15 Most Exotic Vacation Spots Candice Swanepoel Traveled To For A Fashion Shoot

Candice Swanepoel may be a stunning Victoria’s Secret model, but she’s not just your average model. That’s probably why she was chosen to be an Angel in the first place. She comes from humble beginnings like many models. Her life as a supermodel must seem like a dream come true. She was raised on a beef and dairy farm in small village in the coastal South African province of KwaZulu-Natal in 1988. So how on Earth did this beauty get discovered while working on a dairy farm? There just so happened to be a model scout in a quaint South African harbor city who saw Swanepoel at a flea market in Durban. Talk about a stroke of luck. It just goes to show that your life can change in an instant if you are in the right place at the right time.

She was offered a gig and she risked it all when she decided that she wanted to start modelling full-time. She made her move to Europe and it all paid off for her. Her life suddenly became a dream come true because suddenly everyone wanted to hire her. In 2010, she became an official Victoria’s Secret model and she’s been in every single show that they had since. She even got to wear the $10 million Fantasy Bra in 2013. One of the great perks of being a model is that you get to travel to so many amazing destinations for photo shoots.

15 Fernando De Noronha

This is honestly one of the most stunning locations that a person can go to and the scenery around is truly breathtaking. These models are lucky to be able to experience places like this one. This girl never takes life seriously and she is often surprised with how she is represented in the media. When it came to Maxim’s Hot 100 list in 2014, Candice made the list. She got the very top honor and was considered to be one of the hottest females in the world. She thought it was all just a practical joke. "My agent gave me the call and I was, at first, a little bit wary," Candice told ET Online, "I was like, 'Who rigged that? Who decided that? Is this a practical joke?' I was really surprised that Scarlett Johansson was not number one," she said. Scarlett did manage to get in second, so we doubt she was too broken up about it.

14 Tulum, Mexico

Mexico is definitely one of the most popular destinations in the world and we can see why. Those sandy beaches, blue skies, and teal waters, a girl could certainly fall in love with that life. She is a South African model and she has a deep love for her country. She’s also not just a pretty face, she wants to be represented as a humanitarian as well and that’s pretty awesome in itself. “I'd like to one day be featured on a list of inspirational people who have made a difference in the world, whether it be helping underprivileged people or putting an end to the poaching of wildlife in Africa.”

13 Miami

There is no better party place than Miami. We love Candice Swanepoel and she’s all about looking steamy no matter the location. When we see models walking down the runway, they always look poised and flawless. But that’s not how Candice Swanepoel feels about it, in fact, she’s terrified when she has to walk the runway. That’s surprising considering that’s a large part of her job and she has to do it hundreds of times. "The runway, I don't know what's wrong with me, I get more nervous every year! The fashion show, because it's live, because there's a massive audience, because millions of people see it — it is just crazy." We can’t really blame her; it’s a lot of pressure for anyone.

12 Brazil

One of the locations she had a chance to visit was Brazil. Being a supermodel gives you an extraordinary opportunity to travel to exotic locations all around the world. It’s the experience of a lifetime and Candice Swanepoel must feel like she’s on top of the world. When she traveled to Brazil to do a Vogue cover shoot, she was in one of the most beautiful places. While there, she noticed that they don’t really worry so much about fashion, everyone just does whatever they want to do. “No one knows anything about the fashion industry in Brazil. They don't care what you do. They just want the beach and the sun and the fun. I feel the freest and the happiest there.” She certainly has come a long way from the beef and dairy farm she lived on.

11 Miami Beach, Florida

Who doesn’t love the beach, when it comes to getting in a bikini, Candice does it perfectly. She looks incredible in this bikini and we can see why she is one of the most coveted models in the industry. She is often seen on the beach doing photo shoots because swimwear is a big part of the Victoria’s Secret industry. It only took Candice five months to return to her supermodel figure after having her son. It’s just one more reason to be jealous of her life. It’s pretty obvious that Candice is a confident woman and she believes that it is the best way to be foxy. “Being confident in your own skin is very s*xy. I think when you have fun and are yourself that is s*xy too.” We couldn’t agree more; this girl is awesome in every way. We look forward to seeing what new heights her career can go.

10 Epupa Falls, Namibia

The Epupa Falls of Namibia is glorious and it’s certainly a must-see for anyone. Candice must just feel like a goddess in this picture as she poses amongst the beautiful scenery. She is surrounded by beautiful nature all the time and it’s certainly impacted her life, so it wasn’t surprising to find out that her son’s name is inspired by nature. She had her first child in October of 2016 with her fiancé Hermann Nicoli and she named her son something truly unique. Anacã was the name that they chose and it’s a Brazilian slang word for bird. She has a huge passion for Brazil because that’s where her man is from. No wonder they travel there so much. When it comes to naming your child, it’s always a very big deal and it looks like they put a lot of thought into their child’s name.

9 Aspen, Colorado

Nothing is better than finding a half-naked girl in the fields of Aspen. It would probably be every man’s dream come true. Candice has done a few nude shoots in her career and she’s made it perfectly clear that she has no issue with nudity. In fact, she wishes that she can spend every aspect of her life in the nude. Her fiance must be thrilled. “I want to live my life naked, with all my little naked kids naked in the garden.” When it comes to her modeling career, she actually considered giving it up. She was very lonely at the beginning of her career because she would go to photoshoots and everyone was speaking another language. "Every day, I was working with different people who were speaking different languages, so I was never able to form any relationships. I just wanted to go home."

