15 Most Embarrassing Cheerleader Photos You'll Ever See

In this day and age, cheerleading has become an essential part of live sports, and you are hard-pressed to find a sporting event that does not feature cheerleaders on the sidelines. The men and women who decide to take part in cheerleading work diligently to make sure that their routines and execution are perfection, and watching high-level cheerleading competitions wows audiences on a regular basis. Though they may not be competing in the game, the men and women who bring these cheerleading dances to life are high-level athletes who will perform death-defying stunts on a regular basis. But just because they have put in an extensive amount of work and practice, doesn't mean that everything goes off without a hitch. And these performers are subject to suffering from embarrassing moments while performing in front of thousands of screaming fans.

As we just as easily could have brought you a list featuring incredible cheerleading moments that dazzled and wowed audiences and onlookers, we decided to compile a list of some of the most embarrassing and painful cheerleading moments that were ever caught on camera. These moments range from hysterical to painful, and we have to imagine that the individuals who were involved in these scenarios wish they had practiced just a little bit harder. While anyone who takes part in cheerleading should be commended for their efforts and for putting themselves out there, we can't let photos like these pass by without putting them on display for you all to see.

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15 The Struggle Is Real

via 24ur.com

Even though females are constantly at the forefront of cheerleading, the men who work diligently with them deserve equal praise as well. These men not only deal with the stigma and the hate that come with being a male cheerleader, but more often than not, they are forced to do an extensive amount of the heavy lifting during cheerleading performances. The men who are found on cheerleading squads typically possess an incredible amount of upper-body strength to help these women pull off their death-defying stunts, but they're only human, and this snapshot here of a young man struggling with one of his fellow cheerleaders is the perfect way to kick off our list.

We have to give the young man credit for trying his absolute best, but it is completely clear that he is struggling in a major way to pull off getting this young woman on to his shoulders. This hilarious picture serves as a notice to men looking at getting into cheerleading that this sport is not a walk in the park.

14 You Were So Close

via bleacherreport.com

Even at the youngest level, cheerleaders are required to perform with a certain amount of grace and panache, even when performing the simplest of tasks. As you can see from this junior varsity football game, the cheerleaders on hand were simply asked to head out onto the field with some signs to get the crowd behind the team's back. A loud and frenzied crowd can do wonders for giving a team of spark of energy, and these cheerleaders were trying to do their best to get the crowd pumped up in favor of their team. What these cheerleaders didn't bank on was one of them holding a sign upside down, sparking up a roar of laughter as opposed to a roar of cheers.

This goof by the young woman on the right was hilarious, and we imagine that the crowd truly got a kick out of seeing this. It's been a while since this photo was originally taken, and assuming that this young lady is still involved with cheerleading, you have to think that she double-checks her sign before she walks out onto the field.

13 Looking Terrified

via buzzbeagle.com

A number of stunts performed in cheerleading happen in the blink of an eye, and all attention is given to the women that are found at the top of human pyramids and who are in the middle of falling into the waiting hands of their fellow cheerleaders. What most people don't notice is the women at the bottom who are forced to propel these star cheerleaders to great heights. It's a real shame because the ones who are responsible for doing the heavy lifting hardly get the praise that they deserve, and they are usually overlooked by those doing the cool stunts. As you can see from this photo here, the two young ladies involved with making the star cheerleaders look good clearly aren't thrilled about what their eyes are forced to look at.

The cheerleader on the right looks nervous and almost sick to her stomach, while the cheerleader on the left looks more shocked than anything. A moment like this would normally go unnoticed by onlookers, and we must give props to the photographer for catching this hilarious photo.

12 A Faceplant

via cleverside.me

Even at the professional level, the women who have been competing in cheerleading their entire lives are subject to horrible falls and injuries, should a stunt go wrong. Because basketball is played on a wooden court as opposed to a field of grass, the falls that basketball cheerleaders suffer come with a great amount of pain. Basketball might not necessarily be known for its cheerleaders like the sport of football, but basketball is a sport that has included cheerleaders for many years now. While cheering professionally for the Orlando Magic at one of their home games, this cheerleader learned the hard way what happens when a stunt goes terribly wrong.

