15 Uber Expensive Things Conor McGregor Spends Money On (And 5 Cheap Things)

Best known as “The Notorious" UFC star, Conor McGregor is an Irish mixed martial arts fighter with lots of records, awards, and championships under his belt. As a respected UFC featherweight champion, Conor has served pretty well as a lightning rod for controversy. As cocky as he is, Conor’s tongue stings painfully so we’d better behave well today. Seriously, this guy just loves teasing his opponents as he doesn’t quit his game before he sees them mentally broken. If you haven't noticed yet, this bad boy always looks fashionable when roasting his rivals. Again, he’s a great UFC fighter, but he’d certainly make a great stand-up comedian too. Perhaps this is the key that opens the door to his fortunate career and success. If it hadn't been for his cocky behavior, he'd be just another ambitious MMA fighter. He's only 29 but he's already had the pleasure of driving around in some of the best supercars ever manufactured. Well, this sure sounds like a great way to spend your money, but Conor has also bought many overpriced things that aren’t really worth a dollar! From Conor’s amazing car and watch collections to his ridiculously overpriced sweater and shoes, today we bring you some of his best and worst purchases you need to know about!

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20 Check Out Conor's $487 Alexander McQueen Patch Sweater

Via UpscaleHype

The UFC star has always been strict when it comes to his impeccable sense of style. Although he’s a devoted fighter in the octagon, Conor McGregor can often be seen rocking extravagant suits, shoes, and accessories. Therefore, it’s hardly a surprise to see him sporting such a badass Alexander McQueen sweater. Now you must be wondering why his pricey sweater is of any interest to us. Well, it’s a navy cotton crew neck jumper that goes with AMQ signature motives and military emblem jacquard badges. But wait, this is hardly the most interesting component of his style. It turns out that you can also have this stylish sweater with patch motifs for $885. So it turns out that the Irish bad boy is all about glamour and high-end fashion. But is this sweater really worth that much money? You be the judge!

19 The‘Eff-You’ Suit That Costs $6,500

Via Esquire

How do you feel about Conor’s custom tailored “Eff-You” suit? Just imagine turning up to a party, or even worse, to a wedding in this unique suit. The ill-famed “Eff-You” suit was apparently Conor’s way to show how little he was bothered by his opponent Floyd Mayweather. This $6,500 suit was designed by David August, best known for creating most of his fabulous suits. This specific suit, which on first glance looks pretty normal, offers pinstripes that contain an offensive phrase we all know quite well. As you can imagine, Conor’s wardrobe pick for the press conference with Floyd Mayweather didn’t take long to become viral. This truly makes it one of Conor’s most ridiculous fashion choices he’s ever made.

18 What's Wrong With His Gucci Sneakers?

Via DailyMail.co.uk

Another super pricey item that Conor McGregor has is a fancy pair of Gucci sneakers. During his lavish shopping spree in New York City, Conor McGregor absolutely turned heads and you’ll never guess the reason for it. The Notorious fighter is apparently a great connoisseur of high-end fashion and his New York shopping trip speaks volumes about it. The Irishman, who allegedly pocketed an insane $100 million for fighting Floyd Mayweather, was spotted rocking a pricey pair of Gucci sneakers. By the way, Conor’s Gucci sneakers cost a few hundred dollars. So if you can afford to copy his style, Gucci seems like a great place to start. Otherwise, it’s hardly even worth the money. It’s only a pair of sneakers at the end of the day, right?

17 It's Just A Bomber Jacket (But It Costs $3,570)

Via PauseOnline

From Conor’s toxic green Lambo to his custom-made "Eff-You" suit, the Irishman is apparently determined not to be a shrinking violet. During another press conference, the UFC champ was spotted wearing a colorful bomber jacket accessorized with a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses. Although his overall style looks pretty nice here, we can’t really say that we dig his embroidered dogs floral bomber jacket. Perhaps it’s just the fact that there are too many elements that make us look away. But whatever it really is, this piece of clothing seems a little overpriced. Unlike Conor’s Alexander McQueen sweater which was only $885, this bomber jacket’s worth a whopping $3,570! Well, this sure is just another flashy thing that can only be seen in the UFC star’s wardrobe.

