15 Most Disturbing Confessions Made By Thirsty Cougars

Older men like younger women, but what about the older women who like younger men?

Even though the media seems preoccupied with A-list actors dating models 20 years their junior (ahem, Leonardo DiCaprio), women still chase after younger, hotter men too. Not all of them are celebrities, either. While bosses like Mariah Carey married a man 11 years her junior (she and Nick Cannon are now divorced), ordinary women are doing the same.

When newly minted divorcees make money and look good, the opportunity to go clubbing or make a Tinder profile is just too good to swipe left. However, lines drawn can be easily crossed. Not every 21-year-old frat boy wants Stifler's Mom. Even rejection can't stop the creepy, though. Like men, women make crass comments about love and the deed too. They're milder than Donald Trump's "If Ivanka weren't my daughter, perhaps I'd be dating her" and Bill Clinton's "I did not have s*xual relations with that woman," but their comments are still just as kooky. However, they're a blast to read, regardless.

From the juicy to the cringeworthy, women reveal what it's like to not just do it with younger men, but why they do or don't enjoy it. The scandal is just too much to handle!

15 Her Son's Age


One woman slept with a man her son's age.

According to the news outlet Whisper, a mother visited her son who was a freshman in college. Even though they were supposed to spend quality time together, they ended up apart. She "did it" with his friend in response.

"I'm a cougar and slept with my sons freshman college roommate," she admits. At least she's honest about what she did. Even though she seems totally unapologetic, the son's probably really embarrassed. After all, while Stifler's Mom makes for good television, no guy wants his own mother to be reality's version of Jennifer Coolidge.

Then again, continue slaying the younger men, knockoff Coolidge. Keep doing your thing.

14 Two Men, Too Young?

Another woman admits to one-night stands with two men who were too young.

Thanks to the news outlet Whisper, the older woman's thoughts were documented for any man or woman to see. From the number of men to the s*x's quality, she summed up her experience in one sentence.

"I'm in my mid 30s and I've had s*x with 2 legal aged boys young enough to be my son... People may think I'm a crazy cougar but the s*x is so much hotter," she explains. Clearly, she wasted no time telling the world about her own romps. While her admission sounds a bit creepy, she's being honest.

The good news? At least the guys weren't her son's roommate.

13 No Shame In Her Game


This cougar has no shame in her game.

Again, thanks to the Holy Grail of late-night news outlets, Whisper, one woman freely expressed her thoughts on her life in the bedroom. She specifically talked about how she enjoyed the cougar lifestyle, and she could care less about anyone else's opinion.

"I LOVE being a cougar! If the guy is an adult, there's no harm in it. Men do it ALL the time! It shouldn't be such a taboo for women dating younger guys," she exclaims. She argues a great point. Everybody, regardless of gender, should date whom they desire.

Life's too short to waste away your years on bad "intimacy" anyway.

12 Younger Flesh, No Fetish

An older woman desires younger flesh, but without the fetish.

The same Whisper article published the self-proclaimed cougar's admission of how she loves younger men, but only on one condition. There can't be any mother-son role play. She's extremely disgusted by people who engage in such foreplay.

"Yes, I'm a cougar but don't call me mommy. GROSS," she emphasizes. While kinks are totally normal, everyone has the right to outline what they do or don't expect, especially during the deed For her, she'd just rather be with a man 10 years younger without the weird aspect of him calling her "mommy."

At least she knows what she doesn't want.

11 Rite Of Passage, Or Admission Of Guilt?


When you read this next blurb, do you think of a rite of passage or an admission of guilt?

News outlet Whisper leaks one cougar's private information for the world to judge. In one sentence, she explains how she messed around with a teenager. Even though he's of legal age, she seems either stunned or sad. Is she excited about her new status, or does she now regret her decision?

"Well I officially became a cougar today.... I slept with the neighbors 18 year old son," she admits. She seems unhappy with herself, especially after sleeping with a man younger than herself. However, maybe she truly enjoyed the experience. Hopefully, the guy enjoyed the experience too.

The best scenarios in life are win-win, after all.

10 Reformed Cougar


One woman tried to be a cougar, but a bad experience between the sheets reformed her ways.

As always, Whisper comes through with the plug. The news outlet captures the unnamed woman's statement about how she dabbled in the lifestyle, yet the niche ended up biting her in the butt, and not in a good way.

"Slept with a guy 20 years younger. He was the worst lay I've ever had. So much for being a cougar. I'll take experience thanks," she remarks. Even though actresses like Halle Berry married men nine years their junior, other women prefer men with more years under their belt, quite literally.

Older men offer their own perks (e.g., experience and maturity).

9 Addicted To The Chase


You just read about the reformed cougar, and now you're about to read about a cougar too addicted to the chase.

