15 Most Embarrassing Things That Happen To Women At The Gym

Women know they are not going to get any healthier as they age if they don’t change their eating habits, as well as if they don’t get any exercise in! And so many women really don’t want to workout at home because their home environment can be distracting.

Therefore, many women after thinking about whether it is a good idea to join the gym or not, end up biting the bullet and indeed join that gym! During the time these women make the commitment, they make a vow to themselves to go at least once a week to work out! However, what they never consider at the time are the consequences that they could be facing while they are working out at the main gym, participating in yoga class, or in pilates.

These kinds of consequences that so many women end up facing are very embarrassing things that end up inevitably happening to them while they are at the gym. And whenever something so mortifying happens to them, they are anxiety ridden and their hearts are ready to race out of their chests! They end up wishing that whatever horrible and embarrassing thing happened ends up being somehow erased from their memories- and some may even wish to experience amnesia just to wipe those dreadful experiences out of their brains.

Let’s talk about the 15 embarrassing things about women at the gym that are incredibly cringe-worthy, or even downright funny! If you are a woman reading this list who has had embarrassing moments at the gym, you will remember your awkward moments, and be completely empathetic. If you are a man who is reading this, and were working out with your girlfriend who had any of these things happen to her, you will relate too.

15 Women’s Sweat Glands Go Into Overdrive


Well, the fact of the matter is that men and women are capable of sweating gallons. Truly no one gives it a thought if a man is sweating up a waterfall if he is working outdoors in 90-degree weather. In fact, plenty of women think a sweaty dude is downright sexy.

However, is there anything sexy about a woman drenched in sweat? Firstly, plenty of women are self-conscious about the way they look, to begin with. Forget about whether they are overweight or have acne on their faces. Women think that if they are drenched in sweat, they look downright gross. And unfortunately, women who work out at the gym are going to be soaked in sweat and there is not a thing that can be done about it until they are through and can go to the ladies room to take a shower- which they will rush to do after they are done with their workout because being covered in sweat is downright embarrassing.

14 Women Failing Miserably At Lifting Heavy Weights

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The fact of the matter is that when women are weight training, they want to look as sexy and strong as Christmas Abbott while they are lifting those weights! However, the Universe sadly has other plans for these poor women.

What frequently happens when they attempt to lift a barbell, it drops, and when that happens it is embarrassing more than words can express! Or when they attempt to pull a heavier weight over their chest, and they end up losing their balance and the worst possible thing happens. The weight lands on their chest! That is not only physically painful but quite mortifying too. Especially when these poor women are literally feeling others staring at them when their hands have been betraying them! Especially when all they wanted to do was not only stay in shape but appear strong and sexy to those guys around! Unfortunately, their hands are going to be unpredictable.

13 Jumping Jacks Can Be Terrifying For Women

The worst part about working out for women is doing those jumping jacks! They can be not only physically torturous but can be downright scary and mortifying. Especially for women who have been doing what they can to keep themselves hydrated since working out leaves them sweaty.

Due to drinking plenty of water continuously, the bladder will fill up quickly. When these women (and men) are too busy working out, sometimes they forget that they have to empty out their bladders.

So what can potentially happen to these poor women doing a stressful exercise such as jumping jacks? Their bladders are affected by all of the jumpings and have a tendency to leak more than just a little bit of urine as a result. When that happens, thanks to these women’s bladders being stressed by their jumping jacks - they are not only left with wet undies but a big blotch on their sweatpants that everyone can see! How mortifying is that?

12 The Unshaven Leg Or Armpit Shows

One thing about women is that shaving their armpits and legs is something that is conveniently forgotten to be added to their “to do” list. Especially during the winter. Or, even in the summer if women do not wear shorts or tanks. Maybe they are too self-conscious to wear summer clothing so they would rather boil in the heat wearing yoga pants and a T-shirt that doesn't have sleeves that go a little beyond the upper arm.

The fact of the matter is, before women go to the gym they frequently forget to shave their legs and armpits beforehand. Then when they are working out, they will have their arms over their heads with the sleeves of the T-shirts they are wearing fall! Then, what is under their armpits is exposed! The same applies to exercises that involve the yoga pants lifting and exposing their legs!

