15 People At The Gym We're Most Likely To Throw A Dumbbell At

One of the best ways to find out how different we behave in various environments is to take a good look at how you act around different people in the many places in which you spend your day. We might not want to believe this, but it is true that most people behave differently depending on who they are around or where they are at. You are clearly not the same person around your parents that you are around your friends. But out of those many places and people you could be around that change your behavior, none of them is as savage as the gym.

We seriously do think that society was getting too normal, and people decided to create gyms to change that. The gym is a place that could be described as a New Age jungle. If you don’t believe it, take a good, long, and hard look around the next time you go to your gym. The people in there are savages. Of course, the vast majority of those savages are just going there to better their lives and feel better about themselves and their bodies. Nevertheless, the way people act in the gym can tell you a lot about those people. And if you have gone to a gym long enough, you will probably agree with us that there are certain stereotypes that you can observe in every single gym around the world. Some of those are good, but most of them are bad. And in case you were wondering what those stereotypes were, here are the 15 worst people you will ever meet at a gym.

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15 The CrossFit Person Who Clearly Walked Into The Wrong Place

Via: youtube.com

Do you know who cares about CrossFit? People who do CrossFit. This is like meeting a vegan. Those people do not seem to be able to talk about anything else. Sure, you love doing CrossFit, and your wish is for everyone to do CrossFit along with you so that everyone can be healthy and strong and whatever. But do you know what the perfect way to make people not want to do CrossFit is? Talking about CrossFit all the time; or worse, doing CrossFit where you should not be doing CrossFit.

Seriously, there are CrossFit gyms for a reason. Regular gyms are a place where people like to go and do regular workouts. Just imagine how terrified someone would be if the first time they walked into an average gym, they saw a CrossFit guy swinging in a pull-up bar. And let’s not even get started about all of the other ridiculous stuff CrossFit people try to reinvent when they have to use a regular gym.

14 The Fat Guy Who Gives Unwanted Advice

Via: youtube.com

So, there is a rule of thumb every parent around the world should have taught to their children. If someone does not look like they are good at something, especially fitness, don’t take their advice to heart. Seriously, there is no paradox bigger (pun intended) than a fat guy trying to give lifting advice to other people. Before we go even further, let’s just add that the advice is usually unwanted.

But, getting back to the issue, if you look like you do nothing but eat McDonald’s and play World of Warcraft all day, you have no business telling anyone in the gym what to do, unless they are bigger than you. That is the harsh truth, and we are sorry we had to say it. If you haven’t figured out, this article is going to be a big long rant about terrible people at the gym. So yeah, next time you see someone on the bench press, think twice before telling them to lift their legs so they can work out their core when the only workout your core is getting is the in-and-out flux of McDonald’s.

13 The Creepy Personal Trainer

Via: youtube.com

Well, here we get into the borderline criminal people at the gym. Now, do not get us wrong. The great majority of personal trainers are good and dedicated people who give their entire lives to helping others better themselves and better their lives. On the other hand, every gym has that one personal trainer who only goes there to creep on the women. The funniest thing is that the women are usually the ones paying him to creep on them. Still, this is one of the weirdest things we come across at the gym.

One of the things that make us feel like it is odd for this even to happen is that it is not hard at all to spot a creepy personal trainer. This is that guy who is giving women spots for exercises they obviously do not need a spot for. But that doesn’t really matter because his only goal is to get real close and personal with the clients.

12 The Phone Guy

Via: cloudfront.net

You, sir, are a criminal. Using your phone at the gym should be something secretive that other people don’t even realize you are doing. Maybe if you are near the water fountain and want to check your texts, just pull your phone out and do it right there. Maybe you want to take one or two seconds to switch the song on your playlist or put on a new podcast. Those are okay. It is not like you are forbidden from using your phone at the gym. Where you are banned from using your phone, though, is while you are at a machine.

No one likes having to wait for you to finish your text or watching a YouTube video (yes, we have seen this happen), so you can get out of the machine, and they can start working out. The gym is a place for everyone who paid to be there, so it is not fair for you to hog a machine while you’re not using it.

