15 Of The Most Annoying Things People Do At The Gym

Tons of people around the country, and the world for that matter, are using gyms. Now, probably more than ever before, people are into working out; they see their favorite celebs on TV, Hollywood hunks with their hot bods, and beautiful women who have sculpted their physiques to perfection. They want bodies like these celebrity figures, so what do they do? They sign up for their local gym. Most, like this group of people, join the gym and begin working out with a specific goal in mind: they want to build their bodies a certain way, work on certain things, whereas others just want to get healthy.

On most days, it’s hard enough just getting off the sofa and making the effort to travel to the gym and put in a hard gym session, or commute straight from work, which must be even more taxing. That’s why many people see going to the gym as a chore, there’s no real enjoyment in it, at least not initially at the start of a session. So, for a lot of people, it’s already hard enough just walking through those gym doors. Imagine then having to contend with a load of annoying people doing really idiotic things, little things but things that still get you really ticked off. You have basic expectations when you go and work out; you probably never imagined there being puddles of sweat on machines, or having to listen to a guy chatting to his girl or conducting a business meeting on his phone as you’re trying to pound the iron in the weights area. Here are some of the most common pet peeves that rile a lot of gym-goers right up.

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15 Constant Phone Use


People go to the gym to work out, to build and sculpt their bodies, lose fat, get healthy, whatever their specific goals are. Sure, some have the luxury of going to the gym to chat and socialize, although I’m sure many gym-goers would agree that the chatting and socializing side of things should be confined to the gym café or locker room after the workout. There really is no other reason why someone would want to go to a gym. So, when on the gym floor, exercise, and exercise properly, don’t have a half-ass session. By the end of it you should be so beat that you’re huffing and puffing and sweating and just need to take five. You shouldn’t have enough breath in your lungs to be able to have a phone conversation. But, I’d say over half off gym-goers do just this, and not even at the end of their workouts, right in the middle of them. If you’re able to hold a phone conversation, you haven’t worked hard enough, period. It means you’re wasting your own time, and wasting other people’s time, people who could be using your machine and getting more benefit out of it than you, not forgetting it’s just seriously annoying and somewhat distracting having to hear someone else’s entire phone convo!

14 Mirror Love


Some people just love themselves too much. Sure, there are mirrors in the gym, and mirrors are there for you to use, to look into. But in the gym, they’re primarily there so you can see whether or not you’re getting your form right and doing your exercises properly. But most people don’t really use them for that. You see these people walking around in between sets, pacing back and forth in front of the mirror or – something that ties in to another pet peeve on this list – flexing, and they stare at themselves. That’s a pet peeve in itself, but another one is taking an endless amount of mirror pics. After every set, when the muscle’s got a bit of a pump, out comes the phone, and the photo session begins. Men and women are guilty of this, and it’s become such an annoying habit in gyms around the country, that many have banned the taking of photos on the gym floor; that rule should become mandatory.

13 Stretching In The Most Inappropriate Of Places

Ok, so stretching is vitally important when you’re in the gym. It keeps you loose and limber, and if you want to get a bit more scientific, it helps stretch the fascia tissue, which is a must if you want to pack on some quality size. But there’s a place to stretch…umm how about the stretching area? Most gyms do have a specific area for stretching, with mats, medicine balls, that type of stuff. But for some reason, even though that area doesn’t get a lot of traffic, people feel the need to stretch in the most random, and inappropriate places in the gym. For instance, you’re trying to lift weights or are using a machine, and someone, despite there being a ton of space in the gym, decides to come right in front of you and start doing their stretching exercises. Or, stretching in the cardio section is a common one; before going for a run, people want to stretch, and do so right behind their treadmill, standing there forever bending down and doing all sorts of things. Either go to the stretching area, or run, folks!

12 Flexing All The Time

Unless you are actually a pro bodybuilder, there really is no need to flex all the time. Pros are constantly looking in the mirror and flexing, even between sets, because that’s essentially what they’re going to be doing when on stage, and it helps develop muscle striations and what not. But the average person isn’t flexing for this reason. The average gym-goer is either flexing to see their muscles, whether or not they’re pumped or are changing during the workout, or are just showing off, plain and simple. It’s laughable when you see guys – and sometimes girls, but mostly guys – in the gym, who are just flexing nonstop, either in the mirror or just randomly. They reckon they’re the bee’s knees, and although it shouldn’t really bother anyone else, it does. Other gym-goers can’t help finding it really annoying, especially if it happens nonstop between every single set. If you want to flex, flex later, after your workout, people!