It doesn't take a genius to conclude from this picture that this cheerleader completely face-planted in front of all the screaming fans in the crowd. Not only was it painful, but the moment had to be completely embarrassing as well. It's a good thing that she had a team of people nearby to help her after she fell.

11 Feeling It Way Too Hard

via Ranker

Regardless of your age or the level of cheerleading that you compete in, it is important to give everything you have into each performance. It can be quite obvious to onlookers if a cheerleader is not giving the performance her all, and this can prove detrimental to a cheerleading unit who find themselves in a competition. The cheerleaders who are in the middle of a competition worry a little about what they look on the outside, instead of focusing on their movements and making sure that they are in rhythm with the rest of the cheerleaders on their squad. Sometimes, a person can get way too into what they're taking part in, and this young cheerleader here was really into her performance, not realizing that she was giving off a hilarious look to the crowd.

The rest of the young women that you can see on the team don't seem nearly as into their performance as this young lady, so we have to give her plenty of credit for giving her performance everything she has.

10 O-H, Oh No!

via detroit.cbslocal.com

While cheerleaders are subject to bumps and bruises from the stunts that they perform during their routines, it is not often that we see a cheerleader be thrust into harm's way before a game even starts. During an Ohio State University football game, this cheerleader found herself in danger of being trampled by the entire football team when she was in the wrong place at the wrong time during their entrance. As you can see from the photo, the team hardly even notices that she's there, and this situation could have ended poorly had it not been for some quick thinking. As she is ducking for cover trying to avoid these gargantuan men from running all over her, her fellow cheerleader is making his way over to save the day.

Thankfully, the young woman who is pictured above was able to escape the situation without sustaining a nasty injury. In a moment where everything could have gone wrong, quick thinking and quick movement were instrumental in keeping her from being dealt a terrible blow.

9 Look Out!

via thesportsbank.net

During NFL games, cheerleaders can be found performing on the sidelines for onlookers in the middle of plays, providing the crowd with entertainment during the game's slower moments. But because they are situated on the sidelines during the events that are unfolding, cheerleaders can sometimes find themselves right in harm’s way when football players get to pushing and shoving and plays are made out of bounds. Although these women are usually safe while they are performing, there have been instances of cheerleaders getting demolished by football players who are unable to stop themselves from running after being pushed out of bounds.

This young lady here learned the hard way what happens if you're unable to get out of harm's way while action is taking place off the field. Although she seems to be a good sport about what had happened, you have to imagine that her life was flashing before her eyes as this behemoth of a football player came barreling down on her.

8 A Massive Bungle

via funpics.me

Sometimes, seeing a picture of the accident as it's happening as opposed to seeing the end result of a miscue can be all the more entertaining. There is a lot of messed-up things happening in this photo, and you have to give it a couple different looks in order to truly see everything that is taking place. Toward the left side of the frame, the blonde cheerleader who is making her way down from the tumble is smashing her face into the head of the male cheerleader who is struggling to hold on to another young woman who's making her way toward the dirt. While the two men in the left side are struggling to prevent this young woman from crashing on to the field, the two men on the right-hand side are crashing into each other as the brunette is barely being held up by a hand under her armpit.

This photo was taken at the most opportune moment to capture all the chaos that happens when a cheerleading stunt goes wrong.

7 Way Too Pumped Up

via keptelenseg.hu

Unlike the young woman who was pictured being way too hyped during her cheerleading performance earlier, this college cheerleader was way more into her performance than the other women on her squad. It almost makes you wonder if the little girl from the first picture grew up to be this young woman who was cheerleading for Louisville here. Despite the sheer amount of joy and passion that she is expressing in this photo, looking around at some of the other cheerleaders shows a completely different reaction. The young woman behind her to the left and in front of her to the left seem completely fine and reasonably excited with their performance. The young brunette on the right, however, looks like she is struggling to keep up with the rest of the women on the team.

Photos of cheerleaders like this are some of our absolute favorites. No one is dealing with an injury in this photo, and the young woman in the middle looks happy beyond belief.

6 This Had To Hurt

via lotsfun.com

Just from taking one look at this photo, you have to feel horrible for this young girl. It's quite clear that the two cheerleaders who were featured in this photo aren't that old, and the onlookers in the crowd were probably made up of friends and family members as opposed to total strangers. The pressure can be on when your family is attending one of your events as you don't want to be a complete let-down while they're watching you. Even though your family is just proud of you for trying your best, you want to make sure that you give it your all in order to impress them and show them that you're among the best at your sport.

