15 Most Cringe-Worthy Snapchats Ever Posted

Remember when Snapchat was designed in a way so your Snaps could only be viewed for a specific amount of time? Your photos and videos would virtually disappear after 24 hours due to the daily "story" refreshing itself on a daily basis. If you didn't see someone's Snaps within the 24-hour time limit, then you would probably never see them again. And if you saw one of their Snaps but wanted to see it again after the time limit expired, you were just out of luck. Unless of course, you just captured a screenshot of whatever Snap you wanted to keep.

It seems like lots of Snapchat users captured screenshots other people's Snaps, which is why you can Google just about anything and get a Snapchat related to it. There are multiple lists out there that compile some of the funniest Snaps ever or the craziest Snaps ever, or something else along those lines. They show some of the best Snaps ever created that would probably make you wish you came up with that idea first. But then, there are other lists of some of the most embarrassing Snaps ever created, which would probably make you wonder what the person was thinking when he/she decided to take this Snap.

If you want to take a look at some of the strangest Snaps that have been created since Snapchat's inception, then check out this list of 15 of the most cringe-worthy Snapchats ever.

15 "Aw Bae Caught Me Getting Ready"


I'm not quite sure what to say about this one. I mean what was the point of this? This woman's "bae" didn't catch her in the middle of getting ready because he clearly wasn't the one who took this photo. If you just look into the background, you can clearly see that the woman herself was the one who took the photo and tried to make it seem as if her significant other did it himself. If she was trying to pull this trick off, she probably shouldn't have been standing in front of the bathroom mirror, which pretty much exposed her. Unless of course she was trying to do another version of the "Caught Me Sleeping/Bae Caught Me Slippin" parody meme trend. In that case, never mind.

14 "Gotta Love Toilet Selfies"


"Gotta love toilet selfies?" Who loves toilet selfies? If you need to do your business on the toilet, keep it between you and yourself. You don't need to broadcast to the entire world what you're doing. Seriously. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there who apparently love to do toilet selfies. Just Google "toilet selfie" and you'll see a bunch of pictures of people taking pictures of themselves while on the toilet. Some are more revealing than others. I know taking pictures of yourself while you're in the bathroom standing in front of the mirror, is always a classic go-to for pictures, but taking pictures of yourself while you're handling your business just baffles me. Why this is a thing, I will never know, but hey, to each their own.

13 "Because Taking A Picture Before Eating..."


One of the things people on Snapchat love taking the most photos of is their food. Whether it's food they made themselves and they're so proud of their achievement that they want to show it off to the world, or it's just a really delicious-looking meal that they ordered in a restaurant, lots of people find it hard to resist the urge to take a photo of their meal before they start eating. But you probably have never seen someone take a photo of their food after they've already eaten it. I get that this guy wants to try something new and be clever and what not, but I don't think it's quite working. I can't even tell what he just ate, and I don't think I'm the only one.

12 "Fighting With The Bae Again"


Was this honestly supposed to be funny? Was she trying to make a joke about domestic violence or something? It kind of just looks like her eyeliner was runny. As one Reddit user pointed out, if she really had been abused like she claimed she had been (which I doubt because I don't think she would immediately go to Snapchat for this), the resulting bruise near her eye would have been reddish-purple instead of black. It seems that this woman somehow incurred a bruise on her face and decided it would be a funny idea to "blame" it on her "bae" for one reason or another. The whole thing just reeks of cringe, to be honest. I wonder what her followers thought of this.

11 "Today Will Be A Great Day"

via Buzzive.com

Well, that's a great way to start off your day. The frappé (is that a frappé?) you just brought from Dunkin Donuts gets wasted all over the backseat of your car, forcing you to clean it up. But, why was the cup in the backseat in the first place? Were the cupholders in the car not available for some reason? This little fiasco could have been avoided if the frappé was put in a proper spot instead of in the backseat. You can't drive your car and expect your drink not to fall over when it's in the back of the car. If there's nothing to hold it in place, then it's going to fall over. Hopefully, whoever this is learned his/her mistake and won't try something like this again.

10 "In The Janitor's Defense..."

via UltraLinx

"In the janitor's defense?" Is it really that hard to stick more liquid soap in a soap dispenser in a public bathroom? I mean, I've never done it before. But if said janitor couldn't refill the soap dispenser, why did he think it was a good idea to stick a solid bar of soap inside the dispenser? It doesn't quite work like that, no matter how hard you try. It's not like you can pump on the dispenser and have soap come out. He should have just left the bar of soap near the sink so people could properly wash their hands with it. No one could wash their hands after that gaffe. Surely, someone must have taken the bar of soap out of the dispenser.

9 "Exhibit A..."

via UltraLinx

Uhhh... Was anyone questioning why you shouldn't hang your flat-screen TV on the wall? I thought it was a general rule that said you should mount your TV on the wall or at least set it on a sturdy table. Why would you sit it atop the mantle on the fireplace where it could fall off at any time and shatter into a million pieces, wasting the hundreds of dollars you paid to get that fancy TV? It probably would have taken the same amount of time to mount the TV on the wall as it did to mount it onto the mantle of the fireplace, so why the owner(s) of the house didn't take this option is a bit of a mystery. Now, they have a broken TV and a partially broken fireplace.

