15 Most Shocking Things Teachers Have Done At School

Think back to your school days and envision some of your teachers. For most of us, we think of the teachers that worked hard to make a difference in our lives, but we also remember the teachers that were either too mean, or just downright horrible at their jobs! Movies like Bad Teacher starring Cameron Diaz, portray a teacher doing below the bare minimum to just collect something of a paycheck portray a somewhat ironic picture of the worst of the profession. While movies like this are designed to be pretty tongue-in-cheek, there are some real life teachers that have done some pretty shocking and downright insane things!

Like most other professions, the vast majority of people that teach are dedicated professionals that love working with children and training people to do certain things or to learn certain knowledge. But there are a few black sheep in the profession that for whatever reason, at some point thought that teaching may be a good way to get plenty of time off and benefits. Most of those people figure out pretty quickly that it is not nearly as easy as they think and leave the profession. Unfortunately, this doesn’t undo the damage they did to the young minds while in their care. Sadly, there have been many shocking and unbelievable things teachers have done at school. Here are 15 of the most shocking examples you’ll ever find!


15 Keep Going

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Thanks to Jimmy Fallon starting the hashtag #myteacherisweird, there have been plenty of funny stories told by people all over the world. It turns out that teachers everywhere have a tendency to say some generally hilarious things to their classes. A good, relatable sense of humor can be a fantastic tool in a teacher’s toolbox. But...then there are some that are just downright creepy! Like when a kid decided to make some particularly adult and intimate noises in class, instead of telling the kid to stop, or discussing the problem with him, the teacher just whispered “keep going.” Words like 'inappropriate' don’t quite do this story justice. There is no news on if anything else was said or done, but it undoubtedly shocked and grossed out the student all at the same time.

14 Signing Underwear

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Sagging pants is something of an epidemic that has hit schools all over the United States. This is the practice of allowing the waist of the pants to sit well below the waistline, showing more or less of the person’s underwear. The practice has been banned in most schools, with enforcement more difficult to accomplish in most situations. Teachers have tried lots of things to get kids to keep the pants up on their own, but this example is by far the most shocking way to “take the law into your own hands.” The teacher would take a permanent marker and sign any student’s underwear that was showing! That could very badly backfire and you have to believe that there were some students that would sag on purpose just for the attention. Nice try, though.

13 Anatomy 101

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Embarrassing things happen to teachers all the time. Every teacher has a story about something that happened that made them a bit embarrassed in the classroom. The way they handle it is incredibly important. But in the case of this teacher, she deserves a place in the teacher embarrassment hall of fame! This (female) math teacher got her shirt snagged on a nail as she walked by. Much like something you may see in a movie, it ripped her shirt off! Imagining this, you would figure that the teacher ran out of the room screaming in embarrassment while everyone else died laughing. Instead, the teacher immediately said very calmly: “Welcome to Anatomy 101.” This was a genius move and this teacher definitely deserves a bonus for quick and creative thinking. She probably got cool points and legendary status among students for years!

12 Laser Pointer

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Laser pointers really only serve much of a purpose when it comes to annoying people speaking in front of large groups. For years, every principal that addressed the whole student body had to contend with some smart Alec that wanted to shine the laser on his or her face (or worse). On one day though, a principal was all-in when it came to getting to the bottom of the problem. He stated that no one was leaving the assembly until the culprit came forward and assumed responsibility. The immature person came clean and it wound up being a teacher! Oh, how I wish I could be a fly on the wall in the principal’s office when he talked to that teacher. Undoubtedly, every one of the students in this teacher’s class brought laser pointers the next day for some payback.

11 Ahmed Mohamed

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Do you remember the kid from Irving, Texas that built a working clock to show his teacher and wound up getting arrested? Student Ahmed Mohamed made international headlines and even got a White House invitation from President Obama after the teacher freaked out at being presented with this clock from the student. The teacher informed school officials and the authorities were promptly called fearing that it was a bomb. The “bomb” turned out to be nothing more than a clock...exactly as the student had indicated. It was a case of extreme paranoia and a certain amount of racial profiling. Hopefully this teacher learned a valuable lesson from this embarrassing experience and has gone on to change the way he looks at students and responds to their talents and interests.

10 Called Herself a MILF

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There is a definite line that you don’t want to cross when you are a teacher talking with students. One of the biggest mistakes teachers make is wanting to be friends with their students. In the case of one woman Spanish teacher at a high school, she referred to herself as a MILF. The woman was apparently pregnant and the conversation turned to her being very attractive. Simply referring to herself in that way is bad enough, but then she went on to clarify what it stands for! Well then, she realized how wrong she was, after a few seconds, she said “ I should not have said that.” Too bad the damage had already been done. There’s no word on if she got busted or not, but hopefully she watched her mouth from then on.

