15 Most Shocking First Day Of School Confessions By Parents

Kids are capable of saying or doing just about anything. The minute you think you’ve got a kid figured out, they will go and do the most unpredictable and incredibly outlandish thing imaginable! There is one time of year though that the world kind of stops and looks to the children, giving them quite a lot of attention...the first day of school! Kids show up bright eyed and looking their best once a year. Their teachers also have smiles on their faces and are genuinely happy to see these fresh young minds.

But just as every snowflake is different, so are children. Parents hold their breath and hope beyond all hope that when they drop their child off at school for the first day, all goes well and the child minds their manners. With the difference in children, there have been over the years some absolutely shocking, hilarious and downright outrageous first day of school stories that parents have to tell with a straight face. With all the crazy things that happen on this very important day of the year, here are 15 of the most shocking and downright unbelievable tales told by parents about their little darlings on the first day of a new school year!


15 Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Why any parent would make chocolate chip pancakes for their child with irritable bowel syndrome on their first day of school is beyond me. In any case, that is exactly what happened to a poor sixth grade student on their first day of school. What sixth grader is going to turn down such a tasty treat for breakfast? So the student begins to feel all kinds of activity in their stomach, when in class it comes time for each student to stand in front of the class and make an introduction. Sadly, the student was forced to run out of the room in a haste to get to the restroom. Sure enough...there was a mess running down their leg. A shocking embarrassment that would be devastating to anyone, especially a sixth grade student!

14 Dead Cat

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Every child that grows up with a pet develops a special bond with that animal. Children often will go to school and expect to see their furry companions eagerly waiting on them when they get home. For one young Kindergarten child of five or six years old on their very first day of school, quite the traumatizing event happened upon arriving at home. When the bus pulled up to the house, a child pointed to a dead cat and said “isn’t that your cat?” Sadly, someone had hit the cat with their vehicle. This kind of thing doesn’t exactly make you have a good association with riding home on the bus in the afternoon. It’s doubtful that they wanted to go back to school the next day either. For this person years later, it is still an emotional story to tell.

13 Bird Bomb

High school students have a tendency to get embarrassed very easily. They want to make sure they look as good as possible around their peers at all times. In the case of two 11th grade twins, one got the short end of the stick on their very first day of school. According to the parent, the siblings were waiting to catch their bus surrounded by other students around the same age. A bird takes a dump all over the sister’s hair and face. It would have been a more controllable situation if the other twin hadn’t started laughing hysterically causing everyone to look and see what had happened! No doubt the twin sister wanted to throw as much of the bird crap on her sibling as possible for the favor!

12 Get the Nurse

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Seventh grade students have a tendency to be a little clueless regardless of their circumstances. It’s just a byproduct of their age. In the case of this poor kid who was in their first day at a new school, they were likely just happy to be in the right classroom. But while sitting in class, a neighboring student begins to have a seizure. The teacher sent the new kid to the nurse’s office to get help. Of course, this kid is likely the only one in the room that does not know where this office is located...understandably! First of all, let me just say shame on the teacher for putting so much pressure on a brand new student! What on earth were they thinking? Sadly, the kid just wandered around panicking.

11 Impersonating a Teacher

If you ever saw the movie Catch Me If You Can, there was a scene where something like this happened. For one young man on the first day of his sophomore year, he walked into a classroom looking much older than he was in real life. The boy was well dressed and several students thought that he was the teacher. He played along for a minute asking them for their summer reading project essays causing panic from everyone in the room. When the teacher came in, she wasn’t all that impressed with his joke. He may have gotten some cool points from the others in his class, but apparently she held it against him for the rest of the year, causing something of a strained relationship. Lighten up, teacher...learn to take a joke!

10 High School Wetting Pants

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There is nothing cool about wetting your pants. Even though Happy Gilmore was able to successfully convince a bunch of little kids that “you’re not cool...unless you pee your pants,” it’s still one of the most embarrassing things that can happen to a school kid. In the case of one high school athlete who had a surgery shortly before his freshman year, his first day wound up being very memorable and quite embarrassing. On the first day of school, as a result of the surgery, the boy accidentally wet his pants. When you’re a freshman in high school, word travels fast and even though you may have a good reason, they will not let you live it down. Needless to say, it was a nightmare for this poor kid.

9 Pregnant Sophomore

Teenage pregnancy has been something kids have had to deal with for as long as humanity has been around. Dealing with pregnancy while still in school is never easy, but when your peers think they’ve got to make cute jokes, it can be much worse. In the case of one sophomore girl on her first day of school, she got lost on her way to class. She came in several minutes after the bell rang. Like a jerk, the teacher announced “you’re late” (cut her some slack on the first day). Sadly, some idiot yells out “you’re not kidding” noticing her pregnancy. The class erupted into laughter, but the girl did not think it was too funny. Kids can be cruel and they rarely think about how they make others feel.


