15 Most Embarrassing Photos Of Workout Fails

Fitness isn't always what it's cracked up to be. There is a lot of work involved and sometimes (read as always), you'd rather just sit on your couch than get out and lose some weight. If these people are any indication of the fitness world, you'd probably be safer and healthier doing just that. There are some serious injuries shown below, including probable concussions and broken bones.

Sure, staying in shape has its perks, but it's a large hill to climb and it's so much easier to just fly over it. These people took the hard way and now they serve as examples of why others should not. Many of them may have bitten off far more than they could chew, but you don't get there without at least a little confidence. Make sure your confidence never raises too high by never going to the gym. Then, you'll be safe from shame and have nothing to worry about!

Let this list serve as your excuse to skip the gym today. After all, what's the point of looking good if you're going to end up looking like an idiot anyway? I'd rather be embarrassed to take my shirt off at the beach than be embarrassed in front of millions on the internet.

15 Yoga Fail


When attempting to do a handstand, make sure that whatever's supposed to be supporting you has a chance of working. This woman probably had limited space to do her yoga, but she could have at least made sure the door was latched.

Everything was set up to be great and she would have had some solid yoga footage to post online. But what she came away with may have been better. This woman sets up to support herself on the door, only for it to offer no resistance as she flips backwards and lands hard on her back. This is just another reason to stay away from those yoga poses. Flexibility and balance are great but a back brace is going to cost you tons of money.

14 A Little Too Complicated


Body-weight exercises are important. They work out your muscle groups in different ways than weights can, and should be included in one form or another in all exercise programs.

That being said, we've probably all seen the people at the gym who get way too complex with their body-weight routines. Instead of simple push-ups or pull-ups, these people use all kinds of cables and suspended devices to try to get themselves the best burn they can. It's not a bad ideal, but if you try to pull off a crazy routine like this guy did, you may end up falling on your face in the same manner.

Credits to this guy though, for planning for failure. He at least had a cushion to break his fall, which is a lot more than I can say for most of the other people on this list.

13 Human Flag Fail


The human flag is a move that takes training and core stability. For those who don't know, a human flag is when a person holds onto a pole and lets his or her feet extend out, essentially looking like a flag in the wind. It's difficult but not impossible, and is actually easier to perform than it may seem.

This guy was far too confident. I don't doubt that he's performed one of these before, but the confidence was what made him look like an idiot here. Instead of letting his feet raise off the ground, this guy got a jumping start and nearly knocked himself unconscious as his head hit the ground. Lean muscle and a six pack is great and all but with these videos floating around the internet, it's hard to look tough.

12 Like And Rep

via Notey

While nine times out of ten it's a d*ck move to make fun of someone who is just trying to get a workout in, some people deserve a bit of ridicule. This video was taken by two guys who look like they frequent the gym. They are filming a woman who is on a leg machine as she is staring at her phone and doing a new rep every fifteen seconds or so.

Again, it's not a great look to be the glove-wearing douche filming a woman who is trying to work out, but this woman brought it on herself to some degree. There are a few things at the gym more annoying than people hanging out on the machines. There are only so many of each machine and if someone is taking forever and looking at their phone while using a machine you are waiting for, you may pull out your phone and make a goof of them too.

The only awkward part of this is that at the end of the video, she caught them filming. One of those two people has to switch gyms now. It's just too awkward to see each other again.

11 Handstand Fail


When people are trying something like this, it's almost a guarantee that a camera will be rolling. It's going to be gold no matter what. Whether they make it or fail, there's a video of it ready to be uploaded anytime.

These two bros just want to be as close as possible while they bench. The guy on the bar probably weighs around 170, so it wasn't as though this guy was breaking any records. In truth, there's no real reason to have your buddy to a handstand and try to bench him. They were basically begging the gym gods to have the handstand guy fall on the other guy's face. At least the two of them shared a good moment after the crash. These two lovebirds are going to make it.

10 This Guy Has the Right Idea


Who says getting in shape has to be difficult? This guy is getting his sweat on while he's still sitting down. He's got some snacks and some booze. He's good to go.

This seems like a classic case of "my wife wants me to get in shape." She probably has him wearing a fit-bit and checks the steps, so he found a way around it. He can sit down, enjoy his afternoon programming, get a little buzz, and get the wife off of his back. That's a win all around.

If he's serious about getting fit, then this can be spun into "baby steps." You don't want to just get on the treadmill and start going. He has to work up to that. He'll start by staying seated, eventually stand up, and before you know it, he'll be the hottest dad on the beach. Baby steps, guys. Baby steps.

9 Know Your Own Strength


The phrase "you don't know your own strength" usually refers to someone who forces something too hard. But in this instance, it was an underestimation of the equipment. This strong gentleman was performing some rows when things went south for him.

The guy had multiple 45 lb plates on the dedicated rowing station and was completing his set without any problems. He was clearly strong enough for the weight he had, but the machine may not have been. He dropped the weight but didn't account for the fact that it was more than he weighed. The weight forced the machine forward and upended the man on top of it. These kinds of fails are great because you know the guy was gathering a crowd before it all went south in front of their eyes (not to mention the eyes of the internet).

