The 15 Oddest Listings On Airbnb

Have you ever passed by a home that’s made you wish you could just step inside and have a look? Well for about $120-$200 a night, you probably can. You can literally sleep your way around the world in

Have you ever passed by a home that’s made you wish you could just step inside and have a look? Well for about $120-$200 a night, you probably can. You can literally sleep your way around the world in the oddest Airbnb homes.

What’s perceived as ‘odd’ is based on personal opinion but it’s typically something that’s out of the ordinary. When you’re talking about Airbnb homes, an odd home is one that offers more than just a bed and a convenient location. There is unique and then there is just out there weird.

Like the Uber of themed hotels, there is something for everyone amongst the 2.3 million Airbnb listings  available. Choose your own adventure - go glamping in Georgia, spend a night on a boat in California or stay in a secret basement in Japan. But those aren't even the odd homes we're talking about. The oddest homes of them all have one thing in common - they take themes to the extreme. Choose between a 1920s gothic home filled with rock n roll memorabilia at your every turn in LA, spend a night in the Turtle Lair with the Ninja Turtles. For the more adventurous, get spooked with a stay in a haunted house.

When you have 2.3 million listings to choose from, you can create a hobby out of scouring the strangest Airbnb homes to stay in around the world. If you need some inspiration, here are 15 of the oddest homes you’ll find on Airbnb. Happy travels.

15 The Gingerbread House, Geyserville, CA

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If Hansel and Gretel weren’t fictional characters, this is where you’d find them. This Gingerbread House is taken straight from someone’s idea of a fairytale. The property pays homage to the ancient Egyptian Goddess Isis and is built with pallets, sand, clay and straw (used for insulation). In it you’ll find Egyptian decor, a place to sleep for two, a swing and an outdoor shower. Many guests who have stayed here rave about the exotic animals right that live on the property. The laughing parrot, goats and cats all call the property home. Just next to the Gingerbread House is another property called the Hobbit Hut which deserves a mention in itself.

The Fairy Tale Gingerbread has been described as magical and whimsical but those expecting a clean Airbnb home need not inquire, some of the guests have mentioned that it needs a good update and a thorough clean.

14 The Hobbit Hut, Geyserville, CA

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Placed right beside the Gingerbread House is the Hobbit Hut, a home made for those who are into Earthing. For those unfamiliar with the term, Earthing is the practice of physically connecting with the body with the earth (i.e. touching the ground/earth with your bare feet). The floors are made from Earth and the mattress is on an Earth pad so you are ‘grounded’ even in your sleep. For the hipsters, The Hobbit Hut has a living roof with grass use to make wheatgrass juice. Suited for all seasons, the thick walls are a natural air conditioning.

Dubbed as magical, the Hobbit Hut and its idyllic location make this Airbnb home a must visit for those who are into fantasy novels. If you need a reason to visit Geyserville, this would be it.

13 Unique Artist Mirrored House, Pittsburgh, PA, United States

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Enough with the tiny house living, odd places can be generous in space too…like this unique artist mirrored house in Pittsburgh. A house filled with mirrors may sound like something you might find in a funhouse but the hosts have turned the theme into a piece of artwork they live in. The house is decorated with mirrors in the home’s interior and exterior. A true artists’ home, you’ll also find original artworks, furnishings and walls of vintage records that the hosts may share with you.

The reviews for this place have been nothing short of fantastic with Airbnb guests praising the hosts for their hospitality: “Martin was great! The room was neat and tidy – better than any hotel. He gave us a tour of his beautiful home and showed us his amazing art collection and personal work and studio”. Quirky and accomodating - a good combo for people looking for more than a typical hotel experience.

Tip: This artist’s sanctuary is tucked away in a quiet suburb, bring your own car to get around.

12 The Haunted Historic Civil Farmhouse, Gettysburg, PA

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Halloween is around the corner and if you’re looking to get spooked, this haunted house may put the ‘trick’ in trick or treat. The farm house is filled with history and was used as a civil war field hospital after the Battle of Gettysburg. If you wish the walls could tell stories, you’re in for a real treat. The house is haunted with many spirits and this doesn’t come from rumours on Google forums, it comes the Airbnb host herself. The Airbnb listing states: “I will be your only "living" host, but there are many others who reside with me. They have lived at the farm for many many years, some for hundreds of years. Yes, the house is haunted, but they are all friendly!” On the surface, nothing looks odd…until the lights go out. The host has plenty of tales to tell if you’re up for it.

