15 People Confess The Cruelest Things They Did After Divorce

When relationships break up, things can go one of two ways—an amicable split where the couple remains friends afterwards or the more common outcome which is an incredibly messy affair with broken hearts and people out for revenge. The latter type of a messy breakup can be bad enough if you’re unmarried, but once you’ve tied the knot, the end of a relationship can be even more bitter (especially if there’s a chance that kids are involved too).

During the divorce process, it’s hard for either partner to think rationally and make sense of everything that has happened with a clear head on their shoulders and with most stressful times in life—emotions can suddenly take over from logic. Whether the breakup resulted from a cheating spouse or a toxic domestic situation, emotions are always bound to be riding high in the wake of any separation, so it’s not surprising that some divorces can turn ugly (make that very ugly).

From destroying an ex’s wardrobe to resorting to blackmail and using children to manipulate the other person, divorce can do crazy things to people, and there are sometimes no limits to how low people will sink into out-of-hurt and spite towards their ex. The following confessions from divorcees are a sad (and pretty messed-up) snapshot of how separation can affect not just the ex-partners, but everyone around them too. Here are 15 of the worst things people confessed to having done or thought about after getting a divorce...


15 Sent Pictures Of His Cheating Spouse “Doing...” To Her Grandparents

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They say revenge is a dish best served cold, and it doesn’t get much colder than getting revenge by releasing "private" videos. We need not explain anymore why this is so brutal—it’s spreading nude images of a former partner around the internet. But what makes this form of payback particularly horrible is the fact that these images were sent to the woman’s grandparents...of all people.

When a bitter ex-wife decided to push her ex’s buttons that much further by sending him photos of her sleeping with someone else to prove how “over” him she was, she obviously didn’t give a second thought to what she had just done because before long, these "photos" of her were forwarded to everyone in her contact list–including her own grandparents–by an ex pushed too far. That must have been a really awkward Thanksgiving...

14 Husband Who Donated Kidney To Ex-wife “Wanted it Back” (So He Got A Lawyer Involved)

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A divorce settlement is usually the act of splitting certain marital assets between yourself and your ex-partner. This usually includes your house, finances, and any other significant purchases you made together. What it definitely doesn’t include is body parts—specifically an organ you happened to donate to your partner while you were married! In a crazy but true divorce story, one spurned ex-husband sued his wife because she had his donated kidney inside her and it was his “possession.” I’m not sure what legal education this guy had at school, but that place needs some serious funding.

Talk about clutching at straws, this guy was so blinded by spite and hurt that he actually pursued legal action over a kidney that was donated to his sick wife back when they were happily married. The term “marital assets” obviously had a very different meaning to this guy. Thankfully, the courts ruled that the crazed ex-hubby had no grounds to claim the kidney be returned to him or any compensation. Wacko.

13 Revenge With Her Best Friend After Being Cheated On

This may not sound particularly cruel. It’s pretty run of the mill for a hurt ex-partner to want to get their own back by sleeping with someone else too. But usually, this other person they have a revenge booty call with is a stranger at the bar, not the BFF of your former spouse. When one guy discovered the love of his life had been unfaithful, he decided to hit her right where it hurt by not only bedding his wife’s best friend but by doing all the things in the bedroom that he had always refused to do with her.

When they were together, the guy’s ex was fond of certain moves and kinks in the bed department, but he had previously told her that he didn’t feel comfortable with them. Once she cheated, though, he didn’t waste time in showing her that he and her best friend enjoyed all those “moves” together. When his devastated ex-wife asked how he could be so heartless, he simply replied, “I wanted her to feel as ugly and worthless as she made me feel.” Touché.

12 “I Lied To Keep My Son Home For the Weekend”

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One of the most crushing things about divorce is the whole issue of child custody. And unfairly, for the dads in this scenario, it doesn’t always play out so well for them. You may be familiar with the term “weekend dad” which refers to the harsh and limited time that some divorced dads are allowed to spend time with their kids. Seeing your children for just two days out of the week is bad enough, but when you have these precious 48 hours taken away from you? That’s just beyond cruel.

Harshly, one divorcee mom did exactly that (albeit once) and lied to her ex to ensure he couldn’t see their son. This woman’s ex-husband wasn’t great around people who were ill, so the mom leaped on the opportunity to lie one weekend by telling him their son was too sick and should spend time at home with her to recover. Just so her son could stay with her a little longer, she deprived her ex of his basic rights as a father. That’s cold.

