15 Naughtiest Confessions From Cougars

We're used to seeing men in Hollywood dating younger women, but there are now plenty of older women looking for a younger man. As you may already know, these types of women are dubbed as "cougars." While the origin of the slang term is debatable, it was reportedly thought to have originated in Western Canada and first appeared in print on the Canadian dating website Cougardate.com. It has also been stated to have originated in Vancouver, British Columbia as an insult for older women who went to bars and took home whoever was left at the end of the night.

The unlikely pairing of an older woman and a younger man has inevitable problems or roadblocks, just like any other couple. Reddit is typically seen as a breeding ground for confessions by various types of people, from hotel maids to fast food workers. It's no surprise that cougars post lengthy comments in Reddit threads. They have to vent to non-judgmental individuals who don't know who they really are. Although not all cougars have the same star-studded lives of Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, or Madonna, they often have a stable income and can help their beau out with some, and perhaps all, of his bills. They also have a tendency to be more confident, mature, and experienced, as opposed to younger women. But, of course, each relationship is different, so let's just focus on the main point of the shocking list, which contains 15 of the most outrageous confessions from cougars.

15 Back On The Prowl

A Reddit user described herself as a mature woman who just started dating again two years ago, after 14 years of celibacy. She wrote, "There is a long story behind those years but nothing to do with religion or hating s*x. I was just busy. Okay? Too busy for s*x you say? Ikr? Anyhoo after not dating for 20 years it was astounding when I found Internet dating sites. The last time I'd dated there weren't even cell phones and no computers in our homes either."

She added, "So now here I am all grown up with kids, raised a great job/income, and time to focus on me for the first time in 37 years. The icing on the cake is that I have a huge pool of men to have fun with. I look young for my age. I'm healthy and in decent shape. If I feel like going out for a drink and want company I just put an ad on Craigslist and boom I get dozens of offers. And that's in the platonic only section! Sure they are guys so they hope I'll have s*x with them but I've never been pressured or disrespected. Every guy I've met has been a gentleman. Of course I'm experienced enough with men to spot the douchebags right away so I weed them out fast. I have met some super hot men. I've met a lot of men who wanted a serious relationship but I'm not ready to go there yet. Horny men can be sooooo much fun. I feel so lucky to be a girl ;)."

14 More Power Over Their Cubs

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A Reddit user brought up how cougars like her have more power over their cubs.

She wrote, "Something about that Jessica rabbit seductive control. You feel like the younger guys look at you like roger rabbit with their eyes poppin' out. They appreciate the tricks you do 10x more since it's something they may not have experienced before (making you feel even more like a prowess). Hey, I like when people show some gratitude. ---The younger guys are better at worshiping you, plus they've got the ENERGY too. They do more for you. You just feel very sexy. I'd love to have a little one in my lap right now. Doesn't even always have to evoke a dirty image. I'd like to just rest their head in my lap and stroke their hair. As much as it is control, I think there are also traces of wanting to take care of someone too...? I don't know. I know you can take care of someone older obviously too, but there's just that SOMETHING about him being younger. It maybe should be thrown in their that I also have a predilection for the unconventional."

13 Sweeter With Time

Sometimes, older women are simply more appealing to younger men, and that's perfectly fine. People might think that he's her son, but when that happens, they should just look at each other and laugh.

A Reddit user wrote, "I'm a cougar. My guys tell me girls their own age are flaky, always on their phones and can't hold a conversation. I imagine the s*x isn't as good either if she can't even put her phone down. Cougaring for me is all about s*x and having fun- with none of the pressure about 'where is this relationship going.' Also, I have my own money and don't expect a man to pay for everything. We take turns."

There's an unleashing of cougars in pop culture, which is a growing phenomenon. There are plenty of reasons why you shouldn't be afraid of this new dating trend and see what a cougar could offer you.

12 Mother Figure

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After an anonymous older woman started a thread saying how she feels powerful when she pounces onto older men, another Reddit user wrote, "I am actually finding a lot of interesting things with this post. Very CONSISTENTLY, my commenters, people who message me about this have been 28-30. Here's a secret... I'm actually only 30---so I'm not even a legit cougar cougar, but I DO find it VERY interesting that our 28-30 age bracket has some deep desires to be "mommied" or be the mami. ;) ---I wonder if it was something with the pop culture of us growing up being 90's kids...? Born in the late 80's..."

She also mentioned how she has spotted a reoccurring trend in the ages of those younger men messaging her. She questioned herself, saying it can't be a strange coincidence, but who knows? Well, at least the lads are getting her gears grinding because that's basically what she's looking for.

11 A Cougar Fantasy

A Reddit user admitted that she has hooked up with two younger guys while disguised as a 30-year-old and loved it. She also admitted to having a fetish for being a cougar.

She wrote, "Just before you suspect I might be a pedo, hear me out. I will not touch underaged boys nor do I want to. Just to get that straight. I'm a 19 year-old female. Since I was about 14 I had this fantasy of being in my late 20's/30's and having a toy-boy relationship with younger guys (17-19)...I tried having relationships with older guys, with guys my age... but I don't like it. I could have a relationship with boys younger than me, but 14 year-olds are not what I want and it's wrong like hell, seeing I'm going be 20 soon.