11 Rock + Roll Museum in Hollywood Hills Castle, Los Angeles, CA

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The Adams family meets the rock 'n roll gods sums up the look and feel of this 1920s Hollywood home. For about $111 a night you can stay in this rockin' castle, a tribute to the owner’s 25+ years in the entertainment industry working with top recording artists from Ozzy Osbourne, AC/DC, John Lennon, Stevie Nicks, Guns N Roses to Dr. Dre and Willie Nelson.

A palace paying homage to rock 'n roll legends, expect dark and moody coloured walls, gothic chandeliers, Ozzy Osbourne’s head (statue) and other props featured in music videos all music lovers will recognise. Dubbed as Airbnb ‘Superhost', the owner Dean takes guests on a full house tour of his collection of fine art and other rock 'n roll memorabilia. Rock 'n roll in the Hollywood Hills - you can’t get more LA than this.

10 Green Gypsy Vardo, Helen, GA

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Any home with the word ‘Gypsy’ in it is sure to be interesting and this Gypsy Vardo will give you a sample of tiny house living. Made for travellers, this little wagon is not one for the claustrophobic. Equipped with just a bed, no water, no electricity, it offers 2 people (and 2 would be a stretch) the basic necessities - nothing else. Some of the guests have described this home ‘romantic and cosy’ but its biggest selling point is probably its proximity to the famed zip line. This home is no different from camping, except you may find that a tent may have better ventilation than this wagon home. Guests have advised that it gets hot in the summer and cold in the winter. The adventurous and no frills Airbnb guest can stay for $49 a night. This is one of the cheapest and strangest Airbnb homes you can stay in Georgia.

9 1880s Jailhouse, Anaconda, MT, United States

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Want to know what it’s like to spend a night in jail? Now you can without getting a criminal record. This Airbnb accommodation was an actual jailhouse in the 1880s. Despite its history, the jail cell (which still has the bars intact) looks pretty comfortable and inviting. History meets modern day indulgence - each room is equipped with its own bathroom and fresh linen. This isn’t a jailhouse most guests will want to break out of. Instead, do your hard time in your own foot claw bath and relax with a drink in hand at the saloon. Wander around but beware of mountain lions and bears.

The Jailhouse is part of the Pinon Springs Guest Ranch, an all-inclusive resort set in an 1880s western town. If you’re lucky, the friendly hosts may let you peek into the other guest rooms like the Brothel, Tipi or the Indian Bark Hut.

8 Private Island in Cartagena Coral Reef Sanctuary, Cartagena, Bolivar, Colombia

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Think private islands are only reserved for the likes of Richard Branson? For about $748 a night, you and 16 other friends can enjoy the perks of private island life. This private island in Cartagena hosts a 4 bedroom villa with direct access to clear blue water and a beautiful beach post cards would envy. On this 10,000 square foot Villa, you will find a 700 sq.ft. room filled with hammocks, 1000 sq. ft. of balconies and terraces with 6 sunning chairs and bedrooms with ocean views. There are multiple lounges and dining areas - all the makings of a great party. And because we’re talking about true luxury here, the island provides domestic services and 24 hour security so you get full privacy and service. You may not be able to afford an island of your own yet but for a few nights, you can live like Richard.

7 The Rose Cottage, Pomona, CA

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Can there be too much of a good thing? Maybe… this Airbnb home takes its love for roses to new heights. The little cottage from the 1940s is in Pomona, CA. At first sight, this shabby chic cottage looks homely, a bit like your nan’s living room but then you walk into the other rooms and realise the roses spread like wild thorns throughout the entire house. From the kitchen to the bathroom and bedrooms, there are pink and roses everywhere. The host is a huge Star Wars fan. So amongst all the pink and roses, you will also find a range of collectibles. An odd combo but apparently there’s a niche following in a home like this. The host has a Pinterest account where she shares picture of her home - it’s attracted over 10k in followers. If you want to see what home looks like from rose coloured filters, this is the home to do it in.

6 Brand New Studio Earthship, Taos, NM, United States

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Want to go off the grid and do the environment some good? Visit an Earthship, an initiative to build functional homes that don't compromise the environment. The Earthship runs off rain water, generates its own electricity and manages to stay in a comfortable temperature without fuel or electricity. But going off the grid doesn’t mean you need to completely toss your digital devices out the door. This Airbnb home comes with luxury that redefines the meaning of off the grid. If you really do need to check your Instagram feed, there is WiFi, Netflix and a flatscreen TV with a Blu ray player. If you’re looking for an off the grid experience that lets you take your iPhone with you, this is the best option on offer. Say you don’t want to rent one of these and you want to build your own Earthship instead. The owner/builder has created a YouTube channel to help others do it.

