15 Of The Worst Christmas Gifts People Got That Make Santa Question Humanity

One of the greatest parts of the year is Christmastime. There are countless songs and covers of those songs about how it’s the most wonderful time of the year, and there’s a reason for that. Everyone is happy — you get to spend time with your family and you get to give and receive presents. As you get older, you realize that giving is half the fun of Christmas. It’s always exciting to watch someone’s face light up when you give them something  they've been wanting. Being on the receiving end of that is just as great! Unfortunately, you don’t always wind up getting everything you want every Christmas.

That’s fine, we would never expect to get everything we wanted from our family. Most of the time, all we really went is just a few days to spend with the people we love. Getting presents isn’t always about the actual gift — it's really the thought that counts. That being said, it's still possible to get a bad Christmas present every once in a while. It’s not bad because of the brand, cost, or even what it looks like. Sometimes, gifts are bad because you can tell the person put zero effort into what they were giving. A present can sometimes become more of a hassle than anything else. What’s the worst gift you ever got? Share with your friends to see what bad presents they’ve received over the years! For now, here are 15 Of The Worst Christmas Gifts People Got That Make Santa Question Humanity.

15 An Empty DVD Case Because The Gifter Watched The Movie And Forgot To Put It Back In

The hardest part about giving gifts isn’t always buying them. Sometimes, it’s wanting to keep the gift for yourself! Some people have figured out ways to use other people’s gifts before or even after giving them their gift without getting caught. The person in I_Cut_Shoes’ story is not one of them, however. They received an empty DVD case. The gift giver took the movie out of the case to watch it beforehand and forgot to put it back.

A DVD is a great gift for someone. It’s always better to make sure that the DVD is actually inside the case, however! It’s still just as good as it was before the gift giver watched it, however, it’s a little embarrassing that the gift receiver found out they had already used the gift in that situation! It’s disappointing to have to open an empty gift! Luckily, they received the DVD eventually, but not free from having to go through an awkward situation first!

14 Pajamas The Gift Receiver Was Already Wearing

If you love something a lot, it’s always nice to have two of it. However, there are certain things that aren't necessary to have two of. Whiteboyday didn’t have much of a choice in their gift-receiving situation, however.

"This year, I got a pair of pyjamas that were identical to the pair I was wearing when I unwrapped them. Thanks again mom!"


Pyjamas are always a great present. They’re comfortable and you can never have too many of them. When it comes to mistakenly getting the same pair two years in a row, that can be a little disappointing. You would hope your mom would at least remember enough to get a new pattern! It’s still a great present, it would just be a little anti-climatic to have to open on Christmas morning when everyone else is getting new things!

13 A Self-Help Book For A Teen Girl

We would never want to shame anyone for using a self-help book or weight-loss book either. There are some rules about giving them as presents, however, like in Strominator12’s story.

"I got a Weight Watchers book and a self-help book. I was eleven."

The last thing you’d want to give a teenager is a book that tells them they should lose weight and perk up. Actually, they weren’t even a teen yet! It can be hard to shop for a teenager. There are so many bad gifts that are still better than either of those two books, however. How could anyone think they were a good idea? It’s so bad, we wonder if they were being purposely passive aggressive about something or if they were just that bad at giving presents. If you're not sure, gift cards are always a safe bet.

12 A Pack Of Batteries With Some Missing

Everyone has had a Christmas season when they were a little tight on money. Money isn’t all you need to buy a good gift, however. No matter your budget, you could always get something personal. Some people decide to not put in any effort, however, and wind up giving some pretty questionable gifts, as seen in Drakeisboring’s story.

"My cousin once got a 6-pack of AA batteries — with only four in the pack."

We understand everyone can get a little financially stressed during the holidays, but they couldn’t have splurged just a little bit to get a new pack of batteries? Or at least take them out of the open container if you’re going to be that cheap! It’s not about the gift, but showing you did more than grab the closest object to you.

