15 Most Exotic Vacation Destinations Instagram Model Alexis Ren Has Travelled To

Living a mundane life and feeling stuck? Don't you wish you could escape? Some people give up everything and travel. They find happiness, let go, and live to their fullest. A similar story to Alexis Ren, an Instagram model, who became famous for her travel and model posts on the popular social media site. She's only 21 years old and has already travelled to many places in her young life.

Alexis decided to explore top destination places with her then-boyfriend, Jay Alvarrez, who's a photographer. The pair snapped pics of themselves lying on the beach, swimming, and having fun at each destination on their Instagram accounts. Alexis has a staggering 4.5 million followers, and Jay has 3.3 million.

The lucky couple has explored Hawaii, Greece, Indonesia, and Mexico just to name a few. They've experienced stingrays and massive waves while surfing. Not to mention, seeing breathtaking views from up high in a helicopter and yes, even enjoying a  thrill-seeking moment skydiving. They live the life everyone dreams about and sometimes, sadly, can only fantasize about. Luckily for us, they showcased all their adventures to the public and made us jealous with their trips to island life.

Need to escape reality for awhile? Tired of the cold and miss the sunshine? These photos will make you wish you were there on every island lying on the beach in a bikini and sipping a cocktail.

Travel the world with Alexis to these 15 exotic places she travelled to and who knows, it might inspire you to take a much-needed vacation.

15 Inspired By Greek Architecture 

Greece is an attractive place for tourists because of its scenery, clear waters, culture, and famous white and blue buildings.

What makes Greece exotic is the beaches, the people, and the lifestyle. It's famous for their fishing and old small boats resting on the surface of the ocean and standing still by the many harbours. There are also breathtaking views no matter where you're standing.

Wish you were there? Just glimpse at spectacular photos of Alexis and Jay enjoying some greek food while sitting in front of a breathtaking scene. Alexis also strutted her foxy model bikini body at the beach and posed for many snaps in front of the classic Greek architecture.

A photo was taken for every occasion and shared on Alexis' Twitter and Insta with captions revealing her love for Greece and the fantastic time she had. So jealous!

14 Photoshoot In Australia

Alexis travelled to Byron Bay, Sydney with Jay by her side for a photo shoot for Cotton on Body in 2015. They were snapped kissing and having fun. She was also clicked splashing in the sea with her model friends and walking through the city.

Byron Bay is a hotspot for fun in the sun and is paradise for surfers because of its waves and scenery. It's shown on a video called Your #PassportToSummer With Alexis Ren on Youtube of their time on the famous beach with footage of the shoot with her surfboard in hand and an award-winning smile.

Although it's deemed less of an exotic stop, Australia is unique and is a must for tourists. You can see why, as Alexis makes it a go-to place.

13 Tahiti Dreams

Via Instyle,com

Bora Bora in Tahiti is the place to be; it has white luminescent sand and clear waters. It also offers top class hotels on the water in the shape of your own private round straw hut, a custom building in Tahiti where you can jump off your own private deck in the ocean.

Of course, cocktails are a must when living the island life. Don't expect to wear anything but a bathing suit. Once again, which is custom for Alexis, she's seen wearing her famous white costume posing on the sand, swimming in the ocean, and lying by the pool.

Alexis experienced wildlife close up, like South Pacific, but this time, she was able to touch a stingray. Of course, there was also time for hiking and enjoying the awe-inspiring views from mountaintops and for downtime lying on a deck chair just chilling.

12 Paradise In Hawaii 

It seems like Alexis and Jay had so much fun in Hawaii as most of their famed photos are from there with snapshots of Alexis with a surfboard, surfing, and playing in the waves. This photo album also consists of images of them sitting together on a surfboard looking cute and in love.

Hawaii is famous for its mountains and tropical paradise cliff tops and the adventurer Jay, of course, hiked the mountains. A picture is worth a thousand words, and it clearly shows how scary close they are to the edge looking at the vastness of the ocean and endless stretch of horizon. Jay made even more videos of their activities on Youtube called Pull and Bear the Hawaii issue. It will make you pine to be there, but it's totally worth watching.

Alexis has also done a solo trip this year with pictures of her flaunting her variety of bikinis along the beachfront; it seems like Hawaii is her favorite spot.

11 Living The Life In Bali

Via Pinterest

Bali is definitely trending right because of its culture, beaches, resort life, and scenery. It's perfect for a model to snap selfies on the beach and wherever you're exploring.

Alexis has been there sometimes with friends, naughtily posing topless on a pool deck overlooking the blue sea. Her Twitter is full of pics of her time in Bali, wearing bikinis and frolicking in the surf with her friends.

These pictures are a little revealing — she's more daring in her older years and her photographs with Jay show a more innocent side. She did more activities with him as well, such as hiking.

Although, relaxing and posing by the pool is a model's life. Who wouldn't want to luxuriously pose in a bikini at one of the beaches in Bali?

10 Surrounded By Volcanos In Mo'orea

Via Dubai PR Network

This one is worth mentioning, as Alexis and Jay had an excellent experience on this small island. Who wouldn't? It has everything from an exotic peninsula, an abundance of palm trees, transparent blue water, and a variety of outdoor activities.

Alexis and Jay took a fun bike ride along the road with palm trees in sight. They pulled funny faces and did lively tricks. Coconut is a big thing for island life which they both looked for while climbing palm trees.