8 "Im Naked Under The Vaaapppeee"


Well, thanks for sharing, dude. No one was asking whether or not you were naked under the "vaaapppeee" but thanks for telling us anyway. I know what you're probably thinking. You're probably thinking something along the lines, "What the heck is that?!" Or maybe you're just too disturbed for words. It begs the question: Is he attempting to entice his female Snapchat followers or something, leaving them wondering about what he's hiding beneath the vapor? It seems that way to me. I get what he's trying to do (sort of) but I just don't think it's working. But then again, there are quite a few cases of people who cover up their genitals with tobacco vapor so they can take a photo. So, I guess someone likes it.

7 "I Bet You Don't Get This Kind Of Snapchat Everyday"


Well, she's not wrong. One doesn't often get Snapchats of someone else's pregnancy test on their feed, if at all. But what was the point of all this? She just wanted to say she wasn't pregnant? Why did she feel the need to post this? Maybe it would have made more sense if the pregnancy test came back positive and she really was pregnant and she just wanted to share her joy with the Snapchat followers. But this just baffles me. Unless, of course, she's happy she isn't pregnant, and she was worried about a surprise pregnancy. Or maybe she's just one of those people on social media who feel the need to share every single detail of their lives, regardless of how insignificant it is.

6 "I Came In Like A Wrecking Ball!"

via BuzzFeed

A prime example of someone who has way too much time on their hands. There's actually another guy on Snapchat who did something exactly like this. They both got naked and drew themselves sitting on a blue wrecking ball with a blue-and-yellow hammer in hand, a clear copy of a scene from Miley Cyrus' iconic video of "Wrecking Ball." And it's probably safe to say that they weren't the only two gentlemen who attempted to do something like this. Not only is it cringy, but it shows way more of their bodies than we would really like to see. It's one of those things that you really regret seeing after you've seen it. I wonder if any of these guys' followers regret following either one of them on Snapchat.

5 "Work Perks"

via Clipmass

Word of advice? If you find something that looks like chocolate in a restroom, there's a 100% chance that it's probably not chocolate. I know that the soap is exquisitely-designed and it resembles a wedding cake, but don't be fooled. Some soaps are just fancy like that. There's probably no good reason for that soap to be decorated like a wedding cake (who seriously has the time to design something like that just for soap?) but the rule still stands. Restrooms generally don't carry anything edible inside. There are two instances in the iCarly movie "iGo To Japan" where Spencer mistakes Japanese-wrapped soaps for candy and tries to eat them, quickly realizing that it's not candy. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

4 "Too Much?"

via Peanut Chuck

If you have to ask, it's probably too much. Obviously, this guy is going to some kind of Christmas party (at least I hope so). But why would he think it's a good idea to come dressed up as a Christmas tree? For a Christmas party, most people would probably just dress up in something festive, something red and/or green, and perhaps a Santa cap or a reindeer antlers headband, but I don't think anyone has ever come dressed up like a Christmas tree. This guy went way over-the-top. But at least he kind of noticed that and had to ask Snap if the Christmas tree costume was unnecessary. I'm sure he left a lasting impression on his fellow party-goers.

3 "There's A Hot Guy At The Office"

via BlazePress

I kinda feel sorry for this girl who was caught trying to sneakily take a pic of a cute guy at the office. She was probably really embarrassed afterward, and there was probably no good way to cover this up. Before she snapped the photo, it would have been in her best interest to check and make sure the flash was off. Otherwise, she could have gotten away with it, perhaps. It probably didn't help, though, that she took two more pictures after she took the first one. But, maybe she could blame it on a phone malfunction. Maybe she could say that her phone was acting up while she was trying to clean it or something. I mean, our phones sometimes act up and do things that we didn't tell them to do.

2 "Imma Cook Her"


Seriously? "Imma cook her?" I know this is just a joke (hopefully) but why would you joke about eating your cat? I mean, what did the poor cat do to you? Besides, I highly doubt eating a cat, regardless of what cat it is, would taste very good. Now, there are some regions in countries around the world who actually consume cat meat, but it's not exactly something that many people would get behind. I just wonder if any of this person's Snapchat followers were cat lovers who were not having any of this. This photo almost reminds me of another person who snapped a photo of himself holding a knife in front of his dog with the caption, "I'll kill my dog if u don't send nudes."

1 "Plez Dnt Judge..."


I'm sorry but I'm afraid I am going to have to judge this picture. First off, I don't mean to be picky and be that person who corrects everyone's grammar and spelling, but the spelling in the Snapchat caption is quite...interesting. Secondly, what in the world is going on with her face? She wrote the acronym YOLO across her forehead and underlined it, she drew a circle around her right eye, she drew squiggly lines down her nose and beneath her eyes, and she drew a bunch of other stuff that I can barely tell what they are. I know this girl said we shouldn't judge her because we don't know her story, but can she please explain to us why she did this to herself? There are so many unanswered questions.

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