11 “I Destroyed My Wife And Her Lover With A Few Online Pics”

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The pictures used in this act of revenge may not have involved nudity, but they shamed and destroyed his ex-wife all the same because the caused her to literally lose everything. In a confessional Reddit thread about the most damaging revenge ever taken on someone, one guy admitted to an ingenious but devastatingly cruel revenge plan (admittedly after his wife cruelly cheated on him).

When he discovered she had been unfaithful, he kept it to himself and set about bringing them both crashing down in the process. His wife’s lover was a school teacher and had been posting the kids' test answers on his Facebook page to make fun of. The spurned husband took screengrabs of these posts and sent them anonymously to the school admin, which got the guy fired immediately. Elsewhere, he made an anonymous call to his wife’s pastor and she lost her job at a church daycare center because of certain immoral behavior. They both lost their jobs and, to this day, have no clue that it was him.

10 “I Put The Kids' Phones On Silent So They Missed Their Dad’s Calls”

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On a parent confessional forum, one divorced mom admitted to turning off her kids’ cellphones while they were studying. Sounds reasonable, right? They shouldn’t have needed their phones distracting them while they did their schoolwork. The thing is, she had only told her kids that their phones would be out of reach but still on and charging. In reality, each of her kids’ cellphone had been put on silent mode, to make sure their dad couldn’t call them within that hour. Wow.

Admittedly, the mom believes she could justify doing this at the time and quite rightly feels bad in hindsight. Whether your kids were studying for a super important finals exam or not, this is a pretty cruel trick to play and just goes to show how bitter some parents can be in making sure their kids choose a side after separation. It’s quite heartbreaking when you realize how many ignored calls this poor guy was making on a weekly basis.

9 The Man Who “Sold” His Wife In A Game Of Poker

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This crazy divorce story isn’t so much about a cruel act after separating but a very cruel act that led to the couple splitting—specifically because of one husband’s ridiculous actions during a poker game. One night while playing a particularly bad game of poker with his buddies, a Russian man was a little strapped for cash but wanted to continue playing and so he did the unthinkable—he decided to (figuratively) out his wife on the table as his stake in the game!

When he inevitably lost his hand, his winning poker player buddy turned up at the couple’s house the following morning to come and claim his “prize” of the guy’s wife. She was completely unaware of this, of course, and killed their marriage faster than you can say “fold!” She clearly didn’t object too much to the rules of the gamer, though, because to add salt to the wound, she did, in fact, marry the guy who “won” her in the poker game, leaving her husband broke and alone. Now that’s a bad hand...


8 “He Left Because I Wasn’t Rich Enough, So I Showed Him What He Was Missing”

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Okay, so this particular story was about an engagement that broke off rather than a marriage, but the element of cruelty is definitely still there—and a pretty messed-up form of cruelty at that! When one woman’s fiancee decided to dump her because she simply wasn’t “wealthy enough” for him (nice), she moved back in with her parents and concocted a pretty bizarre form of revenge. Getting your revenge is always that much sweeter if you can show them what they missed out on, but she may have taken this philosophy a little too far.

With the help of her aging parents who were desperate for the pitter-patter of grandkids, she inherited their entire estate in exchange for providing them with a grandchild! She had the fortune he wanted her to have and some kinds of the help of the first sperm donor she could find and she sent her ex photos of her new family and newfound riches. Her ex was a bit of a d-bag, we get that, but having kids as part of your revenge plot? We hope grandma and grandpa at least made them feel wanted!

7 “He Dumped Me While Pregnant, So I Lied About The Father”

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It’s a truth universally known that besides cheating, breaking up with a pregnant woman is about the most d**kish move you could ever make in a relationship. Pregnancy has a woman’s mind swimming with hormones and emotional distress. On top of everything, she has to contend with the pain of contractions and the scary notion of childbirth on the horizon. And for some guys, this is the moment they choose to walk away from a relationship.

Eager to hurt her man as much as he hurt her, one wife confessed to lying to him about the real father, claiming instead that his best friend was the dad of the baby growing inside her. She knew it would destroy him–and it did–but revenge didn’t feel so sweet when it wrecked a lifelong friendship. “It was a lie, but I knew it would be the most painful dagger to his heart. They haven’t spoken since.” Ouch.

6 “My Kids Never Got A Call From Their Father Because I Wouldn’t Let Him”

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In the case of the mom who put her kids’ phones on silent mode, this was at least to partly help them study, but the lengths that this mother went to in keeping the dad out of the picture goes beyond bitter into outright child abuse! No matter how messy a breakup is, an important lesson here is that children should never be punished for what has happened between the parents. Unfortunately, this mom clearly didn’t see the problem in completely barring her ex from her kids’ lives.