They enjoyed a lovely meal consisting of fruit along the beachfront and romantic strolls along the shore before enjoying a relaxing swim and chill conversations on their surfboards.

Her wardrobe consisted of a casual look with denim shorts and crop tops, long flowing dresses, and revealing swimwear — perfect for a famous social media model.

9 Chilling With The Elephants In Thailand

Via Pinterest

They made the right choice to venture to Thailand, which was their first stop after leaving California since most of the areas they go to are island paradises. Thailand is definitely a paradise with its beaches, secluded islands, and relaxing beach-bum life.

There are also many activities to do such as riding bikes and mopeds, exploring ancient ruins, shopping, and experiencing Thai's unique culture. Alexis did all these things with her Insta-worthy pics by Jay, of course!

The couple shared crazy memories, like riding on an elephant, which is a must in Thailand! They even posed with a tiger. Sadly most of their pictures from Thailand were deleted from their social media accounts after the break-up, but luckily, we're still able to view them on Pinterest.

8  Shipwrecks And Jet Skiing In The Bahamas

Via Jay Alvarrez Instagram

One of the most beautiful pics from an exotic island is one of Alexis and Jay in the Bahamas. She is swimming as Jay is above her on a jet ski and the water is so clear, you can see a wreckage of a plane.

This trip definitely has the most photo-worthy memories; swimming in a cave while sharing a kiss, lying under the blaring sea with palm trees everywhere you look, and posing with the cutest pigs.

As always, they're surfing and having fun hiking and renting jet skis. Jay also made a Youtube video of their time titled Jay Alvarrez Summer 2016 (Alexis Ren).

Their time in the Bahamas will definitely make you green with envy and fair warning, it will make you want to book an air ticket straight away.

7 Swimming With Stingrays In The South Pacific

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There are many islands in the South Pacific, which is why it's one of the top places for tourists to enjoy a relaxing island vaycay. Well, it has incredible beaches, crystal-clear blue seas, sunshine, and amazing wildlife.

Alexis and Jay lived it up on the island, swimming with stingrays and sharks. But they seem to thrive on adventure and we get to live vicariously through them. After seeking thrills, a relaxing lie by the pool or on the beach is needed.

Jay even made a video and posted it on Youtube, Girl Of My Dreams, which shows her leading him into the clear shallow water with a stingray in site and a stream of colorful fish swimming past.

6 Chilling In Jamaica

Alexis has been almost everywhere, and she seems to love island life the most. Jamaica is a top choice and one which she visited without Jay in 2016.

The most stunning picture is of her on a bamboo boat led through the clear water in the jungle. She spent her days on the beach exploring what this beautiful country has to offer. As always, she looks flawless, especially in a backless formal dress from Revolve. It seems like she had a modelling gig and that's why she was there.

Thankfully, she had time to explore and post pictures for all her followers and I'm sure after admiring this image, Jamaica will be on your go-to list.

5 Adventures In The Maldives

Via Lalumi Travels

What better way to spend a relaxing holiday then the Maldives? The Maldives has it all; the vast sea separates the islands and its main highlights are its coral reefs. Alexis and Jay spent their time scuba diving, relaxing, swimming, and doing water sports such as jet skiing and snorkelling.

Jay surprised her with a surprise birthday dinner on a private beach. It seems like it was a trip of a lifetime and it looks like they got a lot of sun.

4 Skydiving And Hiking In Brazil 

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Alexis and Jay did so much in Brazil. They went hiking and sat on a cliff overlooking the city. The couple did go skydiving, which is scary but exhilarating at the same time, but if you're faint hearted like me, there will be plenty of other things to do.

Brazil is rich in culture and has lovely beaches, which is an occurring activity for Alexis. She spent her time surfing and enjoying everything the city has to offer. All their actions are portrayed in Jay's video, Jay Alvarrez Summer 2016 (Alexis Ren).

We can't all live like Alexis, but we can certainly try by adding her destinations to our list, and hopefully, we will get to experience them all. For now, we can see where her next travels will be and who will be her new beau joining her for new adventures.

3 Italian Culture And Epic Sightseeing

Alexis and Jay enjoyed their romantic trip to a romantic country full of pasta and gelato. Everyone who goes to Europe should pass through Italy since there's so much to do; sightseeing, exploring churches, and museums and eating all the food you can.

The couple enjoyed a drive along the coastline with the sparkling sea and picturesque yachts in the background. In typical Alexis style, she posted raunchy images of her standing on a classic Italian balcony overlooking the scenery in a thong-like bikini, in Capri, Italy.

2 Partying In Ibiza

Alexis was solo on this trip since it was after she split with Jay, but Ibiza is classified as an exotic destination, as it's well known for its party and beach scene. Perfect to let your hair down and have the time of your life.

She enjoyed herself near the poolside and explored the beaches in her white two-piece. No wonder she's a model!

1 Sun, Sand, and Surf In Mexico

Alexis has travelled mainly with Jay and as always, she had a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Mexico. As always, Alexis and Jay spent their days swimming, surfing, and exploring the nature with pictures that will make you sigh in jealousy. Most of their shots were taken during their hikes and underwater adventures. Jay also took pristine shots of Alexis sitting by the pool and posted them on his Tumblr.

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