15 Of The Most Unnerving Kid Drawings You Will Ever See

We never get tired of hearing that children are our future. And although it gets quite boring after a while, this is one of the biggest truths of our lives. Eventually, we are all going to perish and die, and our children will take the reins and rule the world after we are gone. That is, of course, unless some kind of sentient super-powered alien race doesn’t land on our word tomorrow and subjugates us, turning the human race into a minor slave species doomed to live the rest of eternity as workhorses for their evil Galactic Empire. Okay, that might have been a bit far from the point at hand. But not entirely. After all, when we talk about children, we are talking about creativity. The minds of kids these days might be different from the kids of 50 years ago, but they are still, if not more, creative in the sense that their imagination knows no limits.

Drawings are one of the many ways in which kids are encouraged to show their parents, teachers, and everyone else what is lurking within those little minds. And we all love to see what is going on inside the heads of those who will be the future rulers of our world. However, there are some kids’ drawings that instead of making us feel hopeful about the future, make us feel terrified about tomorrow. Yes, not all drawings that children make are cute and joyful. Some of them are gloomy and downright terrifying. To prove that point, we have separated a list of 15 of the most disturbing kid drawings you will ever see.

15 Lisa

Via: imgur.com

Since the goal of this article is to give you a nice and healthy scare, there is no reason for us to pull our punches. So here we are going to start with one of the most terrifying kid drawings we have ever seen. It is actually a series of pictures you can find on this link. But to give you a good idea of what we are dealing with, you have to think twice about going forward if you do not believe or do not want to believe in the paranormal.

This young girl had an “imaginary” friend. At least, that is what her parents, teachers, and probably friends thought whenever she would speak of her dear friend, Lisa. Oddly enough, anyone who ever said anything bad about Lisa to our young protagonist seems to have found their way into an early grave. The bottom line of this is that, if your kid says they have an imaginary friend, you better be really nice to that imaginary friend if you want to keep your head attached to your neck.

14 Hulk Smash!

Via: boredpanda.com

The only reason you would not agree with this title would be because you love the Kardashians. But if you don’t, this is quite the hilarious drawing. This young man managed to put together a picture of someone we assume skillfully is one of his favorite characters, the Hulk, squishing a pair of his least favorite characters in society. Honestly, you can’t expect young kids to like the Kardashians, really. Or you don’t want to expect that. Either way, no one should make a huge fuss about the Hulk smashing a pair of Kardashians in some kids drawing.

The disturbing thing, however, is the way he portrays the Kardashians dying. We could understand if the Hulk threw them far away or punched them or anything like that. But him squishing their bodies so hard that their heads would explode? That is just nasty. No harm no foul, but we have to wonder what kind of movies this kid has been watching.

13 Dancing On Mommy’s Grave

Via: youtube.com

Everyone has complained about their mom at some point in time. After all, what kind of kid doesn’t get pissed off hearing someone tell them what they can and cannot do? Still, there is a limit to how much someone can be angry at one of their parents. This kid clearly extrapolated that limit. This is by far one of the most disturbing drawings on our list. Just imagine this father taking his son to a psychologist afterward and showing this picture. We would pay to see that doctor’s face.

Sure, one of the things we constantly hear in movies and television is that after someone dies, they go to a better place, so some people could feel happy for those who are gone. But to think someone would draw a picture of them and their dad dancing on top of their mom’s grave. Hell, even the Sun seems happy that the mother is gone. What is wrong with the world?

12 The Dark Tower

Via: brainjet.com

No, this has nothing to do with the series of novels by Stephen King. In fact, we have a hard time believing Roland, the gunslinger from King’s epic, would ever want to go to a place like this Dark Tower. The first thing we would like to point out is that no, we would not want to meet this kid. He is going to grow up to be something, and we hope it has nothing to do with what he draws during crayon time.

So let’s break it down. Since there is a lava guy and everything outside of the tower is covered in lava, we can assume, and hope, this is his portrayal of hell. But the lava guy is not who we are worried about. Could you imagine what that maniac man does so that some of the victims would choose to use the suicide door and jump to the lava instead of going downstairs to play with him?