Thanks to Whisper, you get to know how younger men helped her survive a rough patch in her life. Their vitality gave her the strength to push past the sadness and stress of her split, which almost ruined her.

"My therapist thinks her advice and expertise are helping me get through my divorce. My secret in two words: younger men," she confessed When the love of your life destroys you, the only way to rejuvenate your spirits is through life's simple pleasures. For this woman, she just needed one big "O" or two.

Who can blame her?

8 'Cougar Problems'


There's no hint of guilt here as one woman admits her "cougar problems" to the world and Whisper.

According to an unknown lady, she felt drained after recruiting and reprimanding her new beau, who happens to be much younger than her. She's just plain exhausted! Even though she enjoys the experience, she hates other aspects of the process too.

"Training the new beau how to behave properly is exhausting this old Cat. I've already conditioned one for life... I forget how they're just like puppies Cougar problems," she complains. Between North Korea, ISIS, and war-torn refugees, her problem seems like paradise.

"I didn't choose the [cougar] life, the [cougar] life chose me."

7 Is Youth A Social Construct?


Is youth a social construct?

According to one cougar, she talks about how men half her age find her more attractive than the 20-year-old models they see on magazine covers. Maybe she's just super hot for her age, or maybe the media's been lying to you all along.

"Younger men think we're hotter than women their age. I always thought youth was key in a woman's s*x appeal," a woman tells Whisper. Someone should make a conspiracy theory about youth, like now. Even though nobody should trust words Photoshopped onto cheesy art, the idea of youth being one big farce is appealing.

Now, every woman over the age of 29 can finally celebrate her age without crying into a glass of Burnett's.

6 Revolutionary

One woman introduces a revolutionary idea all cougars listed forgot to mention.

Instead of talking about the stamina or size of her 21-year-old playboy, one cougar changes the game. She could care less about how long he lasts or how long he stands. She'd rather know his girth where it counts—his heart.

"Fact: it's not all about s*x," whisper.sh Whisper. Out of all the confessions, hers has to be the sweetest one yet. Not only is she being romantic, but she's valuing his heart above his cash or looks.

Now that's what you call true love.

5 Not So Revolutionary...

Now that you've read about the sappiness, let's get back to the juiciness with a not-so-revolutionary one-liner.

According to Whisper and one woman, she enjoys younger men because of their bodies, not to mention their minds. She's able to mold their perspective (in the bedroom) easier, so that's why she'd never sleep with an older man.

"Younger men are so much more eager to please. They are so much more teachable. I think being a cougar is sexy," she says. No matter what society thinks, she stands her ground. An attractive man is who she wants, especially if he's younger. Sometimes, you just can't get away from the six-pack, blue-eyed, bronzed bombshell.

He gets you every time.

4 Men Want Maturity


Like any man looking to develop a solid relationship, he wants maturity.

Whether he's into men or women, he can't expect to find a wise 20-year-old partner. Instead of getting defeated, he just turns to a hottie who is much older. At least that's what an unnamed source reveals to Whisper.

"I was surprised how many young men really want the experience with an older woman. They say younger girls are too much drama," she exclaims. Between the tea sipped and margaritas thrown, she's probably right.

You can't expect a 20-year-old to act like a 40-year-old.

3 Your Lover And Not Your Mother (Waste of Time)


Your partner's your lover and not your mother.

That's what this next cougar would say to her former flings anyway. In her experience, the younger guys she dated all had an agenda that went past normal relationships. Instead of dating like a normal couple, they wanted more than just a lover.

"Have dated 7 years younger ... Beyond the s*x they want a mommy/maid or someone to push them to have more ambition not a real partner. It's a waste of time," she tells outlet Whisper. They just wanted a maternal figure to help them with life, which is totally uncool. Common, man! Your lady shouldn't be your second mom.

2 Robbing The Cradle


One cougar openly brags about robbing the cradle.

According to Whisper, she loves that her boyfriend is much younger than her and for several reasons. However, the main reason is how empowered she feels, which is why they've gotten along so well.

"It's fun to make him feel like a legend and watch his friends gawk at him in amazement, I feel like a bad a*s and I enjoy his youth," she reveals. Even though their relationship's a bit unconventional, at least they seem happy together. With so much hatred, a little love's all anyone needs.

1 Random Confession


Here's a completely random confession made by another run-of-the-mill cougar.

According to the Whisper article, she'll only date younger people if she knew them as adults first. She would never date a person she had taught, not to mention babysat.

"Even though I'm a cougar I could never be with a former student if I remember them as a child... If you're an adult when I met you that's different," she asserts. At least the woman's outlined her boundaries, which is always recommended for anyone in a relationship.

She seems like your typical cougar—professional and on the prowl.

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