15 Outrageous Presents Celebrities Receive For Christmas

Christmas is the time of year when friends and family get together and celebrate love, family togetherness and a little time off from work. Who doesn’t love Christmas, with parties, snow, gifts and just general merriment that seems to come with the season? It’s the season of spoiling our loved ones with gifts that come straight from the heart.

As much as we would like to believe it, celebrities aren’t that different from us when it comes to spending time with family over the holidays. They too enjoy some time off from their rigorous schedules to share gifts with the people that they love. Of course, when it comes to gift giving most celebrities have deep pockets and can give gifts that can at times amount to the cost of some of our homes. They spare no expense during the Christmas season, and when they give a gift, we are all often in awe. Some of the gifts that celebrities pass around over Christmas are so lavish and expensive that it makes a traditional Christmas for most seem cheap. When it comes to Christmas it shouldn’t be about the price tag; it should be about taking the time to pick out a gift that your loved one will cherish, no matter the cost. That’s what Christmas is all about after all. If you think you have seen it all, then try this list - You will see some of the most ridiculous gifts that celebrities give and receive over the Christmas holidays.

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15 Mike Tyson Gave $2 Million Bathtub To Wife

Via New York Daily News

Mike Tyson was once a very wealthy man before he got himself in $38 million of debt. The thing that got him was reportedly his terrible spending habits. I’ve always wondered how I would handle winning the lottery, and there are certainly people in everyday life that have trouble staying out of debt as well. Mike Tyson is no stranger to living extravagantly; he was after all one of many celebrities to collect a Bengal tiger as a pet. One of the most expensive gifts he gave was to his then-wife, Robin Givens. He bestowed his lovely wife with a new bathtub that cost him a whopping $2 million. These extravagant gifts may have been the reason he got into financial stress in the first place in 2004. He was one of many celebrities that was involved in the roast of Charlie Sheen; that bathtub made the cut when it came time to throw jabs at Tyson.

14 150 Gifts From Kanye To Kim

Via Huffington Post

Many people would agree that quality is much better than the quantity of the gifts you receive. Christmas, after all, is supposed to be about the thought behind the gift, not how many gifts someone buys you. Not too many people can afford to buy their loved one’s hundreds of gifts either. I don’t think that Kanye ever got the memo however because he is all about that quantity. He has no problem buying his lady tons of gifts to let her know he’s thinking about her. One year for Christmas he purchased 150 gifts for Kim and put them under the tree. It must have taken her hours to open all of them and imagine just how spoiled she must have felt that day. We aren’t talking about cheap gifts either, some of the 150 gifts under that tree included, a few Louis Vuitton dresses, some fur coats, and some Prada jumpsuits.

13 Kardashian Children Spoiled AF

Via Pursuitist

It’s no big surprise that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West love to spend money; their spending habits are plastered all over magazines regularly. Their combined income is astronomical despite Kanye’s problems with debt. They love to shop constantly and have no problem flashing their luxury items as well as how much they make. Kim and Kanye have shown their love for one another in the form of luxurious gifts for many years. So, of course, when they started to have children there’s no doubt they would start to spoil them as well. When it comes to their child North West, she has a better closet than most models that I know. North West gets spoiled with massive amounts of clothes at Christmas time, including some custom-made Balmain jackets. Christmastime isn’t the only occasion in which North gets gorgeous couture clothing either; it’s almost a daily event.

12 Record Label Gives Lady Gaga A Horse

Via PopSugar

How many times have you wished as a young child that your parents would just get you that pony that you’ve been asking for every Christmas? I know I did about 47 times, and Santa never once showed up with that pony. I often wondered if it was too heavy to cart around. It’s something that many children have asked for and never got. The dream, that only stayed a dream. Not for Lady Gaga, however, she wanted a horse, and she got one for Christmas. It’s one of those fantasy gifts that no one ever expects to get. When Christmas came around for Lady Gaga, there was a beautiful white horse delivered to her home, a gift from the Interscope family. Wouldn’t we all like to have friends like that? She made a post on Instagram and called it her “white angel from heaven.”