8 Not Enough Weight

via YouTube

The calf muscle is often overlooked in many workout routines, but they are crucial in the development of strong, aesthetically pleasing legs. Small calves limit your explosiveness, and give off the impression that you never work out your legs.

These two bros take calf development extremely seriously, as witnessed by the fact that there doesn't seem to be enough weight in the gym for them. This video shows a meat-head on the calf machine with the weight stacked on. Apparently, this wasn't enough as his buddy can be seen hanging onto the back of the machine. The second guy is equally juiced up, which means another 250+ pounds on his back. Calves are important, but if you need to add this much weight to feel the burn, you can probably chill on them for a week or so.

7 The Ol' Bench Press Choke


This is one of the most dangerous situations in all of fitness. There are countless videos of people attempting their max alone and these should serve as proof to never get near your max without a spot.

If you're at a gym, you'll only look stupid with a bench resting on your chest as you wait for help. If you're at home, you're trapped under a bar until you find a way to get it off of you. At least this guy didn't have clips on the bar or else, he may have died in this circumstance.

Attempting to hit a max certainly has its place in weightlifting. But without a spot, you may find yourself being choked by hundreds of pounds like this man did.

6 High Heels

via CollegeHumor

A video was uploaded to YouTube that showed two women running on the treadmill. The woman in the back of the frame is wearing the proper shoes for the occasion, but the subject of the video certainly is not. The reason the video was mad is unclear but it appears to be promoting something, as it would be foolish to pull such a stunt for no reason.

Apparently, the girl closest to the camera thought it would be a good idea to run in heels. Some women have supreme confidence in their ability to maneuver through life with paper-thin heels on, but that confidence worked against the woman in this video. She was jogging along next to her friend when her heel caught and buckled her ankle. She wasn't wearing one of those auto-stop treadmill clips (to be fair, nobody really does) and went shooting off the back of the treadmill into the mirror behind her.

5 Swing Jump


One of the staples of a female fitness Instagram page is the swing jump. This is when someone jumps over a swing, dips under it, and repeats. It's a relatively impressive workout when it's pulled off correctly. But if you fail to keep your head low, you'll end up getting a bump like this girl did.

These forms of impromptu fitness are buzzing right now, but they seem to have more of a downside than an upside. Sure, they'll look cool if you pull them off, but ending up on a fail compilation is very likely. In this example, the swing has to be both high enough and low enough. Getting beaned in the head may hurt, but probably not as bad as if her legs were clipped on the jumping part of the stunt.

4 High Jump Fail


Having "good ups," as the kids call it, can be quite impressive. We all know that guy who can touch rim and shows you every time they set foot in a basketball gym. Well, these springs aren't free. These things take practice and strength.

The problem with high jumps in the gym is its high risk/high reward. If you hit it, then you're the man. If you miss it, well, the picture above shows what happens if you do. All the steps come crashing down and you land hard on your back. The guy in this video seemed to be laughing about the instance, but it was more in an "I know how bad that looked so I'm going to laugh it off, but at the same time I might be bleeding internally" kind of way.

3 Was This Ever Going to Work?


This video was surely an attempt to get the attention of some fitness sight or something, and end up on some "life goals" montage. Instead, they find themselves on a workout fail montage. It's not what they were shooting for, but it's solid exposure nonetheless.

These young adults were trying to perform some sort of pyramid/group push-up. They got most of the people in place, but when the second to last person got on the top, it all went south. Someone's hand was placed in the wrong spot and the group toppled to the floor. It doesn't look like anyone was seriously hurt, but they certainly missed their chance to show how fit and cool they all are. Stick to flattering mirror selfies, guys.

2 Backflip Concussion


What this guy attempted may be the dumbest thing on this list. The man in his best workout jeans is aggressively doing a jump rope routine and attempts a flip mid-jump. That's fine, I'm not too into showboating when it comes to jump rope routines. The stupidity comes in the way he was jumping.

It took three seconds of reasoning for me to figure out what went wrong here. You can't flip in the opposite direction that your feet are moving. You just can't do it. This is going to happen 100 times out of 100. His feet got caught and he landed right on his noggin.

This is clearly a guy who has done a back flip before, so he probably didn't think enough about it before he attempted this stunt. But he'll have plenty of time to reflect on his mistakes as he sits in a dark room with no noises for the next seven to ten days.

1 Deadlift Pass Out


This is one of the classic viral workout fails on the internet. The video that shows a man passing out after deadlifting has made the rounds on all of the viral websites and shows, so you may have already seen it.

This video shows a relatively skinny man deadlifting a whopping 275 lbs (estimated based on plate size). He completes one rep and celebrates with a strong flex and walk. The guy proceeds to walk towards the dumbbells, but loses his footing and passes out. He gets a face full of weight on the way down and can be seen sprawled out at the end of the video, clearly unconscious. It's a bit of a meme in the workout world when trainers tell you to breathe, but this is the exact reason why.

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