11 This Deer Hoof Candle Holder That Sheds Everywhere

Tarsala3791 shared their bad Christmas gift and even included the photo you see above:

"A [taxidermized] deer hoof with a candle holder stuck in where the ankle would be. Only it's bad taxidermy, so it is constantly shedding a fine white powder on the table."

Gifts are always appreciated, but one that causes such a mess is not adding to our list of things we want. Not only is it annoying to have to clean up after the shedding candle holder, it’s also just gross to think about this dead animal hoof sitting on the shelf. Since it’s a candle holder, don’t you think that’d be a bad combo to actually burn a candle in? It might cause a weird smell and is kind of a fire hazard considering there is so much dry hair and skin surrounding it. Remember to never buy this for anyone you actually love and care about!

10 A Watch That Was Regifted From 2 Years Ago

Regifting is the act of taking a gift someone gave you and giving it to someone else. If you’re careful, it can work out well for times you got something you hated from someone you don’t care about and need to give a gift to someone else that you don’t really care about. It should never be done with people you actually care about, though! That’s what happened in Pops_of_3’s story.

"My dad gave me a watch that I had given him for Christmas a couple of years earlier. I guess he either forgot I was the one that gave it to him or he just hoped I wouldn't remember."

Man, that is brutal. Getting something back from your own dad is a little disappointing. It’s okay if someone doesn’t like the gift you gave them, but at least return it to the store or just keep it in your drawer! Don’t give it back to person who gave it to you in the first place!

9 A Donation In The Reciever's Name That Was Never Actually Donated

Christmas is the time to be giving. It’s the only time of year that some of us are giving at all, and it’s always a great idea to give to charity in need. However, giving to charity should be a personal choice, and definitely not a decision someone else should make for you. Unfortunately, Pbund’s was put in quite an awkward situation.

"My aunt told me she had donated £20 to hungry kids in my name. I don't think she did.:

If you could get away with going around and telling people you donated in their name, would you? It seems pretty messed up that someone would actually try to get away with something like that! That’s like an anti-gift and the exact opposite of hat you should be doing on Christmas.

8 A Goodwill Blanket That Had Been Donated By The Gifter

If you give someone something from a thrift store as a gift, that’s totally acceptable. Christmas isn’t about giving the nicest and most expensive gifts, simce not everyone can really do that for everyone they have to buy for every Christmas. There are still some situations you should try to avoid, however, like the one in Scifilove’s story.

"My mother-in-law gave me a blanket I had just donated 2 weeks before to Goodwill. She went there, bought it, and gave it to me like a new gift — never realizing it had been in my home. Now I have to drive about an hour to donate anything for fear it will come back to my house."

We can’t really blame the mother-in-law for not realizing she had previously had the blanket, since it’s not her job to keep inventory of everything in her house. It still seems like a weird gift to give someone, however.

7 A Training Bra

Being a teenage girl is never easy. Especially once you start going through changes. This girl wasn’t even in her teens when she had a pretty embarrassing gift-giving scenario. See if you can read KixStar’s story without cringing.

"The year was 1995. I was a newly developing 10-year-old girl. There is a video of me opening presents in the background while my 4-year-old twin sisters tear through all of their new toys. A clothing box came across my lap. Inside? My first training bra."

Everyone has an embarrassing puberty story, but we would hope most people don’t mix with a memory of a Christmas morning! You’re supposed to get fun things that you want for Christmas, not things to embarrass you and remind you you're not a kid anymore! Practical gifts are nice, but this one is a little too much for a young girl.

6 A Necklace Of The Person's Name Spelled Wrong

Having something with your name on it when you were kid was the best. It was personalized to you and no one could ever say it was theirs unless they had the same name as you, of course. For those of us who had harder names to find when searching for personalized items, it was an extra special treat to find something that actually had your name on it. However, even if it was the same name, it might not have been spelled correctly. Truth-sets-in shares their story:

"My grandma got me a necklace that read 'Christine.' My name is Kristen."