In her confession, she reveals that her divorce happened long before home phones had an answering machine or call waiting feature, so making sure daddy wouldn’t call was pretty easy. Every night and weekend when their father had planned to call up the kids, she purposefully left the phone off the hook. Heartbreakingly, her ex passed away soon after the breakup, and her adult sons have no idea that she is the reason they never spoke to their dad. Seriously cruel.

5 She Poured Laxatives Into....

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Some people like to take their exes to the cleaners after a messy breakup, but this woman preferred to take her ex-hubby to the bathroom...for repeated trips! After splitting from her narcissistic gas-lighting husband, one ex-wife left behind a particular treat before heading out the door for the final time. She poured laxatives into every single bottle of alcohol her ex had in the house since booze apparently meant more to him than she did.

To twist the knife even further, she admitted to throwing away his so-called “secret stash” of coke. She didn’t reveal how much was there, but we’re guessing a pretty pricey amount was literally thrown in the trash that day and we can only imagine her ex’s reaction. That’s a particularly cold way of going cold turkey!

4 “He Left Me Because I Didn’t Want Children. Now I’m Pregnant From A Fling (And He Thinks It’s His)”

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It sounds like something straight out of a particularly juicy episode of The Jerry Springer Show (or a soap storyline). In a nutshell, one woman’s husband left her because she didn’t want to have kids. Shortly after divorcing each other, an irony to end all ironies led to the woman becoming pregnant after a one-night stand with a co-worker. When her ex got wind of the bun in the oven, he came back to her to support their lovely little bundle of joy together.

The woman wasn’t about to correct him, though, since the only reason she agreed to him getting back with her was so that she had someone to take care of the baby. If he wants kids so much, what’s the harm, right? The day it inevitably comes out that the guy raising and supporting the child isn’t the real daddy and the poor kid will grow up not knowing who to trust. Oh yeah, that harm.

3 “I Sent My Ex Baby Clothes To Remind Her Of Her What?”

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There’s the traditional route of revenge that some scorned lovers go for—ripped-up clothes, spray-painting a car, etc. But then there’s the kind of payback that cuts much deeper than that and costs the person far more than just a new coat of paint. Because of one guy’s incredibly harsh form of revenge on his cheating wife, he unknowingly pushed her onto using antidepressants by reminded her of a really dark time in her life.

After finding out that she had slept with someone else, this guy immediately broke up with his cheating spouse, but he didn’t leave it there. Almost a year after their separation, the man sent his ex an anonymous gift of baby clothes. This was particularly cruel because his ex became pregnant in college and felt pressured to have an abortion because young motherhood would’ve ruined her life. Because his ex was also deeply pro-life, the decision to abort the baby stung even more. The baby clothes in the mail were just the cruel icing on the cake and the last he heard, she was being treated for depression. Wow.

2 “I Lied That The Baby Wasn’t His To Make A Quick, Clean Escape”

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One mom on Reddit confessed that she had plans to divorce her leeching reliable man for a long time, but when she fell pregnant, that tended to complicate things. Her husband had a nasty habit of stealing money from her to buy all sorts of things for himself (including cigars and shoes). Quite rightly, she wanted out of the relationship, but with a new baby on the horizon, she just wasn’t sure how. In her desperation to get rid of him, she turned to the drastic cruel option to make a clean break.

The Reddit mom-to-be confessed, “I just lied straight to his face. I told him the baby wasn’t his. I didn’t want to fight over custody, and I sure as hell didn’t want him near my baby.” Wow, this is harsh. Her man may not have been perfect, but denying him the right to be a father just to get a quick and painless divorce? That’s pretty cold. I guess it may have felt empowered in the moment, but she’ll definitely live to regret that stunt.

1 Made His Wife Think They Would Reconcile But Kept The House (And Kids)

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Some might argue that a good deal of revenge is warranted after being dealt the crushing blow of your wife and mother of your children not only sleeping with someone else, but laughing about all your insecurities with that person. Normally, I would agree, but this guy’s style of revenge, cunning as it was, made Beyonce’s Lemonade album seem quite delicate! Posting anonymously on the ‘Pro revenge’ comment thread of Reddit, one man recounts that the night he found his wife’s cheating messages was the night he decided to take everything from her.

After finding a string of his wife’s flirty FB messages with another man, the guy followed his wife and her lover to a hotel and showed her the printouts of their conversations together. He blackmailed her with sharing them with their kids and family unless she packed her stuff and left asap. In the end, being the victim of the cheating got him the house and primary custody of the kids. All the while, he dangled his ex-wife making her believe that they would give it another try someday. Harsh.


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