15 People Who Are Too Dumb To Internet

The internet is a great place, but it’s also very easy to spot the dumb people who use it. This is a bit like natural selection: simply by using the internet and posting on social media, they reveal how dumb they are. In a way, they also show how dumb they think we are, because all of them thought that they would get away with sharing these posts.

We all love laughing at someone who is just too dumb for words, and this list is going to give you your daily quota of stupid. None of these people should be allowed to go on the internet again, and especially not to use social media. Some of them should also be banned from using various photo editing tools. This would probably make the world a collectively more intelligent place, simply by removing them from contact with others on a mass scale.

If you’re ever about to post something as dumb as these examples, we really hope that this article flashes through your mind like a lightning bolt and dissuades you from hitting Enter. Once you post something, you can never take it back – the internet remembers. The internet screenshots and then shares with the rest of the internet. In twenty years, the reminders of your shame will still be lurking on Imgur and in lists like this one, for everyone to see, and they won’t stop there either. That’s why these people are just too dumb to be allowed to internet anymore.

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15 This IQ Test Faker

There are times when you may be disappointed by your own performance. When taking a test, for example, you may get a lower score than you expected to get. At school, you might be able to cover this up and claim you had a higher score, so long as the results aren’t posted publicly. But when it comes to taking tests that get shared on Facebook, unfortunately, the whole point of them is that they share your score for everyone else to see. So, when you do share it, it’s probably not a good idea to try to inflate your score and pretend like you are smarter than you really are. Mind you, in order to understand that, you probably need to have an IQ of more than 85, so this woman was never going to get there on her own. Oh, poor Charley, you never had a chance.

14 This Accidental Car Selfie

This girl has to win for the most ridiculous story behind a selfie. When posting this image, which she obviously posed for and completed with duck face, she had to give an excuse for posting it which made her seem a little less vain. She added a caption which read, “When you throw your phone down and it snaps a picture of your worst angel being 34 weeks pregnant! Hahaha”. Presumably, she meant angle, not angel, as we can’t spot any celestial visitors in this one. Even pregnancy brain can’t excuse this one, in which she clearly set the phone down on a timer to take a selfie at an angle that she thought was great. Then she posted about how it was her worst angle so that everyone would know she is only made up of great angles. She’s not quite as smooth as she thinks, as this one was obvious to all.

13 The Proud Boyfriend Of This Stunner

If you were going out with this girl, you would want to make sure that the world knew. That’s why this chap was keen to tell everyone that they had started dating, and were now in a relationship as of the 3rd January 2012. Rather than trying to talk to the guy who posted it, one of his friends just decided to catch him out fully and move on. He went online, did a very quick search, and found the modelling profile for one Tayane Leao. The professional model had her own page on the site, and he was able to share that, complete with a preview of the very image he had used. Adding a simple “nice try”, his work was done. This is a very stupid mistake to make. If you’re going to catfish everyone by making a fake profile for your fake girlfriend, at least use an image that isn’t easy to find on a modelling site.

12 Justin Bieber’s New Girlfriend

This young lady can almost be forgiven for faking this photo because she’s so young. What’s kind of a shame, however, is that her friends actually seem to have believed it was real. Despite the fact that they have totally different resolutions and tones, somehow Betul was convinced that her friend had really met and even shared a kiss with Justin Bieber. Olivia goes on to claim that she has Justin’s phone number and knows “where he is staying”, which is a kind of creepy and dubious claim. But she can’t tell anyone, obviously, because they will tell everyone and her mum said not to do that. You know, but she definitely does know him and where he is staying. And his phone number. Obviously. This photo just makes it look like his hair grew back or maybe the photos where he cut his hair are fake or something like that is going on but it’s TOTALLY real, okay?

11 This Guy Asleep On The Plane

We’ve all fallen victim to the humblebrag when scrolling through our social media feeds. This guy was bragging about his experiences and how he was so tired that he “passed out on the plane”. He then had to defend himself in the comments, as well he should. Green says, “Lol you took a fake sleeping picture haha”, and the original poster is forced to react. He says, “nope, was actually the person who sat in front of me.. After I woke up they told me about the photo and I thought I might as well use it..” It’s the most obvious excuse in the book. How creeped out would you really be if you woke up to find out a random stranger had picked up your phone, unlocked it, taken a picture of you while you were asleep, and then returned the phone to you? You certainly wouldn’t be chill enough to just post the image without comment.

10 The Owner of This New Car

This girl thought it would be a good idea to try and impress her friends by flashing some wealth about, namely by pretending that she had a new car. The easiest way to do that? Go out in your cutest outfit, get an iced drink, and then stand next to the flashy Porsche in the parking lot pretending that it’s yours. But how will people believe that it’s yours if all you are doing is standing next to it? The best way is to flash your keys as well so that they understand it’s yours. Well, unless they look closely at the car, that is. Then they will see that you are holding the keys for a Volkswagen. Not quite as impressive as a Porsche, eh? This is a real rookie mistake, similar to the people who don’t check their backgrounds before posting a selfie that reveals more than they intended it to.

9 This Budding Photographer

This person on Facebook decided to impress their friends by showing off their photography skills. The problem is, they don’t actually have any photography skills. They probably don’t even own a professional camera. The next best thing, therefore, is to search the internet for an image that you find to be impressive and yet would be somewhat possible for you to have taken it. Then you just post it up and viola, everyone will think that you’re amazing. This guy made a big mistake, however, in the actual image that he chose. He clearly didn’t look closely enough to see that it was watermarked by Nick Boyer Photography, a fact that one of his friends quickly pointed out. The game was up before it even started in this case. When you’re claiming something as your own, at least give it a cursory glance over before you post it.

