15 Most Messed Up Things That Happen in Trailer Parks That Make Us Never Want To Buy An RV

Living in a trailer park can be a completely different lifestyle from the rest of the world. Sometimes, great things come from living in a trailer park and sometimes, odd experiences come from living there as well. For some people, they are temporary residences while others live there for their whole lives. Many people like the community element to living in a trailer park while others take advantage of low-income housing options. In many areas, the trailer park life is considered to be trashy and a place where poor people live but there are also trailer parks communities where many people go to retire because it’s friendly and quiet.

Aside from the financial perks of living in a trailer park, there are also some downfalls to living there as well like if there is severe weather, trailers don’t hold up well. There are a lot of weird experiences that happen while living in the trailer park and you might be surprised to hear what they are. These confessions will shock you and you might even hear some jaw-dropping things, but don’t be surprised. They are hilarious and a little disturbing, but you will love them. These are true stories from people who have lived their lives in trailer parks and had a story to tell. Check out these 15 messed up things that happen in trailer parks that make us never want to buy an RV.

15 Trailer Park Ladies

This girl in the trailer park made up a bunch of lies about her life and then tried to reel a man in with them. There are plenty of reasons why people think that trailer park girls are trashy and this is certainly one of them. Sometimes, you can take the girl out of the trailer park, but you can’t take the trailer park out of the girl. “She was a habitual liar and hot check writer. I found out that she’d never even graduated from school, much less was a doctor. She had put her last boyfriend into bankruptcy by having him sign on a car for her and then she defaulted on it. She had also been arrested a few times for various types of extortion and embezzlement. I got home from work that night and kicked her out. She wasn’t unattractive, but she also wasn’t worth going into bankruptcy over or having to go to court for — worst girlfriend ever. I got curious a few months ago and found her on Facebook. As it turns out, she’s now a twice-divorced junkie with five kids. True white trash.”

14 She Makes A Better Mom

Sometimes, trailer parks produce trashy people while others produce girls that are better than your wildest dreams. Could it be true, well this guy thinks so and he even prefers his trailer-park girlfriend. “My trailer-trash girlfriend is a better mom than my wife.” This is a worrisome confession and we don’t know what to make of it. Not only does this guy have a wife and a girlfriend, but his girlfriend lives in a trailer park, too. He seems to prefer his girlfriend over his wife and we wonder what’s so bad about her. He loves the way his trailer-park girlfriend treats her children, so that has to be good news. We’re not sure how this confession is going to end, but it certainly sounds like a tangled web. Hopefully, he can choose one girl.

13 Not The Greatest Guy

Sometimes, living in a trailer park means that your dating options are limited. This girl decided to give trailer park guys a try and she instantly regretted it! We have to say that maybe she should have known. “I dated a white-trash guy. He went to my university for a semester and a half, then “transferred” out. He came back to my college town take me out on a date. Well, that date turned into him living in my house for three months. He was rude to my family and would tell me how “manipulative” they were. He tried to stay in touch with me after we broke up, decided to move to New Jersey when I moved home after college to be “close to me,” and at one point was living in homeless shelters in New York City so he could “surprise” me when I would go into the city. I changed my phone number and email and blocked him on every social site I was on.”

12 Trailer Park Boys Like To Fight

Well, can we say that we’re really surprised? We have heard these stories before about rough and tumble trailer park girls. Sometimes humble beginnings can be the perfect environment to raise a tough girl. Life isn’t always easy in the trailer park and a girl needs to protect herself. This girl however just sounds nuts. “I met a country girl, who at first seemed nice. She loved to cook and in time she would try to get close to my family (sort of odd for me) by calling them up asking how they doing. She would invite herself over, make plans for us to go over, which was good, but I thought, she is just friendly. But she was very loud, embarrassing at restaurants and around friends. She became abusive and tried to fight all the time (with fists), and had severe anger problems. She cheated and got caught, and I was done with her, I had given her enough chances to clean up her act. Her family was worse, just trashy rednecks.”