11 A $24,000 Treehouse For Suri Cruise

Some of us were lucky enough to grow up with tree houses in our back, whether they be the already-built ones from Home Depot or the scrappy mismatched ones our dads put together by hand. Either way, having a treehouse was a pretty cool thing, especially when we had friends over. They probably weren’t anything like the treehouse that Suri got for Christmas one year that included running water and electricity. We all know Tom Cruise is a mega-star, so we imagine he didn’t spare any expense when it came to Christmas gifts, but come on! Her treehouse looked more like a summer cottage, and it was definitely too big to put in an actual tree. The treehouse cost a shocking $24,000 to build and even came with a mini porch in the front. It’s the cutest little Victorian cottage I’ve ever seen.

10 Kylie Jenner’s Promise Ring

Via Gossip Cop

Most people get a promise ring from a boyfriend, and it typically looks like something that came out of a gumball machine. That wasn’t what Kylie Jenner experienced one year for Christmas however. She received a ring from her boyfriend that was so big that people assumed she got engaged. She posted on her Instagram account that despite the look of the ring, it wasn’t an engagement ring. "NO, I'm not engaged :)." Shockingly enough the ring was just a ring; there was no real symbolism to it despite its obvious size. Many reported that the ring had to have cost around $20 million. That’s a crazy amount of money for a Christmas gift that has nothing to do with marriage, but it’s not unusual for a celebrity to be so extravagant. It certainly puts that pair of pj’s to shame that I got for my mother this year.

9 Suri’s Six-Figure Shoe Collection

Via Mommy Shorts

Well, Tom and Katie are at it again with spoiling their daughter Suri, something that doesn’t just happen during the Christmas season. Maybe it’s Tom’s way of making up for his divorce with Katie, but he seems to spend a lot of money when it comes to spoiling his daughter. It seems that every year on Christmas Suri gets a new pair of shoes, not to mention all the shoes she receives throughout the year. I have a pretty sick collection of shoes, but none of them reach over $100 a piece, and sadly they are nowhere near the quantity this 10-year-old girl seems to wear on a daily basis. It’s reported that Suri’s shoe collection amounts to six figures and the designers attached to them would make most women faint. The girl has serious bragging rights because she apparently has a custom designed pair of shoes made by Louboutins. I think I just shed a tear!

8 Ben Affleck Spoils His Girl With 7-Karat Diamond

Via Pinterest

Ben and Jennifer were one of the couples that we always believed would stay together forever. Forever isn’t a word that is used very often in Hollywood when it comes to celebrity marriages. Those two seemed to go pretty strong for many years and had two children to show for it. While they were together, Ben reportedly bought Jennifer a stunning 7-karat diamond ring. No, it wasn’t a wedding ring, it was just a ring that he purchased for her at Christmas, telling her it was, “for being a good mom.” Awe! How sweet is that? With love being showcased like that it makes you wonder what has to go wrong to make such a cute couple split up. Affleck is known for buying his ladies large diamonds when he proposed to Jennifer Lopez he purchased a rather large yellow engagement ring for her.

7 Author Gifts Oprah $21,000 Worth Of Shoes

Via PopSugar

Oprah has been known to shape many authors' careers just by having them on the show. She invites authors, sometimes for her book club and then the next thing you know these authors are hitting the bestsellers list and bringing in millions of dollars. Jessica Seinfeld isn’t just famous because of her comedian husband; she wrote a cooking book called Deceptively Delicious. She was invited to Oprah’s show to showcase her new book and the very next day she found herself on the New York Times' bestsellers list. Jessica was so thankful that she sent Oprah 21 pairs of shoes, most of which were from designer Christian Louboutin. Reportedly the cost of the shoes went well over $21,000. Although the gift happened around the holiday season, it was more of a thank you gift than a Christmas gift. You can’t blame the girl for the extravagant gifts; she must have been thrilled because of the millions that came in from Oprah promoting her book.

