15 People Who Parked Like D-Bags And Looked Like Losers

Douches are important, but only if they can be found in the hygiene section of Walmart.

If they're found double-parking or too close to your car, then there's a problem. Nothing's worse than getting off from work, going to the store, and then leaving the store to find your car blocked or scraped.

Instead of driving home to watch the latest The Walking Dead episode with a tub of vanilla ice cream in hand, you're either waiting for the inconsiderate driver, or you're left to your own devices.

The entire situation just sucks and blows. However, you can always find the humor in life's most tragic scenarios. While nobody wants to wait for a jerk to move his car or call a weird towing company, at least you can look back and laugh about the experience with your best friends.

If the memory's too painful, though, then at least you can remember it as a lesson learned. After all, the next time you're in a pickle, you might be able to handle the situation better than the last time. However, if you still feel lost and hopeless, maybe this list can help ease your pain. Take a look at the fifteen worst pictures of douches ruining parking for everyone and their mother. They got what they deserved in the end, though.

Whether they were greeted with personal notes or a circle of shopping carts, the a*sholes learned a valuable lesson. If they don't want to be inconvenienced, then they should take their time to park politely.

15 Hating On A Honda

A Special Spot

One person double-parked their Honda truck and all hell broke loose.

Apparently, when the driver got back, he was greeted with a note that was short, sweet, and straight to the point. They saw the words "I'm Special!" written in blue chalk on the pavement. At least the driver's car was still intact. People have little patience for the rude of the road, and they can do much more damage than a couple of cutthroat words.

Just take a look at the next picture on this list. Vandals took their anger one step further.

14 Red Car Spray-Painted White

Another Note on Car

A beautiful red car gets branded with white lettering and who knows why?

In the photo above, you can clearly see the words "Learn to park Helen Keller" on the car's window. While you can't know for sure why the car was vandalized, you could take a guess or two. Like the Honda truck, the car may have double-parked or the car could've parked way too close to the saboteur's own vehicle. While getting out of a car is no problem, try opening the door just inches away from another car door.

The thought's what nightmares are made of.

13 Monster Truck With A Monster Message

Asshole Parking

Sticks and stones may break my bones...

The words "As*hole parking" were written in big letters with a vast amount of blue and pink arrows pointing to a monster truck. The black vehicle looked like it could destroy houses. So, of course, it had to disrupt parking lots. The truck took up four spaces. Yes, you read that correctly. Four. Spaces. No wonder people were pissed. When they're trying to find parking on such a busy day, they're not expecting one vehicle to fill four different parking spaces.

They'd rather be dealing with the DMV.

12 Never Park Near A Fire Hydrant

Car Broken by Fire Hose

If you enjoy broken glass and property damage, then go for it.

This may be the worst picture yet. You can clearly see that the driver chose to take a risk by parking very, very close to the fire hydrant. Obviously, they paid the price. Their normal-sized car got plowed by a massively thick and large hose. Both of the driver's back windows were broken and shards of glass surrounded the vehicle. What a mess, right?

While the driver probably meant no harm, one thing's for sure. They're in a fiscal and legal mess.

11 A Car Or A Mummy?

Car Covered in Saran Wrap

You know you've screwed up when your van's covered in what looks like Saran wrap.

Since the driver flipped the finger by parallel parking in the wrong direction (and invading another car's space), one person went above and beyond to show his disgust. He made sure the entire van was wrapped in plastic. The car just looked like a mummified version of automobiles that the driver needed to resurrect. Hopefully, they had their sharpest pair of scissors on deck.

Their car needed to be brought back from the dead.

10 The New Infinity's The Sh*t

Car with a Toilet on Top

You thought the car/mummy was bad, then what do you think about the photo above?

If you can barely stomach the sight, you have to wonder what was running through the driver's mind. Even though the sleek and shiny car would be the talk of the town, it's the talk of the town for a much different reason now. There aren't too many Infinity cars with an old toilet on their hood. Then again, there aren't too many drivers who literally park on grass.

What a crappy move to doo-doo.

9 One Jeep Gets The Boot

Jeep Gets the Boot

If you love your car, then park like a normal human being.

