15 Most Savage Anonymous Confessions You'll Ever Read

With places like Reddit, folks now have open forums where they can find other individuals who are going through similar struggles

Everyone has things they want, or better yet, need to get off their chest every once in a while. That is just human nature. We try so hard to seem like we are strong people who can cope with anything regardless of the situation or how big a secret you have to hide from everyone you love in your life. But at the end of the day, the individuals who can go their entire lives without opening up to someone else are rare. Something that only people who hold deep dark secrets within their hearts and minds know how taxing it can be on someone’s psyche not being able to tell someone you love what is actually going on with your life.

That is one of the points in which the Internet has helped better some people’s lives. With the advent of places like Reddit, folks now have open forums where they can find other individuals who are going through similar struggles and feel sympathetic to their pain. Most even find supportive communities that can help them get through whatever is going on. However, there is also the factor that even though anonymous confessions can help some people get the weight off their backs and improve their quality of life, they are also an excellent way to creep everyone else out.

Confession forums are a gold mine of creepy and weird stuff that you would probably not believe if you hadn’t read with your own eyes. That is why we separated a list of 15 anonymous confessions that are savage AF and will make you wonder if this is real life or not.

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15 My Dad Died. But I Wish It Had Been My Mum

The world is in the hands of those who control the narrative. The confession you’re about to read is a perfect example of that fact. It doesn’t matter how smart you are when you are a kid. Everything your parents (or parent) say is ultimately what you will believe. This person had spent his entire life believing his father was nothing but a worthless bum who abandoned his family. It was just 20 years later that they finally found a way to reconnect with that father when the father was on his deathbed. And that is when the truth came out.

“He was sick. Dying in fact. We talked. And talked. For hours. Days even. He had coiled in on himself. Lost touch because he was ashamed. We got to know each other again. He was gentle, sensitive (like me), prone to anxiety, and depression (like me).”

It was only decades later that this person found out that his father, like him, was nothing more than a victim of the bullying of this person’s mother.

“I’m apathetic about my relationship with my mother, who still thinks it’s acceptable to criticize him in front of me now that he’s dead. Even though I tell her it hurts. And above all, I wish it had been my mum that had died instead of my dad.”

14 Still Traumatized By Digging Up My Mother’s Grave When I Was 15 Years Old


For this entry, we thought it would be best if you just heard the story from the source.

“My mother was taken from when I was only 15 years old. I am now 64. She didn’t die in her sleep or peacefully, she was murdered, and I never got to say goodbye. When I first found out, I couldn’t understand any of it. I remember the funeral and how much I cried. I stood there watching the coffin be lowered into the ground. I didn’t ever get to see her body because my father wouldn’t let me. I did not believe it was my mother. I thought it must have been somebody else. I wanted to see for myself and at least see her again one last time.

The desire to see her again was so overpowering I dug her up. I broke open the box and saw her. There was a reason my father never let me see the body. Her head was completely ruined to the point it didn’t look human. I was sick and then panicked because I had been sick in her grave. The smell was overpowering, and I felt it was all too much and I ended up running home and crying to my father.

I told him what happened, and he beat the hell out of me for it.”

13 I’m Having An Emotional Affair With My Boss

We are not gonna lie. We were expecting a workplace scandal after reading the title of this confession. But it turns out that while a workplace scandal might still occur, it hasn’t yet. And despite that possibility being terrible, the wife’s reasoning is understandable.

After having their second child, she and her husband had worked out that she would stay at home to take care of the kids while he kept working to put food on the table. However, the husband lost his job and ended up getting another gig that paid much less. With that, they decided that the wife should go back to her old job instead, since it paid more than the husband’s new gig.

Nevertheless, it seems link she was no longer attracted to her husband after he became a stay-at-home dad, which is already messed up on its own. But, that’s not the only problem here.

“Anyway, for the last 3-4 months, I have been having an emotional affair with my boss. It started out really innocent. We would flirt at work occasionally, and then we went to a work dinner. We’ve had dinner 4 times in the last 6 weeks. I haven’t cheated or anything, and I don’t plan to, but I feel really good when I’m with him and flirting/having dinner with him is the only thing that’s keeping me afloat right now.”

12 Groped An Old Man At Our Church


Few movie tropes are as real as the dirty old man character. Please raise your hand if you have never met a dirty old man in your life. Just that classic old guy who clearly does not even care about life anymore and only wants to look at and occasionally get the feels for whichever pretty lady decides to be nice to them.

If you are one of the many women or may know someone who has been a victim of this kind of old man violence, here is a little poetic justice for you, courtesy of a righteous anonymous Reddit confessor.

“An octogenarian at our church is known for getting free feels when he hugs the ladies. Sunday before last, I saw him grab a handful of my wife’s a*s, so I came up behind him and grabbed his junk. He pulled away and looked terrified. I think he had it coming.”

