15 Of Your Most Common Nightmares Finally Explained

Dreams are crazy. We dream often, but we don’t always remember them. Remembering your dreams is something that you actually have to learn and practise. It’s easy to just wake up and brush your dreams off, or think that they have no meaning or purpose, but if you ignore your dreams, it’s likely you’re ignoring part of your mental health. If you’re dealing with a problem or issue in your real life, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll have nightmares more often. If you have past trauma that you try to ignore, it will come back and haunt you in your dreams.

Although you dream every night, you definitely don’t always have nightmares. Dreams are usually just your brain’s way of working out the day’s activities as well as your worries. If you’re someone who has a lot of anxiety in your life, it’s likely that it will show up in your dreams in some form as well. Even if your life is seemingly perfect and you don’t have that many issues that you can think of, that doesn’t mean you’re free of nightmares. They can just be your fears and anxieties acting themselves out.

If you start to analyze, record, and evaluate your dreams, you can really improve your way of thinking and overall quality of life. We’ve collected 15 common nightmares and made a list for you so the next time you’re thinking about a crazy nightmare, you might be able to do something about it! Here are 15 Of Your Most Common Nightmares Finally Explained.

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15 Snakes, Spiders, And Other Creepy Creatures

Dreaming about snakes is similar to how we might see snakes in real life. They can be sneaky and deceptive and you never know when they’re going to strike. This is the same in your dreams. The snake represents a problem that you don’t have control over and you don’t know when it strikes.

Dreaming about a rat has a similar meaning to the snake. It really depends on what the rat does and what you do with the rat to get a specific interpretation. Dreams about snakes and rats also have to do with deception. Maybe there’s someone deceptive in your life that you feel you can’t trust.

Dreams about spiders represent manipulation. Either you’re being manipulated or you're manipulating others. Dreams about bugs and spiders, in general, represent your fears and anxieties, so if you often dream of bugs, it’s likely you often experience anxiety throughout your day.

14 Falling And Flying

Dreaming about flying can really be an incredible thing. Depending on whether you’re lucid dreaming or not can also really make for an exciting dream. Things can quickly go south, however, once you start to fall!

Flying in a dream means that you’re confident and nothing can stop you. Once you start to lose your ability to fly and are falling, it represents that you lack control in your life and have no stability or confidence. Think about where you’re flying and what you’re looking at below when you’re in the sky.

Flying or falling from a high point can also be a representation about getting a new perspective on life. Maybe there’s an issue you’re having and you need to take a step back and look at things from an aerial perspective.

13 Having A Dream About Someone You Would Never Be With In Real Life

Having steamy dreams can be pretty weird. Sometimes, it’s with a random person and other times it's with someone you know, like a platonic friend, or more terrifying, a relative. They can be really scary and strange to process the next morning and are pretty uncomfortable to remember. There’s nothing wrong with you if you do have an intimate dream about someone you have no desire to have a relationship with in real life!

A steamy dream with a person usually just means you want to be closer to them. Maybe you dream about an old high-school friend that you lost touch with or a distant relative you haven’t called in a while.

A steamy dream can also mean that the person you hook up with has qualities you admire and want for yourself. If you sleep with your coworker in your dream that you actually hate in real life, maybe it’s just because you admire their work ethic or bravery.

12 Screaming Endlessly But No Noise Comes Out

To dream that no one can hear you scream may mean you feel like you're being overlooked in real life.

Whatever might be happening in the dream, once you start screaming and no one is listening to you, it likely translates to feeling neglected in real life. Perhaps something is going on and you’re dealing with a struggle, but your friends aren’t there and aren’t helping you.

Having a dream like this doesn’t necessarily mean that your friends and family aren’t listening either. It could also mean that you don’t know how to articulate your emotions and when you try to get help for what’s going on in your life, you don’t know how to actually ask for it. Maybe you’re embarrassed about feeling something and are afraid that people won’t listen if you try to talk about it.

11 Driving Somewhere Dangerous Or Not Having Any Control Of The Car

Have you ever had a dream where you’re driving down a road and you don’t know where you’re going? Maybe you’re driving too fast and losing control. These dreams are incredibly common and have a simple explanation. The road in your dream represents your life, and the car represents who has control over it.

If you dream that you can’t see the road ahead of you, it means you don’t know where your life is going and what the next step is. If you’re losing control or driving over steep obstacles like tall hills and dangerous turns, it means that you’re losing control over the obstacles in your life.

Who is driving in your dreams is also important. If you’re the passenger, it might mean that who’s driving is who’s in charge of your life. If you’re driving from the passenger’s side or backseat, it could mean that you’re just now starting to gain control of your own life.

10 Losing Your Teeth And Having Them Fall Out

When you have teeth dreams, it is a direct representation of how you feel about yourself. Teeth represent a lot in the real world. If you have straight white teeth, you’re perceived as more attractive. So, when you start to dream about your teeth and your appearance, you have to think of your perspective on your pearly whites in real life.

If your teeth start to fall out, it can mean that you’re feeling really insecure with yourself. People who have anxiety about the way they look and low self-esteem typically have more dreams about their teeth. You might have other dreams about your appearance, but teeth are really the focus in these nightmares.

If your teeth are decaying in the dream, it can also be a representation of your health. If you don’t think you’re being living a healthy lifestyle, you might end up having a dream where your teeth are decaying.

9 Being Chased

Being chased in your dream can be more obvious than you think. Generally, it means you’re running away from something and whatever you’re running away from is still lurking behind you. You have to look at what or who is chasing you in your dream to get the correct interpretation of what is actually going on.

