15 Things Women Will ONLY Say When Men Aren't Around

We all know what guys talk about, right? I mean, it’s really no mystery (although, it is very random sometimes). Girls, on the other hand, are a bit more mysterious (but could also be very random at times as well). You’ve probably heard the term ‘girl talk,’ whether it was on TV, in a movie, at work or from a girl you know. But what exactly does ‘girl talk’ consist of? Do girls really talk to each other about their time of the month and how their exes compare to their current guy? We’re sure you’re totally curious to know. Well, you've come to the right place, and you’re in luck because we’re about to let you in on some of the things girls actually talk about with each other (but would never talk about when a guy is around). These topics range from shocking to disgusting (seriously, you’ll be glad they don’t actually talk about these things around you) and everything in between.

15 How Much Makeup She’s Actually Wearing

You may look at a girl and think that she’s not wearing any makeup, but is just a natural beauty. Or, you may look at a girl and think that she’s wearing some makeup, but not so much that you’d expect to see a completely different person underneath it all. Well, you may be in for some unpleasant surprises. Most of the time, girls are wearing way more makeup than you really think they are.

You think her eyebrows are naturally thick and perfectly shaped? Nah, she uses eyebrow pencils and eyebrow powders to fill it in. You think her eyelashes are really that long, thick and dark? Well, you must not have heard about mascara. And her face is really that flawless, huh? Are you sure she isn’t wearing concealer, foundation, highlighters and bronzer/blush? We bet you didn’t even know those were actual makeup products! Yeah, girls wear a ton of makeup and they’re totally fine talking about it with other girls, but they wouldn’t dare reveal their secrets for looking fabulous to a guy.

14 How Much She Stalked Him On Social Media

Every single girl stalks their crush on social media. There are simply no exceptions. Even if you don’t have social media, she’s no doubt attempted to look you up. So, what exactly do girls look for when stalking a guy? Well, they want to know if he’s really what he says he is. They want to find out about his interests and background so they can have a good starting point for a conversation. They want to know about his past with other girls (more on that next) and who his friends are. They also just like looking at pictures so they can admire you or show their friends what you look like.

But, if you ever ask a girl about this, she’ll never admit it to you. She might say that she once saw you pop up under the “people you may know” section but that she didn’t click on your profile (but it’s obviously all lies). She stalked you and she probably did it for at least an hour… every day.

13 How Much She Stalked His Exes On Social Media

Speaking of social media stalking, it’s not just you that a girl will stalk. She’ll also stalk your exes or any other girl that’s linked to you somehow. Why? Well, first off, she wants to see who she’s up against (girls are really competitive). And second, she wants to discuss it with all her friends. If your ex has one bad picture on social media, you can guarantee that this new girl in your life will show it to all her friends and they’ll laugh at it together (before her friends reassure her that she’s got no competition). Again, don’t expect her to ever mention this to you. It’s something that they do for their own peace of mind. And something men are likely never to understand.

12 Details Of Her Period

You would think that girls would keep a topic as private as her period, well, private. But, girls actually talk to each other about the details of their period. And we mean details, not just a brief complaint that they’re currently on their period. If a girl’s period is late, she’ll tell her female friends and they’ll discuss all the possible reasons as to why this is so (pregnancy, diet, stress etc.). If her period is coming down heavy, she’ll tell her female friends and they’ll talk about how much they just hate when that happens. And if she once had to use toilet paper because she ran out feminine products, she’ll share that with them, too (chances are, they’ve all done it at some point). Most girls form a bond over having their periods at the same time. It’s weird, but it’s true. They find comfort in knowing that someone else is going through the same torturous thing that they are (because yes, every girl hates being on their period). However, a girl would never discuss these things with a guy. All she might say is, “I’m on my period and have cramps. Can you get me some ice cream? Thanks.” And it’s highly likely that most, if not all, guys prefer to keep it that way.

11 What’s Going On “Down There”

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Besides their periods, girls may or may not have other things going on “down there.” What other things? Well, there are fibroids, yeast infections, ingrown hairs and so many other issues that are not uncommon. Girls may ask their friends for advice, they may complain about their struggles with one of these or they may simply talk about their fears of any (or all) of the above, but they’ll never discuss any of it with a guy. One reason for this is that a guy can never relate to it, of course! But also, it’s super embarrassing (as one can only imagine). Girls don’t want to gross out their partner (or a potential partner); they want to maintain their perfect, primp ‘n’ proper image.

10 How Much Time She Spent Analyzing Your Texts

When you text a girl but she doesn’t respond for a while, you may not think much of it. She could just be busy or her phone is away from her, right? Yeah, sure… or she could be analyzing your text by sending screenshots of it to her best friend. Yes, girls actually do this! It’s especially true if you send a cryptic message, but it’s sometimes even true when you say something as harmless as “Heyy :) how are you?” They’ll be discussing why there’s a double ‘y’ on “Heyy” instead of just one and they’ll be wondering if the emoticon you sent hints at your admiration for her or if it’s just a friendly gesture. They’ll also discuss what she should respond with. Sometimes, it can take a full half hour just to decode one text and decide on a good enough response. Again, a girl would never reveal such a thing to you.