11 Realism

Via: heavy.com

Finally, we found a kid who does creepy drawings and is a glass-half-full kind of guy. Graham sure had his head in the right place when answering the question of what he would be doing when he turned 100 years old. Apparently, he has a good idea that few people live to be that age. But that doesn’t stop him from being an optimistic guy.

For Graham, life doesn’t end when you die. No, much on the contrary, there is something you can do after you pass away. You can just wait until you turn 100 to break out of your tomb and come back to life as a zombie. You work your whole life, so who can stop you from eating a few brains after you already wasted away in purgatory for a bit? Most of the drawings on this list are things we hope will not come true, but for his optimism, Graham is one kid we will be cheering for. And who knows, maybe in 2112 there will be a new zombie roaming about.

10 We Don’t Believe This

Holy cr*p. If this is indeed true, this is one of the scariest things that could happen to any father. If you have been around kids at all, you know they have wild imaginations and a lot of them have imaginary friends. So we are with him at the beginning when the dad said he didn’t worry about the two extra kids his daughter drew or the imaginary room she said was her favorite room in the house. But then again, somehow a few of these things end up turning out to be true.

Just put yourself in this father’s place and imagine how mind-blowing it would be to ask your daughter to take you to that room and she takes you there. We hope that there is nothing sinister involved although the weird light and odd writing are disturbing. But if we were to give any advice to this father, it would be to load up on some salt rounds for his shotgun before walking up to that attic.

9 Please, Not The Mirrors

Via: imgur.com

Out of all everyday objects, mirrors might just be the most terrifying of them. Even if you don’t believe there is an entirely new dimension living inside your mirror (as some people do). You would be lying if you said you didn’t feel a goosebump or two whenever you had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night to wash your face. Because you know damn well that when you look up into that mirror, you are always expecting something to be behind you to scare the living hell out of you. And if that gave you a great idea for a prank, let us just warn you that this is an excellent way to get punched in the face.

But back to the point, we would not want to be the parents of some kid who says that there is an “ancestor” who lives inside the mirrors and comes out of them to visit the family. It also doesn’t help that Tonso is a mighty being. But then again, we assume he would have to be powerful to travel through mirrors.

8 No Way

Via: boringpanda.com

Hey, kids can extrapolate things. But we absolutely do not believe a child drew this. And if your kid did draw something like this, you should start getting concerned and start hiding the knives. Because, as much as we said that children are innocent and everything, they do lack the common sense of adults. So you never really know what your kid might do when they’re feeling cheated or pissed off. Sure, we don’t believe the grand majority of children have the terrifying potential to commit something as terrible as patricide. But we also cannot say that this dad has not been warned.

Moreover, if your daughter is making these kinds of threats before she’s even in her teens, you really have to think about what kind of stuff you are letting her watch on her computer or television. Seriously, we guarantee you that she is not learning this kind of stuff from the Teletubbies or Dora The Explorer.

7 The Purge

Via: humormeetscomics.com

We don’t know what exactly transpired before some kid drew this. But one thing we can be sure of is that the folks who are regulars at “Hanzerz Coffe Shop” are not this child’s favorite people. Maybe their hot cocoa is not sweet enough or whatever, but these people sure must have done something awful to get featured in such a horrific drawing.

So leaving out the fact that she obviously doesn’t like the folks at the coffee shop, we are brought to the issue that this little girl probably believes she would have a lot of help to commit all of those murders. After all, she is not the only one with a bloodied knife in the picture. Maybe this is happy mommy-daughter time wherever she is from. The only thing we know for certain is that if you usually go to a coffee shop named like that, you better keep your eyes open whenever you see a little girl walking in with her mom.

6 Disturbing X 1000

Via: heavy.com

Sometimes a picture does not need to be scary to be deeply disturbing. Take this as an example. While most people usually stuff down any kind of memory that might involve seeing or hearing their parents “wrestling,” this little individual actually seems to cheer for daddy whenever he hears daddy going for it in a “wrestling” match. Holy moly, this is so disturbing we cannot even put it into words. Seriously, I’m laughing so hard I can barely write right now. And this is so sad that we should feel terrible about laughing.

