15 People Who Didn't Think Before They Inked

One of the most important life lessons you need to learn is to think before you drink.

One of the most important life lessons you need to learn is to think before you drink. Perhaps an even more important rule though is that you DEFINITELY should not drink before you ink. Sadly, some of these tattoos are so embarrassing there is no way that at least one of the people involved wasn't hammered.

We've got the classics like incorrect grammar, but have to give special attention to some cases like the beautiful woman who tattooed her boyfriend's (of under 24 hours) name on her face, the man who had an anchor tattooed on his special area or you know, the guy who got a Trump tattoo.

We round it all with the two worst celebrity tattoos of all time, including one man who got one of the tattoos replicated on his own body because you know... why not.

There are plenty of things in your life that you may regret, don't make your tattoo one of them.

15 You Just Know There Is No Way Monster Is Paying Him...


When you're trying to cram for an exam with some last minute late night study sessions, making sure you are properly caffeinated with your beverage of choice can be the difference between getting that 62%, and getting that 65%!

Which is why if someone's drink of choice is coffee, or say an energy drink, you probably aren't going to sass them too hard. But I think that rule definitely goes out the window when the person elects to literally get a brand logo tattoo on their face.

And if that wasn't bad enough, this individual elected to get not just one, but TWO awful Monster tattoos. We're sure the company is thrilled that he has left the left cheek open for if they ever debut a new logo.

Topping it off is what appears to be some terrible neck tattoos, way to go buddy.

14 Yoda Would Be Disgraced


You know what the great thing about this above tattoo of Yoda is? You're able to look at it, have yourself a nice chuckle at the obvious penis reference and move on with your day. You know what isn't great about actually having the tattoo? The fact that 1) Everyone must think you have a small penis and 2) That joke is definitely going to get old quick, especially if it's on your leg.

Good luck also explaining that one to your kids, we hope you're ready for a birds and bees talk at an early age!

We needed to drop this lower on our list if only because as a tattoo, it's far from the worst one we have on here, but that still doesn't make it a good idea. That just means the person had money to spend on a tattoo and still elected with this one.

Yoda would be disappointed.

13 Yes Bro, Yes I'm Mad


Now when it comes to breaking down the issues with this tattoo, there are several layers you need to go through. The first being that who honestly thinks it's a good idea to get a President tattooed on your body, much less Trump of all people.

Then you need to factor in the fact (heh) that he went with the hilarious (eye-roll) and definitely never cringeworthy "You Mad Bro?!?", yes bro, mad at the level of stupidity that is all up on your arm at the moment. Not to mention his hair looks gray, so it is clear this Trump enthusiast is expecting a relatively long Presidency for Trump.

You can imagine if the tattoo artist was a Clinton fan, that they definitely didn't want to bring their A-Game on this one!

12 Bananananana.. BatNIPPLE?


When it comes to tattoos that are so bad that they just hurt to look at, one of the things that really brings this tattoo down is the fact that there is a beautiful one to the left of it. I mean honestly, who doesn't look at that tattoo and get at least a little bit jealous? I suppose if you hate Batman it may not be up your alley, but at the very least it was clearly well done.

The one on the right... definitely not so much. You also have to factor in that when copying the tattoo design, the tattoo artist elected to TATTOO IN THE OTHER DUDE'S NIPPLE. Like what?! Are you kidding me? How does this happen?

The fact that the tattoo doesn't look completely finished leads me to believe the tattoo artist saw his mistake and promptly retired, or at least that is what we hope happens!

11 Talk About Looking Starry Eyed


Below you're going to read more about tattoo artist Rouslan Toumaniantz whose girlfriend (of under 24 hours) got a tattoo of his name on her face, but first, we get to hear about Kimberley Vlaminck that requested FIFTY-SIX stars on the left side of her face. Perhaps immediately realizing how embarrassing it was, she then lied to her parents and local media that she fell asleep after only requesting 3 stars, but that he kept going.

She kept the lie up for about a week, before realizing she wasn't going to be able to keep it up and confessed saying that she had in fact, requested all 56 stars.