16 How About Conor's Orange McLaren 12C Sports Car?

Via TheSun

The UFC Lightweight Champion’s all about supercars so it's kind of natural that his garage houses the luxury McLaren 12C. From its opulent interior to the ultimate performance on the road, Conor's orange McLaren is the definition of perfection. As he was driving around in his gorgeous vehicle, Conor McGregor got pulled over by the Irish police. Although the Irishman is known for his snobbish personality, he really seemed happy to cooperate with the police. From the look of things, he didn't even seem bothered at all as there was actually no indication of any wrongdoing whatsoever. Well, it’s still possible that Conor was pulled over so that the police officers could take a closer look at his gorgeous car.

15 Conor Braces The Cold In His Gucci Fur Coat ($30,000)

Via Sherdog Forums

During his 2017 world press tour in NYC, Conor McGregor didn’t forget to get all dressed up and become the center of attention. Best known for his flashy style, Conor opted for an extravagant Gucci mink coat and ensemble that’s supposedly worth around $150,000! Indeed, he might have really outshined everyone at the world press tour. Once again, he let us take a look at his flamboyant mink coat featuring Gucci’s signature snake embroidered on its back. The Irishman finished off the look with a pair of 1970s inspired brocade pants. Apparently, Conor McGregor borrowed his style from the heavyweight boxing champion S.J. Frazier. In 1974, the former champ sported an identical ensemble during his press conference with Muhammad Ali. This coat is certainly way too extravagant for daytime wear, but it perfectly matches Conor’s colorful personality.

14 Wow! Conor's Saint Laurent Hoodie Costs $790 But Is It Really Worth it?

Via looklive.com

Love it or hate it, Conor McGregor seems to be in his prime, and his opponents can only envy his fortunate life and fat bank account. The successful UFC star is also known for his atypical wardrobe picks, like his pricey hoodies or custom tailored suits with animal prints. Well, we haven't forgotten that celebs just love being flashy every once in a while. However, spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on a hoodie doesn't exactly make them pennywise. Rumor has it that this specific hoodie is allegedly worth around $800! Would you spend that much money on clothing, and more specifically, on a hoodie? From the look of things, Conor isn't exactly bothered by price tags whatsoever. But again, if he can afford to drive around in his $350,000 Rolls Royce Ghost, then he's certainly not bothered by the price of his hoodie. But if you ask us, we'd totally ignore such overpriced things.

13 Does He Really Eat In $575 Versace Robes?!

Via Looklive.com

You're not a celebrity if your wardrobe lacks a fancy robe. After all, you need to look stunning even at the dinner table, right? That's probably Conor's dress code for dinner too. But in reality, there's nothing rational about spending hundreds of dollars ($575 to be exact) on robes. Another curious detail that shouldn't be left unmentioned is Conor's dinner accessories. Although his luxury wrist game isn't a shocker to us, it's kind of weird that he decided to match his fancy watch with this robe. This only gives rise to a single question: does Conor McGregor love being flashy even when he's in the company of his lovely family? Maybe he really does and it seems to sit well with his fans too. But if you ask us, we'd love to believe that he puts it all on display for the photographers. Celeb selfies have to be as glamorous as possible and that's the perfect way to make it happen.

12 Step Inside Conor's Lavish Las Vegas Mansion (AKA The MAC Mansion)

Via Celebrityfileweb

Are you ready to step inside The UFC star’s luxury Las Vegas property? Whether the Irish bad boy is on the UFC podium or not, Conor never settles for basic things in life. Just take a look at his heaven-like Mac Mansion, as he calls it, and you’ll see why. This fabulous house is practically everything you can ever dream of. Not only does it meet the celeb's preferences for high-end luxury, but it really seems so cozy and welcoming. As the world’s top MMA fighter, Conor McGregor is currently enjoying life in a luxury six-bedroom mansion. Situated on Sunrise Mountain, the mansion is packed with an eye-popping 50-foot outdoor pool and a terraced area overlooking the best of Las Vegas. In a nutshell, Conor McGregor just never does things halfway; it’s all or nothing.