11 Blasting Music

It’s safe to say that this is a gym pet peeve for most people.

If you work out, whether you just stick to cardio or pound away at the weights section, you probably know how big a part music plays in the workout. It can psych you up, help get you motivated and through whatever you’re doing. It’s also very specific to the individual – different people have different tastes when it comes to music. So, firstly, gyms that play music are already a pet peeve for a lot of people. If the gym puts the music low enough so that someone wearing headphone can drown it out, fair enough. But then that presents another problem. Some people – actually a lot of people – think they’re being considerate by playing their music on their headphones, but, either they’ve got crappy headphones or just don’t realize that everyone in their vicinity can hear their music.

10 Not Re-Racking Weights


A lot of gym owners are now so fed up with this that they’ve taken to putting up signs. Re-racking the weights once you’ve finished with them is just basic gym etiquette. Actually, forget about the gym for a sec; if you go somewhere and use something that other people are going to use after you, would you or would you not put it back where you go it from? Hopefully you’ll know that the answer to that is yes, you would, so why then do people not do the same thing in the gym? It’s seriously annoying, not only for those who work at the gym and have to keep putting the weights back in the right place every so often, but it’s seriously annoying for other people in the gym. It hampers workouts when you’re looking for a pair of dumbbells, you manage to find one, but then the other one’s nowhere to be found. It’s lying under a bench somewhere or it’s just been rolled into a corner instead of being put back in the right place.

9 Constant Comparisons


This really does piss a lot of people off, especially the serious gym-goers, the people who go to the gym to work out and better themselves, not to chill, lift a little bit and have a bit of a gossip session in the meantime. Everyone who goes to the gym should be doing so to develop a better physique and get healthier – everything that goes on in the gym is an investment into that individual’s health. So why on earth do a lot of people constantly focus on what other people are doing in the gym rather than on their own workouts? Everyone’s got different goals. Some are trying to get big, others are trying to get lean, muscular, lose fat, get healthy, or perhaps they’re undergoing rehab after an injury, so it makes no sense to constantly be comparing your physique or what you’re doing with what someone else looks like and what they’re doing. It won’t help you in the gym, plus it’s damn annoying for a workout partner to hear you constantly making comparisons.

8 Failing To Wipe Down Equipment


The aim of the game in the gym is to push hard, whatever you’re doing, push and keep going until you can’t go on anymore, push until you’re dripping with sweat and are dead on your feet. That’s a true hardcore gym session right there. Unleashing sweaty hell on machines and benches should be your goal every time you step through those gym doors, but not cleaning it all up is a really sucky thing to do.

A few drops of sweat is fine – some people may find it disgusting, but it’s fine – people can generally live with that. But if you’re sweating buckets, leaving puddles on benches, saturating your clothes and machines with your sweat, you can’t – or shouldn’t – just leave it there. It’s disgusting. You need to wipe up your human marinade, because nobody wants to use that machine after you and feel like you’ve just wrung out your t-shirt directly onto their skin.

7 Stealing Weights When They’re Still In Use

This happens in a lot of gyms, and it’s usually people who think they’re bigger and better than you that are the culprits. Gyms are filled with egotistical maniacs, guys who lift, have a bit of muscle, and all of a sudden think that the world revolves around them and that their workout takes priority over yours. So, when these guys want to use a weight or a set of dumbbells, and they’re in use, they think nothing of striding on over and taking them. They don’t even try and be discrete about it either; they want it, so they take it, no words, no please, nothing, they just take what they want. This is just downright rude, and it’s a case where gym etiquette just goes out the window. If you want to use a weight that’s obviously in use, you ask politely, and more often than not, the person will say “sure”, or “I’ve got a couple more sets, feel free to work in with me.” That’s the way to do things.

6 People Who Don’t Have A Clue What They’re Doing

It can be intimidating going into a gym and working out for the first time. All those new machines that are alien to you that you just don’t know how to use. Sure, most machines have instructions, but people – guys especially – don’t read instructions, right? That’s why, very often, you see a lot of newbies – actually, there’s even people who have been using the gym for quite some time – who use the machines wrongly, in a way not intended for their use. It can be hilarious to see, but after a while it gets really frustrating; they’re not getting anything out of the exercise, not working the muscle they intended to work, and are basically just wasting a machine that could be used by someone else. Another pet peeve is people coming over and giving you advice that you didn’t ask for, but yet another one is people not asking anyone themselves, even though it’s pretty obvious they have no clue what they’re doing, but they’re content to just continue wasting their time.