11 My First Daughter Isn’t Mine Biologically And Nobody In My Family Knows


The title is a fairly good summary of the story. Yes, anonymous Internet confessions can get very intense from time to time. This is about as intense as they get. Since the entry is massive, we will summarize it a bit for you to digest.

This person talks about how she had a peculiar roommate in college; peculiar in a sense that this roommate showed up pregnant one day and started a series of events that would fundamentally change the life of our protagonist. The roommate said she had no family and was raised in the foster home system, but never really clarified much about her identity or what she did for a living. She was very mysterious, and it was only when she asked to be taken to the hospital because she was in a lot of pain that things started happening fast. To make a long story short, the roommate died after asking this person to care for the baby because she had no family and didn’t want it to be raised by strangers like she was. Luckily, the friend agreed to look after the baby and made up a pregnancy to sell the story to her family. Now, it’s 19 years later, and they’re conflicted about whether or not they should tell everyone the truth since they don’t want the real mother to be forgotten by her own daughter.

10 I Want To Abandon My Severely Autistic Son Because He’s Too Dangerous. I Can’t Cope


“Raising an autistic child can have its challenges. Raising a severely autistic child, however, is far more difficult. Throughout raising my son, we’ve tried many things to try and help him. We’ve tried therapy animals to calm him down, medication to keep him calm. We’ve tried nearly everything the GP has offered us.”

Reading that title, many of us would be tempted to judge this woman. But her story is a terrifying one. Her autistic son had violent tendencies, and she tried her best to help him get through it. One of the treatments suggested by his doctors was pet therapy, which she gladly accepted since she was hellbent on helping her son. It was also something that her little eight-year-old daughter also enjoyed. So they got a dog, and it seemed to be doing the trick until one day, she decided to leave her son alone with the dog to pick up her daughter at school just a few streets away:

“When we got home, I had thought that something had happened to my son. There was blood all over the floor, and I was terrified he’d hurt himself somehow. When I looked across the room, however, I found the dog dead in the kitchen and my son with a knife.” You can’t judge a person who has gone through something like this.

9 "They Didn’t File A Police Case. I Cannot Do Anything About This"


We know we are not supposed to judge other people’s cultures. But some places just have these draconian social codes that should not exist in this day and age. This is the story of someone who has just found out, four years after, the fact that a brutal murder went unpunished in her region of India. All because the parents of the murdered girl decided not to go after the perpetrators because their reputation would be tarnished by the local society, and they would not be able to marry off their younger daughter.

“I feel so helpless and so disgusted at all the human race. The poor girl was a 12th class student, from a lower middle-class family. She was bright and wanted to go to IIT. She was studying in a coaching class named Diksha Academy for IIT in a town called Nanded. She was abducted from there by 10-12 boys after she finished her class at 9 in evening, from the parking lot of said tuition class. These perpetrators were also in age group below 20. (probably in same class)”

8 I Attempted To Take My Own Life. My Dog Saved My Life

Depression is a real problem, and while many people might try to wave it off as something that only happens to weak individuals, that is a lie. The person who wrote this anonymous confession seems far from what many would characterize as a weak person. She had a great relationship with her family, she had a nice and tight-knit group of friends, and she had a good job with excellent prospects for the future. That is not the kind of person anyone expects to commit suicide. But one day, she decided to go through with it.

“I took my .40 handgun into my living room and watched the sun set for what I thought was the last time.

“Then my dog walked in. He’s a medium-sized bully-looking mutt I got from the pound right before he was supposed to be euthanized last year. He is my world. There was nothing dramatic about it. He just walked in, sat down, and stared up at me, like he always does. He probably just wanted a snack, to be honest. I stared back and realized that while I had factored in every other possession of mine into the notes, I hadn’t thought about him. He’s got his own demons that make him hard for most families to have, and my parents had already said they couldn’t take him if something ever happened...but we’re inseparable.”

Thinking about the dog was what kept this person from ultimately pulling the trigger.

7 A Girl Who Treated A Lot Of People Terribly In School Now Has Her Own Problems, And A Horrible Part Of Me Thinks She Deserves It


We all have our bullies and demons. Hell, even if you were the bully in school, you know that you had someone bullying you in some other place. But while most people grow up to forget the bullying they suffered through their younger years, there is always that little grudge you hold against the individual who made your life hell. This is someone who confessed a messed-up but natural feeling.

“A girl who picked on me and lots of other people in school (from when we were 7ish until we were teenagers) tried to add me on Facebook recently, and in the process of checking out her profile, I saw that she now has a chronically sick child and spends a lot of time sleeping at the hospital and fundraising etc. It’s terrible and I do feel bad for her, but there is a tiny, tiny, monstrous part of me that feels like it’s karma for all of the terrible sh*t she said and did to people when we were at school. Even thinking this makes me hate myself a little bit, because it’s not her child’s fault that she was a b*tch, and I’m sure she has changed, but I can’t help it.”

6 Wife Is Pregnant And I Hate Coming Home To Her Everyday


We mentioned that one of the perks of sharing your deepest and darkest thoughts anonymously online is that there is the possibility to find a sympathetic and supportive community that will get behind you and give you great advice. This is the perfect example of someone who followed that advice and managed to better a terrible situation.

