15 Of The Most Luxurious Doomsday Bunkers

When we think of "doomsday preppers," we tend to think of these crazy people who are overly prepared and completely paranoid, thinking that the world could end at any moment. Are they really that crazy, though? Catastrophe could strike at any moment, whether it be a natural disaster or war, and when that day comes, the doomsday preppers will be ready and able to survive for several months. Some of the things that these people do to prepare for such a day are stocking up on non perishable foods, making sure that they have a steady supply of water, and creating underground bunkers that can withstand some of the strongest nuclear strikes.

The use of bunkers go back as far as we can remember, but when they were first being used, they were plain, boring, places that people could use for shelter against bombings in the war. Now, these bunkers are becoming much more common among everyday people (who are able to afford them) and they have really stepped up their game in designing them. If something horrible were to happen and we would have to seek shelter in a “doomsday bunker” we would want it to at least be a fun and comfortable environment to keep us from becoming bored out of our minds. That is why bunkers are now being made much bigger to make room for things like pools, libraries, gyms, kitchens, and basically everything a house or hotel would have. There are some pretty swanky bunkers out there these days and in this article we will go over 15 of the most luxurious doomsday bunkers from all over the world.

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15 Las Vegas Bunker

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Located at 3970 Spencer Street, Las Vegas, is by far one of the nicest doomsday bunkers anyone could ever have made. Sold in 2014 for $1.15 million dollars after it was foreclosed on, this bunker has 15,200 square feet of pure beauty. If we had to choose a place to live out our lives after a catastrophic event, this would be it. Equipped with everything from swimming pools, saunas, a garden, fountains, a mini golf course, a grill, astro turf, and artificial lighting, this bunker does an amazing job at making you feel like you are actually at some fancy resort. The bunker sits 26 feet below the ground and was constructed in 1978 and is now owned by a man named, Jerry P. Henderson. This bunker is the definition of luxurious, and anyone would be lucky to stay there during hard times.

14 The Billionaire Bunkers

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The billionaire bunkers located in Germany, known to be a collection of doomsday bunkers for the rich, are by far among the world’s largest bunkers. Wealthy families can purchase places inside of the bunker for between $25,000 and $200,000 dollars, and they all get 2500 square feet with the option to upgrade to a two storey with 5000 square feet, which is actually a smart investment in case anything were to happen. This doomsday bunker is the mother of all doomsday bunkers, as it is huge and contains classrooms, gyms, pools, a library, theaters, kitchens, and even a bar, making life underground seem very enjoyable. When it comes to safety, this bunker is definitely not slacking, with three main entrances that have an outer security door, a 40 ton hydraulic access door, and hardened steel rods, all of which make for an airtight seal.

13 Vivos Corporation

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Located in Vivos Indiana, there is a doomsday bunker that can withstand a 20 ton megaton hit from a nuclear bomb. This doomsday bunker can hold up to 80 people comfortably for about a year, but in order to get in, there is a $35,000 fee. This may seem a bit pricey at first, but once potential buyers see all of the amenities included in the bunker, the price will make more sense. With a full gym, an infirmary, two generators, and a stockpile of guns (because, why not?), this bunker would not only keep its inhabitants safe, but occupied and healthy as well. In terms of the food selection, it also includes nonperishable items so that the occupants don’t have to worry about their food going bad for a very, very long time.

12 Southeast Georgia

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In Southeast Georgia sits a doomsday bunker that cost $17.5 million dollars to make and can withstand a 20 kiloton nuclear blast. This bunker sits 45 feet underground and is 14,000 square feet with four full apartments for people to reside in. Each apartment contains two bedrooms, one and half bathrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, a sitting area, TV, and internet. The bunker also comes with a home theater, a commercial grade kitchen that is sure to bring out the chef in anyone, and a library where people can read in their down time. There also decontamination showers that everyone must go through before entering to be on the safe side, and the walls are three feet thick. This bunker would probably be best fit for about sixteen people, as that would put two people per bedroom, but it can hold more.

11 The Aristocrat

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The Aristocrat is a doomsday bunker that can comfortably fit up to fifty people. It has many great features to it and would make anyone who stays there happy with their choice. It has a full gym so people can stay healthy and in shape, a custom kitchen to cook up all of your favorite meals, a washer and dryer to keep everyone's things clean, a pool, hot tub and a sauna for people to unwind, a bowling alley for some fun time to let loose, and even formal dining. It is obvious why anyone would want to stay here and with a cost of $35,000 dollars (if you have that kind of money lying around), it is a deal we just could not turn down. This luxury bunker is definitely one of the best.

10 Raven Rock Mountain Complex

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Located in both Pennsylvania and Maryland, this bunker contains five different buildings, which are all three stories high. This bunker was originally meant to relocate and replace the pentagon’s current site. This doomsday bunker includes a dental clinic, so that its occupants can have a perfect smile when the end of the world comes, and a snack bar, so that they don’t have to worry about going hungry. It also has a barber shop, so that they can keep their hair looking fabulous and so that they don’t have to worry about all the grey hair that they will get from stressing over the end of humanity, and even a Starbucks because, well, why not have an excellent coffee selection? This bunker is perfect for anyone that is trying to maintain somewhat of a normal lifestyle once doomsday hits.