I had a hobby of making myself look much older with make-up. I spent hell lots of money on professional make-up tools just to achieve the effect... where basically I look like a well-kept petite 30 year old. And so I made my fantasy alive a few times by having one-night stands with guys my age, but they thought I was twice their age... they never noticed. Of course these were very rare occasions as I know it's a terrible thing to do, and not a secure one either... But that's when I realized it's possible. On those nights I got exactly with the kind of guys I wanted and it was perfect."

10 Boy Toy Time

A male Reddit user said, "It's not like it's easy for an 18-21 year old to land an older woman." He received a response from a female Reddit user who wrote, "Times must have changed then since I was 18-21. When I was in high school and first went to college more guys that I knew were going after and getting 30+ year women then girls around our age at the time. Our favorite night to go out to the bars wasn't college night but was lady's night since we knew there would be 30-50 year old women fresh from a divorce or long term break up who would enjoy an 18 year-old boy toy that came with no strings attached. I knew multiple college boys who "worked" their way through college being the boy toy for some divorcee who wanted to show off or piss off their ex."

It just goes to show that steamy young ladies aren't the only ones in rebound relationships, there are also handsome young men who serve as boy toys.

9 Sugar And Spice

A Reddit user confessed how she feels "absolutely fantastic" when younger guys flirt with her.

She wrote, "Divorced mom ready to date again so I make a dating profile where I post lots of pics and have quite a few geeky references. I was stunned by the amount of guys in their twenties and early thirties who contact me even though I'm 42! They're very sweet and complimentary and keep me distracted. It makes me incredibly hot to know that I turn them on. I can tell that they are looking to be overwhelmed by femininity and womanhood. I also know I could do that quite easily for them. So far I haven't acted further than flirting. I'm not sure why not. I don't have to be worried about being called a wh*re in school the next day anymore.

I think maybe it's because I ideally want a relationship between equals and I don't believe it would be anything but some sweet, hot s*x."

8 Age Limits

Some older women prefer younger men, but of course, there's a line a cougar shouldn't cross when it comes to looking for a cub. They have to be at least 18 years-old, and in some states, just 16. It's not worth getting in trouble to fulfill one of your fantasies. The purpose behind statutory rape laws is to accordingly punish adults for taking advantage of minors in a sexual manner.

A Reddit user wrote, "They have a lot of energy and can be really discreet. The rule is always leave them in better condition than you found them in, or something that Saint Dan Savage said. But not jail bait age of course." This woman apparently likes younger men for the stated reasons and has a strong desire to leave a lasting impression on them, but she's smart for knowing her limits. Intelligence is one of the biggest turn ons.

7 Daughter's Boyfriend Wants A Kiss

A Reddit user wrote, "I wouldn't say I'm a MILF, but 2 of my daughter's friends have hit on me and her boyfriend of 3 years tried to kiss me."

She added, "The most desperate was the boyfriend. We had gone on vacation for my daughter's 21st birthday to a small town with hot springs. While my daughter, her boyfriend and her friends camped nearby, I chose to stay in a hotel to give the young people their privacy. We all went together for a soak one evening but my daughter wasn't feeling well and stayed at the Campground. After the soak, the boyfriend was quite drunk so I gave him a ride back to the campsite. When we arrived, he started professing his undying love for me, said my name 3 times in his most serious attempt at a sexy voice and leaned in for a kiss. He never saw my fist, but felt it land squarely in his sternum. It made for an awkward morning. He confessed to my daughter the next day and she laughed hysterically at his ridiculousness. They broke up not long after."

6 Humor On The Other Side

A home serves three purposes in life: to provide you with shelter, to prevent you from constantly contracting pneumonia, and to teach you responsibility by constantly giving you something to clean. Living with roommates means that you won’t be the only one holding a Swiffer and breaking down into tears while you look at your disgusting sham of a kitchen. You can even make a Brady Bunch-style organization that's capable of such a thing like a little chart on the refrigerator dividing up the chores based on which one makes you want to kill yourselves.

A Reddit user wrote, "My husband is 26 and I am 49. My husband's friend is also 26 and he used to walk around in his underwear looking at me while he fluffed his package (he lived with us). Then one night he licked the whole length of a chalupa while staring at me intently. I have never laughed so hard in my life."

5 Nothing Like A Good Pounce

The bedroom is a place to sleep. The bedroom is a place to wake up and get dressed. There are a lot of other things a bedroom can be used for. This includes intimate activities like foreplay, intercourse and cuddling. Women are one of the most wonderful creatures created by God and they deserve happiness—whether it be a younger man or an older man.

On behalf of many cougars, a Reddit user commented on the importance of intimate activities in the bedroom. She wrote, "We love getting pounced on. Keep it up! For me, it's the confidence and maturity level of an older woman. They know how they like it and what spots to hit. It takes away the guess work." If you're lucky enough to be dating a cougar, you better bring your A-game in the sack! They're probably looking for a lad who will give them everything in bed.