11 Rolls Royce Ghost That's Allegedly Worth Around $350,000

Via AutoIndustriya.com

Speaking of luxury, we just can’t keep going further without showing his Rolls Royce Ghost some respect. He’s finally made it to the top, so he can easily afford a luxury car collection. Today Conor’s net worth is valued at $108 M so he’s hardly bothered by silly things like the price tag of his clothes, watches or car collections. In order to help you get a better idea of his luxury lifestyle, we’ve got his fabulous Rolls Royce Ghost for you. The Irish MMA fighter’s garage houses a few of the world’s fastest and fanciest vehicles, like a green Lambo, two Rolls Royces, a BMW i8, and God knows what else he’s got in there. As for the fierce Rolls Royce model, Conor’s badass vehicle is allegedly worth $400, 000! As you can see, the design of this supercar doesn’t usually come with a portrait of the Irish fighter.

10 Conor's Flashy BMW i8 With A 357 Horsepower!

Via Motor1.com

Saying that Conor’s cocky behavior doesn’t surprise us would be such a silly lie. He’s anything but a humble guy who forgets to stand up for himself. Just try to touch a sore spot and he’ll surely eat you alive. He’s quite a character that loves the flamboyant side of life. Speaking of that, Conor’s luscious BMW i8 is another supercar that matches his showy personality. Whenever Conor takes his BMW i8 for a spin, he's always noticed (and followed) by paparazzi. If there’s one thing that Conor loves more than his pricey watch collection, it must be his luxury cars. Honestly, it can’t be the other way around when you’re such a huge celebrity with loads of luxury supercars.

9 An Impressive Collection Of Luxury Watches That'll Make Floyd Mayweather Green With Envy!

Via WatchCollectors.co.uk

Now that you've seen the price of his Alexander McQueen sweater (and his BMW i8), it’s time to move on to his unconditional love of watches. By the way, there’s a picture of his beautiful wife wearing a gorgeous Rolex as well. This can only mean one thing: Conor’s charming wife is apparently a lucky woman with a fierce wrist game! As for Conor’s favorite watches, he seems to prefer his Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona to any other luxury watch brand. Touching down in LA for a press conference, Conor McGregor decided to make the most of his time in LA by visiting Tupac’s alleged final home before the rapper was shot to death. However, photographers and paparazzi were quick to spot Conor, and they didn’t miss his exceptional Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona either.

8 Have You Seen His Lamborghini Huracan Wrapped In Dark Green?!

Via Reddit

Another gorgeous vehicle that Conor McGregor is also a great fan of is his green Lambo Huracan. His unique and fast Lambo is worth a whopping $285,000 but it wasn’t its price that made headlines around the world. Apparently, Conor’s super-green vehicle was poorly parked as it touched the double yellow lines. And as you can imagine, Conor’s pricey Lamborghini Huracan was eventually removed due to the fighter’s poor parking skills. Well, we don’t doubt his fine driving skills, however, he should have taken the street laws more seriously. It's clear that Conor doesn’t care much about marginal things, like leaving his car on the double yellow lines. But as we all know, nobody can break the law and get away with it and neither can Conor!

7 Feeling Bored? Hop In Conor's Chevrolet Corvette Stingray And Feel Like A Racer!

Via Motor1.com

By the way, did you know that Conor’s name actually means a “wolf lover"? Many Irish kings shared the same name, including the legendary King of Ulster. Frankly, this could explain why the Irish MMA fighter is always so conceited. This feeling of dominance just runs in his veins and he can’t help it. Now that you know more about his hot-tempered nature, we believe that there’s no better car for him than his stunning Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. It seems really fierce and mega fast and is probably worth a whole fortune. Today he’s a fortunate owner of so many supercars that it’s only a matter of time before his garage bursts. His ever-growing car collection includes two Rolls Royces, Lamborghini, Benz S-Class, BMW i8, Chevrolet Corvette Stingray and the list just keeps expanding. As a sports car that’s worth $60,000, it features a driver-oriented cockpit and available convertible top.

6 Conor To Launch His Own Fashion Collection With Personal Tailor David August?

Via USA Today

If there’s one thing that ideally describes Conor, it would be his flamboyant fashion style. There’s no denying that he always looks quite fashionable and extravagant in front of the camera. But when it comes to real fashion, we hardly expected that he would be serious about a possible fashion label. Oddly enough, Conor wants to try his hand at the fashion industry by creating his own fashion line with the help of his tailor, David August Heil. These two have already announced their new fashion project August McGregor, menswear that’s all about modern suits, trendy sportswear, and accessories. By the way, all of this has been inspired by McGregor’s extravagant styles and sassy behavior. The affordable diffusion brand is expected to be David’s first ready-to-wear offering.