8 This No Makeup Selfie Taker

A while ago, there was a trend going around of everyone taking selfies before and after putting on their make-up in order to raise awareness of cancer research and the need for donations. It was a great cause, but some people just weren’t willing to go all the way for it. This woman posted a couple of selfies saying she had no make-up on, and if you’ve ever used make-up, you will spot some immediate problems with that. She is very clearly wearing foundation, eyebrow pencil, mascara, eyeliner, fake lashes, lipstick, and probably some powder and highlighter as well. She even denied that she was wearing anything but eyeliner and false eyelashes in the comments, although at the rate she was admitting things, this comment thread just needed a few more people to chip in and she would probably have owned up. Not the best lie we’ve ever seen.

7 This Amazingly Talented Artist

Ah, Rebecca. You’ve made a classic mistake here, in thinking that other people don’t have the same Googling skills that you do. The thing is that we have this tool called Google Reverse Image Search, and it’s great for finding the origin of pictures – or at least, a million different places where they have been used. This was not a good one to choose, as one of her friends found it pretty quickly on DeviantArt. Adding a flippant comment about her name being changed to Claire Stevenson, the friend quickly posted a link to the original post of the drawing from the artist. That caught her out pretty quickly – it says that she had only added the image 10 minutes before she was publicly corrected. Let this be a lesson: art theft is never a good idea. Besides the fact that it’s easy to get caught out, it’s also one of the harshest crimes amongst the art community.

6 This Guy Looking For Easy Taco Bell

Here’s an enterprising guy who shared an image of his DMs. It’s a little odd that he would take a picture of his DMs to share, but still, let’s roll with it. In the image, he supposedly asks, “Hey if I get 10,000 retweets will you start delivering?” and gets the reply of, “Well if you can get 10,000 people interested in Taco Bell delivering we will make it happen”. He posted it and asked everyone to retweet him, but Taco Bell’s official account hopped in to let everyone know that it was not at all a real exchange. They wrote in no uncertain terms that getting the retweets would not get him the delivery. We aren’t sure whether he loved Taco Bell so much he desperately wanted delivery, or whether he wanted his moment of Twitter fame with all the retweets, but either way it was squashed immediately.

5 The Amazing Sketch Artist Behind This Portrait

Why do people claim to be something that they aren’t? They have to realize that one day they will need to back themselves up, and they won’t be able to do it, because they aren’t that person in real life. This is a case of someone thinking that they have discovered a filter app and they must be the only one to have ever done so. They took a photograph and used the sketch filter, and then simply saved the results ready to post on Facebook. It’s even more ridiculous because of the fact this isn’t even a particularly good filter – it doesn’t look like real pencil work at all. It’s far too pixelated and uniform for that. It was never going to be long at all before he got caught out – it took less than three minutes for someone to screenshot it and share it online.

4 This Girl Who Had Eye Surgery

When you look at this photo, immediately the thing that jumps out at you is that she has digitally altered her eyes. She has recoloured her hair too, but you don’t even see that at first because of how screamingly obvious the eyes are. One person in her comments decided to call her out on it, saying, “your eyes in your picture are obvs edited”. She carried on the desperate lie even though she had been called out, deciding to compound it further by adding more lies on top. She said, “no they’re not I had surgery on them after a bad accident when I was 7”. Um, right. Surgery that makes them get automatically Photoshopped every time you take a picture, is it? We’ve heard of that one before, for sure, it must be a real burden to live with. The fact that it changes your hair colour too must be hard.

3 This Talented Ballet Dancer

As soon as you see someone post a photograph online where the head is missing, you have to get suspicious. After all, most people share photographs that deliberately have their heads in. The head is kind of the point. It’s the bit where most of your recognizable features are. Anyway, this girl almost got away with it for a while. She had two people on board for sure, and another 22 likes. They were even calling her talented and brilliant. That is, until the blue poster came along with proof that the image was taken from the site of an actual ballet dancer. Now she’s fooling no one. It would be so much easier to actually go to ballet practice and learn to dance than it would be to keep up that kind of a lie. What would she do when they asked her to show off her skills in person?

2 This Girl With All-Natural Eyelashes

This selfie is very over the top, and the caption is pretty funny since she is obviously wearing somewhere in the region of a truckload of make-up. But that’s as far as it needed to go. There didn’t need to be any lying involved – but this girl just had to pile it on. One of her friends commented, “How do you get your eyelashes like that btw??? I gotta try it”. It’s unclear whether she was being serious, since her makeup looks like it was applied by a blind builder using a trowel, but the girl replied in earnest all the same. She wrote, “There naturally full and long so all I do is use a little mascara”. Now we’ll sit back and wait for you to stop laughing at the inclusion of the word ‘little’. The only little thing she used was a little tube of mascara – as in, the whole thing. She has more mascara on her face than she has face. We could go on.

1 This All-Real Poser

Oh, dear. We know that sometimes people might have trouble with their self-esteem and wishing that their bodies were different, but Photoshop is not the answer. Especially not when you’re new to using the distortion tools and don’t know how to do it without ruining the background. Inverted arms, circular hips, misshapen legs, drawn-on make-up, and a wobbly rug are all part of this girl’s issues. She even wrote that there were no edits in her caption, but her first commenter called her out right away. Judging by the 16 shares, the ongoing comment dispute, and the fact that this made it to the internet at large, it seems like no one was fooled for even one second. As well they shouldn’t be. We would be seriously worried if a single comment praised her beauty or thought the image was real. That would mean the world was dumber than we thought even now.

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