15 Of The Worst Breakups In History

Relationships end one of two ways, either with a life-long commitment and perhaps some wedding bells or a breakup. Sometimes the breakup is clean, sometimes it's messy, and once in a while, it's absolute hell.

There are many examples throughout history of horrible breakups. Arguably one of the greatest love affairs in history, Cleopatra and Marc Antony, was a relationship filled with breakups and makeups and an eventual eternal breakup whereas they both committed suicide.

Brad Pitt notoriously took then-wife Jennifer Aniston on a goodbye vacation of sorts before he left her to be with his co-star from Mr. and Mrs. Smith, the one and only Angelina Jolie. Jen and Brad were Hollywood's golden couple and America's hearts broke for the 'boring' (what Brad supposedly said of Jen) Jen, and it seemed that America collectively glared at the husband-stealing Angelina for quite some time.

Breakups in Hollywood get messy. Many get turned into public spectacles making them so much worse for those involved. The public wants to know all the salacious details, and the tabloids are eager to give them.

We have dug into the tabloids and newspapers to find some of the worst breakups in history. This list includes everyone from the Hollywood teenage heartthrob to the everyday girl-next-door turned vengeful ex not ready to break up without a horrific fight to death. Without further ado, here are 15 of the worst breakups in history.

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15 Minnie Driver And Matt Damon


Definitely one of the worst moments on television happened when Matt Damon appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show in 1998. He was flying high from the success of the blockbuster smash hit "Good Will Hunting" which he co-wrote with buddy Ben Affleck and starred in.

Matt was dating his co-star, Minnie Driver. They had been together for a little over a year. Things were going good...or so Minnie thought. When Oprah asked Matt if he was in a relationship or was single, he said that he was the latter. He had just announced to the entire world and Minnie that their relationship was over. He didn't call ahead of the show to tell her. He didn't send her an email. Nothing. Minnie was blindsided on national television.

14 Tiger Woods And Elin Nordegren


One day back in November of 2009, the world woke up to the news that the sports world's golden child, Tiger Woods, had been in an auto accident. No big deal, right? It was just a minor accident and no injuries, right? Not so fast.

Slowly throughout the next few days, details began to emerge of the events leading up to and the cause of the accident. Extreme infidelity, lies and deceit, s*x, and greed—Tiger had been living a double life. The clean-cut image he projected to the world and by all accounts, his family, was not the Tiger he really was.

Mistress after mistress started coming out of the closets. It has been speculated that Elin Nordegren had discovered text messages on Tiger's phone and confronted him about them. Tiger and Elin became involved in a marital dispute whereas Elin chased him with a golf club. Tiger got into his car and started to drive away and somehow crashed the car. Elin smashed the windows of the car with the club. Divorce and Tiger's ultimate downfall quickly followed.

13 Johnny Depp And Amber Heard


A-list actor Johnny Depp is known for some of the world's biggest blockbuster films, including Edward Scissorhands and Pirates of the Caribbean.

In 2011, Johnny began dating actress/model Amber Heard. They married in 2015 but that marriage took a disastrous turn less than a year later. Amber went public with claims of some very serious verbal, physical, and emotional abuse at the hands of her husband. She went out in public with very visible bruises in various stages of healing on her face and arms–and those are just the places you could see–who knows what other injuries she sustained.

Johnny and Amber's divorce was finalized in January of 2017. Amber donated the whopping $7 million settlement she received to charities supporting victims of domestic violence.

12 Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart


Start gagging. Yes, we are going there. In 2012, Twi-hards everywhere were devastated when photos of Kristen Stewart surfaced while getting hot and heavy with the married director of her film, Snow White and The Huntsman. Rupert Sanders, the director, was married to stunning actress Liberty Ross when he began an affair with his leading lady. Kristen was in a long-term committed relationship with actor Robert Pattinson.

Both Kristen and Rupert put out statements of apologies to their loved ones. However, it just wasn't enough to salvage their relationships with their significant others. K-Stew split up and Rupert and Liberty divorced. Kristen and Rupert did not reignite their romance. By all accounts, all parties have happily moved on. However, the truly devoted Twi-hards still hold out hope that K-Stew will unite.

11 Arnold Schwarzenegger And Maria Shriver


Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver were married from 1986 to 2011. They have four children together.

Arnold and Maria's fairytale happily ever after came crashing down when Arnold's affair with their housekeeper and his love child were revealed to the world. Maria was blindsided by the news that her husband not only had an affair with their housekeeper but that he had another child!