11 The Stereotype Is True

This may make you forget owning an RV forever. There aren’t many good reasons for having guns in a trailer park. Many people living in trailer parks have diverse backgrounds and they just live life a different way. “We had neighbors that used to roam around carrying shotguns in their hands. They were crazy guys. They would walk around and yell at people while they carried their guns. We were sure if they had mental problems or what but it always made us nervous when they came around.” It might seem like a classic stereotype, but for some people these experiences are real and this one sounds a little dangerous as well. There should never be a community where someone feels comfortable enough to carry around guns and yell at people. This is the type of story that makes us want to avoid trailer parks.

10 Bad Hygiene

It can happen to the best of us, right? Or not. Bad hygiene is not a great first impression and this trailer park girl definitely gave off a bad scent. This girl was a teen, but come on, good hygiene is crucial. “I met this girl when I was 15; she was almost a full year younger than me. I remember when I met her she was wearing sandals, shorts that were cut so short that you could see the boxers she was wearing underneath, ripped baby tee with spaghetti straps and the arms cut off, and her hair was extremely dusty like she had been rolling around in the dirt. Her clothes looked that way too. She also had lots of freckles (huge turn on for me at the time) and was missing a couple of her bottom teeth because her brother pushed her off a tractor a few years earlier. She had a light body odor smell that was covered up with that flowery deodorant. She basically looked like she didn’t take baths regularly, but at the time, I was such a freaking horndog that I didn’t care at all.”

9 Teenagers Get Knocked Up

It would be totally cliché if it wasn’t true. Girls in trailer parks get knocked up all the time. Maybe it’s because their parents don’t talk to them about the birds and the bees or maybe they are so used to living a life in poverty that they don’t think there are many other options. This girl tells a story about girls that she knows in the trailer park. “Some girls I know in the trailer park start expecting as early as the eighth grade. Girls are always getting pregnant really young because they are all running around with boys that are much older than they are. No one is using protection properly either.” Teen pregnancies don’t just happen in trailer parks; it has a lot to do with whether parents are properly supervising their children and staying in tuned with what their kids are doing.

8 The Wrong Kind Of Girl

We’re not sure what this guy was shopping for in the trailer park, but he got a whole lot of wrong. Not all of us have control over where we are going to end up in life, but people who are raised in trailer parks have very different lives. This guy had a girl that had all the wrong kind of elements. “I live in the Midwest. I dated a 28-year-old stripper with four kids and an abusive husband. Yep, I sure was intelligent while that went on — called it quits pretty soon, though. Also, she was proud that she had ‘almost all her teeth.’ Damn, I drank too much back in the day.” Well, at least she had all her teeth, that is definitely something to be proud of. Thankfully, he got out of it in the end.

7 Catch Her With A Glove

Sometimes people in trailer parks have weird ideas about how they are going to raise their children. Some want a better life for their children and want to take them out of the trailer park while others are more than comfortable being there for the rest of their lives. They even see themselves differently as well. This trailer park daddy even has his own views about how his wife is going to deliver their baby. “Just because we live in a trailer park my husband thinks he’s going to catch the baby with a baseball glove when it comes out.” Now that’s a little insane. Hopefully, they will make it to the hospital instead for everyone’s sake. Either way, it’s still a funny story that they can tell their child when they grow up.

6 She Likes A Man With A Job

Well, seriously, who doesn’t? This guy picked up a hitchhiker that turned out to be a girl that lived in a trailer park. It was love at first sight for her as soon as she found out he was gainfully employed. “Long time ago, I picked up a white trash hitchhiker. I was driving a cute little microcar at the time and we chatted as we rolled along. She was amazed at the idea of me being fully employed. How’s that for low expectations? She asked me to drop her off at her mother’s mobile home & to come inside. She spoke briefly to her mom, who made herself scarce, then stripped her shirt off and wanted to be intimate on her mother’s couch. It was all too much; an unhappy topless stranger on her mother’s pink couch. I kissed her lightly, thanked her earnestly for the offer, and left.”