That one seems to sting a bit, knowing the struggle that they probably went through to find things that had their name in the first place. Kristen’s one of those names that have multiple spellings, but Christine isn’t even close to the right way to spell her actual name! They're even pronounced differently!

5 A Regifted Sweater

Sometimes, if you like something in particular, people can end up giving you too much of something that you like. That’s what ended up happening to Homemadestoner’s dad one Christmas because he liked sweaters so much. The way he handled it was a bit awkward, however.

"My dad gave me a sweater a few days after Christmas, saying, "Someone gave this to me and I'm not going to wear it." I didn't have the heart to tell him that I was the one that gave it to him. In his defence, he owns a lot of sweaters, but it still didn't make me feel that great that he disregarded the gift I gave him."

It's okay if you don’t like a gift you got and don’t plan to use it. Maybe make sure to wait a bit longer than a few days after Christmas before you go giving it away. Also, make sure you’re not giving it to the person that gave it to you!

4 A Bike For Someone Who Physically Can't Use It 

When you were a kid, a bike is a pretty good gift idea. Even as an adult, that would be something special to receive from someone since bikes certainly aren’t cheap! It isn’t always a good idea for absolutely everyone, however. Read FilmGeek42’s short story to see why.

"I go a bike. I don't have legs."

That’s a pretty awkward present to give to someone in that situation. We do not want to see how the actual gift-giving process went down. Did they just not think about it that hard or did they forget that they didn’t have legs? Hopefully, it was from a distant relative who might not have completely understood the situation. Normally, a bike would be a pretty good gift, and hopefully, they were able to sell the bike at least and make a bit of money for the awkward situation that they had to endure!

3 A 3D Poster For The Blind

Do you remember those 3D posters from the '90s that kind of look like the one above? They were quite popular, but unfortunately, not everyone gets to experience what they’re intended for. Starringbecca shares their uncomfortable story.

"My mom bought me one of those 3D posters that were all the rage in the '90s. I am blind in one eye."

We might understand if this gift was given by a distant relative who didn’t really know much about them. It might have even been a good gift when they were popular. But to receive one from your mother who knows you won’t be able to see the poster the way it was intended is just brutal. It’s still nice to look at, however, since they can’t really let their eyes go out of focus together, they won’t be able to see the 3D image intended to be seen when the poster was designed.

2 Wrapped Wrapping Paper

When money is tight, it’s always nice to do a gift exchange instead of having to give a gift to multiple people when you really can’t afford it. It’s also nice to put a limit on how much you can spend on a gift so that you don’t have to go overboard or feel bad about not giving someone something nice enough. Things didn’t totally go as planned in Wwchickendinner’s gift exchange, however.

"For Christmas, my family limited our budget to $2 each. I received a roll of Christmas wrapping paper — wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper."

That's is a pretty low budget, but if you’re creative enough, you can do something cool with that. Wrapping paper isn’t the greatest idea for a gift, however. It’s just a pretty unexciting thing to open Christmas morning.

1 A Wool Sweater To Someone With A Wool Allergy 

CHRISTMAS WITH THE KRANKS, Tim Allen, Jamie Lee Curtis, 2004, (c) Columbia

Sometimes, our older relatives don’t really get us the best presents or the ones we might actually want. That’s okay, though, because the fact that they thought about us is all that really matters. Anaxamandrus’s grandmother took it a little too far one Christmas, however.

"My grandmother once knitted all her grandchildren wool sweaters. The only problem is that I am allergic to wool. Despite this, she made me wear the sweater which caused me to break out in hives. She did not care and was really upset when I took the sweater off. For a long time after that, whenever she saw me, she asked me to wear the sweater."

It’s understandable she might have been a little upset that they couldn’t wear the sweater, but forcing them to wear the sweater really wasn’t the best solution for this particular scenario. At least they only had to wear it a few times a year, right?

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