11 The Screamer

Via: youtube.com

Yeah, talk about someone who likes scaring other people at the gym. The screamer is someone hard to understand. There are some times in which it is acceptable for someone to let out a grunt in the gym. After all, we are all there lifting heavy weights and trying to push ourselves to our limits. If you are lifting a heavy-enough weight, it is almost impossible to get it done without letting out at least a little grunt. Still, there are those people who overdose on that. The funny thing here is that a lot of the times, the person who is screaming is not even someone who is lifting heavy weights. Perhaps it is a way to make up for something and call attention to yourself, so people will think that you are super strong or whatever you think you need to prove to the people at the gym. Either way, these are always those guys curling 25’s and arching their backs so hard it looks like they’re gonna break.

10 The Mirror Stealer

Via: funfactlol.com

This is something that not all gym goers might be familiar with. If you have just been to the gym for a short period of time, you might be one of the lucky few who have never experienced an interaction with the mirror stealer. Any guesses as to what a mirror stealer is? No, this is not someone who goes up to your house and steals one of your many mirrors. This is that guy who literally walks in front of you while you are doing an exercise in front of the mirror.

If for some reason you think that this will not be infuriating, that is only because it has not happened to you yet. Seriously, what is the reasoning behind walking in front someone who is working out and checking their form in the mirror? It would be okay if they just walked by. But this is that devil of a person who literally steps in front of you and then just stands there.

9 The Guy Who Never Met Deodorant

Via: kindakind.com

This is a situation that not only pertains to the environment of the gym but to everything else in life. We know that some people have a “stronger” scent to them. But that is no longer an excuse for you to be smelly all around town. Did you know that deodorants have been invented? Yeah, those are magic little spray thingies that turn you into a smelly person no one wants to be around—into a regular person that has friends and doesn’t have people at the gym giving them the stink eye.

We know that the gym is a place where you work out and sweat, and unavoidably, there will be a musky scent around the facilities. Nevertheless, there is no excuse for that one person who already walks into the gym smelling like complete and utter sh*t. Come on, people. We live in a society today; let’s be nice to each other.

8 The Mirror Creeper

Via: youtube.com

So, by now, you might have realized that we consider the mirror as one of the sacred objects in the gym. If it weren’t, there wouldn’t be mirrors in literally every single gym around the world. And the mirrors are there for many reasons. The first and foremost reason for having a mirror in the gym is so that people can check themselves out while working out to make sure that they are exercising with perfect form and not doing anything that could lead to personal harm or injury.

However, some individuals have found a way to turn this magic and sacred object into something mischievous and evil. Yes, we are talking about those guys who use the mirrors to check out the ladies while they are working out. There is no harm in taking a look or two if you see a pretty girl, but don’t be that guy blatantly staring at a person through the mirror, thinking that they can’t see you back. Here’s a hint: if you can see them, they can see you.

7 Mr. Sweats A Lot

Via: redcon1online.com

Sweating is a natural process of the human body. Everyone sweats, especially when we are doing exercise. Of course, there are those people who sweat a little bit more than the bulk of society. Seriously, some people sweat while they are eating. It might be unfair, but those are also the people who should take extra care when they go to the gym. The gym is a pretty disgusting place. We are not going to deny that. After all, that is a place where people are going to work out, not to look nice and pretty while they’re doing it. Still, there are some people who look nice and pretty while doing it, but that is a subject for another day.

There is nothing wrong with sweating. The only reason we want to throw dumbbells at the sweaty guy at the gym is that he, the one who sweats the most, is the only a-hole who does not bother to wipe the equipment after he uses it. Dude, just be polite. Walk around with a towel and clean after yourself.

6 The Rookie

Via: youtube.com

The new kid on the block. The tiny high school kid who finally got permission from his parents to walk into a gym. That one person who played video games his whole life and finally decided it was time to turn his life around. There are many background stories for the rookie in the gym. But there is only one truth that most, if not all, gym rookies have to face when entering the jungle we know as the gym.

