15 Most Magical Foods To Eat At Disney Parks

Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth for so many reasons. The rides, parades, shopping, music and perhaps most importantly, the food that will make anyone smile – even if they are more like Grumpy than Happy. Getting your picture taken with one of these famous characters can be a great memory that also will last a lifetime. It's a magical moment for Disney fans who are children or just young at heart.

A trip to one of Disney’s many parks around the world is a magical experience that millions of people from all corners of the planet get to enjoy every year. Attendance at Disney Parks is steadily climbing year after year thanks to new attractions like the soon to be revealed Star Wars land, and brand new parks like Shanghai Disney. If you’re a foodie you certainly won’t feel left out at any Disney park around the world. There is something to tickle your taste buds no matter what your food preference. If you're feeling hungry at a Disney Park prepare to embark on a journey that will make you feel like Timon and Pumba chowing down on piles and piles of tasty grubs.

There are unique snacks that are only available inside certain Disney parks, and there are even upscale theme restaurants that make you feel like you are the Belle of the ball, literally. You’ll probably spend a lot of money during your next Disney vacation, and thanks to all the great foods there, the chances that you will gain a fair bit of weight are pretty high, too. However, that’s no reason to change your mind about a Disney vacation. Disney is an experience unlike any other. Here’s a look at 15 foods you absolutely have to try the next time you take a trip to Disneyland, Walt Disney World or one of the many other Disney theme parks or resorts around the world.

15 Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar at Disneyland and Walt Disney World


Here’s the first classic tasty treat on the list that’s in the shape of Disney’s iconic mascot Mickey Mouse. Mickey’s head is one of the most recognizable symbols in the world, and there’s no mistaking it, even if it’s made of chocolate coating and vanilla ice cream.

This frozen treat is basically like most ice cream bars you have tried in your life, but the fact that it looks like Mickey Mouse ups the cool factor of this ice cream treat quite considerably. Grab yourself a couple of these tasty snacks if you needed an energy boost while rushing from one end of the park to another so you don’t miss your fast pass for the next ride.

14 Turkey Legs at Disneyland and Walt Disney World


The giant turkey leg is perhaps the most famous Disney food available at any Disney park. These giant treats aren’t just appropriate for Thanksgiving or Christmas. They are a tasty treat year round at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Turkey legs have been popular ever since they were introduced at Disneyland in the 1980s.

13 Churros at Disneyland and Walt Disney World


These sweet, doughy cinnamon sticks are an iconic Disney food and are available at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World. For about $3.50 USD you can snack on one of these famous Disney desserts. There are many unique variations of the classic Disney churro.

12 Mickey Pretzels at Disneyland and Walt Disney World


A nice salty pretzel is a great snack, and when you visit a Disney Park, of course you can get one in the shape of Mickey Mouse. The Mickey Pretzel is available at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. It debuted at Disneyland and it was later introduced at Walt Disney World in 2011.

11 Dole Whip Float at Disneyland and Walt Disney World


This tasty drink will certainly hit the spot and quench your thirst while you’re strolling through Disneyland while enduring the blazing hot sun that’s beating down upon you. Nothing quite hits the spot like a Dole Float, and perhaps that’s why it’s so popular with Disney fans. It really is a piece of Americana.

10 Alien Mochi at Tokyo Disneyland


Japan is the land of cuteness, and there's even a word for it - kawaii. Japanese people have an enduring fascination with cute characters, and that is one of the reasons why Disney is so popular in the land of the rising sun. Even the food in Japan is cute. One of the most popular treats to try at Tokyo Disneyland is mochi (Japanese rice cakes) shaped like the aliens from Pixar’s classic film Toy Story. You get three cute and delicious mochi per serving, and each one is a different flavor - one chocolate, one vanilla and one strawberry. You can even pretend they are eagerly awaiting the claw as you grab them and plop these tasty treats in your mouth.