5 Inappropriate Gym Attire

Workout wear and fashion has become a pretty big deal as of late. A lot of people want to look good when they workout and want to wear nice fashionable exercise clothing when out and about in the gym. That’s all well and good, but there’s also nothing wrong with jogging bottoms and a plain t-shirt. It’s pretty obvious what constitutes proper gym attire, but for some reason, a lot of people just don’t get it. They come to the gym in the most ridiculous, inappropriate outfits; it’s as though they’ve lost a bet or something. Some of the things people wear shouldn’t be worn in the privacy of their own homes, let alone when working out in the gym.

People wearing string tank tops is another huge pet peeve. A lot of people who lift weights wear tank tops. But is there really a need to wear tiny, string tank tops? People can see you’re big without you having to subject them to seeing your entire chest and your nipples, so dispose of the stringers and get some proper workout clothes, people.

4 Hogging The Weights Rack


Some people take the weights, don’t put them back, leave them by their benches and use them forever. But some people do something equally as annoying – they take the entire gym rack hostage.

There are plenty of places to work out in the gym, that’s why there are benches, and there’s a reason why the benches aren’t pushed up against the weight rack, so people can access the weights on the weight rack, go back to their bench and do their business. It sounds pretty simple, pretty self-explanatory, right? Well, you’d be surprised – or you might not if you’re a gym-goer and have seen this happen yourself – how many people just don’t get it. There are tons of people who for some reason, whether they’re just in a real hurry or are just too lazy, can’t move back from the weight rack once they’ve gotten the weights they need. They workout, often resting on the rack, or right in front of the rack, blocking it, making it impossible for anyone else to get to the weights. Why?!

3 Resting Forever In Between Sets


The whole reason you’re lifting weights – unless you’re powerlifting and training for strength – is to build muscle. It’s not about how much weight you use (incidentally, that’s another pet peeve, people lifting far too much weight that they obviously can’t handle, doing it all wrong but continuing to do so just for an ego boost), it’s about pumping blood into the muscle, which is why you do reps and sets, to get as much blood pumped into that muscle as possible. But to do that, you need to be pumping constantly, taking a short break between sets, seconds, not minutes. Most people take way too long between sets, and some just take forever. I suppose it’s still exercise, and if that’s what they want to do, fine, but they’re essentially hogging their machine while they’re doing it. Some rest for so long on a machine, it’s as if they’re taking a nap, and others whip out their phones and start messing about. Other people need to use the machines, and it can be infuriating watching someone seemingly take a nap on a machine when you want to do that exercise and get on there in full beast mode.

2 Hitting On People


Some people actually go to the gym solely to meet people. If you’re one of these people, think about it from the other person’s point of view for a sec. You’ve come to exercise, to better yourself,  and you want to pound away at the iron or do your thing on the treadmill, and you don’t really want anyone coming up to you (usually a person that thinks way too much of himself, that you’re not really interested in) and interrupting your workout. I have to say that it’s mainly guys who are the culprits here, so girls, on behalf of all those sleazy guys out there, I’m sorry. Guys notice when a hot girl comes in the gym. But there are some who are like dogs with their tongues hanging out, salivating and staring and some have the audacity to make crude and suggestive comments, making the girl – who’s just come in to have a workout – really uncomfortable.

1 Hating On People

This kind of ties in to the whole comparison thing, but it goes a step further. There are tons of really insecure people out there, people who in order to make themselves feel better, feel the need to put someone else down. If you’ve noticed someone doing this, you’ve also probably noticed that the person they’re hating on is probably better than the person doing the hating; let me give an example, this kind of thing is really common in the gym. So, you have a workout partner, and he thinks he’s the main man, he’s really big and built and looks amazing. Then someone walks in who looks out of this world, is lean, muscular and is ripped to shreds. Your workout partner can’t help but stare, and then he starts trash talking them, talking about how he looks like rubbish, that he’s doing things wrong, he must be spending every waking moment in the gym, he must be on steroids, etc. Women are guilty of this too. They might see someone who’s incredibly beautiful and has an amazing body, and the trash talking starts. There’s no need for it, and we, as your workout buddies, don’t want to hear it! People, don’t waste our time with your insecurities – because that’s essentially what doing this shows – and don’t hate on people. Everyone who’s in the gym has a common goal, so love and support each other. Dump the hatred!

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