Unfortunately, for the young lady on the right, whatever cheerleading move she decided to try and pull off went horribly wrong, and she face-planted in one of the most brutal ways possible. Whoever snapped this photo captured the moment perfectly, and this picture looks as painful as any other on this list.

5 Absolutely Brutal

via Fakt

In case you think your eyes are deceiving you, let us go ahead and end your suspicions and let you know that man on the right side of the photo is, in fact, Will Ferrell. And yes, he is the one who threw that basketball directly into that cheerleader's face, knocking her onto the court and causing a ruckus at a live basketball game. When news of this situation first broke to media outlets, people were shocked and outraged that Will Ferrell would do something like this. He has always come across as one of the nicest guys in Hollywood, and seeing him behave this way and cause physical harm to a woman left people speechless.

As it turns out, this whole fiasco was all a part of a movie that Will Ferrell was filming at the time. Nevertheless, seeing that cheerleader take a basketball to the face in front of thousands of fans in the stands was super hard to watch, and this picture here is all the proof that you need.

4 And They All Came Tumbling Down

via pinterest.com

Unlike some of the other photos on this list, this picture shows a complete breakdown in a stunt, and you can almost feel the pain and embarrassment emanating from this photo. Unlike the last picture, however, this is an all-women’s team who appears to be around high school age as opposed to college. It's hard to see who's at fault here, but we have to imagine the young woman on the bottom right who's bracing herself from having her body sandwiched in-between the grass and another cheerleader is at least semi-responsible for this complete breakdown. Cheerleaders practice and drill for these moments, and seeing it all unravel at the seams is truly heartbreaking and pretty funny.

We sure do hope that these cheerleaders were able to dust themselves off after this incident and continue cheering for their team. Slip-ups like this can cause devastating injuries to the people involved, and we would like to think that these young women came away relatively unscathed.

3 Not Fast Enough

via si.com

Even though she may look like Anna Kendrick, we just want to start off this entry by letting you know that it's not everyone's favorite actress and is instead a young woman who was cheerleading for Gonzaga. Despite football cheerleaders constantly being in harm's way and sometimes being smashed into by players, basketball cheerleaders are not entirely immune to getting trucked over or hit with a basketball, as evidenced by the young woman in this photo. Gonzaga is known for having a very strong basketball unit, and we are sure that this cheerleader was warned beforehand that something like this could happen. Nevertheless, it looks as though she has seen better days after being barreled over by the basketball.

Something like this can happen in the blink of an eye, and the other people in the photo seem completely unfazed by what has happened. The young woman who was struck by the ball seems to have taken it all in stride, and from the looks of things, she was more shocked than hurt.

2 Look Out Below!

via telegraph.co.uk

Even though we haven't seen the video or the follow-up picture that is attached with this train wreck, we can already tell that the young brunette who is nearly flipped upside down had a rough go of things during this performance. Even though she already appears to be bracing for a nasty fall onto the hardwood, we cannot imagine that that helped ease any bit of pain that she felt after falling. The three cheerleaders to the right of this photo all look like they completely botched what was supposed to be a simple pitch-and-catch, leaving the three guys at the bottom to save this young woman from splitting her head open.

Had this debacle taken place on a football field, this young woman was still going to be in for a world of pain when she finally crashed on to the ground. It just so happens that she was on a basketball court, which no doubt made her fall exponentially worse than it was already going to be.

1 What In The World?

via youtube.com

Many jokes are made about millennials and their unusual attachments to their phone, and it is hard to say that these jokes aren't often unwarranted. You can hardly go anywhere without seeing droves of people with their faces buried in their phones, and all of us have been guilty of this at some point or another. Apparently, this cheerleader’s attachment to her cellphone knows no bounds, and she decided to shove her phone into her underwear while she was performing her cheerleading routine. A normal person may have just tossed the cellphone into her bag, but this young woman's obsession with her phone goes far beyond what a normal person would do.

Let's all just be thankful that a camera man with a keen eye was on scene to take this photo. Not only did this picture cause an outburst of laughter from viewers on the internet, but it was also good enough to take the top spot on our list today.

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