8 No Shoes


Moms of elementary age kids are doing good to get them up and out the door on time. In this case though, a mother thought she was ahead of the game when on the first day of school she had her daughter well dressed and ready for her first day of school! Surprisingly, three hours after dropping her off at school, the mother got a call that her daughter had no shoes! The mother knew that she left the house with shoes on her feet. Apparently, she slipped them off in the car and no one even noticed until she went to her physical education class. Thankfully, everyone had a good laugh about it, but it still must have been embarrassing for the school when they had to make that call so far into the school day.

7 Clueless

Everyone that works in a school is undoubtedly busy. No one just sits around with nothing to do. Usually there is some type of protocol for showing new students around the school whenever they register. In the case of this new student on his first day of school, the parent assumed that once they dropped their son off, he would be shown the ropes. I guess no one got the memo that there was a new kid that didn’t have a clue where anything was located. The boy wandered around the school unable to find anything, until a kind fellow student helped him find his way. If nothing else, this is certainly not a good way to make your new students feel welcome or even safe! They could have at least given him a map.

6 Check the Calendar


Some parents are so excited for the first day of school that they get a little too eager. Take for example, the mom that got her little boy ready for his first big day of school. She had the perfect outfit, all his necessary supplies in his brand new backpack and even supplied the perfect lunch for his first perfect day of school. This super mom got to school and took the obligatory photos you’ve got to take in front of the school on such a big day and then convinced someone that happened to be walking by to snap a photo of them both. This nice person took the photo and then broke the news to her that school actually started the following day! So back they went and did it all again the next day. Good memories though!

5 Wrong Grade

Keeping track of information for a school full of children is no easy task. For Kindergarten children though, it is even more difficult because this is their first time in school...ever! One parent recalls that their child began school a week late. For whatever reason, the principal of the school was of the belief that the child was older than Kindergarten age and placed the child in second grade! Strangely enough, the kid was super awesome at math and did better than all the actual second graders in the room. But when the teacher asked the kid what their age was, the mix-up was sorted out, the principal apologized to the parent and fixed the mistake. Some kids seem and act older than they are, but the birth certificate never lies.

4 Revenge

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Parents will almost always do their very best to prepare kids for social interactions, but sometimes the best education is just to get in and experience it first hand. One little boy on his first day of first grade is showing off his brand new Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards. A couple of other kids ask to see the best one and then runs off with the card. Not one to back down, the boy promptly runs after the little thief, throws him to the ground and even bites the kid, breaking the skin! No one believed the little boy that the other kid had bit him and he wound up being punished for taking the card. The school of hard knocks is the best school ever sometimes. These two kids wound up being really good friends!

3 First Day Bully

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Did you ever wonder why most kids frantically try to get to class without being late? It’s not because they care anything about time management. The reason has more to do with not wanting to come into the room with everyone else seated and all eyes on them! Having said that, middle school students can be brutal to one another sometimes. In the case of one seventh grader on his first day, he enters the classroom and politely says hello to the teacher. Feeling the need to say something cute, one girl stated that her “four year old niece has a deeper voice than him.” There’s no word on if the teacher noticed this or handled the comment, but I’d like to think she got what was coming to her for being such a bully.

2 Shoved in a Trash Can

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High school bullying can be pretty bad. In the last couple of decades, there has been an increasing effort by schools to educate students about how to deal with bullies and why it’s important not to bully others. Beyond this, the media has helped in the effort to bring the subject into prominence. In one instance, a high school sophomore who was only about 5’3” was placed in a trash can. Being so short and with the trash can being so large, he couldn’t get out himself very easily. People just watched and laughed until one person decided to be a friend and help him out. That kid remembered his kindness and greatly appreciated the gesture. While some kids can be cruel, there are also others that can be kind.

1 Wrong Exit

School can be a pretty big place...especially when you’re new! In the case of one student who just transferred to a new school, being at the wrong exit caused some major panic. Like a good kid, the student was not allowed to walk home, so they just patiently waited to get picked up. With no cell phone and having waited a very long time, the teachers had all left and there was no way to get in touch with anyone. In fact, the student went to the wrong exit, which is totally understandable for a new student on their first day. Sadly, the kid’s mother freaked out and even went to the police department. Eventually, the kid was found still patiently waiting for a ride. Not exactly the perfect end to the first day of school.

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