15 Most Memorable First Tweets Ever

Who doesn’t know all about the 140 character goodness of Twitter these days? Originally, the 140 character limit was designed to allow users to send a single “tweet” through a single SMS text message. With over 300 million active monthly Twitter users, it’s hard to imagine a time when people weren’t using this social media giant! If we zap back into reality though, the service has only been a part of our lives for just over a decade. This has us all remembering a time when celebrities, politicians and billionaires were just discovering Twitter. At first, it was just a fun little pop sensation that kept them all current, but soon they realized that it was a powerful requirement to staying relevant!

So in researching some of the most active celebrities and Twitter users these days, it is interesting that just like every person’s first words as a baby, we each get one shot at our first tweet! Some make the most of it, tweeting a profound statement or making a hilarious entry, while others have a very anti-climactic debut to the twitter-verse. Amazingly, there is one instance where someone has thousands of followers despite not having ever sent a tweet! While sifting through countless celebrity accounts, I have identified 15 of the best, funniest and most interesting “first tweets” put out to the world.

15 Donald Trump

Way back in 2009, when Donald Trump was some ordinary celebrity billionaire with a reality television series, he (or rather his people) decided to try this Twitter thing. Over 33 million followers, a Presidential election and daily news media discussion concerning his personal tweeting later and The Donald has so much social media power that the mere mention of a company or industry in a single tweet can create a change in the stock market! But waaaay back in 2009 when it all started for him, his epic first tweet was asking people to tune in to watch “him” do the David Letterman Top Ten list. At that point, other people obviously handled his tweeting for him. He wasn’t even a candidate at that point, but perhaps his old tweeting habits would serve him better than the personal touches he has added now.

14 Katy Perry

With over 100.5 million Twitter followers, Katy Perry is the number one account with the most followers in the world. That is such an amazingly impressive number that she could literally stop performing and recording music and just work her Twitter presence and still generate millions of dollars every year! But the monster that is her Twitter following all got started back on February 20, 2009 when she decided to tweet out that she had just arrived in Berlin and that she was feeling better (she was apparently a little under the weather). She also excitedly acknowledged her new Twitter presence and called herself a “follower.” Well Katy, with over 100 million “followers” to your account, we think the tables have turned. Who is the follower now Miss Perry?

13 Cashmeousside Girl

Danielle Bregoli, more commonly known as “Cashmeousside Girl” is known for her terrible behavior toward...well, everyone! She rocked the world when she went on Dr. Phil and showed off. Since then, she’s become one of the most viral memes of all time, has been on a variety of web shows and commands (and gets) big bucks to make personal appearances and say her famous catchphrase “cashmeousside, how bou dat?” But this has all been at the age of 13 when she was young and dumb. She’s now at the mature age of 14 and seems to be growing up. So what was her first tweet almost five long months ago? It doesn’t make much sense to anyone that doesn’t know what on earth she’s talking about. Calling some girl a hoe and referring to a butt pad. Way to keep your twitter entrance classy Danielle.

12 Justin Bieber

While Katy Perry is solidly in first place when it comes to Twitter followers, Justin Bieber is at an impressive second place. Bieber has had his ups and downs as a celebrity, going from cute kid singing his heart out on YouTube to international sensation, to self-absorbed douchebag celebrity to back on top and a little more classy. Through it all, his loyal fans (Beliebers) have kept the faith in him. His Twitter following has climbed and climbed since his first tweet in May of 2009. His first tweet was nothing ceremonial, except to promote “One Time” on his myspace page. If he knew then that his Twitter following would be as substantial as it has become, he likely would have said something more clever. But then again... this is Justin Bieber we’re talking about.

11 Kris Jenner

March 10, 2009 is a day that will live in infamy. Why? Because it’s the day Kris Jenner announced herself to the Twitter world and confessed that she invited all of her kids to join Twitter as well. I wonder if Kris realized the Pandora’s Box she was opening with those invites?! Truthfully, they probably would have found Twitter anyway, as it has obviously become a force that just couldn’t be stopped. Kris has managed to keep her fame and fame of her children going well past the typical fifteen minutes they deserve. She is still a hot reality star and a household name that most everyone recognizes. So sure enough, she’s been tweeting up a storm ever since that fateful day and hasn’t looked back. Thanks for nothing Kris.

10 Kim Kardashian West

One of those kids Kris Jenner invited to Twitter was her oldest daughter Kim Kardashian West. We all have come to know and tolerate Kim for so many different reasons. She is best known as being famous for being famous. Kim has done modeling, but it was the reality television show Keeping Up With the Kardashians that really made her “career” take off. So what was Kim’s first tweet and when? Well, it was a whole 11 days after her mother’s invitation to join (I guess she had to do some research) and Kim said to the world that she was on Twitter and while there were some fakes, this was the real one. A likely story for any posers out there. Of course, this was before Twitter had “verified” accounts.

9 Oprah

In April of 2009, her royal highness, Oprah Winfrey herself graced the Twitter world with her presence for the first time! Oprah today has one of the most followed accounts on the whole platform, but at the time, she very humbly said hello and acknowledged that she was a little late to the Twitter party by saying that she was feeling “really 21st century.” Oprah also said hello to the “Twitters.” This has us really wondering...considering that the term for those using Twitter tends to be questionable. Universally though, we are pretty sure that the term “Twitters” never took off. Tweeps, Tweeple and others have picked up some steam, but there isn’t just one word for users of the site. Sorry Oprah, but you don’t get to claim that one.