4 New Divorcee On The Hunt

A Reddit user took to the social news aggregation after becoming a new divorcee and ended up being so lucky! She wrote, "So I'm 42 and have been officially divorced for about a month. I told my sister that I was over men for a while and she said that to get over a guy, you must get under another. She said that young guys were fun. She told me to check out tinder. I set the age range to 18-25, more for fear of seeing anyone I know. I don't know too many young people. I googled "tinder cougar" and I saw a couple of reddit articles about how hard it is to meet cougars on tinder. I really didn't think so many young dudes would be into banging a milf. Maybe they are just into banging whatever. Do guys really set their age range to like 18-65 just to bang anything? So anyway, I'm kind of a fat girl. I'd rather call myself fat, than bbw, rubenesque, or thick. I even put my dress size on my profile and posted REAL pics of myself on my profile. Non-naked body shots and stuff. The first hour I must have gotten like 50 matches, and this, again, was set for 18-25 within a 10 mile radius. I do live by 2 universities, so that could have been it too."

She added, "So next I meet a college athlete. 18 years old. My GUY friend says I'm sick if I want to mess with an 18 year old. I dunno, he's 6'2" and gorgeous. I don't care. We meet in a parking lot, we live about 2 minutes from each other. I asked him if I could see his license. Not trying to go to jail, just trying to have some fun. We immediately start making out. I have to go after like 15 minutes, super hot. We meet in his car again a few days later. Hot. He's beautiful, but a bit of a rabbit. It turns me on so much that he is 24 years younger than me. He just left my place about 15 minutes ago. I'm basking in the glow, can't wait to teach him some new skills. I feel a little dirty for this, but like I said, I've only been with a few guys and never felt like I sowed any oats in my teen years and my 20's. I'm wondering if anyone would actually be interested in hearing more about my shenanigans and tinder experiences. I'll be doing this for a while I'm sure. I think that women my age and young guys are pretty much the h*rniest people on earth. It's been fun, and interesting for sure. No strings, no drama!"

3 Small Town Flirt

Working at a college has many benefits. Many men and women feel that taking on a part-time job will help them get more involved at school. It can seem boring and overwhelming, but it gives the possibility of doing something good.

A Reddit user wrote, "I am a self proclaimed cougar who has been with 20-something year olds exclusively for about five years now. I live in a small town with a small private college. All of the students are back on campus and I am feeling like a kid in a candy store!"

A male user asked, "How do you go about meeting them if it's a small town, wouldn't word get around?" The female user responded by saying, "I am active in the booster club so I am in regular contact with many of the athletes. I am flirtatious by nature and everyone around me knows it so it isn't outside my normal behavior. The guys who flirt back usually end up reaching out to me via social media and it goes from there."

2 Young Love

This isn't an X-rated or even a PG-13 story, but it's still worth a share.

A Reddit user wrote, "My kids aren't old enough to have horny friends but my oldest son is in kindergarten (he's 5) and his one little friend always gives me 'shy eyes', adorable wave and a 'hiiiiiiiiii.' He said I was pretty one day. Best. Compliment. Ever. Lol.

I went on a field trip with his class and all his friends wanted me to be their mom. One even called me mom the whole trip. Given their age I think that might be the equivalent."

While a parent should be concerned about an overly affectionate toddler, it's unfortunately understandable if this mother didn't seem to mind the extra attention from her oldest son's friend because she's receiving attention for her looks. It's not agreeable, but there are some things that put a smile on a person's face for the wrong reasons.

1 Lesbian Hook Up

While living in an Asian country, a lesbian Reddit user who was 19 years old at the time described her encounter with a 45-year old Asian woman who reportedly looked over 25 years old and worked as a news anchor.

She wrote, "I posted that I was a foreigner and new to the country, interested in meeting women for a nice date, s*x optional. I specified 18-25 since that made sense for my age range. A woman emailed me back, and from her picture she looked a bit older than 25 but gorgeous, and not a dude (unlike 90% of my responses), so I responded and we agreed to meet at a public place. When she met me at the restaurant, she sat down and just completely took charge. Now, until that point I had always been the take-charge woman in my dating and sex life. Even though I look like a girly girl, I definitely prefer to be the one to make the first move and be in control--femme in the streets, butch in the sheets, they call us. We had instant chemistry, so I agreed without any hesitation to go back to her place. We get there, and I'm stunned. It is without doubt the nicest penthouse apartment I had ever seen. Let me remind you, I was a broke college kid living in a dump with barely running water and eating mostly instant noodles. I get there and there are marble countertops, a gorgeous view of the city, and best of all--red satin sheets on the bed. We didn't waste any time, and got straight to f*cking with barely any foreplay. I think it was probably my first time having s*x without needing alcohol to help. It was definitely my first time being completely controlled by someone else. She was probably only 100 pounds, but she held me down and took advantage of me with such strength that I could barely move (not that I wanted to)."

She added, "She kicked me out quickly afterwards, but we met up a few more times after that, all with great s*x. One time she surprised me with a third woman in the room. Let me tell you, a surprise threesome with two older women is quite a treat."

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