This soon-to-be-father let the idea percolate inside his head and eventually anonymously posted, talking about how frustrated he was with his pregnant wife. He talked about how she was angry all the time, how selfish she was, and how little it seemed like she cared about anything that he thought. Ultimately, he followed the online advice and talked to her about it.

“She didn’t say anything and just let me talk. I regret going off but man was I just heated. We had a long talk, she asked me if I regret getting her pregnant, I told her no, and that I’m excited to meet our baby.

“Well, the talk lasted pretty long. She was emotional, I was emotional, it was tough. She apologized for sh*t that has happened in the past, how she has behaved, but told me she is not the root of all of our problems.”

5 I Am A Former Child Actor Coping With A Nasty Addiction

Believe it or not, celebrities are sometimes the people who most need a safe place to talk about their lives and what they are struggling with. If we already have enough problems that we feel we have to keep things inside and not share with other folks, can you just imagine how life is like for somebody who is stalked by paparazzi 24/7?

Sometimes, things get really dark, like when this former child star decided to get something off his chest. He talked about how he was abused by people in the show he worked in as a kid, how his family spent most of the money he earned while living through that tragedy, and how, after more than a decade, the memories still haunt him as if everything happened last night. And fans sure don’t help.

4 I Stopped Caring for My Parents When I Saw Their Will


There are not many things that can affect a person’s psyche like the idea of being taken for granted. This confessor went to Reddit to tell the community about the struggle she was going through. And we are sure that this is a struggle a lot of men and women who have married siblings with kids but never marry themselves end up having to go through.

This woman has sacrificed her personal life and career to take care of her elderly parents, just to find out in a pretty terrible way that it seems like her efforts were taken for granted.

“I got a hold of my parents’ will and was outraged. They are leaving 100% to my two siblings who don’t do sh*t for them. Their justification? My two siblings have kids and I don’t. I am actually LOSING money by taking care of my parents, and what they are leaving me behind will not make up for that. And I don’t make a lot of money but my married siblings are both married to rich men. My sisters don’t even have jobs.”

She even suggested sending their parents to a retirement home. But according to her, her sisters were outraged by the idea, mostly because it would be expensive and could cut into their inheritance.

3 I Am Heartbroken Over What I Found Out About My Son


Bullying sucks. There is no way around it. Unfortunately, it is an aspect of society that no matter how much people try to counter and evade, bullying will always be present. When someone needs to feel like they are alpha, they will try and do it regardless of what adults or anyone else might say to them. The problem is that taking away your insecurities on someone else who is also insecure usually causes real problems.

Case and point, this mother feels guilty for putting her son into a new school that would facilitate her getting a better job because her son is being bullied.

“Last week, I got an email from his teacher. He said that he noticed that my son was spending lunch in the library all by himself. He asked my son why he was in the library and eating with his friends and my son said that he was told that he wasn’t allowed to sit with them. My son was so scared about being singled out as the outcast that he’d rather hide in the library than risk being told that he couldn’t sit with his classmates. The teacher was shocked because my son seemed to have friends in class, but believes that it’s ‘sophisticated bullying.’”

2 Having To Deal With Real Life Consequences After The Incident


Some things people have to go through in life are inexplicable, and this is one of them. While many people hold the wrong belief that men are the only ones who can force themselves on someone, the truth is that women can cause just as much physical and psychological damage. Case and point, this anonymous confession shows the aftermath of the life of a man who was drugged and held captive by a woman.

“I went out for some drinks with friends where it happened. Someone had spiked my drink. I have very hazy memories of what happened afterwards, but I remember being held down in a bed. It only ended because I pretended to be unconscious and when she left the room, I got up and ran. I had been so stupid I didn’t ever consider anything like this would happen. I felt safe with my friends and never knew just how vulnerable I was.”

And then, after the nightmare was over, he had to deal with the consequences it had on his personal life and what it did to the intimate relationship he had with his wife.

1 My Brother’s Livestream


Well, this is not savage in the way of being creepy or weird or violent, but in a way that it will kind of make you feel better after reading so many terrible confessions. This brother is the real MVP in our opinion.

“So, every so often, my younger brother streams from his ps4.

“He has viewers, but they come and go. No one really sticks around except one.

“He loves playing games and spends hours talking to basically one person. He always wants me to sit down and watch but I tell him that I’m busy. He always says, ‘But dude I always ask and you always say no. I have a fan that comes by every night and roots for me and chats and he is awesome unlike you, my own brother.’”

“Funny thing is his old channel got messed up and he started a new one, and lo and behold his one viewer in tow.

“He hasn’t caught on in all the time he has been streaming but that lone fan is me, watching and rooting him on, and he loves it, he smiles, and chats away, and it makes me feel good.” Seriously, if you have a sibling who cares so much for you that he would do something like this, you are truly blessed.

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