15 Of The Weirdest Confessions People Ever Made On Whisper App

Have you ever had a really weird and wonderful secret that was so bizarre you couldn’t imagine telling anyone else? Even your best friend?

Perhaps you have really low personal hygiene standards—picking your nose in public or not washing your hands after using the lavatory. Or perhaps you have some crazy OCD habits that none of your friends or family have ever noticed before. Maybe you have done some outrageously mean things to your friends or your partner behind their back, and they still have no idea you were responsible.

If you are a Catholic, then I guess you can always confess your bad behavior to your priest. Well, not that they want to hear about your poor personal hygiene. But if you don’t have that option, then who do you confess your deepest, darkest secrets to?

Luckily, we now have the option of confessing our secrets online, via an anonymous app called Whisper. You can tell Whisper and its users anything at all, and no one will ever know it was you or judge you for your peculiar behavior. If you have a weird confession to make, then why not join the people on the list below and tell your secret to Whisper?

15 Someone Lit His Armpit On Fire

Via whisper.sh

One Whisper user made an intriguing confession to the app. Although really, they were confessing weird behavior by one of their friends, rather than by themselves. A friend had decided that it would be a good idea–or perhaps a really “funny” joke”–to set the Whisper confessor’s armpit on fire. Maybe they were trying a revolutionary new beauty treatment, but my money is on practical joke gone very wrong. Although, as another Whisper user so accurately pointed out, it is one way to get rid of that unsightly and unwanted armpit hair. But, it’s probably best not to try this at home!

14 Hotel Blankets Are Washed Only Once A Year

This next Whisper confession is whisper.sh. One hotel employee used Whisper to reveal to the world that they worked at an establishment which employed some rather questionable laundry habits. Apparently, the spare blankets which are kept in wardrobes and cupboards in the room are only washed once a year, regardless of how many times they may or may not have been used. OK, so it’s not as bad as dirty sheets or towels, but it’s still not a pleasant thought and raises some other questions about housekeeping.

13 A Real Cop Was Mistaken For A What???

The gag about a real cop being mistaken for a stripper has been featured in so many sitcoms, that the joke itself has become pretty tired. And surely, no one could ever make that mistake in real life, right? Wrong! According to one Whisperer, who admitted to horrified fellow users that they and their friends had done just that (whisper.sh), to the extent that they had actually pulled down his pants and started throwing money at him. The confession stopped before we found out whether she and her friends ended up in jail or if the cop saw the funny side and let them off the hook.

12 She Was Nervous About Attending A Wedding Because She Had Previously Been Intimate With The Groom (And Groomsmen)

Weddings are a great opportunity to meet up with old friends who you haven’t seen for years. However, some of these reunions aren’t always welcome. One female Whisper user confessed that she was particularly nervous about an upcoming wedding, where she was an old friend of the groom and the six groomsmen. Truth be told, she was a little more than “old friends.” She told fellow Whisperers that whisper.sh and was a little nervous about coming face to face with her old flames on the big day.

11 His Mum Slaps His Behind In Public

Every teenager has to cope with their parents embarrassing them in public, even when the poor grownups aren’t doing anything wrong! However, one 20-year-old Whisperer’s mom takes things to the next level, according to his confession. She has an alarming tendency to slap his ummm, behind in public, even at the ripe old age of 20, usually accompanied by a shout of, whisper.sh Well, I can only imagine the weird looks this family gets when they’re out and about. No wonder the poor son wanted to get his confession off his chest on Whisper and not say it out loud to anyone.

10 She Threw Up On Her Leggings, Walked Back Home In Panties

One poor girl confessed her most shameful moment to all her fellow Whisper users, and it is one that she won’t forget in a hurry. After throwing up on the leggings she was wearing–there were no details as to whether this was alcohol-induced or a genuine illness–the young lady in question was whisper.sh to cover her modesty on her lower half. I just hope the incident happened during summer time, or she’d have had a very chilly–as well as embarrassing–journey all the way back home.

9 A Single Man Planning His Wedding On Pinterest

Via whisper.sh

Girls, let’s be honest here. A lot of us have been planning our weddings since we were little girls—picking out our favorite dresses, color schemes, flowers, and even the song we want to have our first dance to. It’s almost as if the man is secondary at this point! One guy took Whisper by surprise though, when he confessed that although he was single, he was also planning his dream wedding, putting together a file of his favorite ideas on Pinterest. It may be a bit weird for a guy to do that, but I’m sure there are plenty of girls out there who would see him as a great catch!