If these women have shaved their armpits or legs, then that is no big deal. However, more often than not - they forget to shave, and this embarrassing scenario happens in the end while they are at the gym.

11 Women Who Wear The Wrong Support

Women who go to the gym and end up wearing an ill-fitting sports bra, unfortunately, happens quite often. And when they realize that they wore the wrong bra during or after their workout sessions, they become more than just a little mortified.

For example, a woman who is wearing a poorly fitted sports bra that attends Zumba class is working out, doing her exercises and all of a sudden the bra ends up riding up - and then the next thing she knows her breasts are flying freely, jumping up and down and giggling around.

The point of those sports bras is that they are meant to leave the woman comfortable during her workouts, but are pretty useless otherwise. Especially if they don’t fit correctly which many times they don’t. Even if they do, there is no guarantee they will keep the boobs in place!

10 Women That Are Mistaken About Being Completely Done With Aunt Flo

The fact of the matter is that many skip going to the gym while they are on their periods, especially during the heaviest days. Aside from the risk of embarrassing leaks happening on those days - women on the first, second or third days of their period are just too damn tired. Working out is not really the best idea when they are losing blood. Therefore, these women should be sitting on their sofas with their legs elevated while watching television, reading a magazine or surfing the net on their phones while eating a juicy burger so they get extra iron on those days.

However, by day five of their periods, Aunt Flo is on her way out and begins to leave almost no trace - so they believe anyway. That is until after they have worked out and found that others are staring at them, and that reason for the staring has nothing to do with sweating profusely.

Once she goes to the bathroom, she is horrified to notice that Aunt Flo was not on her way out like she believed... The worst part is that she did not bring any pads and doesn’t have change to buy any. So she will grab some toilet paper and stuff it in her underwear and find a way, on her way back home, to accept that her little bit of dignity she had left is now forever lost.

9 Their Socks Stink

What is the smelliest thing in a woman’s (or man’s) duffle bag that may smell like something had crawled in there and died? Their socks! The fact is that unless someone is a major health conscious perfectionist, which most people are not, people use the same pair of workout socks each day for a week, or at the very least for a few days.

The fact is that when anyone is full of sweat, it is known that being covered in sweat can be stinky as hell. But that doesn't even compare to how the bottom of anyone’s feet smell, and the stink from their feet is soaked up in their socks.

Therefore, it is not a shock when even the sexiest women working out smell like something had crawled into them and died. That is because their socks smell like death and once they realize that stench is coming from their feet - that is a mortifying experience.

8 Missing A Step During Zumba Class From Daydreaming

Newbies during Zumba class (or any kind of exercise class) will frequently miss steps or make the wrong move. That is embarrassing for them but the fact that they are newbies makes them realize that stuff like that will happen. Not to mention, others in the class get it since they were once newbies, as well as the instructors. That alone is not such a big deal.

However, what is a big deal is when a girl during Zumba class, who has been a regular for some time, is daydreaming because she is either thinking of a hot dude she saw at the gym - or is daydreaming because she really doesn’t want to be working out. Whatever the reason is for her daydreaming during Zumba class is responsible for her missing a step and failing to get back on track. It’s even more embarrassing if she misses a step and accidentally stomps on the other girl dancing next to her! Oopsie!

7 Cutting Cheese During Yoga Class

The fact is when you are at the gym, people fart. It’s not a big deal because the main gym is a large open area and plenty of gross smells are coming from everywhere. So if someone farts at the gym, it won’t likely be heard. Therefore, if no one knows that someone farted, then there is no need to be embarrassed.

However, yoga class is another thing altogether. Yoga class is quiet, it’s more intimate even though there is space between participants. And all of the twistings, twirling, bending, rolling, not only makes someone’s body more flexible (which is the purpose of yoga), but causes more farting.

What is worse than a woman participating in yoga who emits a loud sound with a nasty smell in a serene and quiet environment? Not much. Farting loudly in yoga class is quite mortifying, especially for women!

6 Women Who Sweat Funky Colors

Some women may not bother putting on makeup before working out so this discussion will not apply to them. However, plenty of women want to look fantastic for the gym because what if there is a chance they could meet the man of their dreams? They would not want to miss out on that possible opportunity!