5 It’s Another Incest Joke

We’ve heard it all before, how kids growing up in trailer parks are sleeping with their siblings, but it’s just one of those stereotypes, right? What if it really happened in real life? How disastrous would it be for a girl to get pregnant by her own brother? This story is almost too awful to imagine. “I called my friend up — let’s call him Joe. I ask Joe where he’s going tonight and if anything fun is going to happen. He said that he is going to this party at this house. Sounds fun, I’m coming. Well the girls start getting here, and this one rather good looking girl gets out, and she says hi to all the guys and kisses one of them for about 15 seconds. I think that it’s her boyfriend. I’m getting pretty drunk and join the girls in the 'hot tub,' which was kind of warm. Well, the hot girl comes over to me and starts talking to me, and later on, kisses me. I back off, and told her that she has a boyfriend. She tells me that’s not her boyfriend, that’s her brother. A few weeks later, she sends me a picture of her naked and then bam, a pregnancy test that’s positive. I have had surgery so I know I couldn’t have gotten her pregnant. Later on, I found out she was pregnant by her brother.”

4 Mother Nature Can Be Hateful

The one really bad thing about living in a trailer park is that you don’t have a whole lot of protection from the elements and we’re not talking about a little rain. What do you do if you live in a trailer park and a tornado hits? If this doesn’t make you avoid getting an RV than nothing will. Many trailer parks are often located at the bottom of a hill or even at the edge of a river and that can make it easy pickings for a tornado. You may think guns are scary, but nothing is scarier than a tornado bearing down on your trailer. Hopefully, you have a family member or friend that you can go to if a tornado hits because you won’t find many sanctuaries in a trailer park.

3 A Crime Scene Two Doors Down

Despite trailer park people being called “white trash,” trailer park people come in all nationalities. This one person tells a story about how there were a group of Asians that moved into the park and they barely spoke any English. The girls would often go for walks at all hours of the night even though it was a dangerous area. They just had no idea where they were living. “Most people in the trailer park were Asian, and many of them were Hmong, many of those who did not speak English. Despite the place being a 'bad' neighborhood, Samantha and her friends would go on walks or runs all the time, even in the middle of the night. They did not seem to realize that a murder had just happened two houses down, or that criminals on the run would hide on their streets.”

2 Poor Lifestyle Could Lead To Poor Health

You might think that it’s murder that makes most people die in trailer parks, but that’s not always the case. The life of poverty can be a hard one and when it comes to living like that, sometimes your health can take a hit. It could be poor health or the overuse of drugs and alcohol that can cause deaths in trailer parks. “From experience and observation, there is a lot of drama and gossiping. People complain about everything like dogs barking, how many cars you own, where you park. There are always a handful of alcoholics and drug addicts. Neighbors tend to be overly involved in each other’s lives. More specifically, people ask and expect neighbors to do them favors like give rides and lend money. Basically, neighbors tend to be nuisances who will take advantage of you if you let them. A lot of people die. Not due to murder, but things like drugs, alcohol poor health, and old age. Also, many people live in deplorable conditions. Several people I know of have no power, no water, and no heat in their trailers.”

1 It’s Really Loud

There are certainly trailer park communities that are serene and peaceful, the kind of place that you can imagine retiring too if you like the idea of being on a camping trip forever. But not all trailer parks are created equally and some include loud parties and random people screaming outside of your trailer. This story sounds like an absolute nightmare, mainly because the girl felt unsafe. “I lived in a trailer home, in a trailer park, for about six months. To be honest, the home itself was really nice. Hardwood floors, new appliances, a big master bedroom with a garden tub in the bathroom. The problem was the neighborhood. By day, it looked fine — quiet and deserted. But by night, it got rough. We’re talking trashed out cars coming through with loud bad bass, really loud women picking and getting into fist fights, ratty kids stealing things out of your yard, and drunk guys throwing bottles into the street. Drugs and fights and theft were an accepted reality. As a small nerdy white girl, I did not feel safe and I wouldn’t want anyone else to have to live in a situation like that.”

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