Maria and the housekeeper, Mildred Baena, were also pregnant at the same time. Mildred gave birth to a son, Joseph, and Maria gave birth to a son, Christopher, within days of each other.

Arnold knew he was the father of Joseph but kept it a secret from his wife and the rest of the family. Joseph shares a striking resemblance to his famous father. And, when Maria found out, she reportedly said she had noticed the resemblance but quickly put the thought out of her head that Arnold could be the boy's father.

Maria and Arnold divorced. Arnold now has been starting to build a real relationship with his son, Joseph, even posting 'Happy Birthday!' to him on social media. It must be an immense relief to not have to hide such a secret from his family even with the tragic consequences of a divorce and his public image being damaged.

10 Eddie Cibrian And Brandi Glanville

@The Hollywood Gossip

Oh, the Eddie Cibrian and Brandi Glanville scandal. Salacious. Eddie Cibrian was married with children when he met the also married Leann Rimes while filming a made-for-television movie.

Sadly, Eddie and Leann obviously didn't take their marriage vows too seriously because they soon became involved in a steamy affair. Eddie's wife and Leann's husband claimed to be blindsided. They had even gone out on double dates together!

Eddie divorced Brandi, and Leann divorced Dean Sheremet. They then married each other and have since truly outdone themselves with the PDA. They are well-known for their social media channels...and their immature public feuds with ex-wife Brandi.

Eddie and Brandi's relationship is tempestuous at the very best. The only reason they are forced to see each other is because they have two sons together. A very messy mud-slinging divorce is just what Eddie got when he cheated on his model wife with country music star Leann.

9 Russell Brand And Katy Perry


The famous "I Kissed A Girl" American pop star Katy Perry found out via text message that the love of her life and husband, Russell Brand, was divorcing her. He didn't even have the decency to call his wife to tell her it was over. He did it with a text message.

December 31st of 2011 was the last time Katy heard from Russell. He texted her the infamous message that he was divorcing her. His ex-wife then became the inspiration for much of his comedic material that he would use in his stand-up routines. He turned her into the butt of his jokes! Katy's real heartbreak was made fun of for entertainment purposes...for millions of people around the world to laugh at.

8 Elon And Justine Musk


Billionaire Elon Musk broke up with the mother of his five sons and wife of 8 years by leaving a message with her therapist. He had her therapist give the news that he wanted out of their marriage. Awkward much?

Justine now had to fight for any financial and property settlement because Elon had convinced her to sign a postnup shortly after they were married. A postnup is like a prenup except it's signed after the wedding. According to Justine, she had unknowingly waived all rights to anything. Legally, she wasn't entitled to a dime of Elon's wealth.

To add to Justine's heartbreak of finding out her husband could be so cruel and cold, Elon then sent her a text message letting her know that he was engaged to a beautiful 20-something-year-old British supermodel!

7 Britney Spears And Justin Timberlake


Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake were America's pop sweethearts back in 2000. They wore matching outfits to awards events. They gushed about each other to all the teeny bopper magazines. But, then supposedly Brit-Brit got a little bored. It's said that she cheated on Justin with a mutual friend, Wade Robson. Wade was a choreographer that was working with the hottest pop acts in the industry at the time.

When Justin found out about the hook-up, he broke up with Britney and took it a step further. "Cry Me A River" was one of Justin's singles from his debut solo album Justified. Have you seen "Cry Me A River?" Well, there really is no doubt about it; the song was written with Britney in mind. And, it's the story of her infidelity and the breakdown of their relationship. The entire world got a look into their favorite pop stars' private lives and boy oh boy was it some good food for the gossip columnists to feed on for a few months.

6 Jodi Arias And Travis Alexander

@AP Photo/Matt York/NY Post

If 'crazy ex-girlfriend' was in the dictionary, it would most definitely show a picture of Jodi Arias. Jodi was in love with ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander. She loved him so much that she murdered him. Travis was killed on June 4th, 2008. He was only 30 years old.

Jodi and Travis had been dating on and off for a little less than a year when Travis ended things with Jodi. Jodi didn't take the rejection well and continued to pursue him, even moving closer to him. His friends knew her as the 'psycho ex-girlfriend' and he had told them that she was stalking him. She supposedly even slashed his car tires.

It's not completely clear what transpired on June 4th, 2008, but it is presumed that Travis and Jodi hooked up. Travis saw it more as a 'booty call' whereas Jodi saw it as something much more serious. Perhaps Travis told Jodi he didn't see them getting back together and she snapped? Perhaps she had planned his murder well in advance?

