going insane by just sneaking out at night and moving their cars. Evil, I know. But it's in my nature. I would love to see the look on the faces of my least desirable neighbors. Man, that would be hilarious. Time to start saving. Does anyone know where I can buy or hire one of these things? Who knew they could come in so handy!

1 Dumpster Classic

Here's another dumpster classic. This one is even better than the last because there are more trash cans involved. Why on earth did someone think it was a good idea to park in front of the dumpster station? I mean, seriously, they could have just parked a little further down the road with no fuss. Instead of putting the dumpsters back in the station the bin men and lady decided it would be much funnier to surround the car. I hope the driver learns his lesson and watches where he is parking next time. Who knew a person could be so stupid? Luckily, for him or her, I imagine the trash cans have just been emptied so they shouldn't weigh too much when he has to move them away so he can drive off. I bet the person who took this photo had a right chuckle to themselves when they saw what was happening from above.


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