5 Disney Themed Villa, Kissimmee, Fl

Ah Florida - there’s Disneyworld and Universal Studios where anyone can be a kid again. If you don’t want to splurge on the expensive themed hotels in the area, there’s a cheaper alternative. This 7-bedroom Florida home is ‘guaranteed to be a magical experience’ - and it’s not just for Elsa fans. Aside from the giant Frozen mural (which by the way, is pretty darn impressive), there are themed rooms that pay tribute to the classics. Expected to find an Avengers room with the Xbox 360, a Tron themed room with a Playstation 4, a Harry Potter bath and bedroom, and a 50s Mickey themed diner to cater to kids and kids at heart. Want to channel the Disney characters? Grab hold of the costumes and props to reenact your favourite Disney scenes. The house is situated by the Disneyland and Universal Studios so when you’ve had enough for the day, home is not too far away.

4 Blue Caboose-Boston & Maine 491, Flat River, PE, Canada


The Blue Caboose was a working train that ran on the rails of Tilton, New Hampshire until it retired in 2013. Now stationed as lodging for tourists and curious locals, the Blue Caboose has been refurbished into a lovely home that sleeps four. It looks like a train on the outside but a fully functioning modern home on the inside, complete with satellite tv, wifi and a working phone. If staying inside gives you cabin fever, there is a nearby beach for clam digging, hiking trails to explore and golfing that will keep you busy for days.

The Caboose has been open to visitors since August 2014. It’s situated in a spot so remote, you won’t be able to find it with your GPS. If you’re headed to PEI and love trains, you’ll want to book a stay.

3 Turtle Lair, New York, NY


Turtle power in the New York Turtle Lair. In this Manhattan ‘dojo’, you can play video games like Donnie in the retro arcade, shoot some hoops in the glow in the dark indoor basketball courts or do as the turtles do and eat free pizza. Free pizza? Is this just a PR stunt to promote the movie? It’s oddly suspicious. At the end of the listing, there is a promotion of the movie and when we looked at the listing just now, there was no availability for the next few months. A coincidence? Maybe not. Who owns the turtle lair? We’re not sure but what we do know is that Leonardo calls the shots for this Airbnb listing:

Some people call us the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but at home we’re just Leo, Raph, Donnie, and Mikey. When we're not training in our secret dojo, we're out saving the city — and the planet — from this totally bad dude, Shredder. We’re about to go halfway around the world to shut down his latest nutso scheme. Peace out! - Leonardo.

If this was a PR stunt, it totally worked on me. Call me when the lair opens again.

2 Fetish Dungeon Boudoir, Worcestershire, England, United Kingdom

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If fetishes and S&M are your thing, you might want to check this one out. The owner has decked this one bedroom with toys, whips, lingeries, costumes for crossdressing, heels and a cage. Yep a cage. This isn’t a room you rent with your lover. The boudoir only accommodates one and the only place for you to rest your head is in the cage, which the host puts you in:

“The overnight fee entitles the guest to have full use of these facilities and to be caged overnight by the host only”.

But don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you have to play solo. From the listing, it seems like the host/mistress is more than happy to help:

“Whilst I am happy to advise on use of play equipment for you alone to use, I am also happy to instruct and lead on more of an in depth basis also”.

1 The Enchanted Cave, Bilpin, New South Wales, Australia

Via Lovecabins

Bilpin, the home of the best Apple Ciders I have ever tasted and now it’s home to one of the few places in the Blue Mountains, near Sydney, Australia, you can stay. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to live like a rich cave man, this would have to be it. The Enchanted Cave overlooks the World Heritage National Park. The views from this hilltop are enviable, the best at sunrise.

If you have a lady to impress, there’s no better place to do it. This place is meant for two. Nestle into the queen bed next to the fireplace or take a spa bath in the ensuite. Cuddle up by the fireplace and work up the romance in the wilderness. Want to be one with nature? Sure. There is an external shower on the front deck so you can both bath outside and enjoy the view.

Sources:  Airbnb

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The 15 Oddest Listings On Airbnb