8 Smelling Her Stinky Feet...

We’re not here to judge anyone for their "intimate" preferences, but the fact is that there are some people out there with some very weird fetishes in the bedroom. One Whisperer revealed that she had ended up in a relationship with someone who wanted to worship her “stinky feet” while another whisper.sh, complete with ears, tails, and makeup whiskers. He took pictures for his collection and she even had to act like his pet when she was in costume. I guess it must be love if you’re willing to go along with that level of obsession.

7 Hotel Receptionist Sent A Postcard To A Cheating Man’s Home To Expose Him

A cautionary tale now, for men who decide they want to conduct their extramarital liaisons in the comfort and anonymity of a hotel room. Be aware that the staff at said hotel all know what you’re up to! One receptionist confessed to Whisper that she figured out a regular customer was using her hotel to meet his bit on the side and feeling like his wife deserved to know the truth. She decided to send a postcard to his home addressed to his wife, thanking them both for being such loyal customers. Oh, to be a fly on the wall when that postcard arrived…

6 She Always Wears Tennis Shoes, Ready To Run When The Zombie Apocalypse Begins

via Pinterest

The Walking Dead has a lot to answer for. The popular zombie apocalypse drama has some people fearing that the living dead are about to start roaming our streets at any second now, causing them to take some appropriate, if not necessary, precautions. One of the weirdest confessions on Whisper relates to just that fear of zombies, as one user admitted that she always wears tennis shoes no matter the occasion, whisper.sh when (not if) the zombie apocalypse starts. Nothing like expecting the unexpected!

5 She’s Been Faking A British Accent Ever Since She Got To College

Via whisper.sh

There’s no harm in pretending to be something we’re not from time to time. Who hasn’t padded their resume, worn a push-up bra or hair extensions, or even faked interest in an unusual activity to secure a date with their crush at one point? However, one Whisperer has taken things way too far, as he/she admitted in his/her online confession. Apparently, the individual in question had been whisper.sh—three years previously!! British accents may be incredibly sexy, but what’s more impressive is that she wasn’t found out once, during those three years.

4 She Mooed With Her New Boyfriend

A moment of bedroom rodeo is when we are at our most vulnerable, especially when we are in a new relationship and just getting to know the other person intimately. The last thing we want is to do something weird that is going to make them think they’ve hooked up with a crazy person. Unfortunately, one Whisper confessor found herself in a very unusual position, when she accidentally, and for no apparent reason, whisper.sh. This wasn’t something she had ever done before, and I’m not sure how she ever explained it to her then boyfriend.

3 He Secretly Made "Movies" To Afford His Fiancée’s Dream Wedding

Weddings seem to be a common presence in Whisper confessions. One woman told her fellow Whisperers that she had danced with two people at her wedding—the man she married and the man she wished she had married. One guy, obviously determined to give his wife the wedding of his dreams, confessed that he had been making adult movies on the side–and without his fiancée’s knowledge–to earn some extra bucks to pay for everything his wife-to-be wanted on her wedding day. Guess he just had to hope she doesn’t spot him “performing” online one day!

2 A BFF Wiped Her Friend After She Used The Toilet

Via thewayfaringsoul.com

Best friends will do anything for each other—lend each other clothes and makeup and stick up for each other in the face of mean girls and cheating boys. As one Whisperer confessed, however, some BFFs will go way too far in terms of what they will do for their friends. This particular girl had actually whisper.sh...for a number two. Now, why on earth would anyone do that? I hear you cry? Simple. The girl in question had just painted her nails and the polish was not yet dry.

1 Pillar And Role Model Of The Community Secretly Sells

Via deeside.com

We all do things behind closed doors that we wouldn’t necessarily want our friends and neighbors to know about, but one Whisper confession took that concept further than most. This particular pillar of his local community whisper.sh, even though he also attends church every Sunday and has a reputation of being a model citizen among his family and his fellow worshipers. It just shows that you never know what people are hiding below the surface when you see them acting holier than thou, in the church!

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