You have no idea what you are doing here. The gym is not high school. This is a whole different monster, my friend. And here is the big difference. In the gym, you can get badly hurt if you do stuff without the proper knowledge. That is one of the big reasons why there are teachers at the gym. Yeah, those people who wear the same shirts, they are there to help you. They are the ones who are going to keep you from shaking too much at the bench press, letting the weights slide off one side and suddenly be thrown off the bench as your balance shifts.

5 The Guy Who Doesn’t Know What Personal Space Is

Via: youtube.com

This is one of the few people inside a gym who completely lack a healthy respect for common sense. No one likes to have their personal invaded. It is never nice when you are on a line for something, and the person behind you gets uncomfortably close. Everyone feels bad in a situation like that. And if you are one of those people who lack the little light switch that turns on whenever you are bothering somebody else, you should really try to get your stuff together, especially inside a gym.

In a gym, this usually occurs when someone is doing an exercise, and then another person decides to do another exercise right next to you, even though there is absolutely no space for either one of you to complete the task at hand; a.k.a., that guy who hits your dumbbells with his dumbbells when both of you are benching free weights. Yeah, please don’t be that guy.

4 The Sprinter

Via: youtube.com

There are some people who don’t dare even to come close to the treadmill when they are working out. Because, after all, no one should be willing to lose all of their gains by running on the treadmill after working out. Seriously, what sense does that make?

All kidding aside, there are many people in the gym who go on the treadmill and spend quite a lot of time there. The thing is that most of the people who use the treadmill use it like sane, responsible adults. That is not the case with the sprinter.

As the name itself explains, this is the guy who wants to show everyone how fast he is. The guy who will Sprint on the treadmill and make the whole gym hear as his feet pound the machine for the two minutes he can maintain top speed. At the end of the day, this is nothing but embarrassing. So, if you are a sprinter, do it outside and not on the treadmill. People will just think you are weird.

3 The Selfie Person

Via: cloudfront.net

We all have to thank Instagram for this one. It isn’t possible for you to go to a gym without seeing someone taking a selfie at some point. There are those classic people who take selfies on the machines. The even more classic mirror-selfie people. But there are a few of the selfie folks who take more daring pictures when they are in the gym so that they can get some likes on Instagram later. Those are the incredibly inappropriate people who take selfies in the locker room mirrors.

Since we didn’t have space to add the classic entry about the naked old guy in the locker room, let us just remind every selfie bro out there who wants to take a picture in the bathroom mirror that there is a solid chance that while you’re snapping a selfie, you are going to catch some pretty nasty things that Instagram will unavoidably flag you for later on.

2 The Gallon Of Water Guy

Via: youtube.com

What is the use of carrying an entire gallon of water around the gym? Do you really need that exact amount of water for your workout? Did your sports scientist come up that? Well, whatever the reason might be, if you are one of the guys who take an entire gallon of water to the gym, let us just be frank with you and say that you look stupid.

There might be a bunch of reasons, like you need that exact amount of water to stay hydrated, but come on. Just take a regular water bottle like a reasonable person and refill it by the water fountain if you need to. It is not like you are working out in the Sahara Desert. If you are, our apologies. We are wrong, and we hope you enjoy the camels walking by as you probably die of thirst while working out. But if you are not hitting the weights in the Sahara Desert, just take a regular water bottle.

1 People Who Don’t Put Their Weights Away

Via: thesmartlocal.com

There are two types of people who don’t put their weights away. Both of them are terrible individuals that very much deserve the number one spot on this list. Still, which one is worse than the other will depend a lot on your gym experience, so let’s break these two down.

First and foremost, we have the bro who does not put his weights away at all. Every gym has that guy. The man who will go around picking up all the different weights he can and hoarding them so no one can interrupt his 20-exercise set. And after he’s done, he just leaves the weights on the floor for you, regular folk, to sort it out.

The second one might still be a little bit worst. This is the guy who puts his weights away but puts them in the wrong place. How hard is it to read the freaking numbers and put them in the right place? Now, we have to grab one dumbbell from one side of the rack and walk all the way to the other side so that we can get the matching dumbbell. That doesn’t make any sense.

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