9 Mickey’s Kitchen Sink Sundae at Disneyland and Walt Disney World


This epic sundae is also affectionately known as the Mickey Pants sundae because the mini kitchen sink it comes in is shaped exactly like Mickey’s trademark red trousers with bright yellow buttons. The faucets are miniature Mickey gloves. The sundae is loaded to the brim with all sorts of delicious confections that will send your taste buds swirling. The sundae includes hot fudge, strawberry syrup, caramel syrup, chocolate ice cream, strawberry ice cream and vanilla ice cream.

8 Chandu Tiger Tail at Tokyo Disney Sea


At Tokyo’s second Disney theme park, Tokyo Disney Sea, you will find a special treat that is quintessentially Disney and Asian. The Chandu Tiger Tail is a steamed bun, or bao, shaped liked one of Disney Sea’s most popular mascots. Chandu is a bay tiger cub character from the ride Sinbad’s Storybook Voyage, and the snack based on him is filled with a chicken filling. Disney Sea has numerous mascots, or characters, that you can only see there, and they all have food named after them.

7 Dim Sum at Hong Kong Disney


At the Hong Kong Disneyland hotel you will find the famous Crystal Lotus restaurant. This eatery is an award-winning fine dining establishment with a Disney twist. You can load up on delicious dim sum here, and they are all in the shape of various iconic Disney characters. There is dim sum shaped like Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc., Chicken Little, Mickey Mouse and more. This eatery will offer your taste buds a tour of China without having to actually visit mainland China.

6 Curry Popcorn at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea


Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea are both known for having many exclusive popcorn flavors to munch on as you stroll around the parks. You fill up collectable popcorn containers with the many different variations of this classic treat.

5 Magellan’s Four-Course Dining at Tokyo Disney Sea


The finest restaurant at Tokyo Disney Sea is Magellan’s. If you want to eat world-class food on small plates in a magical setting then this is exactly the restaurant for you. This is truly the ultimate theme restaurant, and it comes complete with a backstory.

4 Tigger Tails at Disneyland and Walt Disney World


This delicious dessert is perfect if you’re a fan of Winnie the Pooh and have a sweet tooth. Not to be confused with the Tiger Tails you can get at Tokyo’s Disney parks, the eponymous Tigger tails are named after Winnie the Pooh’s good friend and hyperactive bouncy pal, Tigger.

3 The Grey Stuff at Disneyland and Disney World


Are there any Beauty and the Beast fans out there? This is the perfect treat for anyone who is eagerly anticipating the release of the live action Beauty and the Beast movie starring Emma Watson and Luke Evans. So, in other words, it’s a treat for everyone in the world.

2 No Way Jose Sundae at Disneyland and Disney World


A sundae is a classic dessert that just about everyone has tried, but when you are at Walt Disney World not just any old sundae will do. At the Beach Club Resort at Disney World you will find the Beaches and Cream café. This sit down restaurant is a throwback to 1950s style soda shops and ice cream parlors. The menu is extensive, but one of the most popular dishes is the massive No Way Jose Sundae. This giant dessert is filled to the brim with both vanilla and chocolate ice cream. Hot fudge and peanut butter sauce are poured over the decadent ice cream.

1 Mickey Waffles at Disneyland and Walt Disney World


Crisp, golden brown and in the shape of Mickey, this is snack is a must try during your next Disney vacation. You can get this breakfast staple topped with powered sugar, or even fresh fruit if you are in the mood for a slightly healthier option.

There are many different variations on this classic Disney food for foodies to partake in when they are at Disneyland or Walt Disney World. There’s a chocolate version and multi-grain version, and they both taste great when eaten with maple syrup. The Roaring Fork Restaurant has Bananas Foster on the menu, and of course it’s served over Mickey Waffles. There’s even a giant version of the Mickey Waffle available if you have more room in your stomach than most. Lastly, there are refrigerator magnets for sale in most Disney Park stores, which look identical to the waffles-- the perfect foodie souvenir.

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