Now there is another fact that might make this picture look even worse. We have to figure out who Bich actually is. Maybe that is his mom’s name or his dad’s girlfriend if he is a single father. Those would be the okay scenarios. But then again, Bich could have been the name of his father’s mistress, or he could have simply misspelled the word and meant to call his mom, or whoever was in there, a b*tch. Either way, this little trooper will definitely need some counseling when he gets older.

5 Seriously?

Via: imgur.com

All right, this is already getting out of hand. We have established that children’s drawings are creepy and all. Still, it seems like some of them make all of this stuff up on purpose to scare the hell out of anybody who winds up looking at these tiny pieces of art. This drawing looks exactly like the kind of thing you would see featured in one of those documentaries on the SyFy channel. You know, ghost hunters and that sort of stuff.

Some kids are just plain scary. Mommy and daddy just took this one out to have a beautiful day of fun outside. And for all intents and purposes, it seems that their day was fun. But how relieved would you be if when you came home with your child, he or she actually drew a picture praising the entertaining day you had, while still pointing out that one of the highlights was that the “demon” left you alone for a bit? Would you sleep the night?

4 The Sad Truth

Via: twitter.com

While we had fun showing you all of these scary and disturbing pictures kids have drawn about their everyday lives and the possible supernatural encounters they had, there are also drawings that are disturbing mostly because they are sad and genuine. This is supposedly a picture drawn by a 10-year-old Syrian girl who was asked to draw a picture of what she saw in her village. Unless you have been living under a rock for the past decade or so, you probably know that Syria has been going through one of the most horrific armed conflicts in modern history.

So while some kids on our side of the globe have to worry about ghosts and their parents not letting them do whatever they want, these young ones have to deal with death on a regular basis. They live in the environments people in the West can only imagine through the lenses of Hollywood movies or the occasional footage of war zones we get in the news. This is disturbing on a whole new level.

3 Watch Your Grammar Please

Via: boredpanda.com

You will probably have your own opinion on this, but there are two alarming aspects to this picture. First and foremost, the grammar mistake this kid committed was terrible. It clearly takes a point or two away from the drawing in itself. Nevertheless, the other minor factor that makes this a disturbing picture is that it plain and simply is a portrayal of someone about to get sawed while they’re sleeping. This is some other level disturbing kind of stuff. We have seen the Hulk exploding the heads of a couple of Kardashians, we have seen a little girl who fantasized about murdering everyone in a coffee shop, but there is something about killing somebody in their sleep that makes this especially creepy.

At least the people in that coffee shop and the Kardashians had the opportunity to defend themselves. Chopping someone up while they’re asleep? This is one hell of a disturbed kid.

2 Fred?

Via: facebook.com

What the hell? Okay, so we have figured out that some kids really don’t like their mothers. While we thought there was a limit to how much a child could hate one of their parents, apparently there is not. And since we are on the subject, it seems like this kid decided to also throw his sister into the “about to be killed” bandwagon for good measure. What the hell his mom and sister might’ve done to him, we don’t know. But it sure had to be big for him to draw something like this. Mother and sister dead and poked full of stab wounds, father holding the apparent crime weapon, and the house is on fire; this is the setting for a Hollywood horror flick, not a children’s drawing.

Then there is the most terrifying part of it all. Who is Fred? Unless this kid made a terribly racist portrayal of an African-American man, our only guess is that Fred is a demon and he helped the kid and daddy put an end to mommy and sis.

1 No Way A Kid Drew This

Via: facebook.com

Stick figures? Check. The possibility of a child being the artist behind this sketch? Check. Cannibalism? Check. Yeah, folks, it seems like we have a winner.

A lot of kids on this list have fantasized about killing other people, even their own loved ones. Nevertheless, the dark creativity of the minds of none of them came even close to matching the imaginary landscape created by this disturbed mind. If he wanted to creep us out, it would have been enough just to have one person being killed and eaten in one image. But no, this kid went all out and created the Cannibalistic Hill. A place that seems so terrifying we doubt HP Lovecraft would have the peace of mind to write about it. People are getting hanged, people are getting roasted, people are getting blown up roadrunner and coyote style, and there is a guy named George who seems to be wearing a tie and might be in charge of it all.

Honestly, we could not think of a better way to wrap up this list, but to say that for your next vacation, you should choose any destination but Cannibalistic Hill.

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