9 The Greenbrier Bunker

via: greenbreir.com

Located in Virginia is the Greenbrier bunker. With 120,000 square feet, this bunker is one of the biggest in the world. It has fifty-three rooms, eighteen of which are dorms that all include their own showers, toilets, and a small lounge. It also includes a 600-square foot clinic that has twelve beds, an ICU, and an operating room in case of emergencies. This bunker can fit about sixty people and has enough food for that amount of people to last them two months. The Greenbrier bunker sits under a hotel and for the longest time no one even knew that it existed. This is because it was originally made to house government officials in the case of an emergency. However, once the secret got out about the secret underground bunker, the government relocated.

8 The Burlington Bunker

via: survivalspot.com

Located 100 feet underneath Corsham is something that resembles more of an underground city than a bunker. It is 35 acres and can hold up to six thousand people for at least three months, although since it contains an entire lake and water treatment facility, they could most likely stay longer than three months with no issues. It was designed back in 1950 as a headquarters to house government officials, in case of a nuclear strike, but it was declassified in 2004 after having been abandoned for so long. That is a shame, because such a huge place could do wonders for a lot of people if we were to face the wrath of a nuclear strike. Therefore, the Burlington bunker is up for grabs. Why not own a 35 acre bunker of your own?

7 Svalbard Global Seed Vault

via: croptrust.org

The Noah's Ark for plant life, located in Norway just 810 miles from the north pole, is a bunker not so much for humans, but to store plants and seeds to re-populate vegetation after a catastrophe occurs. While this one may not seem luxurious, so to speak, it is necessary, and whoever thought up the idea for this bunker was a genius. It cost $9 million US dollars to create, and it opened in February of 2008. More than 90,000 edible plants were entered into the vault on its one year anniversary and it contains samples from over 300 different species. This might seem like no big deal now, but if something were to happen that would wipe out our crops, this would be hugely important.

6 Doomsday Castle

via: nationalgeo.com

The Doomsday Castle, a doomsday bunker that actually had its own show for one season, was built by Brett Burns and his family. Brett had become worried that something bad was going to happen to the world many years ago and that is when he began building the castle, so that he would have somewhere safe to protect his family. It was built to withstand only an electromagnetic pulse and his entire property is covered in booby traps. When nothing happened after he built it, he put his doomsday prepping days behind him for a bit because he did not want people thinking that he was crazy. However, if there was somewhere we would want to spend our time during a war, an actual castle does seem pretty ideal to us.

5 Pipe Bunker

via: pinterest.com

Anyone can purchase Pipe Bunker if they have the money and the land. The bunkers cost $60,000 dollars and are placed twenty feet under the ground. This one in particular is located in Florida and has an updated kitchen, bunk beds, a TV, a DVD player, an exercise bike, red oak cabinets, and solar panels to assure that they will always have power. This bunker is made from corrugated pipe and while it is not that big, people definitely get the most out of their money because the people who build them make the most of the space that they have to work with. This type of doomsday bunker is more ideal for families of four or less, since it is so small. The TV will be sure to keep children occupied and the exercise bike will allow people to stay healthy and use up some of their pent-up energy.

4 House Bunker

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In the Swiss Alps, there is a doomsday bunker that is actually a house. It accommodates up to ten people and is very modern. With everything that your average house contains, it has two floors, three bedrooms that can sleep up to three people per bedroom, two full bathrooms, a large kitchen, a family room, living room, and basement. While it may not seem like it is a bunker, it is found underground and if it were not for the door, people who drive up to it would not even know that it is there. It is, however, very secluded and the odds are that no one would be able to find it if they were to try to look for it on their own.

3  Most Secure Real Estate

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Built by two cousins who specialize in contracting named Bruce Francisco and Gregory Gibbons, this doomsday bunker is over twelve thousand square feet. They refer to it as the most secure real estate because it features three bedrooms, one and a half bathrooms, a living area, a modern kitchen, and even a beautiful spiral staircase. The cousins originally built it to house their families if we were to go to war. However, after appearing on the National Geographic channel in a special on doomsday preppers, they decided to sell the underground home and are now building them for a living as their preferred career choice. Whoever purchased the most secure home may be taking generous donations from members of the public who are looking for a secure place to reside in once doomsday gets here.

2 The Gift From Iceland

via: youtube.com

Located on Ellioay Island in Iceland sits a house that, while it is not underground like most bunkers, is almost the perfect bunker to go to if a war were to break out. This house is the only building on the entire island and even if someone were to try to get to the house, it would be nearly impossible. The island is pretty high up from the water, and since a boat is the only way to get there, they would have quite the hike ahead of them to get to this home. No one knows who currently owns this house/bunker, but it was originally made as a gift from the Icelandic government to the woman who put Iceland on the map. It may not be underground or covered in armor, but it would be ideal to get away in case of an emergency.

1 Atlas F Missile Base

via: dailymail.com

Located in Abilene Texas is a home with a living room, dining room, sitting area, kitchen, four bedrooms, and three bathrooms. While it may sound like your average everyday home, it is actually underground. The only thing that gives away this home's location is a door on the ground that leads to a staircase into the house. This bunker makes riding out doomsday quite comfortable since it has all the features that most homes have, and is quite spacious. It can house up to eight people comfortably for about a year, and the owners are stocked up on food, medical supplies, guns, and of course, water. Doomsday preppers and doomsday bunkers may sound crazy, but in the end, they are the ones that we will be running to for shelter when things go south.

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