9 How Much Time She Spends Analyzing Everything Else You Do

It’s not just the texts that girls will analyze—it’s everything you do! If you say something on a date and she doesn’t really understand what it means, she’ll over-analyze it. She’ll even gather up her closest friends and they’ll analyze it together. The process could take a few hours, days or even weeks. So, don’t be surprised the next time she brings up something you said so long ago that you can’t even remember you said it. And don’t be surprised if your passive actions become part of a case she’s building against you. For example, that time you forgot her favorite movie is Ghost (and not Dirty Dancing)? That’s proof, to her, that you don’t care about her. Sounds crazy, but this is just what most girls do. Of course, so many problems could just be avoided if she asked you what you meant or why you did (or didn’t do) something but that’s no fun.

8 When Attractive Guys Flirt With Them

If a beautiful girl has captured your attention then you can bet she captures other guys’ attention, too. But, don’t expect her to tell you that an attractive guy was hitting on her. Think about it: you probably wouldn’t tell her if an attractive female was flirting with you. She knows that you’ll either get jealous or upset. So, she’d prefer to save it until she meets up with her friends so she can gush about it. But, not to worry—just because a girl doesn’t tell you that an attractive guy was flirting with them doesn’t mean that she’s interested in the guy. It could be completely harmless but she doesn’t want to create any unnecessary drama over it.

7 Her True Pregnancy Fears

Sure, some girls are scared of unplanned pregnancies (but that is something they’ll discuss with guys). What you may not know is that there are other pregnancy fears a girl may have that she’ll only reveal to her female friends and maybe her mother. And trust us, some of these fears are pretty gross and you probably don’t wanna hear them. But, we’ll let you in on it, anyway. Girls talk about their fear of losing bladder control, constipation, morning sickness, the pain of labor (that’s the biggest one!) and even their fear of the things that may happen after giving birth (night sweats, swelling and bleeding). And yes, they talk about these things long before they even plan on having kids. They wouldn’t bring it up with a guy though, because they wouldn’t want to scare the guy away.

6 Her Body Insecurities

Every girl—whether they admit it or not—has (or has had) insecurities regarding their body. That even holds true for Megan Fox herself (you can read more about that here). Girls might ask you the cliché question, “Do these pants make me look fat?” The correct answer to that is always “no,” by the way. But, there are so many other insecurities besides weight they may have that they’ll either keep to themselves or discuss during girl time. One big thing girls talk about with each other is their body hair. They’ll discuss everything from how much they hate theirs to how painful waxing is and what the best hair removal products are. They also discuss acne, cellulite and muffin tops.

5 Washroom Issues

It goes without saying that women use the washroom, just like men do. But, for some reason a girl will never tell a guy she’s just started dating exactly what she has to do in the washroom, she’ll just make something up like “I have to wash my hands” or “There’s something in my eye, let me go to the washroom real quick.” Even once the relationship progresses, she’ll never go into as much detail as she does with her girlfriends. They talk about everything, from periods to what happens after they eat bad Chinese food. They sympathize with each other and give each other advice on how to make things better, faster.

4 When She’s Really Jealous

Girls don’t want to seem like they’re obsessed with you or possessive of you. They want you to think that they’re the calm, cool and collected one that you don’t have to worry about. But, deep inside she’s probably not all calm and collected. Every time you mention another girl’s name, she becomes curious (and probably stalks the girl on social media to see what’s going on) then she brings it up the next time she’s with her girls. And if she catches you staring at another girl? Well, if she doesn’t snap on you right away, then she’ll be sure to save that for her list of things to rant to her girls about, too.

3 How He Really Compares To Her Exes

If a girl won’t even reveal to a guy that another guy was flirting with her, do you really think she’ll talk about a guy she was actually involved with for a while? No way! First of all, girls know that guys hate it when an ex is brought up, no matter what the context. Second, they know that guys would basically flip out if a girl ever compared her ex to him. So, to avoid the drama, girls don’t bring up the topic of how their ex compares to their current beau. They do, however, talk to their friends about it. If you’re doing way better in one area compared to how her ex did, she’ll tell her friends and they’ll express their happiness for her. But, if you’re falling short in an area (not calling her enough, not being as creative as her ex was when it comes to dates or otherwise etc.), she’ll also discuss this with her gal pals. They may tell her to look at the positives or they may encourage her to reconsider her relationship status with you (this is why it’s always good to get on her friends’ good side).

2 Her Secrets For Getting A Guy’s Attention

Girls are sneaky. Honestly, they do things you wouldn’t even think about just to get what they want. Sometimes, a girl will test the waters just to see how much you care or how far you’re willing to go for her. They’ll even create an issue out of nothing! Yeah, sounds a little crazy… because it is. The worse part, though? Girls actually sit around and talk to each other about these silly situations they create and laugh about it. They even give each other ideas! But, a girl will never reveal to you what’s she’s done just to get your attention in the first place. That’s just top-secret information.

1 How Much She Spent On That Outfit And How Long It Took To Get Ready

It’s no secret that many girls love shopping. You may hear her going on and on about that MK bag she wants for her birthday in eight months or that fabulous dress she found on sale that she’ll wear to her cousin’s wedding. But one thing you’ll never hear her say is that she spent a fortune on the outfit she wore to your first date together or to an event she knew you’d be at. You’ll also never hear about how long it actually took her to get ready? You think that makeup just goes on in one swipe? Nope, she spent approximately 45 minutes to put it on (25 if she does it every day for whatever reason) plus another 20, at least to do her hair. Girls don’t want you to know that they tried that hard just to impress you. They want you to think they #wokeuplikethis.

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