5 The Rumored Cadillac Escalade With Matte-Finished Wood Accents

Via AutoTrader.ca

Another precious vehicle from Conor’s unique collection is his huge black Cadillac Escalade. While the “The Notorious” one was driving around in his glossy Cadillac, he suddenly spotted a trio on the street impersonating his infamous ring antics in the octagon. There’s also footage of the trio (Jason, Mick, and Patrick) just messing around and having fun when Conor’s 4x4 Cadillac approached them. One of the Irish boys even pretended to kick his friend when the MMA star pulled his Escalade over to say hello to his fans. One of the boys even roared the UFC lightweight champ’s catchphrase “You’ll Do Nothing”. Before heading off on his way in his luxury $73,395 Cadillac Escalade, which features matte-finished wood accents. The 29-year-old champ gave them a fist bump and a few words of encouragement.

4 Conor's Garage Houses Another Fast Freak: BMW M SPORT (The M Power!)

Via DailyMail & Pinterest

“The Notorious” one and his beautiful wife can often be spotted enjoying a last-minute shopping spree. For most of us, it only means grabbing a few things off the shelves and that would be it. However, the couple is hardly that humble when it comes to shopping. Unlike his charming wife, Conor couldn’t resist the fierce looks of the BMW 7 Series so it quickly became his new luxury purchase. Well, it seems that both of them love enjoying last minute shopping that often includes new vehicles for Conor’s luxury car collection. Besides, the new BMW 7 Series has always been an exceptionally advanced car in the titan’s line-up. Therefore, it’s understandable that Conor’s garage houses one too. Also, his BMW M Sport appears to be even more hi-tech so it can take on the Mercedes S-Class without any problem.

3 Take A Look At Conor's Mansion In Dublin That Comes With A Home Gym

Via YouTube mansion

So how about pumping your muscles and confidence in the UFC star's mansion gym? Although most celebs often brag about their luxury vehicles, there is only a small part of them that actually have a home gym. Unlike them, Conor's mansion gym is well packed with weights, great exercise equipment and a treadmill (of course), so the UFC lightweight champ can maintain his strong physique. Well, it’s clear that movement is what fascinates Conor McGregor. Therefore, it’s really no wonder why he has a luxury gym where he trains hard too. “The more freedom you have in your movement, the more freedom you have as a person, and the more freedom you have in a fight,” as he once said while preparing for a morning yoga session.

2 Check Out His Flashy Mercedes-Benz!

Via Motor1.com

Speaking of perpetual rivals on the road, Mercedes-Benz has totally swept Conor off his feet as well. Seriously, the giant auto brand doesn’t really need much time to make any car lover fall hard for its improvements and specs. As we all know, Mercedes Benz is the ultimate definition of elegance and maximum comfort on the road. Therefore, it’s quite easy to see why Conor McGregor also prefers to drive around in his badass S500. Besides, let’s not forget that the car is worth at least $148,000 - not that Conor’s bothered by its price anyway. The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is one of those rare things in life only possessed by the richest (or guys like Conor). The automotive brand is so famous that almost anybody could tell you what it is. But being at the very top requires constant progression, so Conor’s S-Class provides a truly fabulous facelift only to keep pace with other auto titans, like his eternal rival BMW.

1 The One And Only Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead AKA Anyone's Dream Car!

Via Dailymail & Pinterest

When it comes to supercars, Conor McGregor is somewhat of a specialist who’s really fond of luxury car details. And what better way to illustrate it than with a picture of his Rolls Royces? By the way, his Rolls Royce Ghost model has been specifically customized with a portrait of the Irish fighter himself. This tiny yet important detail only made the car appear twice as fierce. Nothing really evokes better images of affluence and luxury quite like the sight of Conor’s fleet of Rolls Royces. For example, his Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe is one of his best purchases so far. While most of us would faint at the price of this fabulous vehicle, it's probably nothing for a wealthy guy like Conor himself. This fabulous vehicle comes with a 6.6-liter twin-turbo V12 engine cranking out 563 horsepower and 575 lb-ft of torque. Magnificent, isn't it?

Source: listhogs.com, blog.looklive.com, dailymail.co.uk

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