8 John Cleese

Some of the funniest things ever said didn’t actually use a whole lot of words, or require an extensive setup. John Cleese is known for his work with “Monty Python” and he has had a very prosperous and successful acting career. He is also one of the funniest British actors of his generation. He is also 77 years old, leaving us to think that perhaps he may not have the most to say on Twitter. True, his account isn’t at the top of the most followed list, but he does have 5.5 million followers. His first tweet was way back in December of 2007 when the platform was still very new. His profound entry into the world of Twitter was to say “ i am still alive” (all in lowercase with no punctuation). Nuff said I suppose John. Well done.


CNN has among the highest followings on Twitter. They have embraced the notion of using social media to expand their mission of delivering information and breaking news beautifully. Coming into the world of Twitter in early 2007 was a brilliant early move and they have reaped the rewards of being the news source with the highest following. So what amazing statement did they make as their first mark on the world of social media via Twitter? It was to announce the death of Anna Nicole Smith at age 39. While this was truly a sad event that no one would mock, it does seem somewhat odd that this is the first thing CNN decided to post. Either way, welcome to the tweeting world CNN, we’re glad you were one of the first to the party.

6 Conan O’Brien

Spending years as NBC’s show after the Tonight Show, Conan O'Brien established himself as funny, personable and one of the greats in late night television. Conan briefly took the reins of The Tonight Show but was quickly let go. Not one to run away with his tail between his legs, Conan went over to TBS and introduced their first step into late night. His show Conan has been extremely popular and well received by fans. Conan has been on Twitter for awhile now and looking back to his first tweet, we are not at all disappointed to see how funny he was from the beginning. He tweeted that he interviewed a squirrel in his backyard and then threw to commercial. This was in early 2010 in between his work at NBC and TBS. I think he was trying to tell us something with this tweet.

5 Bill Clinton

Former President of the United States Bill Clinton really needs to introduction. He spent eight years living in The White House and sincerely believed that he would be living there for four more at least. Bill didn’t have the luxury or burden (depending upon how you look at it) of Twitter during his two terms, but he did decide to join the party in April of 2013. He was a little late, but decided to get on board anyway. I guess he figured he’d better get all setup with social media before the 2016 election. Stephen Colbert gets the honor of being the topic of his first tweet. Clinton asked if he was sane? Then he said that he was cool. He even added a hashtag at the end of the tweet…#cgiu. Look at you being all modern Bill!

4 Evan Spiegel

Evan Spiegel is known as the youngest billionaire in the world. He is the CEO and co-founder of Snapchat. Sure, all these social media platforms are kind of indirectly competing with one another, but they still all use each of the other’s platform (even if it’s a secret account). Evan Spiegel has a verified Twitter account, meaning that it is the REAL him. He only has 58,000 followers though, which seems insanely low for such a high profile guy. He joined Twitter in 2010, so what gives? Well, you may notice that he has never...not once sent a tweet! Evan apparently has nothing to tweet about...but plenty to snapchat about I guess. It is kind of interesting though that 58,000 people follow an account that says absolutely nothing. The silence is deafening.

3 Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld is one of the most respected comedians in the world. Heck...at this point, he is one of the most respected comedians in history! He has carved out his place in history for sure. Best known for his “show about nothing” called Seinfeld back in the 90s, when Jerry speaks, everyone listens. So in 2013, when he opted to join Twitter, he said “hello Tweetarians” (that’s a new one) and acknowledged that this could be his last tweet. Well thankfully, it wasn’t his last tweet. He has tweeted out nearly 1,500 times and is followed by almost 5 million people! Surely he realized quickly that this was a pretty great way to communicate with fans and promote the work he does. Good thinking Jerry and we’re glad you decided to stick around.

2 Kate Upton

Model and actress Kate Upton may get the award for most hilarious first tweet. We have got to give her a lot of credit for coming up with something so witty to introduce herself to the world of Twitter. Back in October of 2010, she tweeted out: “I am trying to figure out how to make the background a picture of my boobs.” While this is surely something many slack jawed gawkers would absolutely love (anyone that has seen Kate Upton will get the point), Twitter wouldn’t stand for it I’m sure. She now has a couple of million followers, which clearly indicates that she doesn’t take building her social media presence all that seriously. Either way...she has a verified account and a few thousand tweets under her belt.

1 First Tweet Ever...Jack Dorsey (CEO of Twitter)

We really couldn’t have a list like this without posting the first official tweet ever sent out into the vast expanse of the Twitter-verse. Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter established his account, @jack in March of 2006. What did he say you may ask? “Just setting up my twttr.” That’s kind of a let down when it comes to a historic event like the first tweet. Heck...he didn’t even spell out the word “Twitter.” He wasn’t even close to the 140 character limit! To paraphrase Forrest Gump: “If I had known that would be the first tweet I sent the world...I’d have thought of something better to say.” Nevertheless, when you need a conversation starter, here is a little nugget of information for you...the first tweet in history.

Source: Discover.Twitter

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