There are way too many instances of people just hogging multiple parking spaces at one time, and the madness has got to stop. Luckily, one driver was able to learn his lesson. When he parked his Jeep in several parking spaces, police came by to give the shiny vehicle several boots. So the driver might've had an easy time parking, but he'll have an even harder time leaving. Maybe next time, he'll learn follow the rules of the road.

They want to stay safe and they want their vehicle to stay safe, too.

8 Parallel Parking Gone Wrong

Middle Car Jammed

The DMV tests you on parallel parking for a reason.

In this picture, the metallic bluish car is trapped between two other cars. The only way for the driver to leave is if one of the other vehicles leaves, too. Unfortunately, the problem is pretty common. People's cars are blocked all of the time, so the owner was experiencing nothing new. The car behind parked way too close to the rear and the car upfront parked in the wrong direction, not to mention too close for comfort.

However, at least the car in the middle looks unharmed.

7 A Reason To Pay Attention (And Read)

Motorcycle Blocked Car

If you've ever owned a motorcycle, then get ready to chuckle.

A red family car just parked in the section for motorcycle vehicles, which is almost as bad as able-bodied adults parking in reserved parking (commonly known as "handicapped" parking). Needless to say, the vehicle had nowhere to go. Until the lime-green motorcycle moved, the family car was stuck. However, at least the driver learned an important lesson without suffering extreme consequences. Their situation could've been much, much worse.

Can you say "toilet" or "fire hydrant?"

6 Courtesy Of "As*hole"

Note Taped to Car

The driver must've been a special type of "as*hole" to receive an actual letter.

You can read the letter for yourself. Apparently, the "as*hole" in the situation parked like a typical douche. "For taking up two parking spots this morning, and then walking away as I politely asked you to pull up a few more feet, you are a colossal as*hole," the writer states. However, they did more than just air out their grievances. They also personalized the note.

"Your mustache is ugly. Shave that shit," the memo concludes.

5 A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words

The Contest Winner

Who says that work can't be fun?

On the wall of somebody's office, printer paper was taped to it, and it showed one car infamously double-parking. Of course, a sweet message also went along with the photo. "Congratulations to today's parking contest award winner. If you know this person, please treat them with utmost respect. Clearly, they are better than you are," the memo reads.

Actions speak louder than words, and how someone parks is a sure-fire way to see through their facade.

4 Dumpster Diving? More Like Dumpster Parking

One Car, Two Dumpsters

Dumpsters are only good for one thing—trash.

Usually, when people see dumpsters, they don't think about parking near them, especially in between them. However, one person had no problem parallel parking and had no problem squeezing his car in between the green bins. While there might've been nothing wrong with the makeshift parking space, the words "No parking" were spray-painted on one of the dumpsters. Desperate times call for desperate measures, though. The person was probably late for work or an appointment, so he had to park closer to the building. However, he got extremely lucky and he should count his blessings.

At least the fancy car wasn't littered with McDonald's wrappers and hypodermic needles.

3 The Walmart Version Of A Crop Circle

Did a person get mad at the driver, or did an alien get enraged?

One car was parked outside of a quaint shopping center, and the car seemed to be between the lines of one parking space. However, shopping carts were elaborately placed around the entire vehicle. Was the script flipped? Instead of the driver causing bedlam, maybe a few coworkers pulled a prank or maybe the conspiracy theory goes beyond the human imagination. After all, the carts made a perfect circle around a car that was doing harm to nobody. The intricate artwork could've been designed by aliens.

You never know.

2 One Truck against Four Smart Cars

Instead of trucks, the babies of the automobile industry are doing the damage.

A white truck was parked in a parking lot that had more than enough parking spaces, yet four smart cars were packed into one space right by the truck. Obviously, the smaller cars were blocking the entrance of the driver's side. While the smart cars were (illegally) placed in one spot as a prank, they're still making things much more complicated for the owner of the truck. The rest of the world may be laughing, but the driver was probably in tears.

The person should've just parked in between dumpsters.

1 Classic Case Of Double-Parking

Special Parking Space

Another driver goes rogue.

The cowboy in question double-parked his car and not everybody was saying yee-haw. One person was so upset that he even wrote a special message for the driver, so when the driver would go to the vehicle, he would see the words "Parking spot just for you" written in purple chalk. Not only would they see the message, but they'd also see their customized parking space in blue, the classic color.

Hey, at least the driver was parked in style.

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