As you can see from the above photo, she thankfully no longer has the stars on her face after undergoing 3 years of laser treatments that were broken up over 9 sessions.

10 Please Don't Let Me Taste Her Rainbow!


Now call me crazy, but the above photos probably don't make you want to go and grab a bag of Skittles eh? There are several things in these photos that should really blow you away. First, the fact that someone thought this was honestly a good idea for a tattoo, especially a tattoo above your chest. Second, that they elected to spell Skittles with a 'Z' because you know, proper spelling isn't "super badass" like Skittlez is.

Not to mention if you had the misfortune of getting intimate with this lovely lady and it did not exactly end the best, that's probably a pretty good way to ruin what could have been one of your favorite snacks.

Plus, we're just getting a headache now of all the awful drunk jokes that guys are going to make when they go up to her in a bar. "Hey baby, wanna taste my rainbow?" to which she'll probably respond with "wanna taste my right hook?"

9 More Like Stupid Squad


I don't know where we're supposed to start making fun of this tattoo, so I suppose let's just dig in. How about the fact that Suicide Squad, while you hope is this guy's favorite movie, was widely considered to be a huge disappointment? Or the fact that part of why people decided to be turned off the movie was some of the weirder stylistic choices like tattooing the word damaged on the head of The Joker.

But you know, at least The Joker is insane so you're not going to judge him all that harshly. You can't exactly say the same thing for this gentleman in real life, though we wouldn't be surprised if he has some screws loose.

Let's be honest, this tattoo could have been done by one of the best tattoo artists in the world and the concept behind it would still fail. What's his main angle here, "Hey guys, remember that forgettable scene in that forgettable DC Movie?" "....No?" "WELL GOOD THING I HAVE IT TATTOOED ON MY ARM."

8 Life Every Day 


Now if I have a certain level of "bias" here, it's that I tend to enjoy tattoos that are you know, grammatically correct. I suppose it comes with writing being part of what I do for a living, and the idea of going and getting something tattooed on your body that is as awful as the above one really is a head scratcher.

I believe what he was looking for was "Live every day as if it were your last" but I mean, at least you have to give him some points for trying right?

Even if this tattoo was written out properly I don't know if there is any saving the decision to get what is honestly like 25% of a rosary. Is your intention to look really cool when you're... wearing a shirt? Like when is this supposed to look cool?

You don't look deep or religious, you just look like a douchenugget.

7 Double Up The Substance Tattoos


I really don't understand the appeal on getting a drug (or brand of alcohol for that matter) tattooed on yourself. I mean, is marijuana or meth (in this case) really so big in your life that you're like "aw yeah, I better make sure I get a tattoo of this so I can remember how cool I am!"

If we have to give any credit to the person who so lovingly tattooed "Love Meth" across his knuckles (never thought I'd say that sentence) it may be because at least he was able to spell everything out correctly. Our gentlemen on the right however elected to be just so into smoking weed, that he didn't elect to check that his tattoo said "somke weed", which is probably not quite what he was looking for.

We can only hope when he realizes the mistake that his bag of greenery and some munchies are close on hand!

6 What Are You Looking At (...It's A Galaxy)


Trust me, if your first thought process when you opened this photo was "what in the loving f*** am I staring at?" you definitely would not be the only one. What you're staring at is what happens when a tattoo artist gets the ambitious idea to tattoo a galaxy on a woman's chest.

That's right, that's supposed to be a galaxy. And while it's so bad you may think I mean a Samsung Galaxy, I mean the space type of galaxy. Instead, you get a mesh of blue and red swirls in what appears to also be in the shape of a heart.

Talk about a "far out idea man!". If the tattoo wasn't already terrible enough, the placement definitely deserves some honorable mention. Chest tattoos can look great, but they're also one of the hardest to cover up (especially for women) so you better make sure you're paying for a good artist!

5 Not Even Drake Loves Drake This Much


There is a lyric in a Drake song where he goes "Tat my name on you so I know it’s real," but you can imagine he never meant his fans to take that literally. Sadly, you may remember that in 2011 one woman did just that, getting DRAKE tattooed on her forehead.