8 Cape Town, South Africa

Being able to work in her home country must be such a joy for the supermodel. Unfortunately, bullying is still very prevalent in our society and it happens to the best of us. Even supermodels get bullied and they are considered to be the most beautiful people in the world. When she was attending school, she experienced bullying because her classmates thought she was too thin and tall. Seriously, you just can’t win. It doesn’t matter if you are thin or overweight it seems like someone will be unhappy with you, that’s why it’s so important just to be yourself. “At school, I got teased because I was so thin and awkward-looking. But the girls on TV looked similar to me. I would say to my mum, 'The girls at school are teasing me, but I look like those girls on TV.'”

7 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Candice Swanepoel has been to Brazil a few times, for work as well as for personal vacations and it’s actually one of her favorite places. She is a very sensual woman and she loves to express that. She did as much during an interview with 10 Magazine's Sensuality Issue, "In New York, we base people on what they do, how much money they have," she declared, as The Daily Mail reported. "No one knows anything about the fashion industry in Brazil. They don't care what you do. They just want the beach and the sun and the fun. I feel the freest and the happiest there. There, I can just be the normal Candice." Normal Candice as we know loves nudity and is a very sensual creature. Her fiancé probably feels like he won the lottery with her because she’s beautiful and doesn’t have an issue with expressing her sensuality.

6 Indonesia

A stunning location and one that she often has shoots at. We can see why, it’s certainly breathtaking. You take the most beautiful women to the most gorgeous places on Earth and you are guaranteed to get a good photo. She has explained that aside from being lonely, her experiences as a model weren’t always great. She had many issues including the industry expecting her to continuously lose weight. Candice has never been out of shape, so she was concerned with this need for her to be so skinny. She told Self magazine, "I was [always] crying." She spoke about the industry’s standards and she was seriously considering giving up her dreams of being a model and going back to the simple life that she had on the farm. The industry definitely should not still be doing things like this.

5 Turks And Caicos Islands

These islands are certainly some of the most beautiful in the world and we can’t believe that Candice gets to go to these beautiful places for free. Even though she’s clearly a successful model, it wasn’t her first love in the world. She wanted to be a dancer and she definitely has the body for it. "I was a ballerina in South Africa before I went to general girls boarding school," she told ET Online in 2014, adding, "that was what I actually wanted to do. I wanted to go to ballet school in New York." She says that training to be a ballerina has also helped her modelling career. She told Marie Claire, "[Ballet] has helped a lot with modelling because I think about all parts of my body, from my fingers to my toes," she explained.

4 Hawaii

Doesn’t Candice look amazing in a blue and black bikini posing among some trees? We love how amazing she looks and it appears as if Hawaii suits her just fine. Candice came from humble beginnings and she recognizes that where she is now in life can only be considered a blessing. Being a model comes with a lot of privileges and it means living a life that some people only dream about. She told Vogue, “I feel very lucky to be able to work with people from all over the world, everyone has their story and their journey and we're all there to have fun and create art in our own way." She considers modelling to be "an incredible blessing for someone with such a sheltered upbringing." She is often gushing about her experiences and the fact that she thinks she is blessed in life and we love how humble she is.

3 Abu Dhabi,  United Arab Emirates

Wow, what an incredible place Abu Dhabi is and most of us will only experience the desert through the movies. It seems like a surreal place for a photo shoot and Candice has never looked so serene. Talk about a stunning photo. You might be surprised to find out what Candice consider to be a true indulgence. She was asked once what she did to relax and destress and she said, “My secret indulgence is sleep and massages." We can imagine sleep would be hard to come by when you work as a supermodel and a new mother. Sleep is something that all of us could use a little more of so we totally get it. Massages are also a pretty great treat and we can just imagine how important they are to someone who’s exhausted all the time. We hope she gets more sleep in the new year.

2 Costa Rica

Who wouldn’t want to be in Costa Rica with this babe? She is one of the most popular models in the industry and we can definitely see why. She obviously has to stay in shape for her career; it’s all part of the business. But she’s not a fan of going to the gym, either, like so many of us. She tries to work out in fun ways instead so that it doesn’t feel much like working out. “If I'm on holiday, I'm active on the beach, I play tennis, I run, I swim a lot. It's just about making the workouts fun, I think, and then it doesn't really feel that bad.” That sounds like a great idea and if you can find your passion in a sport or activity then working out won’t seem so bad after all.

1 St. Barts

One of the Victoria’s Secret photo shoots was located in St. Bart’s, which is considered to be a popular vacation place because it’s luxurious. When it comes to beauty Candice knows how to take care of herself. She has to, after all, her face and body are what make her a top model. That’s why some models and actors actually have insurance on their body parts. When it comes to her beauty routine, she uses things from the kitchen to get her glowing skin. "I use organic coconut oil to take my makeup off, I also add it to my smoothies to keep my skin glowing. It's a great, all-round natural beauty product. The main thing my mom taught me was that you can never be too young to start taking care of your skin!”

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