9 Weight Shaming Gym Teacher

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Some people are just jerks and have no business working with people. In the case of a physical education teacher, at a middle school, this guy not only deserves to be fired, but he deserved to be sued for emotional damage! One overweight girl was not able to find the spot where she was supposed to stand on the gym floor. The teacher very rudely said aloud: “I’ll bet if there was a steak on it, you could find your square.” Things like that stay with a person forever. They can lead a person to deep depression, eating disorders and more. This teacher can’t possibly know how one terribly hateful remark could have changed a person’s life. Teachers have the potential to build people up or tear them completely down.


8 Shaking Salt

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Some dirty jokes and pranks tend to become classics for friends to do with one another. But that doesn’t exactly mean that a teacher should be doing them to students. For instance, when a teacher told two students that if they look up in the air and pretend to shake salt into their mouths, they’ll actually taste the salt, the two students fell for it, causing a great deal of laughter from the teacher. But that doesn’t make it appropriate! Teenagers make dumb jokes like this all the time with their friends, which is almost a rite of passage. But there’s something really sad and creepy when grown folks are pulling gags like this on kids. It certainly isn’t expected and wouldn’t be appreciated by his boss or those students’ parents!

7 Not on the Fields

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Is this story a case of outright racism or a freudian slip? You can decide. During an advanced math class in high school, an African American student was singing in the back of the classroom. Now, it probably wasn’t the best time for him to be singing, but the teacher made the comment that he should stop singing and that we “are not on the fields!” It took a moment for the class to realize what statement had just been made, but it ended up in a roar of laughter. The teacher was far too embarrassed to laugh having realized what he said. The story ends with the teacher getting suspended. It’s also likely that he did not wind up getting his contract renewed the next year. You can’t just say stuff like that, bud.

6 Rules Against Makeup

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While most teachers are highly respectable professionals that want nothing but to mold young minds and help them become the people they are meant to become, there are some outliers that are just crude and awful. One male high school teacher had a habit of being extra flirty with his female students. When the school year began, this guy was going over his classroom rules and “expectations” and mentioned the subject of makeup. Instead of just stating that applying makeup during class was not allowed, he had to try to be clever and add that “ the pretty ones don’t need it” and for the ugly ones “it won’t help.” He was not funny or this point each year that goes by, he just gets more and more pathetic.

5 Change Your Ringtone

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Teachers are not always known as the coolest of people, but sometimes they can be highly inspirational role models that will not take crap off of anyone...especially their students! One such example is the high school physics teacher that had his phone go off in the middle of class (which is probably against school rules, but I digress). When the phone went off, a somewhat feminine sounding pop song was the ringtone, prompting a smart Alec comment from a student in the room who said, “why don’t you change your ringtone?” With a calm and cool tone and without missing a beat, the teacher simply said, “why don’t you tell your mom to stop calling me?” Shockingly awesome and worthy of some major respect by your students sir. Well done.

4 Lighting Tests on Fire

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No teacher likes catching students cheating on tests. This is primarily because the purpose of the test is to figure out what the student knows and understands. So understandably, when the teacher finds students cheating, they will tend to get a little upset. Strangely enough though, this teacher took his display of anger just a little too far. When catching the students cheating in a chemistry class, the teacher collected all of the tests in the room, put them in the sink and burned them! There’s so much wrong with that, I don’t even know where to begin. How it didn’t set off the fire alarm is a huge mystery as well. It likely got the point across that cheating would not be tolerated in his class from that point onward though.

3 Looking Like a Grandma

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Don’t ask a fourth grade student anything if you really don’t want to know the answer. How about when the teacher asks what the first thing they think of her when they look at her (the teacher.) Children don’t have a very good knack for judging people’s age. So when a kid wrote that they see a grandma when they first look at her, the teacher shouldn’t have been surprised. Instead, the teacher asked who wrote it and then asked if he really thought that, to which he said he did. So the woman sat on the kid. What a strange thing to do! At least the kid gave his honest opinion on the issue. I figure that the teacher changed her getting-to-know-you activities the following year for the first day of school.

2 Drug Problem


Sadly, some people develop drug problems that completely take over their lives to a point that they cannot do their jobs. In the case of educators, they are also risking the safety and security of students. Unfortunately, a substitute teacher (a job that is very important but does not require the same credentials as a certified teacher) excused herself from the classroom to go to the restroom. The lady was gone for a very long time and eventually a couple of the kids went looking for her. When they found her, she was in the parking lot sitting in her car passed out having just done meth. It’s not only sad, it is reckless and a terrible example for these students. It’s doubtful that she was able to continue working in schools after this incident.

1 Extra Credit For Grandma

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It is really hard for teachers to admit when they are wrong in front of students. It is also hard for them to back track when they have stuck their foot in their mouth. One student in a high school class made a comment about how he was going bowling that night. The teacher made the statement that she’d give the kid extra credit if he took his grandmother with him. The student decided to call her out a bit and stated “my grandmother’s dead.” The teacher handled it as best as she could under the circumstances and just said “well then, you’ll get double extra credit if you take her.” Great move and very well played I think. No telling what the kid had to say to that one.

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