Being chased in your dream can also directly mean that you’re close-minded or stubborn. Perhaps you don’t care about anyone’s opinion but your own and aren’t willing to hear others out. If you often dream you’re being chased, you need to look at what you're avoiding in real life. Are people constantly telling you that you need to do something or change something, and you won’t listen to them? A lot of times, the person telling you to change might be yourself and you’re shutting that voice in your head up and not listening to your subconscious.

8 All Things Water And What The Deep Blue Means

Water dreams are very common, and since there are so many ways to dream about water, we’ll give you the basics and let you evaluate them specifically based on your own life.

Maybe you dream about open water, a river, a beach, or just a small pond. No matter what the dream may be, the water usually represents the same thing: your emotions. If you’re lost at sea, floating in the middle of nowhere, you might be lost in your life or within your own emotions. If you’re deep underwater and struggling to keep yourself afloat, you might be lost in your feelings and unable to understand them.

Whatever the dream may be, try to remember the overall feeling. Is it scary or stressful? The water is your emotions, so what part of your own feelings might you be exploring in your water nightmares?

7 Being Naked!

There’s usually no way for us to be able to tell that we’re even dreaming. You might think that it’s just another normal day until you suddenly realize that you’re not wearing any clothes! Dreams about being naked are common and can mean several different things. It can be a representation of your embarrassment or mean that you’re scared of getting humiliated. It can also mean that you’re putting up a front, represented by your clothes, and that when you’re naked, people can see right through you.

If you’re naked in your dream and don’t care who sees you, then that’s a representation that you’re being totally true to yourself and that you’re really expressing your freedom. What the dream actually means to you is really dependent on your reaction. Maybe you don’t care or maybe you're mortified. It’s also important to look at where you’re naked and who you’re with to get the best interpretation.

6 Living In A Post-Apocalyptic World

Dreaming about a post-apocalyptic world or scenario is a direct representation of a change that is happening in your life. If you just moved, started a new job, started school, or even had a baby, this might be the time you most commonly dream of apocalypses. You must also consider the apocalypse to see what is really going on in your real life. If everything is scary and you don’t want to leave your house, the change in your waking life is probably scary for you.

If you dream about an apocalyptic scenario quite often, it could also simply mean you can't make up your mind about something. If you change your perspective or outlook on life more often than most people, these types of dreams might be more common. An apocalyptic scenario might also just be a direct representation of how you view your world.

5 Dreaming Of Abandoned Places And Unused Rooms

One of the most unsettling dreams you can have are dreams about abandoned places. It’s usually a representation of an abandoned or neglected emotion, but it depends on where you are.

If you dream of an old house that you used to live in, you’re likely re-exploring a different time in your life. It can be scary, however, and that’s usually because that was a scary time in your life. It can also just be frightening to think about your past in general, as you start evaluating time and your life decisions and regrets.

Dreaming about a forgotten room can also represent dreaming about a forgotten part of your mind. Maybe you have a hobby that you’ve abandoned or some trauma that you’ve never confronted. You must look at your life and think of what you might have tried to ignore or neglect. Once you figure that out, you might dream about abandoned places less often.

4 Seeing Things While Having Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis is the most chilling thing any of us could experience. It happen when you’re either falling asleep or as you’re waking up. You’re still stuck in both the real world and your dream world. You will often feel completely paralyzed, unable to move or say anything. You might see the room around you but aren’t able to do anything physically. The room might look a bit different and sometimes, you might even hallucinate that there’s a black figure coming toward you.

The reason you usually have sleep paralysis is directly related to your sleeping conditions. If you’re not getting enough sleep or doing it in an uncomfortable bed and environment, you’re more likely to experience sleep paralysis. If you suffer from anxiety, you’re more likely to have sleep paralysis since it’s harder to get a good night’s sleep.

3 Showing Up Late To Class Or Forgetting To Do The Assignment

No matter how many times you might dream about work, school, running late, or forgetting assignments, they usually mean similar things. Running late, forgetting assignments, and missing classes for periods at a time are a direct representation of how you’re doing in your life. So, if you often dream that you’re unprepared for work and school, you likely feel unprepared in real life. The length or severity of the situation depends on the severity of your real-life situation. If you have no direction in your life and haven’t for some time, you might have dreams about missing entire semesters of class.

If you often dream of high school, it might mean a little more. Maybe you regret neglecting your school work not paying attention enough in school. Dreaming about high school when you’re not in high school can sometimes also mean that you’re reflecting on your past and the decisions you’ve made so far for your future.

Dreaming about work means you think about it too much. You let your work life seep into your real life too often and need to learn to separate the two so you do not bring work anxiety home and in your dreams!

2 Fire

When you dream about a fire, it represents destruction and aggression. If you’re getting burnt, you might be getting burnt by someone in real life. If something is burning, perhaps something is being lost and destroyed in real life. When you have a dream about fire and burning, you have to look at what is being burned and how you feel about it in your dreams.

Fire can also represent intimacy in a dream. If the fire is scary to you, then perhaps you fear intimacy. Fire can really be passionate, and since it’s such a broad topic, you really have to evaluate it depending on the exact situation you’re experiencing in your dream.

1 Being Under Attack

Dreaming about weapons and getting attacked is never a good dream. Having to go through any experience with weapons in real life can be incredibly traumatic, even in a controlled situation. Once a weapon is shown in a dream, things take a dark turn, and anything can happen — weapons usually represent aggression and anger.

If you get shot or are getting shot at in your dream, it usually means that you’re dealing with some sort of angry confrontation in your life. If you’re fighting with a friend or other loved one in real life, you might have a dream about getting shot in the dream. Doing the shooting or having a weapon can be equally as terrifying if you’re someone who doesn’t handle weapons in real life. If you try to hide the gun from others in your dreams, it probably means you’re hiding your aggression and anger in the waking world. If you dream about guns a lot, look at the way you and the ones you’re close to handle anger and aggression and you might figure out why you’re having these dreams.

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