6 Prince George's $31,000 Treehouse

Via Vanity Fair

All children should have the experience of having a treehouse, something they can call their own and that affords them a little privacy. It looks like Suri isn’t the only child that gets an extravagant treehouse. Prince George has one as well, but his is located in the woods on their property. It’s nestled in a tree surrounded by a forest; it looks like something out of a fairytale. Made with care, this treehouse could have been pulled right out of the Hobbit movie, and to say it has charm is an understatement. You wouldn’t expect anything less from the Royal family. Suri’s treehouse was around $24,000 and thought to be over the top, but Prince George’s wins the cake at a solid $31,000 for his wooden treehouse. It’s the kind of place that you would expect to go on vacation at, but instead, it’s used as a child’s treehouse. Maybe they’ll rent it out for a week!

5 The Warhol Painting

Via The Daily Beast

Parents all around the world just love to spoil their children at Christmastime. It’s something that is universal whether you are rich or poor. However, unless you are a celebrity your gifts for your children are probably a little more modest. Say a bicycle or at worst maybe an iPad, for the parents that tend to go overboard. In Sandra Bullock's case, however, she really went all out for Christmas with her son Louis. Even though Louis was just a toddler at the time, Sandra spared no expense when she purchased an original Warhol painting for her son. I could only guess at the cost of the painting, but when it comes to original art, the price is usually pretty steep. It’s shocking to think a parent would buy a toddler such an extravagant gift but it’s no different than most celebrity parents.

4 The Pink Crystal Bathtub

Via Identity Magazine

I’m the kind of person that loves a good bubble bath; nothing seems to be more relaxing than that. A hot bath combined with bubbles and a glass of Merlot, what could be better than that? It’s quite honestly the best way to end a hard day at work. Beyonce can attest to what I’m talking about because she received an elegant gift from one of her best friends, Kelly Rowland. It was a gift for her daughter but still, every girl should have her own tub, right? The sexy singer sent Beyonce a $5,000 crystal-studded baby bathtub for her little one. That’s quite the gift for a child, but Rowland spared no expense when it came to her friend’s daughter. The bathtub was adorned with pink crystals all around it. Where they put this random bathtub in their home would be a great guess, considering plumbing and all but it’s a beautiful tub.

3 Brandi Glanville Receives A Bentley

Via www.realitytea.com

Brandi Glanville and Darin Harvey are no strangers to scandals or making public scenes. They have been in and out of the papers since they got married. They made headlines when the two got married in Las Vegas over New Years. They were both hammered when they did the deed even though Brandi Glanville stated she was marrying her best friend. As if that wasn’t romantic enough they found themselves at the chapel to get married after a night of “beers and strippers.” Maybe it was the fact that Darin bought her a white sports car over Christmas. Even though he is obviously smitten with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, it was no surprise when the two stated they were thinking about getting the marriage annulled. Hopefully, the reality star won’t have to give her fancy car back because it’s a beauty.

2 Couture Line For Designer's Niece

Via Bcouture

Alexander Wang is huge in the fashion world and to be able to wear his clothing is something that many celebrities consider to be an honor. The niece of the famous designer knows what it’s like to be a fashionista at a very young age. She’s only a toddler, and she has more fashion sense that anyone that I know. It’s shocking to see her dressed to the nines during fashion week, wearing clothing that is upwards into the tens of thousands of dollars. Little Aila Wang still goes to nursery school, but during Christmas, she was allowed to walk around town wearing the coveted clothing of her Uncle’s line before it even hit the runway. It’s a huge deal for any designer to show off clothing before the runway event, but in Aila’s case, rules are meant to be broken. Talk about one lucky little girl.

1 Forget Christmas

Via Jfw

Although many people spend thousands and, shockingly enough, millions of dollars during the Christmas season, it’s not the only time of year that celebs go a little money crazy. Birthday parties are one event that celebrities can’t help spoiling each other during. Bollywood has many power couples, but none like Aishwarya Rai and Abhisek Bachchan. When it came time for their daughter Aaradhya’s first birthday, they went all out for the event. So, what do you think the one-year-old got for her birthday? Possibly a pony, or maybe even a diamond tennis bracelet? Both extravagant gifts for a young girl but no, not quite. What the little girl got for her birthday was a summer home. Yes, you read that right. The Bollywood couple bought their daughter a summer home worth $10 million for her first birthday. Do you think they’re adopting? If so, I’m putting in an application.

Sources: perezhilton.comslice.ca

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