Pictures were found on a digital camera belonging to Travis. There were pictures from the day of his death including the last picture ever taken of Travis alive. He was standing in the shower. Then, there are others of what looks like his body being dragged by Jodi. The pictures were accidentally snapped so they aren't completely clear. After a lengthy trial that revealed all of Jodi's outrageous lies, she was found guilty of first degree murder.

5 Lady Caroline And Lord Byron

via Art UK

Oh, that tragic true tale of woe by one Lady Caroline Lamb. Caroline was a married woman who embarked on an affair with a devastatingly handsome man, Lord Byron.

Sadly, Lord Byron broke things off with Caroline which sent Caroline into a tailspin. In 1812, she attended a ball he was at where she smashed a wine glass and began to cut her wrists in front of everyone in attendance.

Caroline's poor sap of a husband moved Caroline from England to Ireland to try and get her to forget about Lord Byron. Caroline continued to correspond with Lord Byron while she stayed out of public view. She did disgusting things that make you question her mental state. One thing she did was send him her pubic hair!

Instead of just ignoring Caroline, Lord Byron would respond. This more than likely just continued feeding Caroline's obsession with him. He would tell her how he absolutely didn't love her anymore and to basically leave him the heck alone.

4 Eddie Fisher And Debbie Reynolds

@New York Daily News

In the 1950's, singer Eddie Fisher and actress Debbie Reynolds were Hollywood's golden couple. They were truly beautiful together. They were best friends with actress Elizabeth Taylor and her husband Mike Todd. The two couples did everything together—lavish vacations to backyard barbecues.

Sadly, in 1958, Mike Todd, Elizabeth's husband, was killed in a plane crash. Instead of looking for comfort in her best friend, Elizabeth stole the affection and love of her best friend's husband! Eddie blindsided his beautiful wife, Debbie, by filing for divorce and then almost immediately marrying his wife's best friend, Elizabeth!

3 Lisa Nowak And William Oefelein


Lisa Nowak had a prestigious career at NASA as an astronaut. She was married with three children. Unfortunately, all this came crashing down when she went absolutely bat crap crazy after a co-worker she was having an affair with broke off their relationship.

William Oefelein broke up with Lisa to be with another woman, Colleen Shipman. Lisa didn't take this news too well. She packed a duffle bag that included pepper spray, a BB gun, latex gloves, and duct tape. She then headed across the country from her home in Texas to Florida. She also worse adult diapers to expedite the trip.

When Lisa got to Florida she stalked Colleen and cornered her in a parking garage. Thankfully, Colleen was already in her car and locked the doors when Lisa ran up and started banging on the windows. Colleen rolled down the window just a little bit when Lisa pretended to cry and Lisa sprayed her in the face with pepper spray. Colleen sped off and the police were called.

Lisa was discharged from the U.S. Navy and fired from NASA. She was sentenced to a year probation for attempted kidnap and assault.

2 Oscar Wilde And Lord Douglas


Legendary playwright Oscar Wilde claimed to have been repelled by his wife's body after she gave birth. He then carried on an affair with a young aristocrat Lord Alfred Douglas. Oscar was quite a bit older than Alfred and satisfied any materialistic or intimate desire that Alfred demanded in order to keep him happy.

Alfred enjoyed the company of street workers and alcohol, and having Oscar pay for everything. He took full advantage of his relationship with the famous Oscar Wilde.

Alfred's father tried to force his son and Oscar to break up. But when that failed, he decided to take matters into his own hands. He would force the courts to break them up! He exposed the s*xuality of Oscar...knowing that sodomy was illegal.  Oscar was tried and convicted of sodomy and sentenced to prison. He led a very pitiful existence in prison; forced to do hard labor his health quickly deteriorated. His money was gone. His wife refused to see him or allow him to see their kids. Alfred wouldn't see him for fear of being cut off of his family's inheritance. Oscar died heartbroken, poor, and in a dingy hotel room from meningitis.

1 King Henry VIII And Anne Boleyn

via Pinterest

King Henry VIII was notoriously not a good boyfriend or husband. When he wanted to break things off with his wives, instead of an amicable divorce, it was off with their heads!

In the case of Anne Boleyn, King Henry VIII had been relentless in his pursuit of her. He wanted to be with her more than anything; he left his first wife Queen Catherine of Aragon, he left the Catholic church. Unfortunately, his attention span wasn't very long and he lost interest in his shiny new 'toy' after she failed to produce a male heir. King Henry sent her to the chopping block on May 19th, 1536. He did one last generous act for his once beloved wife; he sent for one of the greatest swordsman to give her a swift, clean chop.

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