Drake called out the tattoo artist for the decision, saying "The guy who tatted is a f---ing ---hole though, I will tell you that. I don’t f--- with that guy. F--- you to that tat artist by the way. And you should lose your job and should never do tattoos again and I don’t f--- with you. And if I ever see you, I’ma f--- you up.”

The artist, Kevin Campbell was quick to defend the decision saying,

"She was really psyched about it. She had the sh---y font all picked out on her iPhone ready to go and was pretty adamant about putting it on her forehead."

You can imagine after the photos went viral of people saying how stupid it looked, that she quickly realized she should have thought about her decision more.

4 Anchors Away! On His Genital Tattoo. Regrets Every One


Paul knew that his tattoos were always going to get him a certain level of attention is society. After all, you don't get the word "Loyalty" on your face unless you're expecting some looks.

Paul said in a past interview that within 3 months of turning 18, he had tattoos on over 30% of his body that also included a Harry Potter lightning bolt on part of his face.

When talking about that time in his life, Paul said "I wanted to be centre of attention, my friends were getting tattoos and social media is a massive thing where people can see what they want. I am an all or nothing guy. What I loved about my tattoos is the attention, wherever you go -- the pub, the gym, walking down the street -- people stare and that is a buzz."

This included him getting an anchor and a pair of lips tattooed on his penis... classy guy.

When talking about his tattoos recently he admitted that he was planning to have them all removed over the next 10 years, "I have completely outgrown my body suit, I need to get rid of it and forget about it. If I could get a giant laser or juice to dip me in and pull me out without the tattoos that would be fantastic."

Yikes, let's hope he's ready for some painful (and expensive) laser removal surgery!

3 Got A Face Tattoo Of Boyfriend She Knew For 24 Hours


It is always going to be a contested decision when someone elects to get a tattoo that has their partners name on it. You could be together for 50 years and if you ended up getting a FACE TATTOO of your partner, I don't think there are many people that could get behind that. Now, how about the fact that in this above case, Lesya had only met her partner Rouslan 24 hours before allowing him to tattoo her face. The two got married shortly after and she has also since had "All for Love" added above her eyebrow.

One of her friends was quick to defend her decision, saying,

"I know that there are people who are terrified that Lesya has made a rash decision that she’ll regret horribly, but sometimes the best decisions are the ones you make in an instant with your heart rather than the ones long-debated in your mind."

While we don't know about that, we can certainly hope the two stay together for the rest of their life. Hard to imagine a first date going well with any other guy!

Let's also just point out that his name is Rouslan, and she got Ruslan... I guess he couldn't figure out the spacing!

2 Life Is Rosy For Cheryl Cole's Booty


Cheryl Cole had plenty of things that she had placed on her "f--k it" list after she suffered from a scary bout of Malaria that made her think her life was coming to an end. One of those things was the decision to get roses tattooed all over her rear end.

While we guess woohoo her for feeling empowered, it's definitely a look that leaves plenty to be desired!

When talking about the design, Cole said "It was really painful but I think I'm done with tattoos now. It wasn't for any particular reason, I just liked the design. It took 15 hours in total."

Well, at least we know she was clearly dedicated enough to the idea to get it done by a proper tattoo artist!

1 Why Not Get Steve-O's Face On Your Back


Now let's be honest, Steve-O is just a pretty crazy party guy and having some awful tattoos may very well be part of that charm. But if you get a tattoo of yourself on your back, you definitely deserve to make our list, even if it did help his rise to fame.

Steve-O has several prominent tattoos but one of his other more popular ones may be the writing "your name" which he tattooed on his boot in 1998. He has since said he has had tons of fans come up to him and show him their own booty tattoo.

We can only hope that there aren't people out there that also have Steve-O's face tattooed on them! *sigh*

Steve-O recently took to Twitter in December to show his most recent ink, a "5+4 = 9" which he got to commemorate his late friend Ryan Dunn.


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