Therefore, these women will touch up their cheeks, lips, and eyes. They do this without even thinking about the fact that they will be sweating it up during their workouts! They forget how much that high-intensity interval training will cause them to sweat, and become a colorful mess since they put on makeup before heading to the gym!

Once the sweat starts dropping from their foreheads, they end up rubbing their eyes and look like someone who has dressed up for Halloween. That is what happens when water comes into contact with eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara.

Instead of attracting any dude at the gym, she will scare them off instead. Once she sees what a mess her face is after the workout while looking in the mirror - she will be incredibly embarrassed, and rightfully so.

5 A Small Burp Turns Into...

When people are working out, they will be emitting all kinds of gas, whether they let out some air from the bottom which was discussed previously - or if they let out air from the top. In other words, burping frequently happens. Most of the time it is quiet, and if it is not, well that can be embarrassing for both men and women who burp loud.

However, even women who burp loud should be grateful that their loud burps don’t result in anything else even more unpleasant. Because there have been many cases of women getting gas in their stomachs during their workouts at the gym that not only burp, but bring up their stomach contents along with it! And they end up puking while working out in front of everyone! These women end up scaring off the others in the gym due to their unexpected barf. That is incredibly embarrassing.

4 Women That Can’t Help Queefing

Farting, burping (without vomiting) and even queefing during a workout session in the noisy gym is not a big deal since it cannot be heard. And it was already discussed how embarrassing farting is during yoga class. However, there is another problem that women face during yoga class or any other class with a serene and intimate setting. That is when their lady parts let out a loud noise. That is queefing.

Queefing may not be smelly, but they are incredibly loud and the risk of that happening to women during a workout is very high because of their bodies flexing and moving around. So a woman can be in yoga class, or pilates and all of a sudden has a burst of air coming out of her lady parts! She will end up mortified after that happens, with everyone else staring at her since the source of that noise is so easily identifiable.

3 "Hanging Out" During Shoulder Stands

The consequences of having ill-fitting sports bras were already discussed. However, it is bad enough when the boobs are jiggling, and bouncing around due to the bra not doing its job properly.

There have been times when women have worked up enough bravery to do shoulder stands during yoga or pilates to find themselves with their boobs falling onto their faces. How incredibly sad for these women who have been talking to themselves for weeks or longer, telling themselves that they are capable of doing anything - which included doing a shoulder stand one day. Sure enough, they work up the courage to do that shoulder stand and then the worst thing can happen as a result.

Instead of these women being proud of such an accomplishment, they are left embarrassed because the bra that failed to hold their boobs caused them to flop towards their faces - and everyone saw it happen!

2 Their Pants Rip

Most women who are working out at the gym try to wear loose-fitting yoga pants in order to avoid their pants ripping. However, unfortunately, their pants end up ripping at the crotch anyway. Especially if they are worn down. Therefore, these women are understandably quite mortified.

However, what also happens when it comes to pants ripping at the gym are that the legs of their pant's end get caught on any kind of machine. Once they are done, then they end up finding that the fabric of the pant leg doesn’t allow them to leave once they are finished - it’s stuck inside of the machine! Therefore, the only way that these women can be free is to pull the pant leg so hard that it causes it to rip! Therefore, these poor women end up walking around at the gym with ripped pants and odds are they did not pack up another pair because who would have thought something so horrible like their pants being ruined by the machine would happen? How embarrassing for them!

1 Women Who Pick Wedgies On The Treadmill

Whenever a woman is ready to get herself onto the treadmill and begin to use it at the gym, all she wants to do is forget about the fact that she is on the treadmill (or else she will be counting down the time), and plug her earbuds in so she can listen to music or watch a program in order to distract her. And then there she goes, working out!

That is until a horrible wedgie has to interrupt her workout session on the treadmill. She is starting to become incredibly uncomfortable, and cannot focus on her movement. She then has no choice but to pick that wedgie because it is driving her insane!

She will certainly risk being stared at while she does her thing to make herself comfortable again, however at the same time she is mortified that it happened in the first place!

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